Romantic moments engraving “I love you” in time

This year is a very special year. The Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day have collided. Valentine’s Day is a sweet and romantic holiday. Lovers express their love to each other and make good wishes to spend a lifetime together. In this holiday, we will carefully choose a gift for each other, so how to choose a Valentine’s Day gift? This time, the watch house got the best Ulysse Nardin 520 limited edition watch, which is full of elegance. Next, let’s take a look.

Ulysse Nardin launched the Yu Linglong series of women’s watches in 2003, and it is also very eye-catching among the more well-known men’s watches of Ulysse Nardin. The name Yu Linglong reminds people of elegant women in still waters.

This Ulysse Nardin 520 limited edition watch has a diameter of 34 mm and is small and exquisite. The case is made of rose gold. The lines of the case are round and smooth. The bezel is inlaid with 76 diamonds and the dial is inlaid with 29 diamonds. The light is delicate and dazzling.

The side of the case has been polished and polished to highlight the sense of refinement. The crown on one side is engraved with the brand logo of Athens Watch.

The rose gold case and the natural mother-of-pearl dial combine gorgeousness and warm temperament. The dial uses garnet red hour markers and rose gold willow-leaf hands, which are simple and neat, but without losing elegance.

The most eye-catching place on the dial should be the nine exquisite diamonds on the lower left side of the dial, arousing leaf-shaped ripples. The hour markers at 6, 7, and 8 o’clock have been replaced with the number “520”, which means “I love you”. Engraved with 520 on the dial, there is a sweet interpretation: every time the pointer crosses 520, it means “I love you” once; every day the hour, minute, and second hands cross 1466 times, it means 1466 confession.

The fake watch Online is equipped with a crocodile leather strap and rose gold buckle. This watch is also equipped with other color straps for everyone to choose, such as garnet red, pink and so on.

The case back is decorated with the classic anchor logo. The movement uses the UN-815 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 42 hours.

Love is mutual support and companionship; love is mutual understanding and consideration. We are always talking about “love”, but we also need to spend time thinking about “love”. It is not a unilateral effort, nor is it just a verbal promise. , It should be evenly matched, and operate together with each other. Forever, and every second counts, what is more suitable as a gift of “love” than “time” itself?

Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X

Hot summer: Check out Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X magma The July 4th celebration officially kicked off in the United States, and the record-breaking heat wave spread across the European continent. I think it can be said that we have reached the summer. All the discussions about the hot weather on both sides of the Atlantic reminded me of a timepiece that arrived in my inbox a few months ago. The watch Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X Magma is an extremely bold interpretation of the Executive Skeleton X design, which debuted at SIHH in January.

Executive Skeleton X is an easier-to-use version of Executive Skeleton Tourbillon launched in 2016 for various purposes and purposes. Ulysse Nardin effectively adopted the design of a tourbillon-free watch and rearranged the structure of the movement until it is now fixed in place by a rectangular bridge that extends outward in four directions to form an “X”, so Named after. Four different versions of the watch were exhibited in the Geneva media earlier this year, namely titanium, titanium black DLC, rose gold and Carbonium gold-the appearance of each hollow case is different. The Carbonium gold iteration provides the most similar aesthetic effect to the new Magma watch. Carbonium is a lightweight material made of carbon fiber, usually associated with aerospace engineering (Ulysse Nardin also released the Freak X version with Carbonium case at SIHH 2019).

For Skeleton X Carbonium, the brand blended materials with gold to create an impressive stripe effect. For the Skeleton X Magma, UN used a similar method to combine carbon fiber with bright red marble marble epoxy resin to create a striking appearance of the case. According to fake Ulysse Nardin, this process means that each version of Skeleton X Magma will have a slightly different product, thereby providing a certain degree of personality to each produced watch. Similar to the Carbonium version, the Skeleton X Magma has a size of 43 mm, while other designs of titanium and rose gold are 42 mm. Inside this unique case is the hand-wound UN-371 movement with a four-day power reserve, ultra-wide 3 Hz silicon balance wheel, nickel flyweight, and silicon “minute” gear train. Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X Magma with black leather strap and black stitching.

With such a gorgeous design, I believe Ulysse Nardin will clearly find that the Skeleton Magma X will cause some controversy among the more conservative enthusiast crowd, but I also have no doubt that this watch fake will find a target audience. This new watch is not only an excellent substitute for trying to track one of Richard Mille’s latest creations at a quarter price, but it also has a five-year warranty and quality that can be purchased from a mature Swiss brand Trusted in.

Freak X Ice and Fire

When Freak X becomes “Ice and Fire”, let your heart beat faster.

Fear of the cold, desire to burn
The unique engineering design of these two models has elevated the Freak concept to a new level, which is the lifeblood of Ulysse Nardin’s pioneering innovation. They reflect the tough polar ice floes and majestic volcanoes that regenerate the earth, respectively, and they are an appetizing preview of the upcoming Ulysse Nardin novelty. Just like Homer’s fearless hero, Ulysse Nardin once again took two brand new Freak X timepieces to Xtremes to see the strongest power in nature. The FREAK X ICE of Titanium and the FREAK X MAGMA of Lava Red Carbon Fiber and Titanium Black DLC make you worry about the cold and desire to burn.

Freak X Magma: Lava Storm in the Center of the Earth
Each FREAK X MAGMA is made of a shock-resistant combination of ultra-light carbon fiber and red marble marble epoxy resin. Stripped of its basic components, it is super light, scratch-resistant and streamlined. Volcanic, full of energy and energy, the combination of red and black is fascinating and full of energy. Ulysse Nardin’s FREAK X MAGMA has masculine, angular and lava red, is the force of nature, is a style, action and elegant watch.

It has red embellishments and a black leather strap-with a folding clasp-reminiscent of obsidian volcanic rock and the lava flow of its origin. The sandblasting and polishing effect on the bezel combined with the smooth dial reflects the volcanic environment. Superluminova painted in red allows the wearer to read the time even at night. The UN-230 self-winding movement, a masterpiece of Ulysse Nardin’s legendary watchmaking industry, is revealed on the case back of the limited edition case in boutiques only.

Carsten Peter, Xtreme’s new Ulysse
In order to embody this turbulent life force, copy Ulysse Nardin collaborated with Carsten Peter, a nature photographer and Xtreme storyteller. His Xplosive pictures take the audience to places where most people are afraid to go. Cross the glacier and enter the tornado until the high temperature around the volcano. Carsten is an award-winning regular contributor to National Geographic Magazine, specializing in capturing unprecedented images of some of the most remote and dangerous places on the planet. He used innovative technology to open up himself and brought poisonous caves, hot caves and lava lakes to life before sharing with the world. Photographer, filmmaker, biologist and adventurer Carsten embodies the spirit of Ulysse Nardin and the deep desire of each of us for our Odyssey.

Freak X Ice: Xtreme Journey
Ice and fire work together on this new incandescent lamp FREAK X ICE model. This fresh model is reminiscent of prehistoric glaciers, it will make your heart beat in frenetic and cold conditions and make crazy calls because the ice catches fire and burns. FREAK X ICE is the perfect tool for you to accompany you into the unknown waters. There is no better time than now to release your inner “Ulysses”, take risks and chase your dreams. The titanium alabaster case will add a feverish feeling to your winter lips.

The interior of FREAK X ICE defeats the UN-230 self-winding movement, which can be seen through the open bottom cover. Sturdy, adjustable white leather strap with rubber coating and folding clasp, while navy blue index, embellishment and Superluminova evoke polar ice floes, making every watch call you to explore on your wrist .

Ulysse Nardin Freak X

Although the Carbonium version of Ulysse Nardin Freak X is not perfect, it feels good on the wrist, mainly because of its light weight, the case diameter of 43 mm (very wear-resistant on the small side of 43 mm) and the relatively slim watch Shell outline. The Carbonium case is only 7.5 mm thick, with a dome-shaped and stepped bezel on the top, and a dome-shaped (also known as “boxed”) sapphire crystal on the top. Yes, this is not a thick watch with an additional stepped bezel and sapphire guide. It is indeed a slim watch, without any troubles caused by bulky design, such as being caught by things or hanging on the edge of the sleeve. In fact, the watch head is very lightweight, which is always a plus in terms of real-world wear resistance. Carbonium® is “a new generation material sourced entirely from the French aerospace industry. Carbonium® is composed of two-thirds of medium modulus carbon fiber and one-third of high-temperature epoxy resin, which brings its structural properties to the obtained parts. And totally unique aesthetics.” The term “completely unique” is a bit far-fetched because it is very similar to other forged carbon fiber boxes, but this is cool because Ulysse Nardin sources Carbonium from Lavoisier Composite , And then recover and “recycle” this carbon from the carbon used in cars. The construction of civil aircraft.

On the downside, Freak X does want to swing on the wrist, even if the belt is fastened correctly-this is not the way you want it, at least not at the beginning. First of all, the inside of the belt is abnormally smooth and easily slips on the skin. The second criticism of the strap is the stubborn hard pad near the lugs, which forces the strap to fit tightly on the wrist, making it less compliant when it conforms to the curvature of the wrist. After receiving the parts, I have to store them and then roll up the straps tightly to improve their flow on the wrist, but even then, the first inch on each side down from the lugs is still too hard Comfortable. It takes a lot of extra effort to bend the padded part into a more conformable shape, and frankly, this shouldn’t be the case on any watch-but it’s still present in most padded straps, not just Freak X on the strap

To be fair, in daily wear, Freak X often proves to be a comfortable watch to wear. Its light weight, once there, the comfortable fit on the wrist often makes me check if the watch is still being worn-this is a characteristic of only truly comfortable watches. A slight adjustment can ensure that Ulysse Nardin Freak X can be worn immediately and comfortably.

The weird side of watchmaking
The UN-230 movement designed and manufactured in-house powers the Ulysse Nardin Freak X watch. This is a self-winding movement with an impressive 72-hour power reserve that matches the operating frequency of 3 Hz. The latter is not something that moves very often, but here is combined with a large balance wheel-and the 4 Hertz is almost entirely combined with a smaller balance wheel with less inertia. Don’t forget the huge pressure of putting the huge minute and hour hands on the movement, you will find the 3 days/3 Hz movement specifications are impressive.

The original freak could not be realized, if it weren’t for Carole Forestier-Kasapi’s idea to make the width of the mainspring as wide as the entire movement at the bottom of the movement. It takes that huge and powerful spring to complete all the heavy lifting required for Freak’s unprecedented structure. Keyless work (the bits and pieces that transmit power from the crown to the mainspring by the crown) cannot be spared in the task of bypassing the huge spring, so the original freak is done by rotating the entire back cover. In contrast, the Ulysse Nardin Freak X we are going to see today has a regular crown at the 3 o’clock position on the dial. Even better, it even has a full-size self-winding rotor. These two components are tangible and visible proof of the technological progress that Ulysse Nardin has made during the 20 years of freak development (and still growing!)-even if this progress seems to set us back, this progress is worth it praise. Because in fact, it makes Freak easier to wear and use daily.

The balance wheel and pallet fork also shimmer in high-tech purple silicon tones. Their geometry and shape achieve extremely tight tolerances, and better yet, they have no lubrication or magnetic related issues. There is no need for lubrication or further fine adjustments (pallet jewelry, etc.) on these parts that are known to be extremely wearable. All in all, if the replica Freak X layout itself is not enough, then Freak X can actually play the most impressive balance wheel component (a considerable part) in its price range.

Its automatic winding mechanism has such a system, for example, “Magic Lever” in Seiko watch or Pellaton in IWC automatic winding. On the bottom cover side of Freak X, these components are right in front of your eyes, because they are very few black plates and silver parts of the bridge. Again, I think this is a bit shameful. The all-black movement looks cool, but I somehow find it hard to appreciate. It’s like a camouflage movement, which runs counter to the see-through case in my mind. Nevertheless, the Magic Lever system with its V-shaped arms and rotating wheels can still be easily seen.

One problem with the UN-230 caliber is that it is loud-I think it is too loud. And it is not a beautiful voice. It is best described as a “dry” mechanical sound, not only produced by Freak X, but also by many other Swiss mechanical luxury watches. The sound is loud enough that when driving a quiet car on the highway, you can clearly distinguish the whistling sound of the automatic winding system when you raise your arm and place it on the door/window. However, on the other hand, people have obtained efficient two-way magic lever windings, and more importantly, people are really used to it. When used out of the box, this sound is distracting, but after about two weeks of wearing it, I really don’t notice it a day. All of these, making it hand-wound, thin and quiet, would be desirable.

Looking at that huge, stomping, open minute hand makes Freak X’s face round very scary, almost great. That’s it and seeing the huge balance wheel swinging the pendulum at the other end, and understanding the high-tech geometry and material science involved in the production, which pushed the whole concept well to the WIS (Fool Watch) paradise territory. The three-dimensional sense of Freak X on the face and its influence on the way of appreciation cannot be overstated.

Whether it is aesthetics or in the history of modern watchmaking, Freak X is its own thing. Back to our opening remarks: Rolex Daytona is not these two things. This is an excellent watch, and the retail price is about $13k, which is also a reliable proposition. In some respects, especially in terms of comfort and quietness out of the box, Daytona is also more refined. But I think “Freak X” belongs to another league in terms of entertainment and durability. Moreover, people do not have to make any sacrifices in terms of long-term actual wearability: once the strap breaks, or you find a better match, it is close enough in terms of comfort and versatility.

New Ulysses Nadine explosion

It has been a long time since replica Ulysse Nardin proposed something new. Over the years, this Swiss watch manufacturer has impressed people with its Freak and Diver series of timepieces. But this time it was “Ulysses Nadine Explosion.” Blast is a new watch from Ulysse Nardin, using a new UN-172 mechanism. Since the Quartz Crisis, the watchmaker has been a symbol of avant-garde watches and breakthrough designs. The brand-new Blast timepiece pushes this tradition forward and forever consolidates it.

The new Ulysse Nardin Blast: new movement, new case, new era

Ulysse Nardin’s legacy is more than 100 years old. The company gained recognition for timing when it started manufacturing sailing. In fact, the brand also has the expertise to make traditional watches. However, it was not until Rolf Schnyder joined the business that everything about the watchmaker was truly changed. Schnyder is not limited by the thinking of his time, and he is definitely not bound by the standards set by the industry. The best example may be the use of “silicon” in UN watches.

This impressive foundation has essentially led to today’s avant-garde behemoths we witness today. Although many of the techniques and materials used are not part of the conventional watchmaking industry, they occupy a large proportion of the fine watch industry.

The brand launched the Blast series and carefully designed it. This watch fits the description of Hyundai Ulysse Nardin very well. It is large in size, has a novel and unique movement inside, and uses unusual materials. The watches in this series display a 45mm case, a hollow dial and an automatic tourbillon movement, with a power reserve of 3 days. It can be seen that these movements are paired with a rectangular upper bridge and a two-color double “X”. If you turn the watch over, you can clearly see the “X” and the rectangular bridge.

Another truly impressive aspect of the clock is the balance spring, the anchor and escape wheel are made of silicon. This allows frictionless operation and also improves the magnetic resistance of the timepiece.

The watch released four new variants, namely Black Blast, Rose Gold Blast, Blue Blast and White White Blast. The new Ulysse Nardin watch has a diameter of 45 mm and a thickness of 13 mm. Two of the watches use DLC (black) or PVD (color) made of titanium. The third model uses 5N rose gold, and the fourth model uses ceramics. The corresponding hollow dial of the watch uses complementary colors to suit the overall aesthetic. Finally, the waterproof capacity of the blast furnace is only 50 meters. Therefore, maybe you should avoid going to sea while wearing this watch.

As far as the movement is concerned, the copy watch uses UN-172, which is a new movement derived from the manually wound UN-171 tourbillon. The automatic movement provides a power reserve of up to 72 hours at a rate of 18,000 vibrations per hour. In addition, this is the first automatic skeleton tourbillon movement launched by Ulysse Nardin.

Ulysse Nardin Classico 40

Since 1846, the Ulysse Nardin Manufacture has been disrupting watchmaking with timepieces inspired by the sea The most accurate chronometers in the world, tested by navies, explorers and freedom lovers. Pioneering the use of Silicium, Ulysse Nardin is a permanent innovator Classico Manara Manufacture 40
Wrist watch, Classico Cal. 11½” UN-815. 25 jewels. Self-winding movement Stainless steel case, 40mm, Water-resistant : 50 m Blue enamel dial Stainless steel bracelet. Classico 40 mm – 8153-111-7/E3 | Ulysse Nardin
The Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture was introduced in 2015, adding an in-house movement to the brand’s popular classic collection. At the time it was only available in rose gold. To celebrate the 170th anniversary of Ulysse Nardin, a stainless steel version with enamel dial was added to the collection.
Ulysse Nardin is a Swiss luxury watch company with a long history of excellence. The company was founded in 1846 by its namesake, Ulysse Nardin, a man trained in watch-making first by his father, Leonard-Frederic Nardin, and later by some of the most accomplished watchmakers in …
Ulysse Nardin Classico 40 mm. 8153-111-2/90. THE EXQUISITE ART OF ENAMELING The second pillar of Ulysse Nardin’s unique savoir-faire is evident in the artistry of the “Grand Feu” enamel dial. Created by the Ulysse Nardin company, Donzé Cadrans, specialists in the fine art of enameling, this “Grand Feu” enamel dial is a stunning blue.
Ulysse Nardin is a driver of innovation in the Swiss watch industry. This was proven once again in 2017, when they presented the concept watch InnoVision 2 at the Geneva Watch Fair. It contains ten new mechanisms, including the so-called “Grinder” winding mechanism, which powers the …
Ulysse Nardin Classico 40 mm. 8153-111-2/90. Emaloinnin ainutlaatuinen taito. Ulysse Nardinin ainutlaastuista tietotaitoa ilmentää “Grand Feu” -emalitaulut. Ulysse Nardinin omistaman Donzé Cadransin ammattilaiset ovat erikoistuneet emaloinnin taiteeseen ja “Grand Feu”-emalinen kellotaulu on ihastuttava sininen.

ulysse nardin classico manufacture watch replica

It might surprise you to learn that the Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture will be the first watch in the brand’s Classico range to feature its own in-house movement. The Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture is a simply styled watch, with a pleasingly restrained dial that features central hour and minute hands, a going seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock, and a small, round date window within the seconds sub-dial. Let’s take a quick closer look at this new release.
As expected on a restrained “Classico” watch, the hours are marked by applied thin gold lines, while 12, 3, and 9 o’clock are indicated by slender Roman numerals. All of the markers are applied, in contrast to the sub-dial surround, which is sunk into the dial. This multi-levelled approach creates a bit more interest in a dial that could otherwise appear plain. In addition to the gold markers, the dial of the Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture is marked with small luminous dots. On the cream dial, these white dots are almost invisible in daylight, but come alive after dark, making this piece usable no matter the time.
There’s a fine line between plainness and successfully executed classicism, and I think the Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture strikes a good balance. The dial is finished in a slightly iridescent frosting, which is continued by the edge of the sub-dial, before giving way to a concentric circular ridge pattern. There may not be much going on, but the subtle shifts in patterning or depth give just enough visual engagement to make this watch face desirable. Getting this right, or even bothering to use the different patterns in a creative but tasteful way is essential to any good design.
The established Ulysse Nardin anchor logo is also applied in the same material and fashion as the hour markers, creating a satisfying link between all the necessary dial elements. The gold hands themselves are of a simple, traditional shape with bold luminous inserts. They are excellently weighted and look very elegant against the reserved backdrop and within the slick case that is designed to catch eyes, not cuffs.
The 40mm case is made of 18ct rose gold and stands just 9.6mm from the wrist. The classically styled housing is polished with no sharp edges – perfect for being worn under a shirt cuff. The front and back crystals are both sapphire, with the dial-side crystal treated with an anti-reflective coating for enhanced clarity. The watch is held on your wrist by a leather strap, brown for the cream dial variant, and colour-coded blue for the blue dial model. The strap is fastened by a tang buckle, which I think is a good choice for a watch this classical in style.
So when you turn the watch over in your hands, what do you see? Through the sapphire case back, the new in-house UN-320 movement is visible. The rotor weight dominates the aperture and is rendered from matching rose gold and sports a black Ulysse Nardin logo against a nicely patterned background. The UN-320 features a silicium hairspring and an anchor escapement. It has automatic winding and has a power reserve of 48 hours. The case is water resistant to 30 meters, but it’s not a watch that is designed for active wear.
The bi-colour movement has rhodium plated bridges, finished with a circular Geneva wave. The proliferation of blued screws (with three visible screw heads attaching the rotor bearing to the automatic device framework) and the meatiness of the red jewels (of which there are 39 in total), gives this in-house calibre a real sense of colour. In addition to the chunky jewels, the pivots that can be seen poking through appear refreshingly robust.

Ulysse Nardin Classico Manara Manufacture 40 mm

A voyage into the depths of a mythical sea of desire

Ten enchanting erotic watches created in collatoration with Italian erotic comic book artist Milo Manara.

“I had to think of a theme that brings all these ten images together and yet leaves each one its autono-my, so that it works on its own without the need for the others, This is not a linear story but there is a common thread based on two characters; one is a timeless girl and the other, a mermaid”Milo Manara

Manara has created just ten of these illustrations, a series that Ulysse Nardin has reproduced using micro painting. High in the swiss mountains, artisans at the Ulysse Nardin Headquarters in Le Locle have been working during approximately 50 hours around the clock to miniaturize each of Manara’s drawings on the dials, a surface which is roughly ten times smaller than the original water …
These Classico Manara in 40 mm will be set on dark blue alligator straps to align with the color tonality dictated by Manara. As a special gift from Ulysse Nardin, each watch purchase will be accompanied by an original numbered Milo Manara print, signed by the artist himself.
Finding inspiration in artisanal traditions of the past combined with cutting-edge watchmaking, the Classico collection includes a wide variety of beautiful styles, and breathtaking complications.
It might surprise you to learn that the Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture will be the first watch in the brand’s Classico range to feature its own in-house movement. The Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture is a simply styled watch, with a pleasingly restrained dial that features central hour and minute hands, a going seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock, and a small, round date window within the …

ulysse nardin minute repeater 42mm

AN ACKNOWLEDGED PIONEER OF HAUTE HORLOGERIE. Ulysse Nardin has long been the unrivaled master of repeater technology — complications that chime the hours and, in the case of minute repeaters like the Classic Voyeur, the quarter hours and minutes, at the press of a button. The Manufacture is also renowned for its Jaquemart repeaters, which traditionally feature an automated figure striking the ulysse nardin minute repeater 42mm
The Ulysse Nardin Classic Voyeur watch, offered in three versions, is a minute repeater timepiece with automated jaquemarts on the dial. A work of mechanics, art and eroticism, the Classic Voyeur…
Ulysse Nardin Marches Forward in Watchmaking Innovation with the “Hannibal” Minute Repeater Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Jaquemarts. Feared and revered by the Romans, the great Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca knew how to outthink the competition.
Uniting traditional watch making with the fine art of hand-engraved Jaquemarts is “Jazz,” the new Minute Repeater by Ulysse Nardin. A limited edition of 18 pieces in platinum, Jazz delivers a vivid design performance of this genre’s unmatched dynamism.
At SIHH 2018, Ulysse Nardin unveiled its most erotic creation ever – the Classic Voyeur – a Jaquemart minute repeater that literally makes love to time. An acknowledged pioneer of Haute Horlogerie innovation since 1846, Ulysse Nardin has long been the unrivaled master of repeater technology — complications that chime the hours and, in the…

Ulysse Nardin Classico Stranger 45 mm

Brand new and unworn Ulysse Nardin Stranger Silver Dial 45mm Ref. 6900-125 with all box and papers. This is a genuine Ulysse Nardin watch and we guarantee authenticity.Everything in this offer is exactly the way you get it from the authorized Ulysse Nardin retailer as we sourced it from the Ulysse Nardin Classico Stranger 45 mm Replica Watch Price 6902-125/VIV
Ulysse Nardin is a Swiss luxury watch company with a long history of excellence. The company was founded in 1846 by its namesake, Ulysse Nardin, a man trained in watch-making first by his father, Leonard-Frederic Nardin, and later by some of the most accomplished watchmakers in …
Ulysse Nardin STRANGER Limited Edition 99Pieces A Spectacular Masterpiece. IN STOCK. Every hour, or on command, this timepiece will play the first 20 musical notes (20 seconds) of the song “Strangers in The Night” in a soft crisp tone. It is a beautiful, polished 45mm, rose gold case, with automatic movement, with date indicator.
The Ulysse Nardin Stranger watches are limited to 99 pieces and come in 45 mm, 18k rose gold cases. The front of the watch is covered with AR coated sapphire crystal and the back of the watch is covered with sapphire crystal.
Ulysse Nardin was born in Le Locle, Switzerland in 1823. Ulysse was trained under his own father, Leonard-Frederic Nardin, and then William Dubois to became a watchmaker. Nardin founded the Ulysse Nardin company in 1846 in his home town of Le Locle. The watches exhibited high-quality workmanship and were signed by their maker.