Ulysse Nardin launches innovative The Ocean Race DIVER

Ulysse Nardin, The Ocean Race’s Official Timekeeping Partner, announces The Ocean Race DIVER watch, complete with upcycled fishing nets…

Ulysse Nardin is accelerating the use of innovative alternative materials, announcing the launch of the first DIVER model composed primarily of recycled fishing nets.

Since 1846, the Swiss watchmaker has been making marine timepieces for explorers with unmatched reliability. Sailors today often face plastic pollution, and fishing nets are a significant source: up to 640,000 metric tons are lost or abandoned every year (according to the United Nations), adding to the 9 million tons of plastic that are released into the sea each year (science).

“How can we turn some of these plastics into luxury goods? With the help of start-ups such as FIL&FAB, we have successfully manufactured and sold watches made from recycled fishing nets,” said Ulysse Nardin CEO Patrick Pruniaux.

“The way we make people aware of this is upcycling. Finding suppliers is a key factor in this process.”

In this case, Ulysse Nardin found a supplier who was able to upgrade the discarded fishing net material into the base material for the components of The Ocean Race DIVER.

“At The Ocean Race, we’ve been traveling the world since 1973, and as sailors, we’ve seen how the oceans have changed over the past 50 years,” said Richard Brisius, The Ocean Race’s race director. “We have learned the need to respect the ocean and give it a voice to protect it and restore its health. We are proud to have a partner like Ulysse Nardin who shares our values ​​and sees innovations that support these efforts It’s happening. This innovative watch reminds us that it’s time to act.”

In September 2020, Ulysse Nardin launched the R-STRAP wristband, marking the first milestone in its commitment to the ocean and the circular economy (a model of production and consumption that involves using materials and products for as long as possible) it fully Made from recycled fishing nets for use on MARINE, DIVER and FREAK X watches.

In November 2020, the brand launched DIVER NET, an experimental concept watch in which every element has been carefully designed to ensure durability and minimize environmental impact. A completely innovative and upgraded watch. Two significant positive developments for the brand and the watchmaking industry.

Ocean Race DIVER embodies innovation and tradition, the mechanical movement of the watch is based on tradition and historical knowledge, but 95% of the components come from within a 30km radius of the manufacturer, half of which are from recycled sources (especially recycled steel and yellow Copper: Ulysse Nardin fake uses 100% recycled brass for its timepiece movement).