Richard Mille RM 56-02 Tourbillon Sapphire

Most attendees at SIHH 2012 agreed that the most famous, watched and famous watch in the show was replica Richard Mille’s sapphire case model. It is different from anything the industry has never seen before, and caused a sensation, not only because of its sapphire case (a very tricky material), but also because of its unavailable price tag.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) is very rare, even in the watch industry no one else can beat, but they prefer to surpass their own achievements. Therefore, since launching the first glass masterpiece, they have further developed the technology of processing and milling crystal blocks, and launched its successor product RM 56-01 after its original RM 056 model, and recently launched this model. The new RM 56-02 Sapphire Tourbillon Watch was made for the event aptly named Watches and Wonders in Hong Kong.

Richard Mille RM 56-02 Sapphire Watch

In addition to the sapphire case, the main attraction of the movement lies in its movement. The arrangement of its new movement provides the illusion of a clock for onlookers, who will undoubtedly favor thousands of this watch. The movement is inspired by the special effects design of RM 27-01. You may remember that it is the clothes Rafael Nadal wears in his daily work. Even on a bad day, his serve on the tennis court may exceed limit. The bottom plate of the 100 mph movement is made of grade 5 titanium alloy. It is completely suspended in the sapphire case using a single braided cable only 0.35mm thick and woven in the pulley system of the movement. Each corner of the movement All have columns, and 6 calibers are placed along each corner of the movement. The ratchet (albeit small) at 9 o’clock controls the tension of the cable, and the tension indicator just below 12 o’clock is used to let the wearer know that everything is fine, or whether adjustments are needed to be made. But this is not all. Now, Richard Mille has a knack for making miniature parts from sapphire. For this new model, they have added a new sapphire winding barrel bridge, tourbillon and center bridge.

For the technicians who developed and built these fake Richard Mille showcase models, the case made of sapphire posed a huge challenge. Such a unique case should not be simply measured in millimeters, but should be measured by the time it takes to manufacture them. The processing time on each triple watch case has reached an astonishing 40 days, in addition, the processing and finishing time of the movement bridge has reached 400 hours. In addition to allocating the time and number of days for each watch, Richard Mille also invested time and resources to research and develop this new type of watch, so those who wish to add this new type of watch to their watch collection The people will pay a high price.

Replica Tudor 1926 28 Stainless Steel

The Tudor 1926 line pays tribute to TUDOR’s origins and watchmaking traditions, a mechanical watch that is timeless, classic and elegant. It epitomises TUDOR’s philosophy: one of refinement, quality and affordability.

With its 1926 line, TUDOR renews its commitment to the traditional values of fine Swiss watchmaking – a world where mechanical excellence goes hand in hand with enduring sophistication. The 1926 line is named after the year when “The Tudor” was registered as a brand on behalf of Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf. It captures TUDOR’s philosophy and continues down the very same path that it has trodden ever since its inception, emerging as a high-quality watch technically and aesthetically, with a level of sophistication that transcends any apparent limitations.

Made from a block of one of the most robust stainless steels in existence, 316L steel, and highlighted with touches of satin-brushed rose gold, the case on these models is waterproof in all circumstances and to 100 metres (330 feet) below sea level thanks to its screw-down crown and case-back.

The dials of the 1926 model are a fine example of TUDOR’S thorough attention to detail. Domed for a vintage touch and adorned at the centre, their delicately embossed design harkens back to TUDOR’s origins, in subtle contrast to the smooth minute scale.

Offered in a choice of silver, opaline, white or black, these dials have applique even-numbered Arabic numerals between faceted arrow-shaped hour markers. There are also versions where the odd-numbered hour markers are set with diamonds. The wealth of detail on the dials of the 1926 line creates a striking and intricate play of light that perfectly complements the sword-shaped hands with their matching colours.

Ever-faithful to Swiss watchmaking traditions, and to the TUDOR collection as a whole, the models in the 1926 line are all fitted with self-winding mechanical movements that have proved to be robust and reliable. The traditional “ROTOR SELF-WINDING” marking on the dial is a direct reference to this characteristic.

Finely decorated, with a 38-hour power reserve, they feature hours, minutes and seconds as well as the date in an aperture at 3 o’clock. Offered in steel or gold and steel, the 1926 line comes in four sizes – 28 mm, 36 mm, 39 mm and 41 mm. It has been designed for women as well as men to suit wrists both big and small, with those who love beautiful things in mind.

The case is made of steel, polished all over and waterproof to 100 metres (330 feet). All four case sizes are available with finishing touches in 4N rose gold that embellish the bezel and winding crown and highlight the dial details.

The metal bracelet has taken pride of place in TUDOR design from the very beginning. The Tudor 1926 28 line naturally has a purpose-made bracelet designed with comfort, refinement and quality in mind. Made up of seven links of varying size, it closely follows the curve of the wrist. Its outer links are satin-brushed while those in the middle are polished – a variety of finish that enhances the elegant appearance of the watch. Meticulously assembled in accordance with TUDOR’s longstanding skill in the field, the bracelet is flexible as well as strong.

Tudor 1926 28 Stainless Steel offers a five-year guarantee for all products sold from 1 January 2020 onwards. This guarantee does not require the watch to be registered or submitted to periodic checks and is transferable. All TUDOR products purchased between 1 July 2018 and 31 December 2019 will benefit from an 18-month guarantee extension, a total of three and a half years. TUDOR also recommends having its watches serviced approximately every 10 years, depending on the model and daily use.

Richard Mille – RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

In order to combine it with the 10th anniversary of Rafael Nadal, Richard Mille introduced the new RM 27-04 Touring Rafael Nadal, the latest clock is committed to Spanish tennis champion, and we list a series of excellent series listed below.

Innovative clock from multiple angles, new RM 27-04 balance lightweight design – 30 grams of straps! – Have excellent resistance.

Its Touri wheel caliber, suspended in the case, can resist more than 12,000 grams of acceleration, is the record of Richard Mille. The movement is completely supported by a microbee grid just 855 square millimeters, which includes a single cable in a woven steel having a diameter of 0.27 mm, and is held in place by two tensioners in the 5n gold treated by PVD. This kind of building is complete in the world.

Same as the string of tennis strings, the discount replica watches anchored steel cable to a tensioner at 5 o’clock, then starting to create a web, tie each of the strings before adding a cross-butam. Weed over the top of the main string, and the cable passes through 38 times by 5-stage titanium hollow frame, and then positioned in a tensioner positioned at 10 o’clock.

The motion is positioned to the mesh, and is attached to the mesh by a 5-stage 5-stage polished titanium hook which has a 5n gold PVD coating extending from the back surface of the bottom plate.

Once the board manufacturing machine is made by loosening the screw screw, the moving assembly of the watch grid meshes will be completed.

Measure 38.40 x 47.25 x 11.40 mm and water to 50 m / 165 feet, housing, sandblasted and polished surface, is also very innovative, made from titanium. This high-performance polyamide obtained a 38.5% carbon fiber content. The addition of carbon makes titanium with excellent tensile strength – 370 MPa (3,700 kg / cm2) – making it one of the most resistant resistance of the world.

In addition to near fractures – the anti-fracture of steel – this material, in the most demanding industries, due to its rugibility and rigidity, the low thermal expansion coefficient and high rigidity are added, and the components of this situation are very suitable for processing. Moisture and temperature.

Hand-wound diameter RM27-04 frequency is 21,600 (3 Hz) frequencies per hour, and the power supply is 38 hours (± 10%).

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5236P

New perpetual calendar with innovative patented single-line display

Patek Philippe is known as one of the best calendar watch manufacturers. Whether it’s a separate calendar calendar or other complications, whether it’s an annual calendar (one of its inventions) or a perpetual calendar, the brand is clearly within its comfort zone. This year, as part of the “Watches and Miracles 2021” series, the brand launched a new ultra-clean perpetual calendar watch that displays the date, date and month in a row in an elongated hole below 12 o’clock. To this end, Patek Philippe also released a new movement for its embedded perpetual calendar 5236P.

Patek Philippe has a variety of perpetual calendar watches with a classic layout and 3 sub-dials-with automatic winding ultra-thin movement 240 Q movement, such as Ref. 5327-or retrograde date display, and even continuous windows on the arch between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock on the dial… In 2021, the brand added a new look to its perpetual calendar watch series, where all the key instructions are in It is displayed in uninterrupted single-line text, so that the calendar function can be read highly intuitively. A total of 4 non-overlapping discs and a brand new movement with 3 patents are required.

The “panoramic” embedded display of Perpetual Calendar 5236P is rarely seen in modern watchmaking. At Patek Philippe, this is not completely unprecedented, because the brand has already produced pocket watches with an embedded calendar display for the American market. However, this is the first of Patek Philippe watches. The main advantage of this display is that in addition to bringing a very clean and tidy dial, it can also visually view the calendar indications, and it feels natural for every day of the week (at least in most parts of the world), on two discs The date and month – such as SAT (Saturday) – 18 – MAR (ch) here.

To ensure this display effect, Patek Philippe watchmakers must design a system with two date discs-one for ten date discs and the other for ten date discs. Therefore, the calendar display consists of four disks, one disk for the day, two disks for the date, one disk for the month, and all four disks are completely embedded in the same plane. The date displayed on a single disc is too small to be legible.

The most innovative aspect of the embedded perpetual calendar 5236P is the display with four rotating disks, which ensures the best legibility and lowest energy consumption. As the brand explains, “Compared with the traditional perpetual calendar display, this mechanism alone requires 118 additional parts, including multiple bridges and wheels with jewel bearings, which can reduce energy consumption, especially the two date discs. In order to keep all indications on a plane without any overlap, Patek Philippe engineers have developed a display system consisting of two coplanar double ball bearings and has applied for a patent. Reliable date display The perfect synchronization with the two date discs has been optimized through the “anti-double jump” function of the unit disc to prevent disc jitters when bumps or date correction are performed (application of the second patent)”

In order to create this new In-line Perpetual Calendar 5236P, the brand developed a new movement based on the 31-260 REG QA movement, which was originally developed in Ref. Launched in 2011. 5235 calendar adjuster. While retaining the diameter and height of the basic movement (31.74 x 2.60 mm, hence the name 31-260), the movement has been redesigned to install a small second at 6 o’clock, and of course the calendar mechanism and the perpetual calendar Its online display. For example, the torque of the spring barrel has been increased by 20%, and the mass of the platinum micro-rotor is larger than the 22k gold commonly used for copy Patek Philippe micro-rotors, thereby increasing the spring force. Similarly, one of the special features of the movement can be found in the references. 5235 is its unusual 3.2Hz frequency. In order to improve the rate stability, it is increased to 4Hz here.

From the bottom cover, the movement is more elegant, curved and open than other Patek Philippe movements. In particular, it has a finger bridge for trains, which feels good to the touch. As expected, the finishing is elegant and refined. The movement has classic elements such as Gyromax balance wheel and Spiromax balance spring.

Speaking of the watch itself, the Patek Philippe In-line Perpetual Calendar 5236P is an elegant and modern design placed in a 41.3 mm 950 platinum case with a height of 11.07 mm. The lugs are slender, and the lugs are matched with the beveled bezel to create a clean and discreet modern style. The case is completely polished, with a small diamond engraved on the side of the case at 6 o’clock, which is a classic feature of most platinum Patek Philippe. As for the dial, the in-line perpetual calendar has a neat layout, most of the indicators are located at 6 o’clock, and the second and moon phase sub-dials have year and day/night indicators on both sides. best replica watch site 2021

The dial of this perpetual calendar 5236P is executed in the now classic dark blue. The surface has a straight-brushed surface. The black gradient effect makes the outer periphery of the dial darker than the middle. The fine and faceted hour markers and platinum baton enable the time to be read. The peripheral railway minute track brings a touch of technical appearance. The navy blue alligator leather strap and platinum folding clasp complete the appearance of this new QP.

Technical Specifications-Patek Philippe In-line Permanent Calendar 5236P

Case: diameter 41.3 mm x height 11.07 mm-950 platinum, polished-sapphire crystal case front and back cover-water resistance 30m
Dial: brass, blue-black gradient, vertical satin coating, gold-plated hour markers
Movement: internal movement 31-260 PS QL- Patek Philippe Seal- automatic movement with micro-rotor- 34mm x 5.8mm-503 parts-55 jewels-28,800 half pendulums per hour-power reserve 38-48 hours- Hours, minutes, small seconds, embedded perpetual calendar with date, date and month, Le year period and day/night indicator, moon phase
Strap: Hand-stitched alligator leather strap, large scale, shiny navy blue, folding clasp, 950 platinum
Reference: 5236P-001

Breitling launches the Premier Heritage Collection

Remember Travolta? Remember Beckham? Remember the weird sexist color that the brand seemed to be unable to determine for a long time who was making watches for it and how to talk to them? If you still do this, then maybe it’s finally time to forget cheap Breitling’s grand plan to quickly return to reality, this period of ancient modern history.

When Breitling CEO Georges Kern continued to distance himself from the direction of the brand before the Schneider era, this time he relied on the brand’s own founding managers to inspire inspiration and thus obtained three new references : The traditional manual-winding chronograph, the “rattrapante” or seconds chronograph, and the complete calendar chronograph together constitute the watch that has just been renamed the “Premier Heritage” series.

The original Breitling Premier series became Kern’s banner more or less when Kern assumed the brand leadership role in 2017. Premier positioned the internal movement and used the original design with more complex and advanced decorations. As Breitling (Breitling) came of age, it was a return to form – among the new integrated products launched by the brand at that time, the Pinnacle series of products were worthy of Called the top product. ABTW executive editor Bilal Khan said in his long-term review for 2019 that the first prime minister was “a thoughtful, detailed chronograph that exceeded expectations.” This new derivative product line inspired by tradition seems to continue to follow the same formula, despite adopting a more classic medieval style, echoing the exquisite original Premier watches introduced by Willy Breitling in the 1940s .

Here, we have a colorful, beautifully-looking dial (which nerds who like typography will appreciate), Arabic numerals are applied to the dial, and a more traditional chronograph movement execution method is used-perhaps like Willy Breitling himself once What you want. Yes, this is indeed a complete calendar. best replica watches review

Indeed, this is an amazing smart product, far from Breitling, but as the brand continues to mature and many layers of the back catalog are stripped, we have learned some knowledge that Breitling scholars have always known: Before the advent of the jet age and before sports diving became the mainstream, the brand experienced a very elegant and classic chronograph era in the middle of the last century, which fully embodies the traditional values ​​of the watchmaking industry.

Regardless of the design intent, modern Breitling watches tend to be more sporty. Therefore, to integrate the two value systems of two completely different eras, we have prepared a slightly larger case (standard manual winding chronograph is 40mm, the case is 42mm). Instant and complete calendar styles), each with 100 meters water resistance. The latter feature is a particularly interesting development-how many complete calendar chronographs can you name, which are water resistant to only a negligible 30 or 50 meters? This particular combination of complications is already relatively rare (Jaeger-LeCoultre, Parmigiani, Blancpain and IWC all have something close), but it is wrapped in a beautiful salmon dial and has enough water resistance to make it suitable Every day the wearer treats this reference as a hell of an interesting proposition.

Although the Premier Datora 42 full calendar (refresh: hour, minute, second, date, date, month and moon phase) driven by the automatic movement of the B25 may attract a lot of attention this week, the sneaky show stealer Probably the top Premier B09 Chronograph 40, a tribute to Léon Breitling’s earliest chronograph, which was the first to implement a tachymeter scale for measuring speed. Breitling (Breitling) Breitling (Breitling) B09 manual winding chronograph movement, the skin on the case looks very simple, in fact it is a gorgeous “pistachio” green dial, so far, we have seen it It has been promoted in many products, including Navitimer reissue in 1959 and AVI reference. 765 reissued.

The third option in the trio – the B15 Duograph 42 uses Breitling’s B15 movement, which is interesting because it is actually a B03 chronograph second movement, despite being manually wound. This allows designers to produce functionally similar watches in a more wear-resistant 42mm package. Like the other two new options in the series, you can choose either stainless steel or the precious red gold option – each option has its own unique dial color and color-matched strap.


Brand: Breitling
Models: Premier B09 Chronograph 40 (ref. AB0930D31L1P1 in stainless steel, ref. RB0930371G1P1 in red gold), Premier B15 Duograph 42 (ref. AB1510171C1P1 in stainless steel, ref. RB1510251B1P1 in red gold), Premier B25 Datora 42 (ref. AB2510201K1P1 in stainless steel, ref. RB2510371G1P1 in red gold)
Dimensions: 40 & 42mm
Water Resistance: 100 meters
Case Material: Stainless steel or 18k red gold
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire
Movement: Breitling Calibre B09 (handwound column wheel-actuated chronograph), Breitling Calibre B15 (handwound column wheel-actuated split second chronograph), Breitling Calibre B25 (automatic chronograph with complete calendar)
Power Reserve: 70 hours for B09 and B15 calibres, 48 hours for B25
Strap/Bracelet: Matching alligator with folding clasp

Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire Watch & Big Bang High Jewellery Creation

This replica Hublot Big Bang overall tourbillon full sapphire watch should cause enthusiasts to think about the possibility of wearing it. The watch has both a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal case and a matching one-piece sapphire crystal bracelet. These clear glasses will be paired with the homemade Hublot tourbillon movement.

Although the first luxury watch to introduce a sapphire crystal case, Hublot was the first to introduce this incredible material (which has been used for watches on the front of the mirror since the 1980s), making the case expensive. Most high-end luxury watch consumers usually spend money. I used Big Bang UNICO magic sapphire here to comment on another sapphire Hublot watch. Hublot not only has clear artificial sapphires, but also colorful sapphire crystals, adding new fashion elements to the theme. In other words, “pure” transparent sapphire crystal has a unique appeal.

From a distance, especially in the pictures, it is extremely challenging to appreciate the feel and aesthetic qualities of a sapphire crystal watch. Sapphire crystal is very different from the touch due to its warm and smooth feeling, not to mention a new level of aesthetics, creating new possibilities for the engineering and craftsmanship in the creation of this ultra-high-end watch.

This special Hublot Big Bang is based on Big Bang Integral, and aBlogtoWatch debuted in steel as early as 2020. It is an evolution of Big Bang and includes a new integrated bracelet. Then, Hublot followed up with the ceramic version of Big Bang points here. Now, we not only see the Big Bang Integral based on the tourbillon, but the entire case and bracelet are made of sapphire crystal.

Hublot’s goal is to create a case and bracelet design that is as transparent as possible. At this time, since the bracelet requires metal parts to fix the links together, and the watch case requires structural parts such as gaskets to ensure waterproof performance, it is impossible to completely remove all non-sapphire parts. The end result is a spectacular observation of the structure of luxury watches. Hublot said its goal is to increasingly create a visual experience that makes the dial and movement seem to float in the space above the wrist.

Inside the watch is a self-made Hublot HUB6035 micro-rotor automatic movement. The mechanism composed of 243 parts is designed to be as transparent as possible and adopts a symmetrical design, including a flying tourbillon and a front platinum micro-rotor located on the top of the barrel. The movement only displays the time, runs at 3Hz (21,600 vph), and has a 72-hour power reserve. Although the dial is clear and clear, the time can be easily read with the eye-catching Big Bang hands and applied hour markers.

The technical challenge of making a complete sapphire crystal best quality replica watches is enough to attract a lot of discussion, and the unique wearing experience of a watch like this will definitely be more romantic than a few wearers.

Premier B21 Time Size History Wheel 42 Bentley Limited Edition

After nearly 20 years of partnership, Bentley Auto and Hundred Years, the PRMIER B21 Time Size Tour Tourbillon 42 Bentley Limited Edition, unique but classic design is limited to 25 pieces.

This unique classic and waterproof-resistant watches (up to 100 meters) designed watches are revealed to show a magnificent movement in 18k red gold, rectangular timer pusher, golden brown crocodile belt, gold brown crocodile belt and transparent sapphire case 22 Carakin oscillation weight, COSC certified Touri Wheel Motion provides approximately 55 hours of power reserves. The highlight is a special timer gyro caller with a unique green dial, which reminds people of the British racing with other models in Breitling and Bentley partners.

Willy Breitling replica is the grandson of brand founder Léonbreitling, is a passionate Bentley driver. He patented the chronographic table in 1934 and 4 points to 4 o’clock. In addition to the technology and bold, Wilida Western Western team desire from observation enthusiasts and charm. Taking this, he designed the original Prime Minister watch in the 1940s, the first link of the 100-year spirit from the purpose to the style. As Wili saw, “When a man puts on his watch, it is an impeccable taste obvious seal.”

For today all of the barren hands, the same ring is also the same, but also reflects Bentley Motors ‘own customers’ feelings of their car feelings. The new watch respects two brands in a wonderful way to the heritage and modern value.

Adriah Chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark Notes: “This strike watch reflects our common commitment to the development spirit, expert craftsmanship, and technology.” GEORGES KERN added: “We are This elegant symbol of our brand sharing values ​​is proud: quality, performance and excellence. “

The exclusive new time code table is created with unparalleled luxury goods and unparalleled qualities, and the Willie’s tribute, their watches have changed the exam and W. O. Bentley created the automotive industry.

Audemars Piguet launches the Green Royal Oak Ensemble

Chronograph or tourbillon.

Although blue has been the fashion of watches for some time, green has become popular recently, unless there is a steady stream of endless blue dials. Therefore, the pioneer of sports luxury watches has just launched five different Royal Oak models with dark green dials-this year is the first (but probably not the last) brand to do so.

The new product is actually a trio of three different models, the simplest (and perhaps the most attractive) is the classic Royal Oak “Jumbo” with a smoked sunburst green dial, which is unique to AP Houses. In contrast, the rose gold Royal Oak Automatic Chronograph and Royal Oak Automatic Tourbillon (three variants) both come with the familiar pastry guilloche.

initial thoughts
The Royal Oak is a luxury sports watch and one of the hottest watches today-in almost all styles. When it comes to unsatisfied needs, even small changes are advisable. Therefore, the new green dial will undoubtedly aggravate this hustle-because the color is attractive, deep and shiny-and because the color is unusual for the Royal Oak.

It is almost interesting to see that the brand uses existing colors, finishes, and sophistication to make Royal Oak attractive in many ways, while repeatedly using 40-year-old design techniques. Of course, this is based on a formula that is both inherently attractive and versatile-Royal Oak is just a unique and beautiful watch. For example, the Royal Oak Chronograph is attractive in gold and dark green. This is a slightly retro combination that looks very luxurious.

One might argue that the Royal Oak has been iterated too many times, and it has too many versions. But Royal Oak is still a bestseller for decades, so reality may at least not be enough.

Gold is relatively uncommon now, because most watchmakers prefer the more fashionable rose gold. Audemars Piguet is one of the few high-end watch manufacturers that still use this alloy. Although it is used occasionally, it launched a full series of gold Royal Oak chronographs five years ago.

That is, apart from the new dial, the rest of the watches are essentially stock Royal Oak chronographs-meaning it is large, shiny, finely crafted and expensive-but this may be the most eye-catching version to date.

The chronograph is powered by the calibrator. 2385, this is Frederic Piguet cal. 1185. Lightweight and compact movement, cal. For about two decades, the 1185 has been the movement of choice for the Royal Oak Chronograph, although eventually it will be replaced by the internal movement in Code 11.59.

Flying tourbillon
There are three versions of the newly launched Royal Oak Tourbillon. The most striking is the titanium version, which is set with baguette-cut emeralds, and the bezel and dial echo each other. In other words, the other two versions look equally good and are definitely more wearable for ordinary people.

Unlike the chronograph, the Royal Oak Flying Tourbillon has a newer and more refined movement. Cal was launched two years ago. It first appeared in a tourbillon with a tourbillon glass dial code 11.59 in 2950.

Not only does it have a longer power reserve of 60 hours, but it is also beautifully designed, as evidenced by the huge Sonnerie-style winding clicks visible from above the rotor axis.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Chronograph 41 mm
Ref. 26331BA.OO.1220BA.02

Diameter: 41 mm
Height: 11 mm
Material: 18 yellow gold
Crystal: Sapphire
Water-resistance: 50 m

Movement: Cal. 2385
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, and chronograph
Winding: Automatic
Frequency: 21,600 beats per hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 40 hours

Strap: Yellow gold bracelet

Patek Philippe entry watches recommended

Patek Philippe replica is recognized as the best watch brand in the world. Its insistence on quality, beauty and reliability has made it unique in the world’s high-end watch industry for more than 150 years. Now it is the only manufacturer in the world that uses exquisite handwork and can complete all watchmaking processes in the original factory. Patek Philippe is expensive. An entry-level watch can cost as much as six-figure renminbi. Even so, it can’t stop watch fans from loving it. The symbol of watch enthusiasts and nobility is to own a Patek Philippe watch.

Patek Philippe Calatrava series

In 1932, Patek Philippe launched the Calatrava series of men’s watches with rounded surfaces and elegant design. Today, the Calatrava series of men’s and women’s watches are still Patek Philippe’s most popular watches. With a round case and exquisite dial, the simple ref.5196G is one of Patek Philippe’s most representative styles. The ref.7119J, which is made of gold and matched with the Paris nail pattern bezel, is the best entry-level model for women’s watches.

Patek Philippe Gondolo series

Gondolo can be regarded as the most “passionate” series in the Patek Philippe family. The barrel-shaped design looks relatively high-profile. When Cartier launched the barrel-shaped Tonneau, it was only aimed at women. The Tonneau men’s watch, which was launched 7 years later, was only worn by fashionable men. It was Patek Philippe’s Gonodolo that really made the barrel-shaped Tonneau the mainstream choice for gentlemen. Recommend Gondolo’s new rose gold watch Ref.5098R, the guilloché engraved silver dial is unique and refined, and the black Breguet Arabic numerals have a vintage atmosphere; for women, you can consider Ref.4972G (Gondolo Serata), Serata” in Italian. The meaning is “night”, which shows the romantic atmosphere hidden in this watch.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut series

The Aquanaut watch series combines leisure and elegance. It is a modern design inspired by the iconic octagonal case of ocean-going ships’ portholes. Men’s models recommend the entry-level model Ref.5167. In addition, the series also has women’s watches. The Aquanaut Luce ladies series uses a stainless steel diamond-encrusted case, with a dial and strap of different colors, suitable for fashionable women with distinctive personality and elegant taste.

Patek Philippe Nautilus series

Nautilus is also a watch with an octagonal design. The new model retains the original design of the bezel, reinforced hinges and laterally extending ridges on the side of the watch body, and the original straight design becomes a slightly arched effect. Let the new style a little more elegant. Nautilus men’s watch recommends Ref.5711/1A, which is the most basic watch in this series. For women’s watches, consider the design of Ref. 7008/1A with diamonds to highlight the temperament.

Patek Philippe Twenty-4 series

Twenty-4 is a series designed for women. The new Ref. 4907/1J adopts a diamond-free bezel design. It is also the first gold style of Twenty-4® watch bezel without diamonds, which brings a refreshing feeling. The dial especially uses three colors that complement gold: “Luminous”, “Golden Autumn”, and the enduring “pure white”. Patek Philippe’s entry-level women’s gold watch is the best gift for ladies.

The dance of retrograde pointer and window dial: Ref.5159 and Ref.5160

The information to be displayed on the dial of a perpetual calendar watch is at least the date, week, month, average year, and leap year. There are roughly two mainstream ways to arrange the display, one is the pointer type, and the other is the window type. Regardless of the format, to be generous, elegant, concise and easy to read, will test the designer’s ability. For Patek Philippe, which emphasizes the “instant jump” in all perpetual calendar time displays, the window-like design consumes more power, and also represents another technological level to the top. In addition to the pointer 240 Q movement, Patek Philippe also has a window-type display of the 324 S QR automatic perpetual calendar movement, and a retrograde pointer date display, which is mounted on the Ref. 5159, 5160 and 5496 models.

5159J perpetual calendar watch, 18K gold case, diameter 38mm, hour, minute, second, perpetual calendar performance (flyback date hand, window-type day of the week, month and leap year display), moon phase display, 324 S QR automatic winding Movement, power storage for 45 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, 18K gold back cover, alligator leather strap.

The Ref. 5159 perpetual calendar watch launched in 2006 replaced the Ref. 5059 that was produced in 1998. Like the 5059, the 5159 is equipped with a special Calatrava round case called the Officer’s Watch. Its design is inspired by the pocket watches needed in ancient wars that must be both precise and sturdy, so these special styles called “officer watches” have many features that are completely different from other Calatrava: in addition to the sapphire crystal glass bottom, they also Comes with a flip-out metal back bottom, which is derived from the design of the protective surface of the previous military watches; in addition, the straight lugs with round ends are fixed with screws to fix the strap, which are deeply characteristic of military watches. .

5159P perpetual calendar cheap replica watches, platinum case, diameter 38mm, hour, minute, second, perpetual calendar performance (flyback date hand, window-type day of the week, month and leap year display), moon phase display, 324 S QR automatic winding machine Core, power storage for 45 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, platinum back cover, alligator leather strap.

Even standing side by side with any superb and complex performance watches of Patek Philippe, the figure of Ref.5159 still looks prominent and beautiful. It has the unique characteristics of all officers’ watches, and the dragon head guard bridge extended from the back guard of the watch makes the 5159 look unique. In addition to the eye-catching appearance, Ref.5159 is more brilliant inside. Its perpetual calendar display has two characteristics. One is the rare use of a central large seconds display on automatic perpetual calendar watches, and the second is that it is also equipped with Patek Philippe in 1986. The perpetual calendar invented at TIME shows the date of flyback retrograde. The week, month and leap year of Ref. 5159 are displayed on the dial in separate windows, and the Arabic numerals are arranged on the top of the moon phase dial. The retrograde date hand will slowly move backward as the day changes. On the last day of each month (30 or 31), the pointer will instantly bounce back to the first day. Such a special way of presentation not only makes the reading time clearer, but also adds a bit of dynamic and elegant characteristics.

The 324 S QR self-winding perpetual calendar movement is equipped with a retrograde hand date display and is mounted on the Ref. 5159, 5160 and 5496 models.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette Watch

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette Watch

Last year Jacob & Co. presented a very interesting watch with an extravagant movement, which they called the Astronomia Tourbillon. In 2015 Jacob & Co. The Astronomia Tourbillon returns with a new case design in a version that is completely in the style of the brand and inlaid with more diamonds, called Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette.

In last year’s model, most of the movement is on levers that rotate the entire dial every 20 minutes. These levers also move to provide other functions such as time display and tourbillon operation. Looking at the entire gear ballet at Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon, then doubts arise – can this really be? Whatever their attitude to what Jacob & Co. produces, they have to give it their due – they recognize the need and importance of an element of entertainment in the luxury watch industry.

Compared to the large sapphire dome in the original Astronomia, the new case on the 2015 model has been slightly reimagined. There are smaller sapphire crystal areas (which are now split into a row of windows and one large one at the top) with the added addition of metal to create a more palatable and more wearable design. Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon have a case size of 50 x 25 mm. The case is made of 18k rose gold, there is a version with and without diamonds.

There is no crown and buttons around the perimeter of the case. In fact, the movement is set and wound up by means of two bow-shaped folding levers on the back of the case. The movement, which is, of course, the most interesting element in Jacob & Co. The Astronomia Tourbillon is an exclusive JCEM01 Caliber with a 48-hour power reserve and a tourbillon that runs at 2.5 Hz. Surprisingly, the mechanism consists of only 235 parts that seem to work with great efficiency given the complexity of the concept. best replica watch site 2021

Technically speaking, due to the fact that the tourbillon moves around the entire dial every 20 minutes, it can be called a triple-axis tourbillon. The other axis is the normal centrifugal axis, which can be seen from the tourbillon stand, and which also unwinds in the connecting arm. It is located opposite the time dial to balance the weight. The other two levers are equipped with a prototype hand-engraved titanium globe, while its opposite arm has a rotating diamond ball that makes a full revolution every 60 seconds.

Jacob & Co. claim that the spherical diamond uses an exclusive cutting technique that was developed by the brand itself to create a diamond with 288 facets. This rounded diamond is designed to represent the moon. Despite the fact that the Jacob & Co. The Astronomia Tourbillon looks like it had astronomical complications in it – it really is just a concept. The mechanism was designed with aesthetic pleasure in mind, not strict functionality – and in that it excels.

Jacob & Co. The Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette depicts the night / space sky on its dial with baguette-cut diamonds. The dial and lugs are encrusted with diamonds. The total number of stones is 342, with a total weight of 16 carats.