The reason why Ulysse Nardin is a top watch today, I don’t look at silicon, I don’t look at whims, let the action puppet tell you

The action doll is an ornamental complex function on the replica watches review. There are three-dimensional doll components on the dial surface, which are activated by mechanical devices.

However, for a long time after its birth, the action dolls have nothing to do with clocks. All kinds of exquisite action dolls are playthings that can only be owned by nobles. The real connection with the indication of time has to start from the clock tower in Europe, which adds ornamental value to the ancient way of telling time. For example, the famous tourist attraction in Venice, the time tower in St. Mark’s Square, this clock tower not only has a rare twenty-four-hour indication, but also a bunch of astronomical displays, so that Venetian sailors can use it to observe the tides of the sea, Every time the big bell rings, the two bronze Moor statues at the top of the bell tower will start to ring the bell on the hour.

And more and more action figures are being made, and craftsmen are improving their skills, so they began to try to make action figures smaller and miniaturized, and action figures also appeared on clocks, pocket watches, and wrist watches. In the revival of mechanical watches, watchmaking brands began to invest heavily in various complications, and action figures gradually became the watch treasures that collectors are keen on.

Although the dolls are not included in the three traditional complex functions, the production difficulty is still quite high. There are few watch brands that can make dolls. When you mention the dolls, you can immediately think of the brands, namely cheap Ulysse Nardin and Jaquet Droz, two The dolls of the watchers are also clearly distinguished in the subject matter, but the great thing about them is that through watchmaking skills and design concepts, these dolls are truly “alive” on the watch. Today, I will focus on Ulysse Nardin to see how the brand creates the complex function of the doll.

The historical origin of the Ulysse Nardin doll watch begins with Mr. Rolf W. Schnyder joining the Ulysse Nardin watch in 1983. Ulysse Nardin will begin to vigorously revive the traditional complex functions, especially put a lot of energy into the astronomical and three-question functions. It may be a bit confusing to see this. How to talk about dolls is related to the three questions, but the combination of the dolls and the three questions is actually the biggest feature of the Ulysse Nardin action dolls, in order to create for the wearer, not only There is a visual experience on the exquisite action puppet, and the auditory effect of the questionnaire can form a double enjoyment.

In 1989, Ulysse Nardin launched the first San Marco minute repeater watch with moving dolls. This watch can not only strike a beautiful timekeeping sound, but also the doll design theme on the dial, which is what I told you at the beginning. The time tower on the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy, with the bronze statue of the Moor ringing the bell on the top of the watch, when you pull down the minute repeater lever, the bell ringer on the dial will follow the sound to ring the bell.

After the millennium, I have also caught up with the arms race of watchmaking brands. Today you have a big sports watch, tomorrow I will make a big complicated function, but in Ulysse Nardin, Genghis Khan has already begun to be put under his account. The sound of the time chimes, and the troops meet on the disk. The main highlight of this watch is also the N+1 complex function, not only the moving couple, but also the tourbillon, and its three-question function is more complicated. There are not many in itself, and there are even fewer people who do the three questions of Westminster. There is no need to tell you how his tone and animation effects are. Let’s enjoy it directly from the video.

As I said just now, Ulysse Nardin differs from Jaquet Droz in terms of design themes. It can be seen that Ulysse Nardin mainly focuses on characters, Jaquet Droz’s action figures on the watch, and natural themes such as flowers, birds, fish and insects. It is also the appearance of the three-question questioner of St. Mark’s action puppet, which sets the tone for the action puppet of Ulysse Nardin, which is not only dominated by characters, but also combined with the function of the complex function question table.

However, these two characteristics test the comprehensive watchmaking strength of the brand. It is very challenging to combine the functions of the movable doll and the repeater. It is necessary to shrink the timekeeping parts of the doll and the repeater into a movement of tens of millimeters at the same time. You must know that there are many parts of the minute repeater itself. . Another is the function of the movable doll. At the beginning of the design, the movable joints must be considered, and the movable doll with three questions is completely different from the ordinary movable doll joints connected to the escapement. The joints of the three-question movable couple are directly linked with the three-questioned parts, so that when the push rod is toggled, the hammer hits the gong and drives the movable couple to move synchronously. luxury fake watches

In terms of the design of the action dolls, Ulysse Nardin has really done a great job. The theme must have a story and a mood, and each action doll will be created with the brand’s traditional art and craftsmanship. Take the above two St. Mark and Genghis Khan, both of which are golden carvings.

The gold carving process can be regarded as one of the earliest manual processes used on watches. In this hand-carved skill, each knife represents the accumulated aesthetic attainments of these craftsmen. St. Mark, I think it shows the meticulousness of the carving. The shapes of the two bell ringers are very delicately portrayed, and here in Genghis Khan, carefully look at the details of the swords, the folds of the clothes that change with the characters’ movements, and then To the galloping muscle action and mane of the horse. On this watch, the use of gold carving craftsmanship also adds attention to the shape and demeanor of the Mongolian soldiers and horses.

I have always thought that it is much more difficult to carve the action doll on the dial than the ordinary gold carving process, such as carving a shell, because in the carving process, the craftsman will first consider the movement of the components, the link of the small craftsmanship, and The artisans in Ulysse Nardin have accomplished this task brilliantly. Their grasp of the details of the gold carving process is meticulous and exquisite.

Ulysse Nardin has always launched the bell-ringer-themed action figure, and even has a self-sounding single-question style. It can be seen that Ulysse Nardin fake has a unique preference for the statue of the bell-ringer in St. Mark’s Square. I have seen a message saying that When Mr. Rolf W. Schnyder was in the square, the statue inspired him, but I can’t verify the authenticity of this statement. I personally think that because of the ancient way of telling time, the time tower is related to navigation. Combined with the statue of ringing the bell, it also represents It has a long history that was once praised by Napoleon as “the most beautiful square in the world”.

For Ulysse Nardin, innovation is to leave a better tradition. He has made innovation and tradition compatible very well. We can see that while the brand is constantly innovating, it will not delay the preservation of traditional classics. In the cutting-edge and innovative styles, there are whimsy and BLAST, and in the traditional watchmaking style, we see gilt and nautical, and large-scale complex watches represented by these action doll models, which have shaped a craft world of their own. The action puppet table is the collection of all the housekeeping skills of Ulysse Nardin in this world, machinery, gold carving, enamel, story, artistic conception, acoustics, beauty, innovation.

Ulysse Nardin launches innovative The Ocean Race DIVER

Ulysse Nardin, The Ocean Race’s Official Timekeeping Partner, announces The Ocean Race DIVER watch, complete with upcycled fishing nets…

Ulysse Nardin is accelerating the use of innovative alternative materials, announcing the launch of the first DIVER model composed primarily of recycled fishing nets.

Since 1846, the Swiss watchmaker has been making marine timepieces for explorers with unmatched reliability. Sailors today often face plastic pollution, and fishing nets are a significant source: up to 640,000 metric tons are lost or abandoned every year (according to the United Nations), adding to the 9 million tons of plastic that are released into the sea each year (science).

“How can we turn some of these plastics into luxury goods? With the help of start-ups such as FIL&FAB, we have successfully manufactured and sold watches made from recycled fishing nets,” said Ulysse Nardin CEO Patrick Pruniaux.

“The way we make people aware of this is upcycling. Finding suppliers is a key factor in this process.”

In this case, Ulysse Nardin found a supplier who was able to upgrade the discarded fishing net material into the base material for the components of The Ocean Race DIVER.

“At The Ocean Race, we’ve been traveling the world since 1973, and as sailors, we’ve seen how the oceans have changed over the past 50 years,” said Richard Brisius, The Ocean Race’s race director. “We have learned the need to respect the ocean and give it a voice to protect it and restore its health. We are proud to have a partner like Ulysse Nardin who shares our values ​​and sees innovations that support these efforts It’s happening. This innovative watch reminds us that it’s time to act.”

In September 2020, Ulysse Nardin launched the R-STRAP wristband, marking the first milestone in its commitment to the ocean and the circular economy (a model of production and consumption that involves using materials and products for as long as possible) it fully Made from recycled fishing nets for use on MARINE, DIVER and FREAK X watches.

In November 2020, the brand launched DIVER NET, an experimental concept watch in which every element has been carefully designed to ensure durability and minimize environmental impact. A completely innovative and upgraded watch. Two significant positive developments for the brand and the watchmaking industry.

Ocean Race DIVER embodies innovation and tradition, the mechanical movement of the watch is based on tradition and historical knowledge, but 95% of the components come from within a 30km radius of the manufacturer, half of which are from recycled sources (especially recycled steel and yellow Copper: Ulysse Nardin fake uses 100% recycled brass for its timepiece movement).

Ulysse Nardin’s new Diver is smaller—and great

We love it when the brand redesigns watches from its collections in response to the needs of enthusiasts and collectors; with the launch of this latest fake Ulysse Nardin Diver, the brand has made it very clear that the brand is listening to today’s diver’s watch buyers real demand.

First, its case size has been reduced to 42mm – the ideal diving watch sweet spot, not overbearing for smaller wrists, but for those who want a luxury watch Not too petite either.

New fake watches face with unique text
Just by its case size, the new diver has a very clean look that was previously unseen in past models. Its minute track, brand name and date text are all color-matched on the dial, as are the more distinctive bits of text above the six o’clock date window.

In contrast to the usual dial text related to depth ratings, chronometer status or other typical Swiss watchmaking terms, the new Ulysse Nardin Diver gets GPS coordinates. Especially the coordinates of Le Locle, Switzerland, the hometown of Ulysse Nardin.

Completing its overall design is an oversized winding crown with no crown guard and a pronounced groove on its bezel that lends this piece a more solid tool watch aesthetic.

more than just a pretty face
One additional feature that fake Ulysse Nardin has added in this latest release is the equal parts visual and functional. For the first time, the Ulysse Nardin Diver will be outfitted with a mesh Milanese bracelet. Often overlooked by brands, this soft metal bracelet option seems to fit perfectly with the design and case proportions of this latest version.

It essentially makes the diver’s touch more flashy than rubber or leather alternatives, but from a comfort and exclusivity standpoint, I doubt a lot of it will make authorized dealers opt for the Milanese bracelet. If you haven’t tried it for yourself, go for it – they’re actually the most comfortable type of bracelet configuration on warm summer days. fake watches uk

This golden coral is not only special, but also stunningly beautiful

In the deep sea, the reefs are shocked. In the sailing world of fake Ulysse Nardin, there are two watches – the Freak Vision Coral Reef Limited Edition. On the basis of the original Freak Vision watch, it adopts special decorative pressure. Welding technology, as well as the micro-painting process that Ulysse Nardin has been proud of for a long time, and named after the famous snorkeling reef in Coral Bay, Western Australia, when you stare at the watch, the coral in the sea calls time with a charming posture.

This time we got the gold thread coral model in the Freak Vision Coral Reef Limited Edition. Through an electronic technology – pressure welding, thousands of 24K gold threads are used to create fine patterns. (Watch model: 2505-250LE/CORALBAY-1)

What is the pressure welding process mentioned above? Everyone should be relatively unfamiliar. In fact, the pressure welding machine crimps the gold wires on each side of the surface, one by one, to draw the coral reef pattern we see on the front of the watch. And each silk thread is different in size and different, so the corals are also varied.

To create the blue and gold coral reef pattern, the watchmakers use a blue chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process to colour the components and the reef. The entire surface is coloured, except for the start and end of the gold thread, which is laser-cleaned. Then, the gold wire is pressure-welded to the components, and the pressure-welding process undoubtedly adds artistic value to this watch.

The FreakVision Coral Reef Limited Edition still has FreakVision technologies, such as an ultra-light silicon balance wheel combining nickel components and micro-flakes, an ultra-thin case made of a curved dome crystal, a “grinder” These revolutionary innovations highlight the pioneering position of Ulysse Nardin in the watchmaking world.

The 45mm diameter case, made of platinum, is understated and luxurious.

The UN-250 movement adopts an automatic winding mechanism, and the “grinder” type automatic winding system can greatly improve the winding efficiency of the watch, providing a power reserve of 50 hours when fully wound.

The watch is matched with a blue alligator leather strap, which is consistent with the overall watch style.

Innovative technology and aesthetic skills, FreakVision’s Coral Reef Limited Edition shows the value of high-end Discount fake watches The shape is also interesting. Deep-sea coral, emerald and flowing Dan; whimsical and creative, subversive extraordinary, this is the watchmaking marine world belonging to the whimsical series.

Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Hour Review

I remember the first time I saw the Executive Dual Time watch. I visited Ulysse Nardin at a watch trade show and saw some models that I was not yet familiar with. Obviously they are UN watches, but they don’t have the typical UN look that many associate with the brand. The “Executive” in the name seems to imply that the UN wants these watches to be aimed at business people looking for reliable everyday wear. The construction is impressive and I can’t get over that super clear dial – but do I love this watch?

After using the Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time watch for a while, I can easily say that I really like this watch. I wasn’t sure at first, but this piece really took me seriously – thanks in large part to a combination of factors including movement, legibility and quality. I still don’t know how it fits into the overall DNA of the Ulysse Nardin line, and frankly, I don’t even care. Ulysse Nardin is an independent watch maker – they can design and release whatever they like without having to make sure it fits some prescribed mold.

This particular Executive Dual Time watch is numbered # 243-00/42. Look online and you’ll find a wide variety of styles in the collection. The stainless steel (also 18k rose gold) case is 43mm wide with a very wide lug construction and strap. This makes it feel larger on the wrist while not looking like a big watch. 43mm wide isn’t too big today, and the mostly round case with thick bezels makes it look less bulky on the wrist. The bezel reminds you it’s black ceramic. Here, materials are used appropriately to add color, gloss, and of course the high level of scratch resistance of ceramics.

Ulysse Nardin does a great job of making this case interesting, but not too weird. Fully polished, the finish is well done, and the little details on the case keep it from getting boring. The proprietary strap connection on the lugs forces you to only buy the Ulysse Nardin strap, but you might argue that it deserves the unique look. Even the details on the crown guard and the crown with the UN logo can be easily appreciated. On the other side of the case are two ceramic buttons and a serial number plate. While this is not a limited edition watch, Ulysse Nardin likes to personalize each piece with a nameplate bearing its unique serial number.

What impresses me is that the Executive Dual Time is water resistant to 100 meters. It’s not terribly high or anything, but it exceeds my expectations for this type of watch. Above the dial is a sapphire crystal with just the right amount of AR coating to prevent glare as much as possible. Another sapphire crystal sits above the case back to reveal the movement.

As I said, dial legibility is excellent. I think one of the main advantages of the series. On this model, the dial is a smooth black with a mix of applied and printed hour markers. UN appropriately uses diamond-cut and polished indexes and hands to create a high level of contrast, while retaining the desire for polished metal.

Design-wise, the dial has a large rectangular minute indicator and circular secondary seconds dial, among other elements that don’t seem to come together on paper. This combination of seemingly random design cues from brands like Cartier and Roger Dubuis actually makes sense — but probably not at first. Like I said, I wasn’t drawn to the watch’s dial design until I lived with it for a while. Now I really appreciate the combination of elegance and functionality. The dial does have lumens, but not a lot. Quality SuperLumiNova parts are used for the hands and some hour markers on the inner scale. Having said that, the high-contrast dial itself is easy to read in the dark without Luminous.

What about the dual time function? Ulysse Nardin fake apparently released this system back in 1996, and it’s still a powerful module made by the brand. Inside this watch is the caliber UN-24 automatic movement. This is composed of a modified Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement. Above it is a special Athens module that adds a large date indicator and second time zone. What struck me about UN-24 was two things. First, the movement runs very smoothly. You’ll feel that all the kinks have been worked out from the movement long ago, and making adjustments feels safe and controllable. Sometimes the movements feel as if they have little work and development is rushed – but not here.

The date adjustment feature you’ll love is the ability to adjust dates back and forth. Trust me – it’s a good thing. The dual time function is displayed through a window that displays the time in 24-hour format. This is the same function as GMT, but it uses a disc with a GMT hand to indicate a second time zone. Both times change when you adjust the time via the crown. The trick lies in the two buttons on the left side of the case – these are used to change the local time (main dial) forwards and backwards. The result is an easy-to-read, easy-to-adjust GMT watch for travel. There are even handy plus and minus signs on the putter. The ability to move the date and time zone in both directions shows a dedication to user experience, which is actually a bit of a rarity in this industry.

Compared to many watches, the Executive Dial Time replica watch gets quite a few compliments on my wrist. I guess it does have a nice “execution” look. The strap is available in textured rubber and alligator leather. The bi-fold button expander is made of smooth polished metal in a style I’ve never seen before. Even that element has a lot of attention. Overall, it’s the many little details that make this great watch. I warmly compliment it to anyone who might benefit from its functionality and see this beautiful watch on their wrist.

Take a closer look at the new Ulysse Nardin watch Freak X Razzle Dazzle

Fans of Ulysse Nardin copy, please pay attention-there is a new monster in the city. The super graphic dial design of the watch combined with the brand’s iconic Freak movement is fascinating.

Subversion is a recent buzzword, Ulysse Nardin watch with its brand new Freak X Razzle Dazzle fully accepted this concept. This new model incorporates all the mechanical symbols of the legendary Freak series, and the dial is decorated with colorful camouflage decorations on the scale ring and movement plywood. Like other Freak models, the new watch is equipped with a flying carousel movement, the UN-230 self-winding movement, with a 72-hour power reserve.

The nautical roots of ultra-modern design
The design of Freak X Razzle Dazzle is full of nautical significance, which is very suitable as a brand that pioneers high-precision nautical chronometers. According to the brand, “the usual purpose of camouflage is to blend in or hide, but in this case, the pattern is actually to attract attention.” This timepiece and its dazzling aesthetics are indeed so fascinating.

Razzle colorful camouflage, also known as colorful camouflage, was used by the British in World War I and World War II for vandalism to confuse enemy ships. Specifically, its avant-garde herringbone pattern makes it difficult to estimate the range, speed and direction of this dazzling ship.

The new Freak X Razzle Dazzle is sure to free people from the monotony of endless Zoom conferences that are ubiquitous in the business world. As Ulysse Nardin said in its press release, “[new] black and white patterns will fascinate you.” If that means getting rid of Zoom’s downturn, I’m happy to accept the brand’s offer. Review copy watch

High-tech materials
The Razzle Dazzle’s 43 mm case is made of black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated titanium, and has been sandblasted and satin-finished. The brand combines electroplating, electroplating and laser technology to create the dial design of the watch. In addition, through the sapphire crystal back of the watch, you can see all the brilliance of the UN-230 movement. The watch is available with a black or white leather and rubber hollow strap.

No matter what the collector buys this timepiece-whether it is because of its unique dial design, superb technology or nautical inspiration-time is of the utmost importance. luxury watch brands

Ulysse Nardin Black Sea chronograph hands-on

If you inadvertently tell me that rubber-coated watches can make luxury watches, I will never believe you. Then it started to happen, and high-end brands started experimenting with vulcanized rubber coatings on watches. It starts with the bezel, crown and buttons. Then brands like Ulysse Nardin said, “Go ahead, let’s coat the whole damn thing with rubber.” This is the source of fragments like the original Black Sea. Since then, Ulysse Nardin has launched a series of rubber-coated watches based on Maxi Marine. There is a blue model, and some are decorated with various styles of decorative details, such as the model with a gold bezel unique to the Boca Raton boutique in Florida. This is the first chronograph version with a rubber-covered design.

This watch is called the Black Sea Chronograph. As a diver, it is water-resistant to 200 meters and has a rotating diver’s bezel. Although few people actually dive underwater with such a watch, the dial does represent its practical theme with eye-catching hands and hour indicators. One thing that is surprising seems to be the hollow hands. Recently, I noticed a great personal dislike for the skeleton hand. Mainly because they are usually of no use other than making it more difficult to read the dial. Designers use them for two reasons. First, for practical reasons, the dial below the pointer is more clearly visible. This makes sense, and is usually a trade-off between legibility and being able to view dialed information for more time. The second reason is purely for design. This is what I hate. This is when the designer thinks that the hollowed-out hand looks cool in CAD drawings and computer rendering. They may not care about reducing the practical level of an actual watch by a few steps-they don’t know that the materials used to make the dial and hands greatly affect how it looks in real life compared to computer images. This is especially bad when you need to check that there is nothing under the hands on the dial. Stay away from those watches. In this case, Athens Watch took a more practical approach. The hands are hollowed out to allow more time to view the chronograph subdial. This is because the hands are really fat. Therefore, when they are hollowed out, the tip of the fat lumen coating is large enough to be easy to see.

The Black Sea Chronograph case is 45.8 mm wide, but due to the thick bezel, it is smaller than it looks. You can see that the dial has a sand-like texture and splashes of red and blue on the surface. Although the name of the watch is Black Sea Chronograph, fake Ulysse Nardin reminds you that this is of course part of its Ocean Diver collection, right on the dial as part of the unique-looking auxiliary seconds counter. The side of the case is a steel plate with the serial number of the watch on it-this is not a limited edition.

How does vulcanized rubber feel on steel? Okay, of course the rubber sticks to the shell nicely. It is glued to it, so it is not like a steel shell wearing a rubber jacket. You will think it should wear well, but the correct shot may end up tearing some of the rubber. I want to know how often this happens. Vulcanized rubber is quite durable, especially in this case, it does not need to be bent at all. My understanding is that it should look good for at least a few decades. I don’t know the vulcanized rubber watches from 30 to 40 years ago-so I really don’t know how they are supported.

A black rubber strap is attached to the black case. In the true Marine Diver style, the rubber strap has two black ceramic pieces close to the case. These are engraved with the Athens watch logo. There is a sapphire exhibit back cover on the back of the case, which helps to break the consistent appearance of black rubber. Inside the watch is a caliber UN-35 automatic chronograph movement, which is a basic Swiss ETA. Even the crown and buttons are made of vulcanized rubber to complete the theme. In general, this is a unique sports chronograph watch. I think it looks more interesting when handled in person than in marketing pictures. Finally, I have to ironically comment on the Ulysse Nardin’s press release, which is that “The Black Sea Chronograph is suitable for those who have a few hours before returning to the sea.” You can make a joke about this strange comment about ocean addiction.

Meet the Ulysse Nardin watch marine superyacht

The heavyweight new timepieces of the Haute Horlogerie brand are inspired by the design of contemporary luxury yachts.

Ulysse Nardin copy has strengthened its historical relationship with the ocean and maritime navigation by launching the latest high-end horological nautical themed timepiece-Marine Mega Yacht. Limited to 30 pieces, the Marine Mega Yacht is the follow-up to the 2016 Grand Deck Tourbillon. Although this groundbreaking timepiece guided the appearance of a classic wooden sailing ship, this watch has received contemporary, more fashionable, high-tech appearances. Affect luxury yachts.

The teak pattern on the dials of early watches gave way to a combination of white gold and blue Grand Feu enamel, and the bows of luxury ships depicted emerging from the hazy foamy waves. As it did on the Grand Deck, Ulysse Nardin developed and built Mega Yacht in collaboration with the creative complication master Christophe Claret. Its technical highlights include a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, which rotates every 60 seconds, and its specially designed propeller blades are similar to those used on luxury ships.

The manual winding device of the watch is designed to simulate the rise and fall of an anchor on a ship. Its power reserve-an impressive 80 hours-is shown by a small plowshare designed anchor, connected to the chain by an anchor ring. The chain is connected to a miniature winch, which is a winch used to lift anchors and other heavy objects. It is built into the movement and can be seen through the large aperture at 12 o’clock. The windlass is connected to the winding mechanism by wheels. When the wearer winds the watch, the anchor is raised from 0 to 8 degrees, and when the mainspring is running downward, the anchor is lowered.

Marine Mega Yacht also includes a very modern and accurate moon phase display and a sophisticated tide height indicator-these two functions are interrelated and have practical uses for luxury liner navigators. The 3D spherical moon rotates in a circular window at 9 o’clock, and has a realistic depiction of the actual lunar surface. It consists of two precisely carved hemispheres, one is treated with blue PVD (for the dark “crescent” phase), and the other half is rhodium-plated to represent the glowing “full moon” sector.

A window on the middle side of the case—designed to resemble the screen of the Chadben Telegraph used by the captain on the bridge to communicate with the engine room—shows the position of the winding crown: “S” is used to set the time indicator and is the movement The “W” on the chain and the middle “T/M” position of the moon phase and tidal volume can be adjusted by the wearer. A counterclockwise rotation of the crown in this position represents four days on the lunar calendar, and a clockwise rotation will move the tide indicator 1/4 of a circle, or 9.5 hours.

The 44mm platinum case is water-resistant to 50 meters and is equipped with UN-631 movement, which is composed of 504 parts and has a vibration frequency of 21,600 vph. This custom hand-wound movement is displayed behind the transparent sapphire caseback, and its design is similar to the mechanism in the engine compartment of a yacht. The precious metal case of the watch is completely integrated into the navy blue alligator leather strap. Each of the 30 pieces is provided with a nameplate on the side of the aaa swiss movement replica watches, on which the owner can order a personal name engraved with a motto.

Ulysse Nardin SkeletonX watch

The hollow watch is enough to make people fall in love at first sight Ulysse Nardin SkeletonX watch is a famous skeleton watch in the watchmaking world. Compared with other common skeleton watches, the skeleton of SkeletonX watch is quite thorough. We can clearly see the movement gear system on the front of the watch. How it works, the gears mesh with each other, pushing the machine forward, and the mysteries of time are in our hands. This year, on the basis of the original SkeletonX watch, Ulysse Nardin was set with diamonds on the bezel and hour markers to make the watch shine, showing the extraordinary ingenuity of artisans and the experience and skills of master watchmakers. (Watch model: 3716-260B/02)

When we got the actual hollow X-ray watch, we couldn’t help but sigh that this watch wanders between beauty and coolness, which is very harmonious and full of personality. The designer has set 80 and 69 shining diamonds on the bezel and dial respectively. Even at different angles, the watch can show a shining light and the visual effect bursts.

There are two models of the Skeleton X Amphitheater, one in titanium and one in rose gold. The one we see in the picture is the rose gold model. The large area of ​​the watch case is treated with a wire drawing process, which highlights the brand’s intentions.

On the front of the watch, angular lines replaced the soft curves, highlighting the tough masculine charm. Overlapping geometric structure-the X shape formed by the four hour markers is located in the rectangular frame, and the rectangle is located in the ring. The application of geometric patterns adds a lot to this watch, and it also echoes the “X” of fake Ulysse Nardin. “concept.

The brand-made UN-371 movement is undoubtedly revealed, and its transparent structure is breathtaking. The barrel at 12 o’clock is made of black PVD-coated brass and is decorated with complicated patterns; at 6 o’clock, you can clearly see the extra-large and ultra-light silicon balance wheel, nickel weights and self-adjusting micro flakes. The skeleton movement is set against the diamond-encrusted bezel and the diamond-encrusted hour markers.

The time scale is coated with a luminous coating, which is convenient for the wearer to read the time even in a dark environment.

The watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap and rose gold pin buckle.

Pure diamonds are a gift from nature. Under the shining light of diamonds, the watch is rejuvenated; diamonds give the watch a brand-new visual effect, shining and making people fall in love at first sight, just like the Athens watch hollow X-chan Light cheap replica watches, it has shining diamonds and transparent hollow design, interpretation of superior watchmaking technology and mosaic art.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur Chronograph

Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur Chronograph of the Year introduces pocket watches from the early 20th century, used by scientists, racers and Olympic timekeepers

It has existed in one form or another for at least 85 years.

The annual chronograph is a series of fascinating complications. The Marine Torpilleur annual chronograph can display the time from month and date to 1/10 second. A large amount of information can be collected through a design that does not deviate much from the standard chronograph. No wonder the annual calendar is one of the earliest popular products of replica Ulysse Nardin. Because it can reduce the time to 1/10 second, it served as a timekeeper at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. This new model is an improvement on the 1996 design by Ludwig Oechslin of Ochs & Junior, which led to the UN-150 movement. The crown can be used to easily adjust all aspects of the annual calendar data, allowing the wearer to relax.

Like other watches in the Torpileur series, this watch is available in blue and white dial versions. Roman numerals add elegance to the overall aesthetic; in the 1930s, it was largely considered a tool watch. Pocket watch patterns throughout the Torpilleur series, especially the annual chronograph-after all, almost this precise design combination appeared on the dashboard of racing cars in the 1930s and 1940s.

Brand: Ulysse Nardin Watch
Model: Marine Torpilleur Chronograph of the Year
Reference number: 1533-320LE-3A-175/1A (brown strap, blue dial), 1533-320LE-3A-175/1B (blue strap, blue dial), 1533-320LE-0A-175/ 1A (brown strap, white dial), 1533-320LE-0A-175/1B (white dial, blue strap)

Diameter: 44 mm
Thickness: 13.6 mm
Housing material: stainless steel
Dial color: white, blue
Indicator: Roman numerals
Lu Mei: N/A
Water resistance: 50 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Leather strap

Movement: UN-153
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date, chronograph (HMS) and annual calendar
Power reserve: 52 hours
Chain: Automatic
Frequency: 28,800 vph
Gems: 53