HYT H1 watch hands-on

At the press conference, it was crowded on replica HYT. Many people go to listen to Vincent Perriard discuss the internal working principle of H1, which is a new watch launched by his new brand HYT. After several months, HYT made its debut recently. It is a high-end geek watch designed to combine traditional mechanical watches with liquid watches. H1 is the first version of the brand, and more liquid-themed watches will be launched in the future. After the meeting, I caught up with Perriard and got a special hands-on look and demonstration from the man of the new watch himself.

If you know Perriard’s past work, you will be familiar with his passion and design decisions. Futurism and “doing things differently” are the factors that motivate him. When explaining watches, he speaks French very quickly, and when showing off his toys, English has the same insight and enthusiasm. H1 is an extremely cool and unnecessary watch – a precise formula to reach this level can contribute to the success of the industry. When I first presented replica HYT H1 to the world, I introduced it here.

Hands-on H1 almost met my expectations-very good. Bold futuristic design, big on the wrist, but still very wearable. The case is 48.8 mm wide and 17.8 mm thick. With lobed ears, it means it fits most wrists well. You can’t help but notice the two bellows in the movement and the glowing green liquid ring, which indicate the hours. The conceptual execution seems to be flawless, especially when you adjust the number of hours back and forth and the green consistency quickly moves on the scale. It basically uses pressure, but as far as I know, I have never done anything with a crown so far, maybe not on such a small scale.

The part we want to check is a titanium alloy coated with black DLC. There are uncoated titanium versions, as well as full 18k rose gold and 18k rose gold and black versions mixed together. These four models will launch the brand and apparently sell its first few batches to retailers who will sell HYT watches worldwide.

As I mentioned, Perriard likes to make high-end toys. H1 feels exactly the same. It’s like something a smart kid would dream of. This is also something that an adult child will wear happily. It takes a lot of technical experts to fully understand the functions of the movement, but the concepts in actual operation can be enjoyed by almost everyone. I think Perriard understands this concept best-if you want to have a successful new watch brand to sell high-priced goods, then it must be admirable by ordinary people.

On the dial, you can see the retrograde liquid indicator for the hours and the dial for the minutes-both are easy to read. There is an auxiliary seconds hand and a useful power reserve indicator for manual winding. Perriard turned to the back of the watch and explained how he wanted the movement to be finished and decorated in a relatively classic way-core watch lovers who didn’t want to potentially alienate consumers. The heavy accordion bellows on the dial is something you have never seen on the dial before. Such signature elements will surely become the logo of the brand.

For most people, the price is still completely impossible, but it does provide a better opportunity for the rich and super-rich to own and enjoy highly exotic watches. I and others are enjoying the fashion, demeanor and technological innovation that H1 provides. Perriard promises to be more and more complex in the future, so I expect the H1 to be the entry-level model in the next few years. Usually, brands like this start with ultra-high flagship models, but the right technology may be the most important thing to start with HYT. I really like what they are doing, and CEO Perriard’s passion for the product undoubtedly made this deal more successful. Find HYT H1 watches in selected retailers now.



Breitling heritage, rewind

Inspired by the innovative spirit of the founder of Breitling, the new Premier Heritage Collection is designed for the noble and discerning modern people. These exquisite timepieces are the most elegant and refined of the brand.

Inspired by the innovative spirit of the founder of Breitling, the new Premier Heritage Collection is designed for the noble and discerning modern people. These exquisite timepieces are the most elegant and refined of the brand.

“This heritage-inspired design coupled with a stylish modern atmosphere embodies some of Breitling’s most famous innovations and reproduces the tradition of Breitling inventing modern chronographs. This is indeed our heritage.” Breitling’s new eternal and elegant series Said Georges Kern (Georges Kern). The noble heritage series pays tribute to Breitling’s own founder team: three generations have changed the history of timekeeping, making fake Breitling what it is today. Léon Breitling founded the company in 1884; later, he applied for a patent for a simple timer/speedometer that can measure any speed between 15 and 150 km/h This is an invention of the Vitesse pocket watch in 1906.

In 1915, his son Gaston created the first wrist-worn chronographs with independent buttons at 2 o’clock. This innovation separates the start, stop and reset functions of the crown, making timekeeping movements more practical.

In 1934, Leon’s grandson Willy obtained a patent for a second independent chronograph button at 4 o’clock. One of Willy Breitling’s famous pioneering achievements was the establishment of the Huit Aviation Department in 1938.

Impeccable taste
In addition to being brave and proficient in technology, Willy Breitling also understands people’s desire for elegance and charm. This inspired him to design the original Premier watches of the 1940s, which was the first step for Breitling to link goals and styles. As Willie sees it, “When a person wears a watch, it is undoubtedly the mark of impeccable taste.” The latest generation of Premiers-Breitling’s Premier Heritage series-brings this timeless elegance to life. The series includes six watches, divided into three different categories: Chronograph, Duograph and The Datora. All watches are made of Arabic numerals, retro-style hands and translucent alligator leather straps, with stitching of the same color. Each watch is a COSC-certified chronometer with a water resistance of 100 meters. Breitling SUPER CHRONOMAT B01

Breakthrough features
The 40mm Premier Heritage Chronograph is manually wound, just like its predecessors in the 1940s. It is powered by Breitling Caliber B09, which is based on Breitling Caliber 01. It has two variations: with a striking pistachio green dial, the case is made of stainless steel, or the solemn silver dial, the case is packaged by 18K. Red gold.

The Premier Heritage Duograph is equipped with stainless steel and 18k rose gold cases (42 mm in diameter), each with a blue or black dial. The tourbillon function is one of the finest functions in watchmaking, thanks to its two superimposed chronograph hands, which enable the wearer to measure the elapsed time twice at the same time. This hand is equipped with a Breitling movement B03 and a mechanically wound Breitling movement B15.

Like its predecessor from the 1940s, the 42mm Premier Heritage Datora also stands out for its highly visible and sophisticated functions (instant day, date and moon phase display). It is powered by the manufacturing movement B25. The copper-colored surface of Datora is framed by a stainless steel case, while the silver dial is made of 18k rose gold.

All three models in the Premier Heritage series demonstrate Breitling’s proficiency in timepieces because it has undergone several generations of development.

Patek Philippe Replica watch

Patek Philippe Ref. 2523 World Time Cloisonne “Eurasia” A very special watch.

The upcoming spring auction season will bring an astonishing number of vintage Patek Philippe World Time watches. Christie’s auction house will offer three of them at the evening auction on May 22, including famous and unique references. The platinum 1415 HU was sold to the public for the last time in 2002. It once became the world’s most expensive watch and achieved 6.6 million Swiss francs including the cost.

On the other hand, Phillips will provide Patek Philippe Ref. In 2523, “Eurasia” made its first public appearance. This reference was owned by Italian collectors for a long time until the current owner bought it in the mid-1990s. The 2523 is one of only three watches with a cloisonné dial with a map of “Eurasia”-in very good condition. During the preview, I wore it on my wrist. This watch is very beautiful and crisp. It can be said that it will sell for 10 million US dollars or more for every dollar.

Although it is not one of the most complicated high quality fake watches made by Patek Philippe in the 20th century, its world time watches (and pocket watches) are still one of the brand’s most coveted and valuable timepieces.

Earlier than platinum reference. Reference 1415 HU set a record in 2002. The 2523 with a cloisonné dial was often auctioned for more than $1 million in the 1990s. This is the inspiration for today’s world time models (including the most recent ones). 5231J. The fact that world time is the favorite of Osvaldo Patrizzi, the founder of Antiquorum, and then the most important person in watch auctions, undoubtedly contributed to the increase in prices.

The inherent appeal of world time watches is manifold. First of all, they are visually unique and beautiful. The appearance of the enamel version is extremely exquisite, almost no complicated watch can reach. In fact, World Time is the only complicated best Patek Philippe watch with a cloisonne enamel dial.

More broadly, the world time watch also evokes a bygone era, when intercontinental travel was actually an adventure by boat, rail or propeller plane. In fact, the first commercial passenger service using jet airliners began in 1952, when the De Havilland Comet (De Havilland Comet) was not in the right era.

Rolex GMT-Master Rolex (Rolex) GMT-Master was originally developed for the pilots of Pan American Airlines. Perhaps this watch symbolizes the advent of the jet age. The watch came out in 1955. It was produced in 1953 in 2523 and sold a year later. To a large extent, it has entered an era that is about to end.

Needless to say, world time watches are extremely rare. Except for a few worldwide experimental watches, such as rectangular ref. 515 or Calatrava reference. In 96 HU, the world time complexity was only found in two different models.

More than a hundred references. 1415 HU was manufactured during the production process from 1939 to 1954. From 1953 to the end of the 1960s, two to three dozen refs. 2,523 pieces were produced, and there are about 10 of its almost identical successor models. 2523/1.

Phillips said the reason for the scarcity of world time watches is simple-they just don’t sell well. Another fact is that the complexity of the world time was invented by the Geneva engineer Louis Cottier (1894-1966). The most famous invention of this invention is the world time, and it was also provided to Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and Agassiz et al.

He invented many complications for Patek Philippe, including linear timing display. 3414 (reproduced by Urwerk in Hyundai). All time watches in the world are powered by a 12-tooth movement (ie cal movement). Reference 12-400. 2523 and cal. Refer to 12-120 in. 1415-Cottier added the world time module to the bottom board. According to Phillips, Cotier also produced the hands of the world time model and assembled the finished watch.

Patek Philippe fake officially describes it as “Europe”, the map on the map. Although there are not many Asians, 2523 is called Eurasia. Perhaps it is an expedient measure to increase the attractiveness of Asian customers. “Eurasia” is relatively uncommon in cloisonne maps found on referees. In 2523, only three are known. The most numbered version of the cloisonné map. The year 2523 is North America, and there are 6 known.

Refer to this example. 2523 is both original and well-preserved. The box retains many original shapes and lines. This quality is particularly evident on the “flank” lugs, which are stepped on the side and carved with small planes along the edges. At the same time, these signs retain deep relief.

The dial is also crisp, the color of the enamel remains vivid, and there is no crack or damage on the surface. This watch looks very good to my own eyes.

Although it has a very high valuation compared to the valuation obtained by Christie’s in the rose gold watch on the blue dial in 2019, the watch market has been developing since then, and demand and prices have generally changed. More powerful. In the past two years, there have been some obvious examples of genres in antique Wholesale watch collections, but none in the references. Given its unique nature, 2523 may benefit from the rising market.

Wholesale Hublot Watch

Break through the uniformity of innovation and unity

Hublot luxury watches main praise their highest quality process and undising accuracy, is not to say they have tried to settle with luxury and design. This design is mainly internal, which means that the HUBLOR brand mainly produces its own watch components. For example, the Hublot Unico movement is a complete brand of the first code table movement. This kara is then ready to include in Hublot Big Bang and King Power Lines.

After the initial success of Hublot Unico, the company can successfully make a range of internal movements and then used in Hublot Ferrari and Slim Classico Calibers.

Hublot Watch – the most popular among world famous stars and athletes
From the establishment of the HUBLOR brand, the Hublot watch is talking about the celebrity world, many of which as a brand ambassador. Some of them are our greatest athletes, such as the fastest people on the earth, football super superstars, such as Pelé and Diegoaradona, and basketball announced Brant.

The Hublot watches are also made by businessmen, singer, royal family members, such as Bernie Ecclestone, Leni Richi and Prince Monaco. Rep Guru Jay-Z is also a hublot fake watch home – this is a cooperation, causing the Hublot Classic Fusion Shack Carter watch.

In addition to the reputation in the celebrity world, Hublot will pay attention to charity. For example, the activity of the Hublot Watch and Band Depeche mode is a good example of the Hublot Brand Campaign Cleaning Drinking Water.

Racing and sports world – Hublot watches have conquered this
Hublot is the first manufacturer of luxury watches entering the football world – this move is considered to be a bold move, because today’s Hublot is the World Cup’s FIFA and the official watch, so that the Hublot watch is obvious. Football fan.

The Hublot watches also have a highly diverse connection with the Football World, with football clubs, such as Juventus, Paris, Gard and Bayern Munich.

In addition to football, you can see the area of ​​Hublot Watches Fronting Race and Luxury Cars, such as equation 1., for example, Hublot Men’s watch series, such as a formula 1 King Power ceramics.

Hublot Ferrari is one of the most famous Hublot watches, leading to the highest achievements of luxury car companies.

Hublot Big Bang and Hublot Classic Fusion – The most popular Hublot model
Each luxury brand has a string of favorite models, boycotting time and fashion trend – the same applies to the Hublot watch model large explosion and classical fusion.

The Hublot Big Bang series has no legendary disadvantages, which is why it is collected in 2005 to expand with more sub-groups.

Hublot Classic Fusion Watches first launched in 2008, with traditional Hublot watches, created from the company, exciting sports elegant ‘until today.

Hublot looks at the latest collection
We mentioned Hublot Big Bang and Classic Fusion Collection, but there are also some smaller understanding of watching measures to enable them into the hearts of consumers.

For example, the king’s power collection consists of 48 mm thick cases, it must be affirmed, and the spirit of big explosion collected has caused attention to its rectangular case. The masterpiece brings some exotic processes, while the only MP-02 key time motion allows you to slow or accelerate the rate of measurement time.

Loyal Hublot Fans In the start of the new limited edition time, it is unfunished. In the latest “artistic integration”, with the latest latest information, refreshed with the new model, such as Hublot Porto Montenegro Classic Fusion – 48 mm Navy blue joy.

Hublot and Porto Montenegro – the birth of new limited edition watches
Last year, the Hublot brand announced a strategic cooperation with the Polic Montenegro Terminal, so became our official exam for two years.

The new partnership of these two luxury giants is a step by means of replica Hublot, which we exclusively lifestyle communities, followed by many yacht club Naritas and membership society.

Hublot Classic Fusion Porto Montenegro – Hublot Special Edition
As we mentioned in the opening ceremony, as of last year, Hublot is the official exam of our luxury resort, and Hublot also launched an official watch – Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Porto Montenegro.

This unique finite watch decorated with blue, blue sunray dial decoration on the timer timer, Montenegro sign, put it 3 o’clock. The 45mm diameter housing also has a sapphire glass back.

The clock is provided by the Caliber Hublot HUB1143 with an automatic winding movement, providing blue rubber and calf belts. Fully made from titanium, epitomy eternal elegance and endurance.

Hublot Porto Montengro Partnership is a respect for Hublot, with a unique atmosphere and luxurious panoramic view of Super Yacht Pier. Wholesale Fake Discount watches

New Richard Mille RM 21-01 Tour Play Orthodox Aerodyne

Using Richard Mille fake, many people immediately thought of ultra-light work made from ground-crushing new materials, which was equipped with complex mechanical movements, with unprecedented toughness. Although it is impressive, for Mille, loneliness is not enough because he also has a high standard of appeal to his aesthetics. New RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne is this perfect example. The watch uses a complete new case design, collects high-tech appearance of carbon TPT, red gold, elegant and spectacular lines.

RM 21-01 Touring Aerodyne also has unparalleled stiffness because Mille combines carbon TPT with a substrate made of Haynes 214. The nickel-aluminum-ferric alloy is made in a honeycomb structure with a vibrant blue. Light and extremely stiffly, it produces the perfect material of Mille, established a manual wound Tukye movement, has a bridge of 5 titanium, brand logo. The honeycomb panel from Haynes 214 also added a color to the mixture used in the flakes and numbers of Mille on the dial made of Sapphire Crystal. This creates a perfect unified and zoom in synergies between all of these unique elements.

Although Mille keeps a very clean looking RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne, it provides you with more information than the initial expected. The 12-point position is on the left on the left side of the power reserve indicator and the torque indicator of the right side. At four o’clock position, the crown function selector tells you whether to set to windings, neutral or manual setup times. Changes between functions are only driven by the crown. Quickly rotate wire buckets, occupy the upper half of the watch, gives 70 hours of power storage RM 21-01 Touring Wheel Air. Although the replica watches usa and its motion have a very technical manner, the organizers reflect the most quality Swiss traditions with manually polished Anglage and locking parts, as well as grinding and polishing contact points.

Breitling NavitiMer Rattrapante Reviews

Today, we will review the Breitling NavitiMer Rattrapante (Second hour card tab) very carefully. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this watch and discuss all available features and price and overall value.

In a watch comment, every other, we will truly conduct product analysis, thereby breaking your watch into the finest detail. Today, there is a NavitiMer Rattrapante watch, one of those lucky days.

First, let us erect the length. Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante Watch has polished stainless steel case, from the exterior of the floppy copper dial to all exquisite printed tracks and numbers, this table has a lot of features.

The hose size of the stainless steel case is 45 mm, the housing thickness is 15.73 mm, and can be displayed on the wrist.

The small dial consists of the lower hemisphere of the dial:

6 o’clock location: Twelve hours counters
3 o’clock location: 30 minutes counter tablet
9 o’clock location: small second needle

There is a aperture between 4 or 5 o’clock positions of the dial for displaying the date. This dates window uses beautiful, easy to read fonts and font size. The time standard, the hourglass and the minute needle have a light-emitting material to illuminate in the dark, which is convenient for reading time in the case where night or light is insufficient.

For some people, the face value of this table may look too busy. For others, this is a masterpiece, which is the answer to the challenge related to the work. “Why?” You may ask? For beginners, this is a delicate toolkit, suitable for pilots and professionals who need unique navigation features. Read more to find the answer. wholesale replica watches

Mechanical properties
Many of these functions are built into the dial, such as a scale feet to help speed calculate and calculate. The two-way rotary lap allows you to quickly use your watches as a conversion table for calculations, such as converting miles to km or converting miles into sea.

It can also be used to calculate the climb time and measure the fuel efficiency by a so-called slide-rule complex function used in conjunction with the rotating lap.

For those who have never had an overcamet table (do you believe? Some people even never heard of El Primero!), The chronograph table is a watch with a stopwatch function. The stopwatch function can be accessed, started, and stopped by the timing button above the crown (the knob in the right side of the watch).

This 100-year spiritual timeline is particularly unique than other Breitling cheap years of spiritual timeline table, which means it is an automatic flying return time code table, which can not only calculate the number of seconds (using red chronograph pointer, pointer) The other end with “b” representation). Differentiation), but you can also use an anchored weight polishing second hand to calculate seconds (or score).

This pilot watch has a flyback clockwise, which can reset its position by pressing the button. After pressing the button, the second hand chasing the red home timing.

Breitling NavitiMer Rattrapante Biennium Calibre 03 Automatic upper chain head is also referred to as internal movement B03. The name of this second-hour timing movement is “Chronometer”.

Astronomical clock means that the centenary is handed over to third parties, called COSC, and the movement has been tested to reach the lowest accuracy and precision of -4 / + 6 seconds. It is considered an excellent precision score mechanical watch.

breitling cockpit b50 orbiter vb50106a1o1s1

Like all a Breitling years of watch, you can have any type of strap with this automatic flyback schedule. This specific series of styles can be equipped with multiple straps, including a buckle or folding buckle. The available belts and buckles are:

Black rubber, tang buckle
Cape skin with white saddle suture (available color: light brown, dark brown or black), with contrast or folding buckle
Short kiss crocodile skin / crocodile skin, with white saddle suture (available color: light brown, dark brown or black) with contracted or folded buckle
Stainless steel bracelet with folding safety latch

Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat Watch Hands-on

2016 Richard Miller RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat Watch is now the appearance of the entry-level Richard Miller watch. RM 67-01 (AKA RM67 or RM67-01) The wrist is small, with brand DNA, very cheap, but the price is not more than $ 100,000 (good, some versions are true). It is also very comfortable and cool, with distinctive modern lines, and emphasizes the display of more movements and beautiful Richard Mille bridges as much as possible.

To understand the case of Richard Miller RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat watches, although there are other important Richard Miller watches, you also need to view iconic Richard Miller RM. 010 and RM 016. RM 010 helps consolidate the brand-famous modern barrel-shaped case style, and RM 016 is the original thin case of the brand, mainly a rectangular housing (later added a circular RM 033 thin case). Combined with the case of these two watches, you will have both thin and alcoholic RM 67. Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic Extra flat titanium alloy housing material and the effect of clinging wrist are surprising. If I have any questions about Richard Mille watches, it is their dedication to wearing human engineering.

Richard Mille did not try to break the record of RM 67, but the goal of the brand is to make a comfortable and unique Richard Mille, which is every day. Easy to wear. The case (no table) is 38.70 mm wide, 47.52 mm high. As the “extra flat” watches, the thickness of Richard Mille RM 67-01 is 7.75 mm. Similarly, this is not a thinity of the record, but it is definitely slim (not “ultra-thin”). Typically, the design of the case is perfect, there are many details, such as chamfer on the crown and other areas. In addition to the titanium table you see here, I am very sure that Richard Mille RM 67’s 18K rose gold version (and other materials) will be available.

Richard Mille likes to use proprietary elements such as screws and other systems, which makes other terms of players to be repaired outside Richard Mille. Is there a part of the high-end cars or hourglass? Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic Upper Chain Machine Core is the new movement developed by Les Breuleux, which is developed by Richard Mille. It is a caliber CRMA6 automatic upper chain header . The thickness of the CRMA6 movement is 3.6mm, I believe it can work at 4 Hz frequencies and have a driving force for about two days.

The movement is quite vivid, mainly using the combination of titanium alloy piano bridges and black and “plasma cuttings” to achieve ultra-modern appearances that we tend to contact Richard Mille brand. Please note that the automatic rotor is a solid platinum. The movement itself actually has a barrel shape to match the case. Functional, CRMA6 movements provide hours and minutes of time (no seconds), date (windows at 5 o’clock) and a crown option indicator near 2 o’clock. The dial is very busy, and various skeleton is underway. That is, pointers and time standards have a rich coating in Superluminova. What I want to say is that this watch is more readily read more easily in the darkness (shining with electricity) than in bright light. However, it looks very cool under the light …

Richard Mille replica spent a lot of time talking about RM 67 enclosure, as well as complexity of machining and production. The operation number is “215”, indicating that the machine operand required for each operation is performed. Indeed, the case such as the case is very complicated, and this complexity greatly increases production costs and time.

Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic super flat is one of Richard Mille men’s rare Richard Mille watch? A bit is a bit. Of course, if you can’t take care of the aesthetics and design, Richard Mille, but Richard Mille can be slightly cautious (at least from the volume ), There is something like “automatic super flat”. “Attached to the case is a black rubber strap. I also believe that for a slightly trimming application, the black crocodile skin strap is equally applicable.

Richard Mille is likely to use Richard Mille RM 67-01 automatic super-flat table and the watch in the series instead of the old super-tablet table. Richard Mille RM 67-01 This kind of cheap replica watches is simple, but it has an ideal case shape, novel movement and excellent wearing experience.

Porsche Design Watch

Are you familiar with Porsche Design replica watches?

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was born in Stuttgart in 1935 and has close ties with the automotive world. He founded Porsche Design in 1972, a watchmaking company whose motivation lies more in its founders Creative spirit, not a lucrative business idea. Ferdinand Alexander worked for many years as the design director of the automobile brands Porsche and Volkswagen founded by his grandfather, where he designed some iconic masterpieces in the sports car industry, such as the Porsche 911.

Since his founding, Ferdinand Alexander’s Porsche design has been adhering to a clear design concept: optimized function. In other words, the shape of the watch is simplified without compromising its essence. The first watch he designed completely changed the watchmaking industry, and in 1972 he launched the world’s first all-black frosted watch, whether it is a case or a bracelet. The dial of this model is inspired by the indicators on the dashboard of a Porsche sports car.

Porsche Design cheap started the journey of cooperation with Orfina. After 6 years of working with them, it decided to bet on IWC Schaffhausen and signed a 20-year cooperation agreement with it. Soon after starting this collaboration, both companies achieved success, because their first part was commercial success.

In this way, Porsche’s design once again set off a revolution in the watchmaking industry, this time the first watch with an integrated compass appeared: Compass Watch. This watch is elegant and dynamic, with a black or khaki green dial, simple index and discreet date indication. As a single decorative element, it has two crossed bands, from twelve to six, and from three to nine, forming a cross.

Later, in 1980, they once again achieved international success, launching the first watch with a chronograph and strap made entirely of titanium: the Titan Chronograph.

Three years later, they launched another most iconic model: Porsche Design Ocean 2000. This is a diving watch that is water-resistant to 2,000 meters (the water tightness record of the watch at the time), which was customized according to technical requirements. Navy of the Federal Republic

After this successful cooperation, the agreement between IWC Schaffhausen and Porsche Design expired and the two companies decided to go their own way. It was from this moment that Porsche Design began to work, ETERNA. During this period, two models were particularly eye-catching: the 2004 indicator model and the 2007 Worldtimer P’6750. fake watches

First of all, this is a revolution from an aesthetic and technical point of view, because it shows an automatic chronograph that digitally accumulates hours and minutes, providing a groundbreaking aesthetic effect.

The second watch provides local time through three central hands and provides a reference time of more than 24 hours in a small vertical window at 9 o’clock.

In 2014, Porsche Design decided not to look at a new stable partner in the Swiss watch market and started manufacturing its own parts. The first model manufactured was the sports chronograph Timepiece No.1 Limited Edition, whose aesthetics reflected the entire tradition of Porsche design. Followed by the titanium limited edition chronograph, except for the black case, it has all the technical and aesthetic characteristics of its twin brother. buy replicas watch

Today, Porsche Design has multiple series, but all series maintain the same spirit as the brand. From the beginning, Ferdinand wanted to transfer the same concept as his success in the automotive industry to the field of watchmaking: a product with a uniform design that reflects a lot of engineering work, rather than fast-changing fashion.

A major feature of Porsche Design watches is that many of their straps are made of the same leather as the interiors of Porsche vehicles. But its watch band and bracelet also use other materials, such as rubber, fabric, titanium or alligator leather, such as the bellows automatic Porsche Design 1919 Datetimer Eternity.

Main collection

MONOBLOC actuator

Porsche Design Monobloc Actuator Automatic Watch

This one-piece drive is the latest innovation of Porsche Design. All watches are made of titanium. As the name suggests, the case is a unique case. The case and timing buttons are integrated in the case. It is in these pushers that we have found the most innovative details in the series. The Monobloc Actuator watch draws inspiration from the sporty Porsche 911 RSR (especially its mechanical valve technology). It includes an articulated “rocker” push rod for controlling the chronograph. Another unique feature of the series is the small seconds dial. There is a small opening at the 9 o’clock position in these dials. A pattern with white thorn stripes or checkered marks appears on the dial, which simply indicates to the user whether the watch is on. jobs.

Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC Automatic Watch

The series is directly inspired by the iconic 911 car of Porsche Design, whose design is more pure and elegant without losing its sporting essence. The first model with flyback function launched by Porsche Design was born in this series, thanks to the brand’s first internal movement Werk 01.200, which also obtained COSC certification. This feature allows its users to measure continuous time intervals, because the chronograph has been reset and restarted without having to stop the chronograph first, you only need to press the button and it will restart. This is ideal for car activities where the car’s lap speed must be accurately recorded.

In this series, Porsche showed its latest model 1919 Chronotimer Flyback Blue & Leather, which has the traditional functions of the 1919 model but has an attractive blue color. This model includes a chronograph without tachymeter scale, the classic small seconds of Porsche Design that we introduced in the Monobloc section, flyback function and COSC certificate.

Porsche Design Chronotimer Flyback Series 1 Automatic Watch

The series is a tribute to the first titanium chronograph created by Porsche Design, while also adopting a very sporty design to align with the brand’s history. The chronograph is characterized by a minimalist dial that is easy to read. One of the surprising details in these models is the smoked sapphire back glass, which reveals the movement of the watch. The bezel of all Chronotimer watches has a chronograph function and a tachymeter function. For those who are not familiar with this function, the speedometer is a digital scale that can measure the average speed based on the distance traveled.

Richard Mille RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne

Richard Mille’s latest version, Rm 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne, get inspiration from the aviation world to provide brand material innovation signature, all people are unique in tonnage cases.

Open the content involving the new Richard dawn Wholesale fake watches is one-time and confusion, such as in mechanical engineering in collision courses. So let’s start with a highlight. This situation, which clock is in 42.68 x 50.12 x 14.30, is a new design with a complex structure of 5N red, reinforced with carbon TPT. Using 20 spline screws, the armored carbon structure is attached to the housing.

In addition to the protection benefits of this situation, the playback between gold and perfect aligned carbon layers is visually spectacular. Add to the drama is a bottom plate made of honeycomb adjacent Hanns 214. In a simple language, the motherboard of the watch is made of a unique blue cellular pattern alloy, one of which is usually used in an extremely high temperature environment. This means that the bottom plate is very hard and high resistance to torque and thermal expansion. It also allows the bridge of titanium and gold, gourd and bucket of the caliber RM21-01.

In addition to the usual timing function, the RM Caliber is also filled with other highly engineered good things, such as torque indicators of a little clock. Then, the crown function selector simulates the gearbox, the free spring balance and variable inertia. There are several performance enhancements on the bucket, where you can see the modular time setting mechanism, allow longer life and security during the service.

Richard Mille RM 21-01 Touri Wheel Aerodyne offers a white rubber bracelet is a bold new explanation for brand singular vision.

Sports: RM21-01, manual winding Gome wheel movement, hour, minute, function selector, transmission reserve and torque indicator.
Cases and dials: Cases in 5N red gold and carbon TPT, 42.68 x 50.12 x 14.30 mm, rated waterproof, sapphire dial.
Tablet: white rubber

Delacour Bichrono SII C.

Replica DeLaCour Bichrono SIIc Watch

In 2003, Bichrono became a signature of the brand: an elliptical housing, with two independent automatic timelines, can run two timers simultaneously and display two time zones.

Bichrono Si provided in limited edition (gold or steel) is exceeded in sales expectation and is highly appreciated by loving enthusiasts. Constantly developing, Bichrono is happy with Bichrono Hommage Edition, including extraordinary dials made in precious woods, leather or authentic Havana leafs. Use the hand-independent shape, these excellent materials make each watch unique. Continuous innovation, replica Delacour launched Bichrono Tech in 2013.

The main novelty is found on dialing: the chain sculpture of three levels of armor. Only in the steel version, the gold version will be added to the collection in 2014. In 2014, an improved Bichrono Rafaga was launched: an original dial and improved flange ergonomics, cases and sales. Bloodstone crystal glass, edges of the flanks and pushes appear the baffle. This new “circle” is decorated into this series of symbols.

In order to maintain nostalgia and the iconic “mushroom” push fans’s expectations; create a new version of Bichrono SII. The model is completely sold out and re-issued in the name of Bichrono SIIC; with a new dial, it can improve readability. Bichrono SIIC retains all of its prodrug: elegant, sports and avant-garde. Its lines, curves and dial have been modified to make it thin. Wholesale fake watches

Its dual dial still provides two time zones and two chronological tables. . Pad printing, hierarchical label decorative paint surface. The three counters are displayed at their hearts, indicating hours, minutes, and seconds of the timeline table function.

To distinguish between doubles, each motion has a second needle (red and green on the right). This watch provides good readability due to manual cutting and polishing sapphire glass. Two automatic timelines are disclosed by sapphire glass at the bottom of the housing. The bread of this watch is dedicated to super protein. Release the timer function by using a mushroom type substrate.

Bichrono Siic is the up to 5 ATMs, which is completed by hand-sewing crocodile or soft rubber bracelet. This limited edition is only available for 222 pieces of steel blocks and 88 gold parts.

Technical specifications
Diameter: Two sports DC 241
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 37 hours

Double independent time, minute, chronograph, and one day indicator

Size: 54 x 52 x 13.5 mm
Material: Steel and Pink
Waterproof: 5 ATMs (except for some jewels)
Glass: sapphire
Back: Smoked Bluebao
Crown: Ø8mm

Black with white numbers
Counter with polishing steel frame
Both hands: skeletal shaped light-emitting coating shape

Black hand sewing crocodile