Federer celebrates 100th anniversary of Wimbledon Centre Court wearing ‘hidden catalogue’ Daytona

The 135th Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 2022 is about to reach the climax of the event. Recently, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the main venue of Wimbledon, the center court, a commemorative event was held during the event, and the most touching scene was Nothing is more than the conference invited nearly 30 men’s and women’s champions of Wimbledon to “return to their parents’ homes” to participate in the grand event, including several modern kings such as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Murray. Andy Murray, female netizen Venus Williams, and retired legends such as Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg and Billie Jean King, Margot Margaret Court (Margaret Court), Evert (Chris Evert) and other big names gathered; at the end of the gathering of the top tennis players was Roger Federer, the Swiss Express, who was at Wimbledon He has achieved an unprecedented eight crowns, but he has spent most of his time recovering due to knee injuries in the past two years, so when he appeared on the center court, the audience immediately boiled to the highest point and gave him the warmest applause.

In his speech, Federer emotionally mentioned that he left many sweet memories of victories on the center court, and of course, the experience of several defeats in Waterloo gave him the motivation to continue to rise. In particular, he singled out his 2001 victory over American Pete Sampras and his first Wimbledon title in 2003 as his two most profound victories on Centre Court. As for the question of whether he will ever return to Centre Court as a player? He promised the fans present, “”I hope I can come back – at least one more time.” In his speech, he expressed that he has not thought about retiring, and will continue to rehabilitate and adjust in the future, so as to improve his physical condition enough to be in full swing. Considering the intensity of competition, it seems that Fei Tianwang is a bit reluctant to make a comeback in 2022, but in 2023, he can be expected to show his final brilliance in the late stage of his playing career.

At the centenary celebration of the center court, Federer and other active players who still continue to compete, such as Djokovic and Nadal, wore light sportswear. Fei Tianwang attended the game this time as a spectator, so He appeared on the court in a suit, including the watch he was used to wearing off the court. It is well known that Federer is the spokesperson of Rolex. In the past, he often wore some Rolex watches such as GMT-Master II, Datejust, Sky-Dweller, etc. to accompany him to accept the award when he won the competition. As for this time, Federer attended the Wimbledon event as a guest. It was replaced by a K gold Daytona, which made people’s eyes brighten.

It turns out that Fei Tianwang is wearing the Daytona 116588SACO, a hidden model in the 2022 catalogue of Rolex (nicknamed Jack-o-lantern by foreign watch fans). The case of this watch is 18K gold, and the bezel is set with 32 rectangular-cut orange sapphires and With a black dial, the original 116588SACO used 8 diamond hour markers or Roman numeral hour markers, etc. This year’s new model changed the hour markers to 11 orange sapphires (except for the Rolex crown logo at 12 o’clock, other The hour markers are all orange sapphire). After the time scale is changed to the same sapphire as the bezel, the aura of the whole watch becomes more restrained but more consistent, and because the orange sapphire and gold case are also warm colors, with a black rubber strap The face plate complements each other, so Fei Tianwang wears a plain black suit and wears a Daytona 116588SACO to add points to his style.

Federer rarely wears the Rolex Daytona 116588SACO with gemstones. This is the brand’s facelift to be launched in 2022 and belongs to the catalog hidden version.

The foreign price of 116588SACO is 86,750 US dollars, but its market price is obviously not only the price. In the past, Fei Tianwang rarely wore a watch with diamonds or gemstones on his watch when he won the prize, but this time he did not attend as a player. , so he specially chose the more expensive Rolex, which shows that he attaches great importance to Wimbledon, and also looks forward to seeing Federer on the Wimbledon stage again, and continues to raise the obstacles of Federer’s record here.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red Review

The Rolex SEA-DWELLER 4000 SINGLE RED is the first Rolex I have allowed to test on my blog! Since 1967, deep-sea diving watches have been a regular in the luxury manufacturer’s collections.

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The History of the Rolex Sea-Dweller
“The watch that conquers the deep sea” – this is how Rolex describes the Sea-Dweller. A glance at the watch’s black dial shows that they didn’t underestimate the case. This dive watch is water resistant to 1220 meters (4000 feet). This means that the Sea-Dweller is only surpassed internally by the Deepsea, with a similar build (maximum diving depth of 3900 meters) that makes other Swiss dive watches look dated.

The first replica Rolex Sea-Dweller (then model 1665) was introduced in 1967. Its introduction was the result of a collaboration between Rolex and French diving company Comex to invent the helium valve. The helium valve allows significantly greater diving depths. Visually and historically, the Sea-Dweller is a descendant of Rolex’s most famous diver’s watch, the Submariner. This model is still considered a superb “diving watch” and has found numerous imitators since its release. The Rolex Sea-Dweller also shows its kinship with the icon. Originally equipped with water resistance to a depth of 610 meters, the Swiss luxury watchmaker has been careful and steady since then to develop its deep-sea divers.

Over the past few decades, Rolex has introduced sea-dwellers with different dials. Today, different fonts, font types, colors and lighting techniques determine the value of a used Sea-Dweller. The price of a vintage model in pristine condition is beyond good and evil.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red – what’s new?

My test watch today, serial number 126600, is from 2019 and belongs to the latest generation of the Rolex Sea-Dweller, launched in 2017 for its 50th anniversary. Since its launch four years ago, the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red has demonstrated three major innovations. First of all, Rolex again printed the name lettering in red on the dial, which also explains the addition of the name. Additionally, for the first time, a certified chronometer gets Rolex’s signature Cyclops magnifying glass at 3 o’clock. The most striking change, however, is the case size, which has now grown from 3mm to 43mm – a true epitome of Sea-Dweller history. How these changes affect the design and prestige of the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red, I wanted to find out in testing. I’m curious!

Rolex mania
Rolex’s debut at WATCHDAVID® – what a great one! Anyone who gets their hands on a Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red for the first time will understand why this model, and more importantly, the brand itself, is so prestigious. The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red seems (at least at first glance) to be the perfect watch. Starting with the watch’s iconic design, the Sea-Dweller looks like an enlarged version of the Submariner from a distance. It is no accident that the dial, bezel and sporty Oyster case, including the stainless steel bracelet, are made with the utmost precision. Opposite the crown, the helium valve is installed, the invention of which first made possible the construction of deep-sea diving watches.

A tentative tentative conclusion: Anyone who has ever held a traditional Swiss manufacturer watch in their hands is in for “Rolex fever.”

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red on the wrist
Get your hands on it! Worn on the wrist, the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red exudes a perfect blend of elegance, sportiness, prestige and exclusivity. One thing is clear: anyone wearing these rare luxury watches communicates taste, success and the values ​​just mentioned. Only a few watch brands and models trigger these versatile associations. The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red is undoubtedly one of them.

With the change in 2017, Rolex fake seems to have listened to its customers. They have been asking for bigger cases for a long time. The 43mm watch size has changed significantly, so the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red now sits between the 40mm Submariner and the 44mm Deepsea. The decisive difference from the slightly larger branch is the height, the Sea-Dweller is 15mm tall, which is why the watch is flatter on the wrist. Despite the increase in diameter, the height remains the same compared to its predecessor.

Proof of the Deep: The Case
The name Sea-Dweller is closely associated with the deep sea and the desire to reach greater diving depths. Rolex’s latest diving experiment to date, the Sea Envoy Deep Sea Challenge, took place in 2012 and generated great public interest. Film director James Cameron dives to a depth of nearly 10,900 meters in the Mariana Trench with a special ship attached to a submarine.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red did not achieve such a record, although its named diving depth of 4000 feet or 1220 meters was also impressive. This watch achieves this value thanks to its massive Oyster case. At Rolex, the name Oyster stands for a case that is water-resistant to at least 100 meters. This is achieved through a compact one-piece middle section, screw-down caseback and screw-down crown. Rolex’s Oystersteel is an extremely high-quality 904L stainless steel; a particularly corrosion-resistant alloy, so it is mainly used in the aerospace or high-tech industries. The surface is polished and satin-finished to give the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red a sporty look.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red bezel, crystal and crown.
The bezel is made of Cerachrom developed by Rolex and is a true diver’s bezel that rotates unidirectionally counter-clockwise, ideal for reading dive and decompression times. The 60-minute scale on the digital dial allows the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red to dive for up to an hour. The numbers on the dial have been platinum plated during the manufacturing process. The bezel is particularly easy to maneuver, thanks to the clean clicks and grooved sides. Especially underwater, this is critical.

Watch glass, including the Cyclops magnifying glass, protrudes from the edge of the bezel with a slight curvature. Befitting its status, it is made of scratch-resistant sapphire, whose pressure and shock resistance protects the dial from external influences. The era of legibility and legibility deserves special praise. This also applies to the Cyclops magnifying glass, which now expands the date window on the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red. Previously, this was more of a Submariner logo.

I first depressed the winding crown to wind the Rolex-made calibre 3235. As I did this, I noticed the three dots under the crown logo. They stand for so-called triple interlocking triple crown seals. The winding crown itself can be easily operated. The crown protector, which consists of two protrusions on the case, is useful.

Calibre 3235 – top-of-the-line movement
Caliber 3235 has been installed in Rolex watches since 2015, replacing the 3135 on which it was based. At launch, the Sea-Dweller was the first sports watch to be powered by a new generation of self-winding manufacturing movements. The manufacturer has registered no less than 14 patents during the development of the movement. This pioneering work is paying off. When it comes to precision, the 3235 is unmatched. The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red has a timekeeping accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day and is certified as a chronometer by the independent Swiss testing agency COSC.

In addition to accuracy, high shock resistance and insensitivity to magnetic fields ensure a long service life. Rolex states a five-year warranty. With a maximum power reserve of around 70 hours, the 3235 proved to be a true workhorse, competent in most races.

The function of the movement is quickly explained. In addition to the hours, minutes and seconds, the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red features automatic date changes, including quick corrections. The second hand can be stopped to set the time to seconds.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red Dial
Does the perfect watch face exist? Rolex can answer this question with a “yes”. Because these properties pretty much describe what you see when you glance at your wrist to tell the time. Since the introduction of the first Sea-Dweller in 1967, Rolex hasn’t changed much in its signature black dial – and rightly so. A lot of people probably think of this look when they think of a typical dive watch. With its round hour markers, streamlined and functional design language, and optimal readability reserved for Rolex professional models, the manufacturer has defined the typical diver’s watch look for decades.

The Chromalight display makes the dial of the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red glow in the dark. According to best Rolex, the Chromalight index is evenly bright for up to eight hours at a time. This is much longer than most other watches. However, for most fans of the brand, the reintroduction of the red font may be one of the highlights.

Finally, let’s look at the bracelet. Rolex has equipped its Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red with the classic Oyster bracelet, which is characteristic of its sports models. The three-link stainless steel bracelet can be opened and adjusted on the Oystersafe folding clasp with locking clasp. The precise adjustment of the length is done by the Glidelock system, which allows the bracelet to be extended in 10 steps. Another feature is the Fliplock element, another extension that allows the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red to slip comfortably over any wetsuit.

Rolex has managed to intelligently fit extended functions into the bracelet, saving space and making it elegant.

The quest “Find the watch of my dreams” moves on to the next round. One thing is for sure: the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red is a true contender for the championship. The Rolex Deep Sea Diver is one of the most luxurious and beautiful diving watches I have ever worn on my wrist. If you compare the individual components such as case, movement and dial with the competition, you have to admit without envy that the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red is better in every corner and the materials are of higher quality, thus establishing the standard. The calibre 3235 exemplifies this, and its quality is convincing as the all-rounder under test.

Compared to its predecessor, Rolex has made a number of changes that make the Sea-Dweller more attractive. The increased diameter follows the trend of larger and larger dive watches. The Cyclops magnifying glass, which has always been a distinctive feature of Rolex watches, is finally used here. Last but not least, the red font is reminiscent of the first Sea-Dweller from 1967.

So, in my opinion, the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Single Red is a real replacement for the ubiquitous Submariner. The deep sea watch is more masculine, has a much lower frequency on the wrist, and has better diving qualities than the diving fashion watches reference.

How Rolex Day-Date is called Texas Timex

This is a story as big as the country that inspired the nickname.

They say everything in Texas is bigger. In terms of square miles, Texas is second only to Alaska in area. It is the largest of the 48 adjacent states. When we think of Lone Star State, we think of Big Hair, Big Sky, Big Ranch, and Big Money.

All those JR Ewings have to spend money to buy things, so why not watch it? Specifically, why not Rolex?

The Golden Rolex Day-Date is so ubiquitous among the rich that it is called “Texas Timex”. This is the story of how this watch became the favorite of wild cats.

From 1963 to 1969, Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Texan, served as President of the United States. Johnson is also a watch connoisseur, owning watches from Hamilton, Vulcain, Patek Philippe and LeCoultre. The most famous watch in his collection is his 18K yellow gold Rolex Day-Date, which he wears on the bracelet now known as the “President”.

Why has Date-Just become his iconic timepiece among all the watches in LBJ’s wardrobe? Some people referred to a famous photo of President Johnson in 1965, pointing to the scar left by his gallbladder surgery. Rolex is as conspicuous as the incision. In an advertisement circulating in 1966, Day-Date was hailed as the “Presidential Watch”, which consolidated the position of the timepiece.

Especially Texas, deeply regrets this flashy official replica watches Review. Local authorized dealers were unable to meet the demand for Day-Date, which led to the birth of the modern waiting list. Then, in the 1970s, oil-producing Texas was flooded with old money and new millionaires, so that timekeepers became so commonplace among the upper class that the president received a second nickname—” Texas Timex”.

Deep in the heart of Texas
From oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens to Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, these golden codes can be seen on the wrists of many legendary residents of this mega-state. Although these millionaires and billionaires can afford more expensive watches, enthusiasts are still loyal to the brand and are attracted more by what it stands for than by its cost.

By the mid-1980s, Texas had sold more swiss Rolex watches than any other state in the United States. As demand for Date-Just exceeded supply, the nickname of Texas Timex quickly expanded to refer to any pure gold Rolex watch.

Lone Star
Speaking of legends, we must leave Date-Just to talk about the reference 5100 Beta-21 Quartz “Texan”, which is one of the rarest watches ever made by Rolex.

At the Basel Watch Fair in 1970, Rolex introduced its vision for the future of luxury watches: reference 5100, powered by the most advanced ultra-precision (+/-0.003 seconds/day) quartz movement. In the short time before the Quartz Crisis, this timepiece was almost maintenance-free and unaffected by the law of gravitation, which was a big deal.

5100 is the first Rolex in Rolex history to use synthetic sapphire glass, quick setting of the date, tray wheel second hand, and hacking functions to ensure accuracy when setting the watch. In order to maintain high-end, this mechanism is housed in a 40mm solid 18K gold case, rumored to be designed by Gérald Genta.

This bracelet is based on the president, but with some fashionable style of the 70s. Reference 5100 Beta-21 Quartz’s size and hiss quickly earned it the nickname “Texan”.

These first and only 1,000 Texan watches were sold before they left the factory-partly because Rolex gave everyone who joined this exclusive quartz club the opportunity to visit the factory. However, despite the initial popularity, production only lasted two years due to the saturation of the lower-priced quartz watch market.

Best Rolex cheap watches

Rolex cheap that does not make “complex watches”, this kind of watch has the highest value What kind of watch is the hottest in Rolex, you don’t need to think about it, it must be a steel sports watch. However, in Rolex, there is a kind of amazing watch, the price is very high, but it is still hot. This is the Rolex diamond watch and gem watch (that is, decorated with various gems), such as the Rolex rainbow ring and tiger head.

Rolex Candy Circle Yacht, gypsophila version.

It is amazing that Rolex does not have a jewellery business like Cartier and Bulgari, nor does it have a jewelry business like Breguet since the 19th century, 200 years ago. However, many of the most popular and most popular jewelry watches on the market are Rolexes.

Rolex has not been making diamond watches and jewelry watches for a long time. Because diamond watches such as rainbow circles and gypsophila were only started in the 1980s. In the beginning, it was a private individual. After buying the watch, he took the watch to the jewelry store and set it with gems and diamonds, which are now commonly known as “back diamonds.” After the “back diamond” became popular, major famous watch brands began to pay attention to making diamond watches and jewelry watches. Starting in the 1980s, they launched original “rough diamond” diamond watches and jewelry models.

Rolex Candy Circle Yacht, gypsophila version.

This is why, in antique Rolex, you can see diamond carvings, but there are rarely full diamonds and gypsophila. Before the 1980s, many famous watches deliberately avoided all kinds of diamonds, because “bells and whistles” were not popular at the time. Even Rolex’s “color candy tray” DAYDATE in the 1970s was not sold well at the time. People at that time didn’t like watches that were too “flowery”. In the 1980s and 1990s, the fashion trend of famous watches changed. All kinds of diamonds, full of diamonds, broke out all at once. You can also see that, whether it is a worldwide auction or a secondary market circulation (of course, auctions are also a secondary market), most of the various “bells and whistles” Rolex diamond watches and jewelry watches are produced in 80 The era, the 90s, and it has continued to this day.

Rolex sports watches are very popular. One of the reasons is that steel watches account for the majority and the price is within an acceptable range. Although many are above the public price, even if the price is above the public price, the actual price is not unattainable. If you want to buy, work hard and grit your teeth. But what makes Rolex Diamond Watches and Jewelry Watches powerful is that the actual prices are extremely high. Rainbow circles, tiger heads, candy yachts, hundreds of thousands or millions are normal. They are completely out of the reach of most players, but they are still very high. Popular and scarce (referring to Rolex rough diamond models).

Why are Rolex precious watches so hot and so scarce?

Let’s not talk about the factors such as Rolex marketing and production restrictions. For objective reasons, such as Rolex rainbow circles and candy circles, the production of such precious watches is very small. The main reason is that the high quality and the color gradient effect that meet the needs of Rolex are formed. The gems are hard to get together. Although Rolex does not make jewelry, the gems and diamonds used by Rolex are all very high-level. Nowadays, many famous watches have followed the trend and started making rainbow circles, but Rolex’s rainbow circles have the following characteristics:

  1. The jewel of the Rolex rainbow circle is larger and the bezel is wider. In the rainbow circles of some other famous watches, the gems used are very small and the circles are very thin.
  2. The color gradient of the Rolex rainbow circle gemstone is very natural, and the color transition is continuous. The color of the gems of some other famous watches, the gradient color switching is more abrupt.

Specifically, the Rolex Rainbow Circle Daytona has two generations. The first generation was launched in 2012, with a golden shell rainbow circle (including diamond hour markers). After that, the first generation continued to launch the platinum shell rainbow ring. By 2018, the second-generation rainbow circle will be launched, the rose gold rainbow circle, and the time scale of the watch will also be changed to a rainbow-effect bar diamond. Regardless of the first or second generation, the annual production quantity is very small, the second generation Daytona rainbow circle.

The Rolex Candy Circle Yacht 116695SATS, launched in 2017, was discontinued after only 2 years of production. There are 38 colored gemstones on the bezel, like colored jelly beans, there is an inverted triangle diamond at 12 o’clock. Among them, the Gypsophila version of the candy ring yacht.

The Rolex Daytona Tiger 116588TBR was launched in 2019. The bezel has 36 square diamonds. The disk looks like a “tiger head” and is set with diamonds.

Rolex attaches great importance to the setting of gems and diamonds. Because Rolex does not do complex functions, high-value watches, in addition to special value antique models, mainly rely on gems and diamonds to enhance their value.

According to news, Rolex’s design department will pay attention to the following points when designing a drill watch. What cut to use (whether square or round diamonds); diamond setting cannot affect the technical configuration; diamond setting cannot affect the iconic characteristics of the watch series; finally determine the type of gemstone, what gemstone to use, or diamond. In order to achieve the largest and most shining reflective effect of diamonds, each diamond is individually set in the most suitable position. Rolex’s gypsophila disk includes 3000 small diamonds, each of which is individually set. Rolex’s diamond watches and jewelry watches are genuinely high-quality and beautiful.

The enveloping diamond is to have a square golden tray, and a round diamond is set on the golden tray. The most commonly used is the DJ log type. In addition to this, there are also 36mm DD week calendars and Daytona.

A diamond is a rectangular diamond. Strip diamonds are new diamonds that have begun to be widely used on the latest generation of Rolex. They are mainly used on the 40mm DD week calendar and the new version of Daytona. In the past, Rolex diamond hour markers were generally only used at 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Now the new diamond hour markers are used at all hour markers on the dial (except those with a calendar window). The new diamond hour markers are also a sign to identify the old and new Rolex. Once you see that the dial is all the diamond hour markers, you can judge that this is a new DD or Daytona (referring to the newer version in the sale) Version). swiss luxury watches

41 mm Rolex Submariner Date watch

The more complex Sub gets the same upgrades as its no-date siblings-in addition, it also offers some interesting new color schemes.

As you might expect, we will launch a new version of Submariner Date to match the new 41mm dateless Submariner. However, although the dateless Sub only offers Oystersteel with a black dial and black bezel, there are seven types of 41mm Submariner Date Configuration, two of which are new versions of modern fanatic classics. The following is a brief introduction of the entire series: Oystersteel has two black dial references, one with a black bezel and one with a green bezel; Oystersteel and gold have two two-tone references, one with Blue dial and bezel, the other with black dial and bezel; there are two kinds of gold materials, one with black dial and bezel, the other with blue dial and bezel; finally, there are White gold reference with black dial and blue bezel. In all cases, the bezel is Cerachrome with PVD gold or platinum markings.

For all seven Submariner Date models, you will get a new 41mm case with thinner lugs and a slightly wider bracelet (Rolex says this is for wrist comfort and stability). You will also get a 3235 movement, which has a longer 70-hour power reserve and a proprietary Chronergy escapement, a major improvement over the previous movement. If this movement sounds familiar, it is because it is the same movement used in the dated Sea-Dweller ref. 126600.

To be honest, if you want a cool Submariner, now you are really spoiled. In particular, I have always liked the idea of ​​the blue border Sub, but found that the blue dial is a bit too much. (It also yelled, “Look at me, I am wearing a platinum Submariner.” I don’t think this new, more subtle version does.) Even though the watch is heavy, it will be a bunch of choices for me. In other words, Kermit is likely to be the hottest hit in the series, but I will wait to see what everyone says in the comments, and then draw a tough line there. buy replicas watch

I do think it is very interesting that the new Submariner series is quite unbalanced with the Submariner Date model. There is only an all-black version without a date, while the other eight models all come with a little extra complication. This situation has been around for some time, but it emphasizes the fact that the dateless Sub is a purist watch, which is a tribute to Submariner’s early days and its serious tool watch tradition. Submariner Date is a more practical desktop diving option. The precious metal Submariner has always had a date window and a cyclops. It seems that although some things in Submariner have changed, other things have remained the same.

Basic knowledge
Brand: Rolex
Model: Submariner
Reference number: 126610 (steel), 126613 (steel and gold), 126618 (gold), 126619 (platinum)

Diameter: 41 mm
Shell material: Oystersteel, Oystersteel and gold, gold, platinum
Dial color: black lacquer, blue sunray
Indicators: luminous circles, rectangles and triangles
Lu Mei: Yes, hour markers, hands and bezel pearls
Water resistance: 300 meters (1,000 feet)
Strap/Bracelet: Oyster bracelet with Oysterlock folding clasp and Glidelock extension system

Caliber: Caliber 3235
Functions: hour, minute, second, date
Power reserve: 70 hours
Winding: automatic
Frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 VPH)
Gems: 31
The highest grade chronograph certification (both COSC certification and Rolex certification)
Other details: Hacker seconds; Chronergy escapement; paramagnetic pallets and escape wheels

Rolex Daytona history

Daytona (Daytona) is the name of a city in Florida. At the beginning of the last century, its wide and smooth compacted sandy beaches attracted motor sports enthusiasts and is an ideal place to try to record land speeds.

In 1936, the first racing race was held on the Daytona Beach (Daytona Beach) road circuit, and in 1958 it was founded by the National Motorsports Association (NASCAR) to establish the Daytona 500 Speedway-the most prestigious Daytona International Speedway. The game is in Nazca. With its inclined design, Daytona International Speedway allows higher speeds and provides fans with a better view.

But the real father of Daytona is the reference number 6238, especially the second series, which is called the early days of Daytona by collectors. In fact, the first series with reference number 6238 is not significantly different from the reference number. 6234, but the second series took a leap, introducing a more modern style, with baton hands, faceted hour markers and a monochromatic dial (silver, black and ardoise). When the tachometer dial is still on the dial, the telemetry dial is deleted. The bezel is smooth and polished, and the case diameter is 37 mm. Rolex customized the Valjoux cailbre 72 chronograph movement and renamed it 72 B, then 722 between 1965 and 1967.

referee. The 6238 is not yet an “Oyster” model and has no screw-in crown or buttons.

In 1963, Rolex introduced the first Cosmograph model, model 6239, instead of replacing model 6238, which was not produced until 1967. The distinguishing feature of Model 6239 is the tachometer scale engraved on the metal bezel to enhance the legibility of the dial. It is available with black and silver counters or silver and black counters. In the first few years of production, the scale of the bezel can reach 300 units per hour, and later can be changed to 200 units per hour.

This Rolex chronograph was not immediately called Daytona. In fact, Rolex initially used the name Le Mans in some advertisements, and finally chose the name of the legendary Daytona.

In 1965, Daytona’s name finally appeared on the dial. In the same year, cheap Rolex introduced a new version with a new dial called “Exotic”. Features of the exotic dial include:

-An external track matching the small dial extends around the edge of the dial;

-The small dials with crosshairs meet in the center, and the line is replaced by a marker;

-The seconds sub-dials placed at the 9 o’clock position are marked as 15, 30, 45 and 60 instead of the second dials marked as 20, 40 and 60 in the standard model.

In any case, in the following reference number 6240, the Daytona name does not always appear on the dial. This is a fully waterproof chronograph equipped with a screw-in button for the first time. This model also introduced a new metal bezel with black plastic lining and white numbers. It still had a diameter of 37 mm, and until 6 1969, the reference number 6240 was made of stainless steel only. The Oyster name appears between Rolex and Cosmograph. The reference 6240 model is the rarest Daytona model ever produced.

Rolex best has the reference number 6241 and offers another version with a black plastic bezel, such as reference number 6240, but with a down button. From this reference, the word Daytona will be officially printed on the dial.

Between 1970 and 1971, Rolex introduced four new benchmarks equipped with Cosmograph Daytona. These benchmarks were equipped with a new calibre 727 housed in a 37 mm case.

No. 6262 and 6264 use push-down buttons with a metal frame (No. 6262) or a black plastic frame (No. 6264). These references were produced from 1970 to 1972. The dial is white or black, but with a small dial.

The reference numbers 6263 and 6265 again use the downward screw button: ref. 6263, black plastic bezel and reference. 6265 metal frame. These models are available in stainless steel and gold and were manufactured from 1971 to 1987. Thanks to the use of screw-in buttons and a larger barrel, the water resistance has been increased from 50 meters to 100 meters.

Rolex Day-Date 36mm Turquoise

Rolex replica displayed a series of new dials on the updated “Day-Date 36” and finally gave this model more modern quality specifications. Compared with the 40mm version, after a few years behind in terms of technology, the 36mm Day-Date has finally received some noteworthy and highly anticipated upgrades.

Rolex (Rolex) as early as 2015 launched the “Day-Date 40″ watch, which is also the first to launch a new generation of 32xx movement equipped with a “premium chronograph”, with a daily accuracy of -2 / + 2 seconds. Another highlight of this version is its presidential bracelet, which is made of precious metal links with ceramic inserts in the middle. You can refresh your memory by reading the previous “Day-Date 40”.

Therefore, it is now possible to use 36mm Datejust watches made of any of the following materials: 18k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, with a screw-in back cover. (The 40mm version can also be made of platinum, so it is expected to be a supplement to the 36mm series in the future). In these cases, you can choose a matching gold grooved bezel or a diamond-encrusted bezel, but at an additional cost.

It is also equipped with a screw-in fixed crown with a double lock and double waterproof system, which helps waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet). All watch cases are equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire crystals and are equipped with unique glasses throughout the date.

The current trend in the sale replica watch market is the so-called “smoky” or “vignetting” dial, which Rolex chose to designate as “ombré” in its personal company name. It basically consists of a dial, the center of the dial is the main color, but as it gradually extends to the periphery of the dial, its gradation gradually becomes darker, and has a sunrise effect, and finally ends with a black tone.

However, since similar dials were first introduced in the 1980s, these dials are not necessarily new. Rolex released multiple versions of its own, which caused a cold welcome and eventually caused them to disappear. At the time, most markets found this dial to be a bit fancy, and not as attractive as champagne or bold monophonic dials. But even though they say “what happens around” and they have “vignetting”, “smoke”, “ombré” or whatever name you choose, they will try to make a comeback in the current 2010 era.

Even more worrying is that the 36mm dial lacks the width to truly accommodate these dials. The distance between the center and the edge leaves little space until the initial color changes to black. In the past, these 36mm watches have been subject to strict scrutiny due to legibility issues, and “ombré” has not resolved these potential problems. It usually happens that the central pointer tends to reflect the black environment near the periphery of the dial, creating a “dark spot”, which reduces the overall clarity. It was a wise decision to reintroduce these “ombré” dials with wide canvas on the 40mm Day-Date, but Rolex chose to go this way, so let’s see how the market reacts.

So, to summarize, according to the metal alloy you choose, there can be different colors of the updated 2019 “Rolex Day-Date 36“. There are 3 options for 18k rose gold: rose with diamonds, brown gradient with diamonds and white mother-of-pearl with diamonds; 18k white gold has four options: silver, blue ombré with diamonds, and pink with diamonds Color opal and white mother-of-pearl set with diamonds; there are six choices of 18k gold: champagne, diamond-set champagne, diamond-set green ombré, diamond-set dark gray, turquoise and pearl-set mother of pearl.

In addition, all three metal alloy models can be paired with dials paved with diamonds and equipped with iridescent sapphire hour markers.

Among these options, the most striking are the two European versions made of stone. They are: 18k white gold pink opal dial

And 18k gold and turquoise dial. We especially want to select the “Rolex 36mm Daily Turquoise” (reference number: 128348RBR) currently in stock by EiT.

Inventory of the most famous watch engravings of all time

For swiss cheap watches, engraving has no functional value. This is a personalized choice based on personal preferences, not practical purposes. In fact, many people know that engraving will definitely hurt the resale value of the watch. Unless, the watch owner is a well-known person. In this way, the engraving will make the watch a signature collection. In this article, we will list the most famous examples in history. These examples prove once again that wealthy and famous can really do whatever they want.

Marlon Brando-DIY customization

Marlon Brando once starred in “Apocalypse Now”, but it needs to be pointed out that working with him is not easy. When Brando appeared on the shooting scene in the Philippines, his weight soared to 135 kg, so he had to abandon all his clothes (Francis Ford Coppola wanted Brando to play a vigorous soldier). Brando stubbornly wore the Rolex Ref.1675 Greenwich watch, further annoying the clothing team. The film crew reminded him politely that the watch did not fit the character of Walter Kurz, but Brando refused to take it off. He insisted, “If the audience sees this watch, then I’m not doing my job as an actor.”

Brando customized this watch by DIY. He removed the bezel to make the watch look even more worn. Brando also engraved his name “M.Brando” on the back of the watch, the font is very rough, but this did not affect the value of the watch. In December 2019, this watch was sold for $1,952,000 at the Phillips New York “GAME CHANGERS” themed auction.

Elton Senna-Daytona Gift

From Kurt Cobain to James Dean, dying young can often add legendary stars. In 1994, Brazilian F1 champion Elton Senna was killed in an accident in the San Marino Grand Prix. He was only 34 years old, but he gained the reputation of “the god of cars”.

This Rolex Ref.16528 Cosmograph Daytona 18K gold watch was a gift from Senna to Angelo Parrilla during his lifetime. Angelo Parrilla discovered Senna from the go-kart world, took him to Italy to compete, and guided Senna throughout his career. Until Senna’s unfortunate death, the two maintained a strong friendship.

The case back is engraved with the words “A Angelo da Ayrton 1978”. The lettering is ordinary, but it is of special significance to F1 fans. Senna gave this watch around 1990, when he was at the peak of his career (winning the world championship in 1988, 1990, and 1991, respectively). In 1978, it was the year Angelo Parrilla discovered Senna’s talents and brought him to Italy to participate in the World Karting Championship. In May 2019, this watch was sold at the Phillips “Prestigious Watch-Geneva Ⅸ” auction.

Paul Newman-release the throttle

When asked how a well-known and handsome person like him can always maintain loyalty to marriage, Paul Newman replied, “There are steaks at home, why go out to eat burgers?” Paul Newman said. Refers to his happy marriage with Joanne Woodward. But when they starred in the 1969 film “Winning” together, their relationship became a little nervous.

This film tells the story of a racer trying to win the Indianapolis 500 Mile Grand Prix. To prepare for this role, Newman took a racing course. He quickly became addicted to it, initially as a hobby, and later as a profession. But Woodward was not happy.

“Woodward thinks this is the stupidest thing in the world,” Newman said of his participation in motorsports. “It also made her very scared, and she didn’t like it very much.” Later, Woodward gave Newman this Rolex. Ref. 6239 Cosmograph Daytona watch. The case back of the watch is engraved with the words “DRIVE CAREFULLY / ME”, and the capital letters and word meaning highlight her concern and care.

Newman once said: “My wife has always given unconditional support to all my choices and careers, including the car that she doesn’t like. For me, this is the performance of love.” In January 2017, this wrist The watch was sold for $17,752,500 at the themed auction of “Winning Icons-Legendary watches online shop of the 20th Century” in New York, setting a new world record.

rolex news baselworld 2020

10 Rolex Baselworld 2020 Predictions

  • Rolex Submariner 116610LV “Hulk” discontinued. …
  • Rolex Submariner 116610LV on Jubilee. …
  • New Oyster bracelet on Rolex Submariner. …
  • New movement on Rolex Submariners. …
  • Submariner Case size change. …
  • Return of the “Coke GMT” …
  • Black and green GMT. …
  • Ceramic Bezel on Explorer II.

A carefully selected accessory can improve your taste. rolex oyster perpetual Boring clothes with the right watch can make a boring person fun. People will choose different accessories in different places, and watches should be the most popular. Its usefulness is a key reason for its popularity. Luxurious Swiss watches can also reflect one’s status. Such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Panerai and so on. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford these expensive watches. So there are replica or fake watches on the market.

When you search for fake things on Google, you will see another word replica. Obviously, neither replica nor fake watches are real watches. So does replica watches mean fake? Let me give you a direct answer first. There are some differences between replica and fake. Note that they are not completely different, they have similarities and differences. rolex oyster perpetual datejust price

By definition, they are all watches made by third-party manufacturers. These make 1: 1 imitation of various real watches. They directly copy the appearance, colors, materials, and functions of the true watch. Therefore, replica and fake watches are non-original things. But in general, although these watches have exactly the same appearance, they use different materials. Reasons for expensive watches include brand, design, and materials. Normal fake watches will not use the same 904L stainless steel or gold. They use gold-plated technology. rolex oyster perpetual day-date


Ok let’s do this. What you need to know just before picking a Replica Watch imitation Submariner: get 1 . So now we all proceed one more video clip in the Submariner, to start with you determine to quit enjoying this specific online video has its own very useful take into account browsing through searching for the best Bass presenter for you, since the Rolex submariner view is so all-pervasive, they’re several models and also references available so we considered we’d tenderize a guide for you to purchasing typically the Submariner bogus watches.

We’re visiting include the primary sources and to keep an eye out there with regard to after which provide you with the pick that Sub to acquire. So , we have to jump all through.
For the sake of this type of video we have been not going to look at vintage Subs combined with there’s a few reasons why. To begin with, vintage Subs are an entire video along with and of by themselves, and second this is made to act as helpful suggestions to getting the actual Sub which we would certainly not advise a vintage Below as the 1st. It might sort of resemble getting your every day car owner like a sixties emmergency 911. Whilst extremely great most likely not useful which is the technique we’re in a position to take.

As well as first a quick breakdown as to what 4, several, and 6-digit refers to. The primary reference, as well as model variety, for the Distribution started just like a 4-digit range and displayed multiple numbers until the 80s when it turned out to be a 5-digit number. In addition , in the nineteen eighties things acquired a little from commission simply because there was obviously a 6-digit reference within the 168000, or maybe the 16 8 1000, however Replica Rolex submariner watch returned towards the 5-digit, and the very 2000s advanced to the 6-digit product selection.
Submariner Historical past
So , here is a fast recap from the final sixty many years. The actual Submariner is actually launched inside 1953 through 69 Replica Rolex datejust presented often the 1680 that is the very first night out subwoofer. Through the eighties, the exact Subs are getting via some type of your strange developing discomfort with all the 16800 into the 6-digit, 168000, after which lastly in late the main 1980s the release in the 16610. Shine dial, white gold is all around, sky-blue amazingly, fresh metallic, brand-new motion. The up-date towards Absolutely no Particular time frame followed about 1990, shutting the nearly 30-year guideline of the 5513, and then this season Rolex skilled the largest leaving behind for the Submariner with the 116610 and in that the 114060 No Particular date.

Okay because we’ve blazed through 60 years of Iwc history, allow me to start absorbing the decision forest on selecting the Sub-contract for you.

Prior to Ceramic or maybe Ceramic Subs
The first thing to truly think about is really pre-ceramic in addition to post-ceramic. If you opt to go post-ceramic the choices really are a small easier, hence we are definately commence presently there. Because you are choosing discover what is vital that you anyone here are a few crucial inquiries to think about. Do you need the actual date or not? Otherwise, your options are created.
You are doing would like the actual meeting? Alright, then you certainly need to choose. Are you wanting material or perhaps precious metal as well as precious metal, and finally, have you got a good colour choice? Metal indicates you can choose from some sort of dark Submariner or maybe eco-friendly Submariner. Right now saving money will be limited and can usually have a high quality. Iron plus rare metal indicates you can find online dating between several black Submariner or a glowing blue Submariner. Together with it’s really worth mentioning there exists a orange Bass speaker, yet honestly if you’re taking a look at a good all-gold Sandwich you then most likely rarely require the following movie, and you also know what you will need. Proceed you actually!

Now we should jump in the devious lakes and rivers on the pre-ceramic, and also we’re going to begin similar to the method. Do you want the main date not really? Going typically the no particular date route is going to be much simpler for this reason we’ll begin there.

The actual Submariner
You might have two advice to look at often the 14060 likely the 14060M, as well as the biggest change was the differentiation in the actions from the high quality and dependability 3000 for your 3130. Fairly the change of movement might not be going to be by which noticeable meaning that in our point of view considering the noticeable difference is generally a better strategy to make this choice. So preliminary you need to evaluate if you want a a couple of line in addition to four-line Submariner. Now this appertains to the amount of traces regarding wording in half a dozen o’clock. The particular four-line Subscription continues to be D. To. H. D. licensed and therefore the extra 2 wrinkles involving written textual content appear to the very dial. Most of the two-line Submariner is often considered as the most unadulterated form of the complete Submariner, however for some might be too large.
If you undertake need two-line Sub you can look at the very 14060 and also the 14060M, so then your judgement truly depends upon whether you would like tritium. Right now tritium could be the materials utilized for luminescence along with patinas with time. If you would like the main classic searching Below and then opt for the 14060 together with tritium watch switch and fingertips. If you seldom want tritium then your selections for luminescence are usually Luminova, which is distinguished with the “Swiss” just dial on the 14060 or just SuperLuminova possessing a “Swiss Made” dial along with that’s across the world 14060 as well as 14060M.

If you occur to decide on you want the actual four-line Bass speaker then this simply exists since the 14060M in addition towards the closing of the generation beginning in some years ago. Which is worth speaking about that while utilizing four-line version you will most definitely have the imprinted rehaut within the chapter gemstone.
So now the that’s guarded let’s move forward the final frontier of Subs, the preceramic Submariner Time period. And here will be the references that individuals need to are the 16800, the main 168000, the 16610, and also the 16610T. Just like the absolutely no go out with Bass phone speaker we’re prone to focus on the precise visual areas making the decision consequently let’s start with one of the most apparent features of often the Sub: usually the dial.

If you prefer a vintage really feel then you should go with a new matte call. Matte face does imply painted throughout indices, and in many cases that’s a youthful 16800 include that much concerning 1984. Later on 16800’s turned to shine dial with all the white gold as well as platinum enters. When you seldom would like the actual matte watch dial compared to from the technologies viewpoint, much more probably the most feeling to help leap directly to the exact 16610, missing the particular 168000, but since we will below, we are most definately at least explain the 168000.

The 168000 is type of a quirky change model. They have got all the best features of typically the 16610 while using old 3035 activity. This particular restricted manufacturing really does get them to desired to a number of, nevertheless until you happen to be lifeless wear this unique research for a cause, such as delivery 12 months, subsequently all of us highly recommend choosing another thing.
Fine, whenever you’ve caused it to be these many and prepared that will still choosing then ready probably considering a 16610. Now you need to determine whether not necessarily you want tritium.

If you do then you certainly pretty much have any 16610 up until 98, and yet an additional cool functionality to look on an outing for had you been interested in tritium dials is really a open a few and nine of the previously 16610 time period wheels. A brand new nice old style touch 2 disappeared through the early 90s and it really compliments the tritium change nicely.

In case you decide to not necessarily go with the primary tritium contact then you essentially need to take a peek at 16610 Submariners from 98 to the season 2010, and several things to give focus to. Since the 16610 only comes in four varies of term the use of Luminova and “Swiss” only pulls is a incredible distinguishing component because they have been only made for a year so with regards to 98 as well as 99.

Often the solid bottom line link anklet bracelets was founded in i w? rjan g? tv? tusentalet and eliminates some of the tremble. The 16610T, or transition reference, showed up 2003 and even did apart with the pierced lugs, combined with the last two sensitive changes would be the LEC and in addition laser printed cornet inside the crystal, and engraved area ring.

The moment you’ve made the decision what you want, creatively speaking, start to component out, together with similar to the difficult Sub assess if you want to travel steel or even steel plus gold. If you go metal and gold again you have to choose between your black or simply blue Submariner, and if you may go simply stainlesss aluminum, similarly you will have to choose between often the black or maybe green, together with it’s worth mentioning this green tendre vers 16610 move Sub is called the Kermit and is the exact 50th loved-one’s birthday version. Due to the limited personality these carry out fetch decreased.
If you want to go Stainlesss steel together with Precious metal, after that many of us suggest the actual more recent 6-digit hard Below personal references. The exact up-to-date strong anklet bracelets provide on their own far better, getting smooth silver for the reason that middle hyperlinks.

And finally keep in mind this is only a guide. You may be picking out YOUR PERSONAL Sub. Obtain what you want. Get what makes people cheerful. Individually, my personal favorite Submariner is definitely the Hulk. Therefore there you have it people the full… All of us in no way pushed perform, therefore i seldom understand there is no advantages next. Haha! So , right now there they are people. This really is each of our complete suggestion about choosing the Submariner. Inform us what type you will obtain, and when a person argue using some of each of our selections, so that as usually thank you for seeing used timepieces.