Porsche Design 1919 GLOBETIMER UTC all black

I really like to challenge my preconceived notions of Online cheap watch preferences. I think this is the only way to truly grow in this hobby and prevent it from becoming obsolete. Because I am open to almost everything, there are all kinds of watches in my collection at all times. Apparel watches, knife watches and other big-name watches, small watches, watches made in Switzerland, Japan, Germany, and good alcohol “The United States has come in, my personal collection at different times, and at different times I want each Of course, these small subcategories will lead my “collection journey” to the end, not that it really ends. And, as you might expect, every time, I am completely wrong.

There was a time when watches like Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All Black would be at the top of my “buy” list. This is a watch from an interesting brand with a fascinating history and a close connection with a car manufacturer that I personally like very much. It has a stylish and ultra-modern look. I happened to dig a lot. This is also a completely unique rotation of the GMT complication. The deceptive button on the strap does not operate the chronograph at all, but the hour hand jumps forwards and backwards, allowing tired travelers to click instead of loosening, Turn and additional tightening. I have gone through a stage of iron tools and sports watches. I only put it in the rearview mirror now. At its height, a watch like this will check a lot of boxes.

But our taste will develop. In the process, we will understand what we like, and more importantly, we will understand what we don’t like. Over the years, as I have moved in and out of watches, I have come to understand something that large, oversized watches are not suitable for me, both literally and figuratively. I’m tired of blacked out watches-in my opinion, they are not very versatile, and I rarely find them a suitable complement to anything I am making or wearing. There are also butterfly buckles. Oh man, there is no strap fastening system that I regret more than a butterfly buckle, especially when the strap is integrated with the case, it cannot be switched to something more elegant. I also found that in the strictest sense, the traditional “tool watch” may not be in my cab as I once imagined. Selling my Tudor Pelagos, every day there are obviously more refined (but still quite sturdy) things that reshape what I think are the ideal watch for my lifestyle, let’s face reality, it won’t be underwater, on a rocky one. Spend a lot of time beside the wall, or curl up in a tent somewhere in the wilderness of New Hampshire.

This is a rather long summary, just to say that Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC (Globetimer from now on) is a watch that far exceeds my personal preferences. This is something you must consider when you accept it. Personally about it. Reaction. However, any form of criticism is not just a personal response, but should actually be an assessment of the degree of success of something when it has fully reached the initial setting. For example, if you don’t like a particular type of horror movie, you might think that Malignant is completely rubbish. But even if you personally don’t like it, you must praise it for evoking the Italian giallo of the 1970s in a unique and modern way, right? right!

In this spirit, let’s take a look at Porsche Design’s latest work. This watch is wrong to me on every level, but it does exactly what is said on the can, which happens to be a real Smart party skills, anyone who thinks they are fans of travel watches will enjoy it.

This case is a logical starting point, an extraordinary architectural work. You’ve heard that watches are described as hockey pucks, right? Well, this is probably the most hockey hockey design I can remember, even the color. The Globetimer is a cylinder with a diameter of about 42 mm and a height of about 15.4 mm, including sapphire crystal glass. It is titanium, so although it is not heavy on the wrist, you can feel every millimeter of these measurements (and then some, we will see why this is the case).

What makes the case unique is the open lug design-the cylinder is basically suspended within a thin titanium frame. The incredibly thin lugs protrude from the expected position, but are connected by another titanium metal strip to which the strap is connected. I really like the look of it-it is modern and modern, and it looks good in the photos, but unfortunately, it has some wear resistance issues, and we will fix these issues soon. Porsche Design 1919 fake watches

Although this open space is beautiful, it creates an ear-to-ear measurement of 50.8 mm. Unlike most ear-to-ear measurements, they end in an open space (where the strap is installed). On Globetimer, the measurement refers to the titanium frame or the case itself. The result is a watch that feels long on the wrist. Think of other integrated bracelet/strap sports watches, and compared to watches with traditional lug designs, the lug-to-lug measurement usually wears shorter. Here, the situation is just the opposite, and it feels like an aesthetic choice without considering ergonomics.

Perform a simple satin scrub on the Globetimer case. The polished edges are not visible, which seems to fit the general vibe of the watch as a rich tool. Although the surface treatment itself is not complicated, it is well processed and feels good. It is worth noting that the UTC scale is engraved on the bottom cover to display the offset of 24 time zones, which will definitely come in handy for some users, and the scale is easy to read on a black background, which is a good one Rewards (usually these types unless your vision is close to Superman, or you use a magnifying glass, otherwise this seems to defeat the purpose of the scale, at least to some extent).

The dial of Globetimer is my favorite watch element. It’s busy, but it almost solves the arduous task of presenting large amounts of information in a simple and (mostly) intuitive way. It also has some small details that bring a little bit of sophistication to the watch, otherwise it will be intoxicating because it lacks that quality.

Multi-time zone watches can be tricky. Watch designers can communicate the time in different parts of the world in many different ways. In this type of execution, the long 24-hour hand always points to the home time on the external scale. The traditional minute and hour hands are used for local time. In my opinion, it is preferable to other options. These options include difficult-to-read sub-registers or An additional window with additional time zones is displayed. I would like to add one point here, I think Porsche Design is correct to cancel the choice of rotating bezel on this watch. It is more concise and intuitive, and you can never convince me that one-third tracking time zone is indeed necessary, unless you are tracking from the cockpit of the plane on a transcontinental flight. The layout here, at least as far as the GMT function is concerned, is simple and easy to understand.

The wrinkle on this dial is that the inner part of the dial contains a date ring, which requires another hand. To be honest, this turned out to be a bit confusing at first, because both the 24-hour hand and the date indicator have arrows, and you can tell at a glance that they are bleeding together. It may be more effective to simply use a traditional date window somewhere on the dial, or even merge the date into a smaller sub-register at 6:00. However, this is a relatively minor complaint, because I think most people who wear any frequency watch will adapt quickly and easily find the blue hands that suit their home time. Review cheap watches

One advantage of the date ring is that it appears to be made up of an actual ring, which means a separate part is applied to the base of the dial. This brings some unexpected depth to the dial, as well as applied and luminous filled hour markers. The inner part of the dial is very cleverly used with a circular drawing effect, which can be easily seen with a magnifying glass, but only one surface can be seen with the naked eye, and its hue and luster are slightly different from the rest of the dial. On watches where almost all other design elements have adopted a minimalist approach, these little things are very popular, if a little bit incongruous.

The Globetimer is powered by the completely revamped Sellita SW200 pedestrian movement. The movement here is the core of the watch and the most convincing reason for its existence. I think this will be the driving force behind every purchase. For many people, their calculations are only because they prefer the function of the movement rather than dislike any other components, and it is impossible to argue with this logic because the machine The core effect is very good, it is unique at this price.

What Porsche Design is doing here is to move the actual GMT function outside the crown to the button next to the case, which will confuse those who don’t know the basic timing buttons. The button above the crown is engraved with a “+” symbol. Press the button to advance the hour hand to the next hour, and the button below the crown (with a “-” symbol) will move it back in time, all without stopping the balance. It is simple, intuitive, and very satisfying. The mechanical “click” sound feels more like the start of a beautiful chronograph. In my tests, both buttons are flawless and I have never missed a request to move the hour hand forward or backward.

Porsche Design’s Globetimer marketing materials use the simplicity and elegance of its mechanism as a solution for busy travelers in the real world. I think this is an idea worth exploring. Like any other GMT time, the features of Globetimer are only really useful for people who travel a lot. Having said that, frankly, it is hard to imagine that this watch is an ideal travel companion, simply because of its size and the difficulty of wearing it for a long time. But suppose you are Dawn Johnson, you really have the ability to take this down. I want to know whether the owners of beautiful GMT watches made by Rolex and Seiko that allow the local hour hand to jump independently through the crown have been calling for something easier. I own a Rolex watch with this function. I don’t remember thinking it was too troublesome. It feels like looking for a solution to the problem.

In other words, as the solution evolves, it is excellent and achieves an excellent implementation, but for most people, I don’t think this is more than just a fingertip spinner. I think it will depend on how much you value these buttons, i.e. whether you think this is a shocking value compared to the new GMT Master II, or the price is too high when you consider the basic Sellita hold time (It’s worth pointing out here) The movement is certified by the observatory, so it should keep very good time). After spending some time, my impression is that this watch is ultimately for gadgets and complication lovers, rather than people who are really trying to improve the travel experience by using new devices.

However, this type of function can be very attractive in a more wear-resistant packaging. The test for this is largely attested by the popularity and collectability of the button travel watches manufactured by Patek Philippe over the years (this article) The article James Stacey from Hodinkee is an excellent primer on complications). Needless to say, Porsche Design is not Patek Philippe, so it is unfair to completely deny the achievement represented by the movement based on the size of the watch. When it comes to stocking the modules on top of the movement, this is the inevitable end result. This seems particularly appropriate when we consider that the case itself (the cylindrical part that houses the movement) is not what ultimately makes the watch a wearing challenge.

Shoulder straps and abrasion resistance
When I wrote the introduction of this watch for the first time, I thought that if I had the opportunity to do it myself, I would definitely make the headlines, but I just didn’t fully prepare for the huge size of the watch, including me on the watch. Some of the craziest measurements encountered are for review. In my opinion, the wear resistance of this watch is severely limited by these measurements and Porsche Design’s decision regarding the strap and buckle combination.

We discussed the case size at the top, but it is worth reiterating that this is a big watch before you start to consider the impact of the strap on the wearing experience. According to my caliper, the measurement between the lugs of 50.8 and the lugs seriously underestimates the true length of this watch, thanks to the strong support at both ends of the strap. In other words, the part of the belt next to each lug is very stiff in design and feels like an extension of the lug itself. It is not easy to measure the end-to-end span between the ends of the strap. The supporting end is not simple, but if you measure the outside of the strap, it is about 73 mm in total.

Now, it is unfair to say that the effective lug-to-lug span of this watch is 73 mm. Of course, this is too much, because the case itself does not span that distance, and the leather strap is very hard, but it is certainly not as strong as the titanium structure of the case. Moreover, the material of the strap itself is very soft, so it won’t feel offensive if it sticks to the skin. However, the integration of the strap has a major impact on the wearability, because the outer side of the wrist does not have the natural drape that you will experience when wearing a bracelet, and the strap will not naturally form the curvature of the wrist as you expect. Any other leather strap, even These are the straps that are well-filled.

Unfortunately, the end result is a watch that I can only describe as uncomfortable to wear. To be honest, I haven’t left that impression on my wrist for a long time. I think having a big wrist means that most watches are either very fit or have what I describe as a “neutral” fit, because they don’t think they are made for you, but not being proactive will also cause discomfort. They are somewhere in the middle. Globetimer is not in the middle.

Then there is the problem of buttons. This is butterfly style. This is an attachment that I have never enjoyed. They are more difficult to use than folding clasps, but they are also more comfortable. They cannot be compared with the ease of use of simple clasps. They will always be my favorite. Frankly speaking, the ratio of the strap is also absurd, but it matches the size of the rest of the watch. At the lugs, the strap is integrated with the case and cannot be removed with any tools. The width is about 26.5 mm. It tapers to 22 mm at the buckle. It is well-made and the leather at the bottom of the strap is soft, but it just occupies a lot of space on the wrist and leaves an insurmountable visual impression.

I wore this watch for about a week of daily activities. I am quite used to wearing watches (obviously). No matter what watch I happen to wear, I am used to having something on my wrist. I rarely really think of having a metal object strapped to my non-dominant hand. The existence of Globetimer is constantly being felt because it needs regular adjustments. I find that it often inhibits my wrist activity. This makes daily tasks, such as driving, cutting onions or folding clothes, more like an endurance test than usual, even if For me, at best, I am an unqualified chef. If it is important for you to integrate the watch into your daily life (to be fair, this is not the stated goal of most “tool watches”) Globetimer is not a watch I can recommend.

Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC is not without its charm. On the surface, it looks great, but due to over-design and over-complexity, it is not good for self-interest. This watch must look great on paper and in the initial drafting stage, but in the process, it becomes an object that serves a unique aesthetic and accommodates a specific movement, and becomes a pleasant part of people’s lives. Owning it becomes a secondary consideration. In our recent history, there are many such products. Beautiful sports cars that often break down, stylish shoes that fall apart after a season, or furniture that complements your decor.

This is not to say that no customer will own this watch and love it for many years. It is even possible that what I think is offensive may be the same as the favorite thing of the satisfied owner. This is the strangest thing about this hobby, and it’s also a criticism of something so subjective in the end. Saying “I’m glad this watch exists” is sometimes shorthand for “I hate it, but anyway…” in our world, but in this case, I’m actually very happy that this watch exists, and I have to experience it for a short time, because it solidifies in my own mind what I like and don’t like watches. This is a helpful exercise for any collector. Besides, it’s really fun to play with those promoters. replica Porsche Design

Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC: When the world is your oyster

There is design, and then there is Porsche design. The former is universal, and the latter itself is a unique design language.

Porsche design began with iconic cars, but in the world of watches, Porsche is also a name with brilliant achievements. The reason can be summarized in two words: the eternal innovator.

Let’s start with the last word, innovator. Porsche Design was founded in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, aiming to apply his designs to areas other than automobiles. The first watch he designed was Chrono I, which combined a matte black dial with a matte black case and bracelet.

Although common today, this monochromatic color scheme was not common at the time, especially for luxury goods.

In 1980, it launched a new chronograph in cooperation with IWC, providing us with the world’s first titanium case. Interestingly, although many of these watches are more than 30 years old, the vast majority of watches in this iteration of the Porsche Design brand still look refreshing today.

Titanium as a way of life is suitable for Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC

Today, all Porsche Design watches are housed in titanium cases, not only because the metal’s gray tones are very suitable for technical design, but also because it is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, non-allergenic and comfortable to wear.

As revealed by the new Globetimer UTC in 1919, Porsche Design pushed this belief into the distance.

As the name suggests, 1919 Globetimer UTC is a world time watch-Porsche Design has a wealth of experience with this kind of watch, starting with the world time watch with alarm function co-created with IWC in the 1990s.

In 2007, Porsche Design went one step further and introduced a travel time watch that can switch time zones with the push of a button. This concept has now been further refined and became one of the main ingredients that made 1919 Globetimer UTC such a delightful timepiece.

It’s not a problem to travel or not to travel
This may surprise some people, but watching reporters like me spend a lot of time traveling, usually from one continent to another. Therefore, watches with additional time zones will be particularly well tested.

Quite a few two-time zone watches are not as easy to use as you might expect, almost as if they were designed by people who never travel. Some people emphasize that you can change the time zone “conveniently” using only the crown, but what they don’t tell you is that you will also mess up the current settings of other time zones when doing so, and then you need to correct it again.

Others bypass it with the corrector on the side of the case, but once you get up in the air, you will find that you are not carrying anything to push the corrector, so start looking for toothpicks, fine linings, or safety pins.

Porsche Design’s approach is simple: the brand’s engineers added two buttons on the side of the case. The one at the top advances the current time zone in one-hour increments, and the one at the bottom sets the time zone back to its original position in one-hour increments.

The minutes and seconds remain the same, so they are accurate, and the date will automatically change as the time zone changes. The Globetimer UTC of 1919 even included a day/night indicator, visible through a small opening in the dial.

Porsche Design is known for its watch’s outstanding dial legibility, and Globetimer UTC has not disappointed, all instructions are clear at a glance.

As part of the Porsche Design 1919 series, the shape of the “frame” lugs increased wearing comfort. The lightweight titanium case also increases the wearing comfort.

The diameter of the 1919 Globetimer UTC is 42 mm, which is almost the diameter of all dials. It is large—it looks bigger—but it looks like a watch that is about 2 mm smaller.

Porsche Design offers four different versions of the 1919 Globetimer UTC, one of which is the gold-plated version I mentioned earlier. The main difference between the variants is the color of the dial, which is available in brown, black or blue. The calfskin strap is good, but the titanium bracelet is better. Not only does it complement the overall design of the watch, but the structure of the bracelet is also very good, very suitable for the wrist.

Sports based on Sellita: disappointing or common sense?
Calibre Werk 04.110 is based on Sellita SW 200. Although there is nothing wrong with this movement, it is not the movement you would expect to find in a premium watches for sale from Porsche Design.

However, Porsche Design received praise for extensive modifications to the Sellita-based movement, adding its own ball bearings, two-way winding rotor and a patented second time zone module.

The movement is certified by the official COSC Observatory. Although this may not be enough to make everyone change their minds, it makes sense to use a proven and reliable movement rather than just make a movement at a high price just for it.

When it comes to travel watches, the 1919 Globetimer UTC is the best. It looks good, it is practical, and it is comfortable to wear on the wrist.

Globetimer UTC completed the work in 1919 and completed it with an undeniable sense of style, which stems from its unique “DNA”. In this regard, it is not only a valuable successor to the travel watch luxury that Porsche Design has been making since 1995, but it is also a good addition to the current collection.

Porsche Design Watch

IWC & Porsche Design – Porsche Design Watch Design is a unique cravy behavior of human beings. It is an era of social law and technology civilization; it is a kind of inspiration and pursuit of ultimate personality expression. As people’s demolition experience is increasing, visual, sense, and even spiritual high-level needs to be a need for modern product design.

Representatives of modern product design – Porsche Porsche cars are the same immortal works. As a leader in the automotive industry, Porsche, which has a German blood, is the ultimate in the concept of high-end small sports cars. In 1922, Porsche was founded to DR. G HC F. Porsche GmbH, he was just a business specializing in the design consultation for automobile brands (where the massive beetle was from him).

Until 1948, Porsche’s first model named Porsche 356 was published. It is this appearance of cool, convertible sedan to open the market. Slowly frequently appear on the racing competition, a gradually transition of the sports car route, and its price rose to a running car name.

Today, the watch you want to say is from Porsche’s hand, accurately, is Porsche design. What is the relationship between Porsche and Porsche?

This will lead to the porsche 911 designer, Fernand Porsche founder’s grandson Alexander Porsche. The Alexander Porsche inherited by the inheritance is also engineering, but with the family’s elders is that he has aesthetic taste of the engineer. Alexander Porsche is in design 911 because of the aesthetic concept with the person in charge of the maintenance person. After his old man, he was brainwashing Porsche to a joint-stock company after his business philosophy.

Alexander Porsche left Porsche, a point of return, a bit of the road to the family entrepreneurial stage, but the object of this design is no longer a car. Instead of life, you can see that Porsche Design has designed numerous products, design ballpoint pen, wallet, glasses, watches, clothes, suitcases and other life or fashionable fields; there are also many joint products, through their own design and each Industry brand large V strong cooperation, such as Adidas ball shoes, Huawei mobile phone, Kef speaker, Lego toys, etc.

Alexander Porsche launched in 1972, the watch Porsche Design Chrono I, and as the world’s first full black color watch has been concerned from all walks of life, boldly use PVD coating technology as a new material It is also greatly inspired the later watch manufacturers.

Porsche design watches have been enthusiastic, although the design company is born, but soft strength is not ignored; the machine is in contact with the watches, and the big and creative Porsche and strength talented talents have a shot, in 1978 launched The first Wan Kingdom & Porsche Caves.

The IWC & Porsche Design of the IW3510 is launched. The Luo Discharge not only proves the top design level of Alexander Porsche, but also shows the powerful manufacturing strength of the country; it also uses black electro-plating design, and the material is boldly uses new space aluminum material, and clever Place the compass function in the watch.

This not only requires the imagination of the designer’s sky, but also relying on the country that will design to become a strong hard manufacturing ability; such a fantastic combination not only comes from the same engineer who works in the 1970s and Zuntai, refer to engineers REF.1832SL Watch.

This is also the same for IW3510, which is the same as the IW3510. This is the special version of the military green shell. It is not helpful to let people think of the colored colors of the jungle fans, and the compass is also more fit.

In 40 years, the watch also retains excellent original original. In addition to the strap loss, the corner is slightly worn, and there are almost no traces. Re-equipped the Nato nylon belt with the military, the whole table is new, and if you don’t say its year, most will feel that there is no doubt.

The design of the disk will be just like the “Baohaus style”: simple lines, the contrast of color, the thickness of the line, and the reasonable space layout will be allocated all the details.

This type of design is simple, emphasizes the function, not the form of design concept is an important tributary in the modern design school; it can be seen that the Alexander Porsche is influenced by this concept, most of the products designed, mostly simple and practical.

39mm of the surface is 39mm, the space aluminum outer casing using a PVD coating, the space aluminum material has a high hardness and is characterized by magnetic (this is critical to the compass). Porsche Design 1919

The case of the case is aluminum alloy, which can be seen from the details and use of the country. Whether it is the smoothness of the shell, or the edge of the edge, it can see the strength of the big factory. . On the color of the coating, the military green has not been faded in thirty years, it is estimated to use Porsche’s own lacquer.

It can be seen that the entire shell thickness is well controlled, the total thickness is 13mm, even with the NATO nylon belt, there is no discomfort during the wear, thanks to the lightweight effect brought by aluminum alloy.

By pressing the buttons at the 6-point table ear, you can open the orientation survey in the internal compass; this should be called “north needle”, and there are several functions compared to the simple compass, which comes with rotatable The ring gear can rotate the dial of the dial, which can be positioned in the upper corner direction of the map, or perform a triangular measurement method to position position positioning.

The design of the core cover is also very creative, and the cartridge for the sealing function is made of glass lens. It is usually nothing to open the photo mirror or to do reflective distress irradiation (long distance through reflectance for Persian password), but its mirror truly use is to measure the magnetic square angle, and the specific tutorial network is not described in more information.

The cooperation of Wan Guo and Porsche is very happy. The most interesting is that in the late 1970s by the 1980s: because of the “Stone Storm” impact, the traditional mechanical form is in the weakest period, so the time Porsche Design is more powerful than the country. . Two cooperation to the end, Porsche Design fake attempted to buy IWC, or if there are some directors of Wan State to oppose, this matter is almost talks.

In 1995, Porsche Bought the Year of China (ETERNA) Watch Factory, Porsche design naturally has to help the factory, and the Wan Kingdom & Porsche design of many years has also come to an end.

Finally, the most classic table of Wannang and Porsche: Ocean 2000, the German Federal Armed Forces, the German Federal Armed Forces, to the country, to design a watch that is suitable for the Navy, and the participation of Porsche design allows this cooperation to the new height.

It can be seen that the appearance is very strong, which can resist two kilometers deep waterproof; simultaneous material uses new titanium metal materials, which can be completely uniform. This is the need for the use of the submersible forces to easily remove underwater mines because mines are very sensitive to metal magnetic properties.

Later, this custom watch also put into the mass market, the model named IWC Ocean 2000 REF.3524, whether it is military or civilian, Porsche design has been compliant with Chongzhi (Purism). Wan Guo & Porsche’s joint cooperation will also load into a classic case, and everyone will share together. chrono4usale

Porsche Design 1919 series

Porsche Design’s new 1919 series is inspired by the style of Bauhaus sports, adopts a simple and practical design, and is composed of sporty timepieces.

The 1919 series includes two main series: 1919 Datetimer and 1919 Globetimer.

The 1919 Datetimer Series 1 has two watch cases to choose from: titanium or titanium coated with black titanium carbide for a more sporty appearance. Titanium is one of Porsche Design’s favorite materials because it is stronger than stainless steel, while being lighter, corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic.

The case has a diameter of 42 mm and is water-resistant to 10 bar (approximately 100 meters). best fake watches

The characteristic gap at the attachment of the strap makes the design very unique and gives a feeling of lightness.

The streamlined structure of the dial focuses attention on important information, time and date display. The matte black background with white markings and hands creates maximum contrast, while the scratch-resistant, double-sided, and 7-layer anti-reflective sapphire crystal mirror ensures optimal readability.

The selected movement is the 4 Hz (28,800 vph) automatic winding Sellita SW200 movement with a power reserve of 38 hours.

The 1919 Datetimer Series 1 can be combined with a strap made of high-quality natural rubber, due to its internal LaserFlex texture to ensure the best ventilation and comfort, or combined with a glass sandblasted titanium bracelet.

1919 Globetimer Series 1 includes four watches with the same characteristics as the Datetimer series, but with the addition of a second time zone function.

A 24-hour ring has been added to the dial with additional hands indicating the time in the second time zone. The bottom cover shows 24 time zones around the world.

The 1919 Globetimer is powered by the Sellita SW330 automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

Porsche Design 1919 Global Timepiece UTC

Replica Porsche Design Watch 1919 CHRONOTIMER FLYBACK 4046901978983 42mm

At first glance, Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC looks like a chronograph with two buttons on the right side of the case. But here, the promoter does not activate the stopwatch, but controls the time zone function. This is unique in the watch industry. Since the founding of Porsche Design Timepieces AG in Solothurn, Switzerland in 2014, Porsche principles have been indispensable. The research, design and production of watches are under the company’s own control, while always maintaining direct contact with sports car manufacturers and manufacturers. Engineer of Porsche Motosport.

Calibre 04.110 is based on Sellita SW200 and adds an exclusive Dubois Depraz module and a unique Porsche design finish.

This symbiotic relationship is often visible, but it has never been so clearly defined and direct as it is today. The first Porsche Design watch was launched in 1972-this year, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche founded the Porsche Design lifestyle brand with a vision to extend the Porsche legend beyond the car. For the father of the 911, it was obvious that according to the dashboard of the car, this watch must be a chronograph with a black dial. Therefore, the Globetimer UTC in 1919 evokes the words of a famous industrial designer: “You must use what you have learned to consistently find the best new solution.” Porsche Design engineers can transform the chronograph with a black dial With a world time function, it also transfers the technology of the racing world directly to the timepiece.

The previous chronograph button on the right side of the 1919 Globetimer UTC case now operates the world time function, so the hour hand showing the main time can be changed with a quick click. If you travel to a different time zone, you can adjust the hour hand forward by pressing the start-stop chronograph button at 2 o’clock (now engraved with a plus sign) or use the rest button at 4 o’clock to adjust it backwards (marked with a minus sign) ), depending on whether you travel east or west. The most advanced technique here is that the date will go in either direction, while the central hand indicates the home time, and from their unique connection with motorsport, the time zone control using two buttons is adapted from the paddle shift on the steering wheel of a sports car. In addition, Porsche engineers designed a smooth shift control similar to those in modern transmissions.

Movement goes smoothly

This is not a marketing gimmick-it is clearly a technological shift from the world of motorsports to the field of time measurement, as can be seen in the complex changes of the Globetimer UTC movement in 1919. The starting point is the widely used Sellita automatic movement SW200, which runs at 4Hz and provides a 38-hour (now rather meager) power reserve. In the Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC version, the movement has been certified by the observatory to meet the highest quality standards, and is equipped with a Glucydur balance wheel and a Nivarox 1 hairspring, achieving a deviation of no more than -4 seconds or +6 seconds. Results per day . Whether in our multi-week wear test or when it is fully wound on a chronograph machine, the movement (called 04.110 in Porsche Design) does not increase by more than 1 second per day. Once the power starts to run out, the rate begins to be affected a bit, but it remains within the acceptable range of the astronomical clock, about -2 seconds.

Cutting-edge technology In collaboration with movement expert Dubois Depraz, a dedicated module for time zone control was created: two springs maintain tension under the right side of the case. Pressing the button causes the spring to jump, and with the rapid “click” you can feel and hear, the hands advance to the next time zone. This reflects the Porsche dual-clutch transmission that has selected the next gear. This effect is specifically designed to recall the paddle shifters on the steering wheel of a sports car and show the next gear—or in this case, the next 24-hour track around the edge of the dial remains unchanged.

Time zone control based on Motosport design

Manufacturers such as Omega or Breitling use the crown to control the time adjustment. You must pull the crown out and turn it in one direction or the other. You may encounter the wrong position or accidentally adjust the time. Porsche engineers realized that this method did not conform to Porsche’s design principles. But on the other hand, perhaps the Porsche engineer is the only one who can use the two previous chronograph buttons to control the time adjustment. From a historical point of view, the first Porsche Design watch was a time zone-has been adopted.

Black and white contrast to improve clarity

In order to ensure that the buttons normally used for best Porsche Design chronographs can also be used for time zone control, it is necessary to design an intermediate gear and modify the winding stem-partly so that all the operating elements on the right side of the Porsche design titanium case will be perfectly aligned .

The hand date indication (also a new design modification of the Sellita basic movement) advances forward and backward through the cam, pointing to the steel date ring inside the dial. There are 12 applied hour markers on the edge of the 1919 case, which glows bright green inside the case of 1919. This timepiece reflects two worlds-Porsche Motorsport, with time zone control, reminiscent of the change on the steering wheel. The Porsche Design watch brand of paddles, whose expertise can be traced back to 1972.

In the dark, together with the hands of the main time indication and the tip of the 24-hour hand. The triangles of different widths and 12 o’clock position provide additional directions-in line with the philosophy of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who said: “If you analyze the function of an object, its form is usually the black and white contrast on the dial 1919 Worldtimer UTC and the perfect pointer length on a matte black background (such as Chronograph I form 1972) set the tone of the watch.

The dark dial is designed to provide ample space for a clear display that is visible both day and night. In order to ensure the wearer’s clarity, a small window at 9 o’clock indicates the time of day, and night indicates the time. buy Replica watches

As we expected from Porsche Design, a 42mm titanium case surrounds the display, giving the impression of a shiny container inside a brushed and polished lock. The complexity of the main part of the case is presented without the bezel. The dial adopts a hard-coated sapphire crystal glass with seven layers of anti-glare treatment, and a solid threaded case back seals the case and ensures a pressure resistance of 10 bar.

Although the movement is not visible, the carefully engraved case back is engraved with the city name, which provides information on the world’s 24 time zones based on the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) named for the watch. No matter where you are going to travel, you will always know how many “clicks” it takes to set up a new area. London specifies the zero point. The Austrian town of Zell an See represents Central European Time (UTC + 1) and is a cautious reference to the location of the Porsche Design Studio.

Perfect click

If you want to use the 24-hour hand for the second time zone, you need to pull out the crown completely to adjust the hands. Then use the button to set the main hour hand to the home time. Not very complicated, but be careful-the seductive click may entice you to play with it and end with the wrong settings. In the manual adjustment of the position, there is a convenient modern hacking mechanism to facilitate precise setting of the time. Pull the crown out to the middle position and turn it clockwise to quickly set the date, but if you only need to adjust for a day or two, this can also be done by pushing the lever. Putters have been load tested 10,000 times, so you can not only use them for occasional time zone changes. In our tests, we were tempted to try the pusher more than once. They are a major feature of watches. If you return the push rod to its starting position very slowly, you can feel the tension of the spring under the case. After completing all the necessary settings, you can firmly screw the crown back to its original position.

Designed for big wrists. The glass bead and sandblasted middle part is perfectly integrated with the hollow lugs. Its design reflects the principle of Porsche lightweight structure. It has been a part of Porsche Design since Worldtimer in 2007. The black leather strap is attached to the highly curved lugs. The cleverly integrated reinforcement at the connection point means that the 1919 Globetimer UTC is particularly suitable for larger wrist sizes, but not very suitable for smaller wrist sizes. The sturdy titanium buckle can be easily opened on both sides with a button, and the loose end of the strap is held in place with wide claws. Now, nothing can stop the journey around the world, with a single click, you can take the traveler into another time zone, with outstanding Porsche design style.