Graham Chronofighter Superlight carbon fiber tourbillon, now with a carbon fiber case

Limited edition black carbon to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Graham chronograph/tourbillon combination.

Graham replica celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Tourbillograph, a Chronofighter case with a chronograph/tourbillon combination mounted on the cornerstone of the brand. With its impressive 47 mm size, the weight of the case has been significantly reduced by adopting a carbon fiber case. Limited to 10 pieces, the dial of the ultralight carbon fiber tourbillon watch is black and gold.

Black carbon shell
The 10th anniversary edition of this tourbillon watch belongs to Graham’s Chronofighter Superlight series carbon fiber watch. Nevertheless, as the brand’s best-selling model, Chronofighter is unique in its timing trigger lever on the left side of the case. Inspired by Universal Geneve’s countdown bomb timer for the Italian Air Force, you can read all about the origin and evolution of the Chronofighter series in Xavier’s in-depth article.

The case, trigger, bezel, tourbillon frame, dial and clasp are all made of materials related to motorsports, all made of ultra-light black carbon composite materials. For a watch with a diameter of 47 mm, the use of carbon means that the total weight is less than 100 grams. The unique criss-cross patterns of carbon fiber can be appreciated on the bezel, lever and dial. When redesigned, the buttons are covered with black rubber and decorated with Paris nails to increase the grip. The dial and case back are equipped with domed sapphire crystals, which are waterproof and durable. The watch can dive up to 100 meters.

Traditional complications on board
The combination of a sports chronograph and a traditional tourbillon escapement is not new. Many brands-such as Audemars Piguet, TAG Heuer, Zenith, etc.-have adopted this combination. Graham’s Tourbillograph shows the tourbillon in a large aperture between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, and its structure is protected by two patents. The offset structure of the tourbillon and the open frame (weighing only 0.485 grams) allow observation of the other wheels of the movement, which intersect the plane of the escapement track. The two bridges in the flywheel/small second hand have a curved shape to enhance rigidity and are “borrowed” from the 18th century British chronometer. The idea behind the 18k red gold splint is to give the tourbillon a more robust setting to align with the sporty characteristics of the discount watches.

The 30-minute counter occupies a more traditional position at 9 o’clock, using a gold frame like the tourbillon window with an external small seconds counter. The number with the striking Arabic numeral 12 is coated with a white Super-LumiNova luminous coating, as is the inside of the golden hour and minute hands. The central seconds hand is painted with white varnish.

Automatic CHRONOFIABLE® certified movement
The Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Tourbillograph is equipped with an automatic column wheel chronograph and tourbillon movement. The movement frequency is 28,800vph, the power reserve is 48 hours, and it is protected by Incabloc shock absorbers. The tourbillon frame alone has 48 parts, some of which are made of 18k pure gold to ensure stability. The gold and black color scheme of the dial complements the movement through its black gold skeletonized rotor with an 18k pure gold oscillating weight. The movement is decorated with pearl patterns, Geneva stripes and hand-chamfered and polished edges. The movement also has Chronofiable® certification (just like Richard Mille watches subjected to extreme shocks). Unlike the COSC certification, which checks the accuracy of watches,

Case: 47mm ultra-light black carbon composite material-black carbon start/stop trigger-black carbon bezel-rubber reset button-dome sapphire crystal dial and back cover-limited edition serial number engraved on the back cover-water resistance to 100 meters
Dial: Black carbon fiber-Luminous numerals and hour and minute hands-White varnished chronograph hands-Minutes and tourbillon/small seconds with gold ring
Movement: G1780 automatic column wheel chronograph and tourbillon-28,800vph-48 hours power reserve-Incabloc shock absorber-black gold skeletonized oscillating weight, solid gold oscillating weight-Chronofiable certification
Strap: Optional integrated black or white rubber strap with pin buckle-leather and canvas straps are also available
Reference and limit: 2CCBK.B35A

Everything about the Graham watch brand

The most luxury watch made by the most famous watchmaker in the history of the world is the Graham watch. Graham watches are known for their elegance, sophistication, classic, unique and timeless style. No wonder many people want to own one.

The history of Graham watches
The famous watchmaker George Graham was born in Fleet Street in London, England in 1673. His interest in innovation and timekeeping concepts inspired him to invent a mercury pendulum system that can accurately read time and the first stopwatch. His passion and skill in watchmaking led him to create Graham Watches in 1695.

The brand was popular for more than 100 years, until it disappeared from the spotlight. But in 1995, 300 years after its founding, a group of Swiss and British people in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the center of Swiss watchmaking, revived the brand. For 25 years, the success of Graham watches has continued to dominate the watchmaking industry.

Graham copy watch models and series
Undoubtedly, thanks to its creative design, Graham is among the best in terms of quality, popularity and fashion trends. It also provides a variety of series and models, so you have more choices when buying.

Time fighter
The most popular Graham watch series can be said to be the flagship model of the Graham brand. It has a unique, traditional and functional design. The unique appearance of the Chronofighter watch is attributed to the sports chronograph.

The following are series models belonging to the fake Graham Chronofighter series:

Time Fighter Black Arrow
Time Fighter Classic
Chrono Fighter Greenwich Mean Time
Chronofighter Grand Vintage
Time Fighter Steel
Ultralight time fighter
Time Fighter Retro
Chronograph fighter vintage airplane
Chrono Fighter Retro Greenwich Mean Time
Time fighter Prodive
Chronofighter Vintage Pulse Meter

The most restrained collection of Graham watches is Geo.Graham. The entire series is proud of its superb watchmaking craftsmanship, which includes innovation and refinement, which makes it stand out from other high-end brands.

The Geo.Graham series includes:

Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon
Geo.Graham The Moon
Geo.Graham Tourbillon

The most restrained collection of Graham watches is Geo.Graham. The entire series is proud of its superb watchmaking craftsmanship, which includes innovation and refinement, which makes it stand out from other high-end brands.

The Geo.Graham series includes:

Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon
Geo.Graham The Moon
Geo.Graham Tourbillon

Fortress is a limited edition. It has three colors: black, blue and brown.

Its clean design is the result of the correct placement of the chronograph, single button and single button. The chronograph and single button on the left side of the crown are designed neatly, while the single button on the right makes the chronograph operability and highly intuitive. fake watches uk

If you prefer simpler Graham watches in terms of overall design and structure, Graham Fortress watches are a good choice.

The Graham Swordfish watch comes from the winning works of the Graham design competition in 2001 last year. With just a glance, you will find that every detail of the watch is well thought out and full of creativity. Therefore, it won everyone’s attention and became one of the most successful Graham watches.

Swordfish are available in four colors: black, bronze black, bronze green and red. The alloy used in this watch is also similar to the materials used in the naval industry. It helps the overall appearance of the watch become unique, timeless and truly unique.

Graham Chronograph Fighter Oversized Target Watch Review

Speaking of steel chronographs, we certainly have no shortage of choices of various brands and price points. If you start looking for areas that are more embellished (or refined-no matter how you want to mark them), this area will shrink a bit. Add the requirement of bold visual impact, and you cut the field again. Although it is certainly not the only option, Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target certainly meets these requirements, and the latest version of Graham Chronofighter adds a pretty good dial handling.

Let’s do the first thing first, and then sort out the obvious. Yes, the “Oversize” in the name of the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target is partly attributed to the 47 mm case it embodies and the large carbon fiber trigger added on the left side. For me, because 47 mm is their standard size, it is best to remove the “super large” part of the name. Although the case is definitely larger than what I usually consider wearing, it has an additional benefit.

This benefit is that I really didn’t notice it until I was writing this article on my wrist. Due to the large diameter, the watch can be slid out of the cuff so that you can read the time while still hiding the chronograph trigger. This does make the wrist look clean, because you can only see the smooth right side of the case. In addition, our review sample has a polished black finish on its ceramic bezel (or black chrome if you want), which makes things even more refined. In addition, it can prevent you from blinding yourself due to reflections from the bezel. Inside the bezel and under the sapphire crystal glass are the best parts of this new model.

That is of course a smoky and colored dial. Although I haven’t seen many (and usually limited to the cutouts on regular dials), I quickly became a fan of this treatment. Obviously, it does allow you to see the movement-although in this case, it is not a particularly exciting point of view. You may not realize that when using these translucent dials, it does give a feeling of printing (numbers, indexes, etc.) floating on the dial. In the case of our Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target loan, this makes things stand out in stark contrast, which makes reading the time a breeze-when you can see the movement from the side of the dial, this is not always so Easy to do.

This version uses green (there are two other options: blue on the white rubber strap and gray on the calfskin strap), and you also get a color conversion capability. Depending on the lighting situation-or your angle to the light-it can change from a darker green to a lighter olive color to match (more or less) the rubber strap that comes with it. It is worth noting that the end of the strap is firmly attached to the lugs, and there is no gap between the strap and the case. In other words, you have a bracelet with solid end links, the material of which is perfect for summer (read: no water problems). The texture you see on the strap is called Clous de Paris, and it appears on another part of the watch.

That place is the chronograph reset button, because it is black, although you can definitely feel it, but it looks a bit ugly. This pusher (and the trigger below) interacts with the G1747 automatic movement housed in the case. Although viewing the movement through the smoky dial is not that exciting, it is more interesting when viewing it through the exhibition back. You have several different finishes, including the conspicuous Geneva stripes on the rotor, and some blue screws for added touch. It is worth noting that although the 4Hz movement is not COSC certified, it has been adjusted in five positions, so you should expect accuracy. cheap mens watches

Again, in the daily wear of a watch like the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target, things such as adjustment accuracy are not the primary consideration-it is more like a problem of living with the watch. Although the 150g watch is larger than I usually think, it is still very comfortable. A large part of this is due to the strap and inclined lugs, as well as the fact that the trigger, crown and buttons are located on the left side of the case. This means that for our left-wrist wearers, the extra volume won’t penetrate deep into your wrist (for those who wear it on the right wrist, you will have a different experience). When wearing the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target, it did attract some attention, first because of its size, and secondly because of the carbon fiber trigger and smoked dial.

Finally, Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target is an interesting iteration of the series. There are now a variety of versions and colors, which means that if you are interested in this style of cheap watches, you can choose from within the brand.

Graham Chronofighter Vintage

Graham Chronofighter GMT Replica Watch 2OVGG.B16A

Although the Chronofighter Superlight Carbon series comes in a variety of colors and the engravings on the Chronofighter Graffitis sapphire glass are also diverse, I recently commented separately (see the link below). The Chronofighter Vintage is the most eclectic of the eclectic watches produced by Graham Philosophy series.

Considering the wrist in the comments mentioned above, I think we can all agree that the 44mm diameter of the Vintage series is more suitable for my sports wrist.

The pulsometer is the most beautiful vintage in Chronofighter Vintages. That means you can call a watch with mechanical attachments beautiful. Although, I think the object has the inherent elegance similar to that of the transformer to perform its function, or it is a strong, watch-shaped magnet that has floated on the cutlery drawer.

The whole idea of ​​Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer attracted me. Most people might laugh at the essence of a chronograph without a minute recorder. However, this will lose the point of the pulsimeter, because the pulsometer is designed to absorb your or other people’s pulse so that you can stroke their arteries. I have always been active. My father participated in marathons all over the world and played squash at the club level until he was in his 60s. He seemed to go all out. My father, he is very stoic. I think this attitude eliminated me.

Although, I have to say that I never had the concept of continuous operation for hours. I actually seem to want to go where I want to go, which is why I often ride a bicycle. I am 50 years old and I am proud of my standing heart rate. My phone has a health app. The only part I use is the heart rate monitor. You can place your finger on the camera lens and accurately display the amplitude of the heart at any given moment. It is true. It’s like some kind of witchcraft or something. Anyway, I am a little addicted to it. I want to know what my heart rate is when I’m still (according to records, between 48 and 54), how high I can get when riding a bike (186 and I’m about to pass out) and how fast I can bpm from there Recovery (about a minute, although my legs disagree). I have some friends and family members who are also obsessed with gadgets worn on their wrists or the number of steps on their phones.

For some people, they are going to walk around in the living room at night, trying to increase the count to 10,000, or any meaningless goal they set. I never understood this because I am sure that if you manage only 9878 steps a day instead of 10,000 steps, then you will not suddenly become morbidly obese. However, it is scientifically proven that low heart rate is for you. Therefore, I often check. Therefore, for the sake of brevity, a long paragraph (oh, yes, this is a long paragraph, I’m sorry), I did achieve the desired purpose while using the Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer, and I am very happy for it. I am grateful that not everyone is like me, but I am sure that there are enough fashion doctors in the world to make up for the remaining 249 of the 250 limited edition products.

Reference 2CVCS.U14A
Reference 2CVCS.S01A

In any case, I will recall the elegance and sophistication of the Pulsometer (within this other Chronofighters’ current company) and reiterate that this is a beautiful and desirable timepiece. Relatively speaking, if you only like the aesthetics of the paired back, there may be the argument that the second hand runs indefinitely and the pulsometer becomes an ordinary three-hand watch. I realized that there is already a small dial with the running seconds hand at 3 o’clock, but it is too stern, so there is no mark, it can only really be used as an indicator that the movement is running. This bizarre sub-dial is purely elegant and is in complete harmony with the rest of the design philosophy, even if this very casual scale borders on small things.

Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT Black Gold Replica Watch 2OVGR.B21A.K10B

You would think that the pulsometer would continue to conflict with yourself. Do I want to be a refined and elegant classic style timepiece, or a practical and practical tool best fake watch with the best timing trigger mechanism in the world? Even the package works as an entity. The shameless hedonistic Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer is one of the most perfect juxtapositions in the watch industry.

On the other hand, the Chronometer Vintage Nose Art series (arms, wrists) no matter where they are, they have those spectacular, slightly sexist and vivid “Nose Art” graphics, so they have attracted people’s attention.

As the name suggests, nose art is a decorative painting on the fuselage of an airplane, usually on the front. This practice was strengthened by the Italians and Germans in the First World War. The most famous is the German mouth feature under the propeller. It eventually evolved into the shark mouth that we are all more familiar with, which was used by the Luftwaffe and the Royal Air Force in World War II.

The US Air Force started with the iconic “shark” (see above), but then this expression of free will gradually developed into the nose art celebrated by Graham replica Watches.

The rules of nose art have never been particularly strict, and during World War II there were more artistic changes aimed at improving the morale of troops.

By the way, the first AVG (American Volunteer Organization) was called the “Flying Tigers” and there are also memorials elsewhere in this article, with a small amount of special edition timepieces in stainless steel or bronze.

The dial of this unique and unique Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art series is decorated with many beauties, including Lucia (this is the case throughout the article), Belle, Kelly, Sally, Chloe, Linda, Lilly, Anna, Nina and Christmas special Holiday model Merry. Trying to remain monogamous and have easy access to the harem of these outstanding women is not easy.

Graham Swordfish fake

The Swordfish morphs unorthodox into trendy. Subversive becomes cohesive in the new Swordfish timepieces. Named after a highly migratory predator, they use technical prowess and unconventional design to swim in bigger seas. Two 20% magnifying glasses over the hour and minute counters stare out questioningly at the onlooker. Stunning and charismatic, this design remains a rare species, and is now evolving into one that is manoeuvring its way into the expansive catchment area of discerning watch lovers.A fish out of water? Never. Standing out from the crowd? Always.
The aptly named Graham Swordfish Bronze is a horological leviathan, measuring 46mm in diameter. Moreover, irrespective of its environment, this generously proportioned watch always looks at ease with its surroundings.
Stunning and charismatic, the first Graham Swordfish replica watches were born in 2004, with an unorthodox identity. This new design remains a rare species, and is now evolving into one that is manoeuvring its way into the expansive catchment area of discerning watch lovers.
When handling the Graham Swordfish Steel one can readily discern the impressive quality of the case. Everything is beautifully executed, without the merest hint of sharpness or wayward machining. The brand states that the crown is equipped with ‘2 joints’ to enhance water resistance and the pushpieces feature clous de Paris on their vertical flanks, conferring a sublime tactility.
The Graham watch brand as we know it really planted its feet with the Swordfish collection of timepieces. This fished-eye family actually began with a single eye design in the Swordfish Grillo. Double magnifier eyes were later added to the 46mm wide collection.
Graham Swordfish L Chronograph Automatic Case: original stainless steel, individual number 1707, back case with sticker and secured by 8 screws Diameter: 46mm case and 18mm high Movement: automatic, chronograph Dial: original black dial with luminous
Graham refloats its Swordfish chronograph, an eye-catching timepiece distinguished by its two prominent portholes on deck to magnify the elapsed time counters. The 46mm hulls are made from bronze and steel but the look of these two limited editions models couldn’t be more different.

Graham chronofighter Steel replica

Experience the world of Chronofighter in which most exciting adventures can happen. Developed for modern time’s men, the chronograph features an automatic movement and a clever combination of high-tech materials such as ceramic, carbon, fabric, that can be used in the most extreme conditions. In addition to the renowned GRAHAM lever, made of plain carbon, the Chronofighter is endowed with a calculated telemeter scale, enabling to measure distances thanks to the speed of sound (Celsius/km scale)
In other ways, the Chronofighter Nose Art Ltd. edition is similar to others: it has a 44mm case, the crown is at 9 o’clock, and it is crafted in polished stainless steel. Graham Chronofighter Grand Vintage Watch This was presented Graham chronofighter Steel replica
Graham Chronofighter Oversize Steel watches can be found at We offer authentic Graham Chronofighter Oversize Steel watches at discounted prices. We take in trades, sell new AND used, and are located in Beverly Hills
The Graham Chronofighter Vintage Limited Stingray is the latest creation from the Swiss brand celebrating its 25th anniversary. The dial, inspired by the past, features eye-popping hues. Its design may be considered contentious but it is courageous, thought-provoking and will inevitably evoke different thoughts in different minds.
Specializing in the creation of aviation-inspired watches and in an attempt to capture the bygone glamour of the 1940s, Graham has incorporated pin-ups on the dial of its emblematic Chronofighter. Graham introduced its successful Nose Art concept at Baselworld 2017 with a series of four pin-ups: Sally, Anna, Lilly and Nina.
On the rear of the Graham Chronofighter Prodive Professional timepiece is an engraved caseback with a shark on it. Always fun to have a predator from the deep on your watch. Makes a seahorse feel wimpy by comparison. Inside the watch is a Graham G1750 automatic Swiss movement with 48 hours of power reserve.
Choosing an iconic piece such as this Graham, Chronofighter Steel pre-owned watch is testament to our clients well rounded understanding of great style. We offer the most expensive watch brands at more affordable prices, allowing you the opportunity to pick between

Graham Chronofighter Special Series sniper

The Graham SNIPER chronograph is a specially released 30-piece gift series for those who, without revealing their names, always reach the goal and adhere to the military intelligence motto: “Without the right to glory, to the glory of the Motherland!”. The GRU spetsnaz, the elite of the Russian army, its strength and pride, performed and still performs the tasks of increased complexity and secrecy: the fight against terrorism, the organization and conduct of intelligence. It was a bat that for many years served as the emblem of the military intelligence of the USSR and Russia.
Graham Chronofighter is the epitome of the brand’s historical heritage and brands flagship collection. The series was created exclusively for large dial wristwatches, the diameter of which reaches 47 mm, with case thickness in some models – 16 mm. The circular case is in stainless steel or rose gold, water resistant reaches 10 atm.
The evolution of Graham’s cornerstone model. Named after the great British watchmaker, Graham was founded by Eric Loth in 1995. The Chronofighter, the cornerstone of the brand’s collections, is inspired by vintage military aviation pieces – in particular, 1930s and 1940s bomb timers. When it was launched in 2001, the model immediately drew attention, breaking out of the norm with its distinctive chronograph
The Chronofighter is by far the largest Graham watch collection. The company’s designers took inspiration from vintage pilot’s chronographs from the 1930s and 40s when crafting the Chronofighter Vintage.This timepiece features a black, white, olive green, or blue sunburst dial, which feels especially clean thanks to its narrow line indices and tapered sword hands.
The Sniper chronograph is a specially released 30-piece gift series for those who, without revealing their names, always reach the goal and adhere to the military intelligence motto: “Without the right to glory, to the glory of the Motherland!”.
The Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Skeleton Tourbillograph is limited to 100 pieces (available on either white or black rubber strap) and is priced at $29,950. It’s not cheap, but it has quite a bit going on for it, and there’s. …

Graham Chronofighter Special Series Replica Watch sniper 2CCAU.B34A

Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Skeleton

We have a soft spot for watch brands that lean into doing things a bit differently, and the Graham Chronofighter is up there as a divisive design signature that has defined the brand. The chronograph trigger on the left side of the case was inspired by a countdown timer watch that Universal Geneve developed for the Italian Air Force back in the 1930s and has been a staple of the Chronofighter for about 20 years now. But does the unconventional military-inspired design translate when we’re talking about a complication like a tourbillon chronograph rather than a casual sports watch?
Limited to 100 pieces, the Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Skeleton Tourbillograph is all about being big. At 47mm-wide in a very lightweight black carbon case, it’s also got one of the biggest tourbillons around that I’ve seen. Vintage military design, modern case construction, and legit horological chops all make for what is overall a pretty compelling package for an admittedly niche person — that is, if your wrist and wallet are big enough.
While the case size is 47mm-wide, that’s without the chronograph trigger. My calipers have it at 57mm-wide with the trigger, 17.5mm-thick, and with a lug-to-lug height of 55mm. What’s also big is the tourbillon, which I don’t have a precise measurement for, but the ends of the bridges are about 21mm apart. I think a more conventionally sized smaller tourbillon would look funny in a watch this big and aggressive, but Graham pulled it off.
The watch is really light, though I felt a little silly being surprised when I first picked it up considering “Superlight” is right there in the name. Still, the large case size and aggressive design don’t betray the 100g weight (which is just about what a Tudor Black Bay on strap weighs). This is, of course, due to the black carbon composite case, though the tourbillon cage itself comes in at 0.485g, which is a feather more than the 0.403g weight of Audemars Piguet’s tourbillon cage used in its current production models. Watch media can get a little overexcited in covering the newest record-breaking thinnest or lightest watches, but the reality is that while the Graham isn’t any particular record holder, it’s about as light as I could perceive a watch this size on my wrist to be.
While it’s certainly big for me, if your wrist circumference is > 8 inches, the Chronofighter Tourbillograph really is pretty practical when you consider its unobtrusive weight and 100M of water resistance. The chronograph trigger on the left side of the case is a quirky design signature, for sure, but at least it’s not going to be confused with anything else out there, which is more than I can say for a lot of watches.
I’ve worn more large watches than I can count that have a traditional crown that digs into my hand. Not a problem here, as the chronograph trigger, while large and protrusive, is not felt or noticeable at all on the wrist.
The G1780 is an automatic column-wheel chronograph and tourbillon that Graham first introduced about 10 years ago when it was outfitted in a watch from the brand’s Silverstone collection. This movement was made exclusively for Graham by La Joux-Perret and, while it’s not new, it’s actually got some interesting stuff going for it. First off, it’s rare to see a tourbillon that is integrated into a column-wheel chronograph, the wheels of which you can see at work through the tourbillon cage. Operating at 28,800 vph with a 48-hour power reserve, the G1780 is hand-finished with Geneva stripes, perlage, chamfering, and polished edges. The column wheel has parts of the base cog wheel polished in order to reduce friction, as well. The tourbillon cage is comprised of 48 parts, several of which are done in 18k gold, like the upper tourbillon bridge and oscillating rotor.
The movement is Chronofiable-certified, which isn’t a household name like COSC or other tests, but it’s noteworthy, nonetheless. Carried out at Laboratoire Dubois in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Chronofiable certification has to do with the durability and toughness of the watch and movement. This process simulates shocks, acceleration, and temperature changes over 21 days, which is equivalent to six months of wear. This is the same certification you’ll find on some Richard Mille watches such as the RM 035 Rafael Nadal, though I believe they now have an in-house test. La Joux-Perret has two patents having to do with protection of the tourbillon, which they call a “shockproof” tourbillon. In addition to Incabloc shock absorbers, they reduced the tourbillon down to as few components as possible and constructed a double-bridge for rigidity and stability. Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Skeleton replica

Given how delicate tourbillons can be, I think the reassurance of the Chronofiable certification is pretty important if you want to actually wear this watch around as its meant to be without worrying.
The chronograph is activated and paused via the trigger pusher, while the gripped pusher at 10 o’clock resets it. With the 30-minute chronograph counter sub-dial at 9 o’clock and that big tourbillon stretching between 3 and 6 o’clock, there really isn’t any room left on the dial for much else. I’m pretty agnostic about the matching black carbon dial that matches the case, and I do think a bit more could be done with the Graham logo and indices that are in a white varnish finish. It’s just a bit flat, for me. Still, the large lumed red gold hands match the red gold seconds hand that is set inside the tourbillon aperture very nicely and contrast with the black carbon in a way that’s refined but still appropriate for the military-watch vibe of the Graham Chronofighter.
Tourbillon chronographs are a particularly quirky niche group that tends to be very expensive, with offerings from Richard Mille, Bulgari, Audemars Piguet, Zenith, and even Bell & Ross all stretching well into the six-figures.

Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer

With an integrated pulsometer function, this eye-catching automatic chronograph has the capacity to monitor all rhythms of the heart and soul with great accuracy. The mini-metronome has the potential to make the heart skip a beat in terms of stunning looks, authenticated by the iconic stop-start trigger. Whether syncopated jazz music or motivating gym playlists are on the programme, the Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer presents a convincing case for mechanical being the new smart. Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer Replica
The Graham Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer Ltd from the popular Chronofighter Vintage range is an eye-catching automatic chronograph with an integrated pulsometer function
Inspired by 1920s medical timepieces, this mechanical watch enables the wearer to monitor heartbeat and measure pulse at a glance. It provides immediate and precise reading. This automatic chronograph with pulsometer also indicates day and date.
The watch comes dressed in a 44mm steel case topped with a domed sapphire crystal glass featuring anti-reflective coating. Inside beats a 25 jewels automatic chronograph movement with a power reserve of 48 hours.
This Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer model comes with a blue sun-brushed dial featuring white pulsometer scale, day-date at 9 o’clock, golden hands and indexes coated with Super-LumiNova, snailed seconds counter with golden hand and limited edition number at 9 o’clock.
The watch features a sapphire crystal case back. Supplied with a Hand-sewn blue calf leather strap, this model is limited to 250 pieces.

Graham Chronofighter Prodive Replica

As a limited edition for 2012 Graham releases this new dive watch version of the Chronofighter called the Chronofighter Prodive Professional. Highlights include a bold design, monopusher chronograph and 600 meters of water resistance. One cool thing that Graham seems to suggest is that the chronograph can be used underwater. If this is true, then the watch does in fact set itself apart from most diving chronograph watches that would have their water resistance ratings compromised if their chronograph mechanisms were used while the watch was submerged. Graham Chronofighter Prodive Replica
Graham calls the new Chronofighter Prodive “the reference luxury diving watch.” While I like the piece I think that is a bit of a lofty statement. I am pretty sure that other people referencing something makes an object a reference. Not “self-referencing” that you are a reference. It was a cute effort though.
At 45mm wide in steel, the Chronofighter Prodive Professional actually feels larger than it is. A lot of that is because of the chronograph trigger system that you find in Chronofighter models. Placed on the left side of the case, the trigger system in this watch is a monopusher – so you cycle between start, stop, and reset in a single pusher. Above the trigger is the crown for the watch placed at about 10 o’clock. The crown is rubber coated and colored to match the piece’s hue theme.
As a dive watch, the Chronofighter Prodive does not disappoint. It has 600 meters of water resistance, an automatic helium release valve, uni-directional rotating timing bezel with lume at 60 minutes, and a lot of lume on the hands and hour markers on the dial. The dial itself features the time with subsidiary seconds dial (that looks propeller-ish), date and 30 minute chronograph. The overall design looks both modern and professional with a lot of marine influence. I think a lot of people will enjoy the looks of this watch to go with their casual air tank and weekend flippers.
On the rear of the Graham Chronofighter Prodive Professional timepiece is an engraved caseback with a shark on it. Always fun to have a predator from the deep on your watch. Makes a seahorse feel wimpy by comparison. Inside the watch is a Graham G1750 automatic Swiss movement with 48 hours of power reserve. According to Graham, the entire Chronofighter Prodive Professional watch collection will be limited to only 200 pieces for the yellow version with the others being non limited (which apparently don’t have the “Professional” part on the name). With a steel case and professional instrument looks, it would be strange of me to call this a “luxury watch.” I would consider it a durable high-end Swiss dive lifestyle watch with the ability to actually dive. Versions come in yellow, blue, and black trim
Advanced manufacturing processes have been used to develop a stylish diving instrument. The Chronofighter Prodive is a true luxury diver’s collection which features a patented mono-pusher chronograph system, two colours of radiation-free luminescent indications and an automatic helium valve. Each watch is tested to resist and go beyond 2000 feet. The Prodive will give make any watch lover perfectly amphibian.