Fun in the world Richard Mille international standard time tourbillon watch JEAN TODT limited edition

As a FIA Chairman, Jean Todt (JEAN TODT) schedules official events or conferences from all over the world. He has traveled to more than 130 countries around the world so far and is a well-deserved global superman. Richard Mille took his special status as an opportunity to launch this RM 58-01 international standard time tourbillon watch JEAN TODT limited edition. Only 35 pieces are sold worldwide. Official model: RM 58-01

Under the simple and generous appearance of the watch, there are actually extremely complex mechanical mysteries hidden. Unlike other watches with this complication, there is no button to change the time zone. Instead, you can change the time zone by rotating the bezel counterclockwise to adjust the time more quickly. After arriving in a new city, you only need to rotate the city name to the 12 o’clock position, and you can automatically define the local time and the time in 23 other cities through the 24-hour scale on the inner circle. The black and white disc clearly shows the time of day and night, and automatically presents the changes of day and night over time.

The case of the replica watches china wholesale with a diameter of 50 mm is made of red gold, with a titanium bezel and back cover. The layered feeling is very strong. It has changed the brand’s common wine barrel type to a round case, which makes people shine. Two bezels and cases with completely different colors provide the wearer with a different look and feel, exquisite and generous, stylish and stylish.

From the appearance design, we can see that the complicated dial design follows the consistent design style of Richard Mille. The tourbillon is located at 9 o’clock, with a swing frequency of 3 Hz, and is housed in a four-layer titanium and red gold case. There is a power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock.

The rotating bezel is shot-blasted and satin-polished, and the names of 24 major cities in the world are engraved on the dark brown inner ring, symbolizing the 24 time zones advocated by Fleming.

The center of the case is made of titanium, and the front and back bezels are made of red gold. After the brand’s meticulous brushing treatment, it presents an excellent texture, grandeur and classic. The design of the watch lugs is very delicate, and it is very angular. The geometry and lines make the lugs dynamic and masculine, which is very in line with the temperament of the watch. The lugs are fixed with screws and straps.

The watch crown adopts the brand’s consistent “wheel” design style, with a polished crown and a soft-textured outer ring. This makes the crown of the watch have the sense of sight of racing tires, and the adjustment of the watch is completed by twisting the crown and bezel, giving people a different operating experience, which is not interesting.

The discount replica watches is equipped with a black rubber strap. The strap design is simple, but the simple use of lines makes the strap more dynamic. And it has good waterproof performance and easy maintenance.

The English name of the brand is engraved on the outside of the titanium buckle. Taking into account the waterproof performance of the watch, it adopts a partially transparent design, and only opens a window at the tourbillon for viewing the movement of the movement. The movement plate is made of grade five titanium alloy, and the bridge plate is also made of the same material. And has a power reserve of up to 10 days.

It reinterprets the essence of modern world time watches with superior craftsmanship. Different from the complicated operation of other universal time watches, copy Richard Mille International Standard Time Tourbillon Watch JEAN TODT limited edition only needs to rotate the bezel, and the time zone can be crossed to complete the world time.

Inventory of the most famous watch engravings of all time

For swiss cheap watches, engraving has no functional value. This is a personalized choice based on personal preferences, not practical purposes. In fact, many people know that engraving will definitely hurt the resale value of the watch. Unless, the watch owner is a well-known person. In this way, the engraving will make the watch a signature collection. In this article, we will list the most famous examples in history. These examples prove once again that wealthy and famous can really do whatever they want.

Marlon Brando-DIY customization

Marlon Brando once starred in “Apocalypse Now”, but it needs to be pointed out that working with him is not easy. When Brando appeared on the shooting scene in the Philippines, his weight soared to 135 kg, so he had to abandon all his clothes (Francis Ford Coppola wanted Brando to play a vigorous soldier). Brando stubbornly wore the Rolex Ref.1675 Greenwich watch, further annoying the clothing team. The film crew reminded him politely that the watch did not fit the character of Walter Kurz, but Brando refused to take it off. He insisted, “If the audience sees this watch, then I’m not doing my job as an actor.”

Brando customized this watch by DIY. He removed the bezel to make the watch look even more worn. Brando also engraved his name “M.Brando” on the back of the watch, the font is very rough, but this did not affect the value of the watch. In December 2019, this watch was sold for $1,952,000 at the Phillips New York “GAME CHANGERS” themed auction.

Elton Senna-Daytona Gift

From Kurt Cobain to James Dean, dying young can often add legendary stars. In 1994, Brazilian F1 champion Elton Senna was killed in an accident in the San Marino Grand Prix. He was only 34 years old, but he gained the reputation of “the god of cars”.

This Rolex Ref.16528 Cosmograph Daytona 18K gold watch was a gift from Senna to Angelo Parrilla during his lifetime. Angelo Parrilla discovered Senna from the go-kart world, took him to Italy to compete, and guided Senna throughout his career. Until Senna’s unfortunate death, the two maintained a strong friendship.

The case back is engraved with the words “A Angelo da Ayrton 1978”. The lettering is ordinary, but it is of special significance to F1 fans. Senna gave this watch around 1990, when he was at the peak of his career (winning the world championship in 1988, 1990, and 1991, respectively). In 1978, it was the year Angelo Parrilla discovered Senna’s talents and brought him to Italy to participate in the World Karting Championship. In May 2019, this watch was sold at the Phillips “Prestigious Watch-Geneva Ⅸ” auction.

Paul Newman-release the throttle

When asked how a well-known and handsome person like him can always maintain loyalty to marriage, Paul Newman replied, “There are steaks at home, why go out to eat burgers?” Paul Newman said. Refers to his happy marriage with Joanne Woodward. But when they starred in the 1969 film “Winning” together, their relationship became a little nervous.

This film tells the story of a racer trying to win the Indianapolis 500 Mile Grand Prix. To prepare for this role, Newman took a racing course. He quickly became addicted to it, initially as a hobby, and later as a profession. But Woodward was not happy.

“Woodward thinks this is the stupidest thing in the world,” Newman said of his participation in motorsports. “It also made her very scared, and she didn’t like it very much.” Later, Woodward gave Newman this Rolex. Ref. 6239 Cosmograph Daytona watch. The case back of the watch is engraved with the words “DRIVE CAREFULLY / ME”, and the capital letters and word meaning highlight her concern and care.

Newman once said: “My wife has always given unconditional support to all my choices and careers, including the car that she doesn’t like. For me, this is the performance of love.” In January 2017, this wrist The watch was sold for $17,752,500 at the themed auction of “Winning Icons-Legendary watches online shop of the 20th Century” in New York, setting a new world record.

BIG BANG UNICO SANG BLEU II all black ink painted black

Hublot 415.CX.1114.VR.MXM17 Big Bang Sang Bleu All Black Replica watch

For a new artistic collaboration between fake Hublot and Maxime Plescia-Buchi, Hublot’s all-black concept has been etched into black ink, such as blackout tattoos (including covering part of the body with black ink). Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu II is all black and bold and monochromatic, showing the complete three-dimensional geometry of the talented figure-tattoo-tattoo genius. The material-infused with black, polished and satin, beveled and faceted, shows the interaction of light and dark in the relief. The iconic monochrome is now indelible.

“When we launched the first all-black watch and its concept of “invisible visibility” in 2006, we dared to surpass its main function-timing function-to show it as a work of art, which can inherit and affirm a mentality. In Maxime’s work, we found exactly the same way to transcend the main meaning of things. The art of shading tattoos is a highly complex art form reserved for a few people. It is the ultimate choice for tattoos. The inspired timepieces exceed their main meaning or purpose.”

Maxime Plescia-Buchi pierced the tattoos into interesting and interesting works of body art. Since 2016, the artist has been collaborating with Hublot to design strokes that are the same as the lines he draws on people, with confident brushstrokes, while drawing hypnotic and architectural equivalent shapes. The new interpretation of “Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu II All Black” completely uses black, which is the favorite color of watchmakers and artists.

“All black is a dialectical process of withdrawing style elements to support the pure expression of form and intent. This process exists on the body with tattoos in the same way as the art of clocks and watches. The craftsmanship of “blackout” tattoos is extremely high. It is high, but its expression is minimal. It can expose the body below, emphasizing its curves and natural shape. The Big Bang Sang Bleu II all black watch has its special shape, which shows the exquisite structure. All black watches and tattoos They are all works that exist outside of time and style. This is the ultimate goal of any art project.”

Hublot’s concept of “all black” in 2006 is to use the same black in tone style. This is a breakthrough vision that will become an iconic symbol: “invisible visibility”. Perhaps coincidentally, 2006 was also the year Maxime Plescia-Buchi used black ink as his iconic medium of expression. In the spirit of shading tattoos, the abstract geometric shapes he usually draws directly on the skin are all black, where the case is covered in deep black and symbolic black. Just like the requirements for this all-black ink, artists need higher precision and skills, and the monochrome materials used here also require perfection. On a 45 mm diameter watch case cut from black ceramic and black PVD coated titanium, the master tattoo artist alternately superimposes hexagons, diamonds and triangles, measuring from the bezel to the automatic winding chronograph made by HUB1240 Unico Core time. Under the hollow dial and open case back.

The dimensional effect of this monochromatic watches cheap is not affected at all, but in fact it is the opposite: the polygonal movement created by the tattoo artist is highlighted in the light directly reflected from the polished and satin-finished material, which has been carved and chiseled, Angled and faceted.

SWISS Jaquet Droz Watches

Paying tribute to tradition with the beauty of art, Jaquet Droz launches four limited-edition watches with the theme of the zodiac ox to celebrate the Chinese New Year

In the past three centuries, Jaquet Droz has always adhered to the inheritance of traditional culture in the process of continuous innovation. Among them, the profound relationship with China has also contributed to the formation of the brand value concept. As early as the eighteenth century, the Jaquet Droz family had an indissoluble bond with the Chinese court. The watch works exported by the Jaquet Droz family to China not only gained the love and praise of Emperor Qianlong and the royal family, but also made them interested in mechanical timepieces and automatic dolls. To this day, there are still many Jacques Droz automatic dolls and timepieces in the Palace Museum.

Today, nearly 250 years later, Jaquet Droz is honored to be able to create four limited edition watches at the remote headquarters of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, to pay tribute to the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Ox in 2021 and to continue this long-standing Sino-Swiss friendship.

According to legend, the Chinese zodiac was selected by the Jade Emperor in a river crossing competition. During this period, the ox-backed possum assisted him to cross the river, and the mouse took the first place with the help of the kind and diligent ox.

Since then, the cow has become a symbol of outstanding qualities such as perseverance and trustworthiness. It is this kind of value that has closely linked China and replica Jaquet Droz. Niu is often seen as a representative of fearlessness, perseverance and calmness. People of the cattle zodiac are also regarded as representatives of quietness, patience, honesty and diligence, and conducive to family harmony.

The ancients often associated the zodiac with the five elements. In 2021, the five elements are gold. Both bull and gold in traditional Chinese culture symbolize perseverance and go all-out toward the goal.

Jacques Droz firmly believes that gold is a metal material that complements the zodiac ox. Therefore, the brand launched three red gold watches and a white gold watch, supplemented by two very different art crafts. The first is the micro-painting process: the diameter of the two micro-painted cow watches are 35 mm and 41 mm. The image of a majestic and peaceful cow is outlined among the misty mountains and ridges, and at the same time it is hand-decorated with a peaceful and peaceful rural atmosphere. The classic designs of these two hour and minute small dial watches provide a broad creative space for the micro-painting process. This process is applied to both the 35 mm models with gem-set bezels and lugs, and the 41-mm models without gems. Both watches are equipped with an oscillating weight decorated with personalized red gold decorations, and the oscillating weight of the 41mm model is carved by hand.

The other two works use another craft that Jacques Droz cherished: relief craftsmanship. This handed down craftsmanship makes the bull on the dial ready to come out. On the deep and charming black onyx dial, a golden red plum tree stands proudly, and its petals are made of rubies. The dial picture depicts a scene of a cow pacing leisurely in front of a red plum tree. The red plum tree symbolizes the harmony between nature and humanity, heaven and earth; the ruby ​​symbolizes the values ​​represented by the cow-courage and victory. The handmade gold carvings also make this stunning and charming relief painting more lifelike on the dial of the hour and minute small dial watches replica. Both watches are 41 mm in diameter, one is made of red gold, the other is made of white gold and is equipped with a bezel and lugs inlaid with gemstones. Echoing the dial, there is also the oscillating weight with the shape of a cow head against the background of onyx, which is all hand-carved by the master craftsmen of the Jaquet Droz Art Workshop.

Each of these four hand-made timepieces is limited to 8 pieces. Jaquet Droz hopes to continue the long-standing friendship between China and Switzerland and to pass on the amazing skills forever.

Fashion is a cycle of retro watches in 2020

I don’t know if the lockdown caused the watch industry to free up time for introspection. No matter what the answer is, we can observe that retro designs have emerged one after another this year, and they are becoming more and more intense. From a fashion perspective, retro gents watches have become a unique fashion, and millennials and their belief in a sustainable world are a major driving force for this trend. Whether it is simply inspired by historical watches, or strictly 1:1 replicas of classic models, retro watches remind us that “without the past, there is no future.”

Audemars Piguet [Re]master01 new museum limited edition chronograph (model: 26595SR.OO.A032VE.01)

Between the 1930s and 1950s, Audemars Piguet only produced 307 chronographs. [Re]master01 is a new interpretation of one of them: the Ref. 1533 prototype watch was born in 1943 and is now on display in the brand’s newly opened Museum of Brasus.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms “Desert Color” Deep Submersible Day of the Week and Date Display Limited Watch (Model: 5052 1146 E52A)

This Fifty Fathoms “desert color” submersible day-of-week display watch is limited to 500 pieces, inspired by a Blancpain diving watch from the 1970s. The gradient on the dial is reminiscent of the desert landscape of Death Valley in the United States. In 1962, the pioneer of underwater photography Ernst H. Brooks II, who made outstanding contributions to the Fifty Fathoms Special Issue, completed an amazing diving operation there.

Breitling AVI 765 model 1953 replica (model: AB0920131B1X1)

Breitling traveled through time and space and returned to 1953 when the legendary AVI Ref.765 chronograph was released. The AVI Ref.765 chronograph evolved from the airborne instruments produced by Breitling’s “Huit Aviation” department from the 1930s to the 1940s. It was renamed Co-Pilot in 1965. Now it has been meticulously reproduced and reborn.

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Series Infinity Watch (Model: 25882-11-631-BB6B)

From the exquisitely curved rectangular case to the enduring toffee hands, Vintage 1945 shows the charm of Art Deco. Girard-Perregaux’s bright black and charming onyx dial gives this Infinity watch a timeless elegance.

Glashütte Original Alfred Hewig 1920 Tourbillon Watch-Limited Edition (Model: 1-54-01-01-01-01)

This year, Glashütte Original celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of the flying tourbillon designed by watchmaker Alfred Hewig. The classic design of this commemorative timepiece is based on Hewig and his school in Glashütte, Germany. The historical watch created by the students is inspiration. Like the prototype watch, the tourbillon is placed on the back of the watch, adding a low-key elegance.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5370P-011 split second chronograph

In 2015, Patek Philippe launched the first split-second split-second chronograph Ref. 5370, which is equipped with a traditional CHR 29-535 PS main movement and obtained six patents. With a platinum case with a blue Grand Feu enamel dial and white gold hour markers, the new watch is an excellent example of classic watchmaking in the pre-digital age.

TAG Heuer 160th Anniversary Carrera Series Watch Silver Limited Edition (Model: CBK221B.FC6479)

To celebrate the 160th anniversary of the brand’s founding, TAG Heuer launched a number of Calella series timepieces, and the first piece that opened the celebration year was the 160th anniversary Carrera series watch silver limited edition. This watch is a reinterpretation of the famous 1964 watch. The classic watch is usually called “2447S”, with a silver monochromatic dial and three silver subdials. TAG Heuer 160th Anniversary Carrera Series Watch Silver Limited Edition has a very retro look and has a very modern Heuer 02 movement.

Zenith El Primero A3818 replica “COVER GIRL” watch (model: 03.A3818.400/51.M3818)

The A3818 watch came out in 1971 and was called the “cover girl” by collectors because it appeared on the cover of a book that introduced the history of Zenith. This nice watches is only available in limited quantities for a short period of time. It is one of the most popular and sought after El Primero models. This year, the El Primero A3818 replica “COVER GIRL” watch faithfully reproduces the design of the 1971 prototype watch and returns in the form of a limited edition .

Richard Mille Bobon series

RICHARD MILLE Bonbon RM 07-03 Automatic Marshmallow Replica Watch

The French brand caused a sensation on SIHH in January, launching 10 limited edition “watch sweets” series. delicious!

Richard Mille is SIHH’s latest exhibitor. His series of watches have attracted much attention. These watches can be packed in sweet boxes, but they are also special watches because of the candy inside. Not eating, but…wrist! The Bonbon series is undoubtedly a visual feast, but most importantly, an impressive recipe that combines famous ingredients, luxurious watchmaking and craftsmanship. The result is like a dessert shop counter, with 10 spectacular self-winding watches, limited to 30.

Bonbon series includes three Richard Mille (Richard Mille) classic watches: RM 07-03 (curved barrel), RM 37-01 (round barrel) and RM 16-01 (square). These models are divided into two delicious ranges, candy and fruit. The first batch to borrow from the world of sugary snacks, including twisted marshmallow shapes (RM 07-03 marshmallows), America’s most popular cupcakes (RM 07-03 cupcakes), and plate-shaped licorice (RM 16-01 Réglisse) ) And a lollipop spiral (RM 37-01 Sucette) made of bright colors. The Sweets case is made of lavender, white, light blue or dark blue, pink, yellow, green or gray ceramics, and each dial is decorated with candy made of “Grand Feu” enamel or titanium coated with black chrome .

The second series of fruits is a real fruit salad, which contains all the most popular fruits (RM 07-03 Myrtle/Blueberry, RM 16-01 Fraise/Lemon, RM 16-01 Fraise/Strawberry, RM 37- 01 Cerise / Cherry) and exotic fruits (RM 07-03 Litchi / Lychee, RM 37-01 Kiwi) and other flavors. Each figurine on the dial is coated with acrylic resin, then lacquered and coated with enamel powder and very fine sand to create a crisp sugary effect. The six-flavored packaging box combines the color QuartzTPT® and CarbonTPT® together.

RICHARD MILLE Bonbon RM 07-03 Marshmallow

Item Type: Replica Bonbon RM 007 Watches
Model Number: RM 07-03 Marshmallow
Case Material: Ceramic,Tonneau
Movement: Self-winding
Dial Diameter: 45.3 mm
Gender: women
Thickness: 11.90 mm
Dial: White / Rose
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: 50 m
Band Material Type: Rubber strap
Functions: Hours / Minutes

U-Boat Flightdeck CAS BE

U Boat Watch Review CLASSICO 45 TUNGSTENO MOVELOCK 8070 Watch Replica

The Flightdeck CAS BE of Italo Fontana cheap U-Boat is a workmanship miracle. Flightdeck is more reminiscent of aircraft used in the 1920s than other aircraft. There are incredible similarities between the Flightdeck control panel on the ship and the jet fighter. This led to the idea of ​​creating Flightdeck CAS BE.

The thick stainless steel case has a diameter of 43 mm or 50 mm, and the surface is off-white, with brown hands and Arabic numerals. The self-winding chronograph sits comfortably on your wrist and is equipped with an alligator leather strap. The dial and left buttons are placed less than usual, highlighting the easy-to-read dial.

Like U-Boat Flightdeck CAS BE, the industry has a large number of quartz-powered watches, but none of them have the intricate details and complicated functions of the former. The alligator leather strap includes aerospace design holes; the brand’s trademark. Waterproof can increase resistance up to 100 m. The bezel is composed of clear lines, clearly showing the quality of finishing in the production of watches. The case steel is 316L, and sapphire crystals are used in most luxury timepieces. The U-boat is driven by its plain Jane Valjoux / ETA 7750, which can be seen on the back of the hull.


Replica Jacob & Co. ASTRONOMIA MAESTRO AM500.40.AC.SD.D watch

Item Type: Replica ASTRONOMIA MAESTRO Watches
Case Material: Rose Gold,Sapphire
Model Number: AM500.40.AC.SD.D
Brand Name: Jacob & Co.
Movement: Manual Winding
Dial Diameter: 50 mm
Gender: unisex
Glass: Sapphire
Thickness: 26 mm
Dial: Skeleton
Clasp Type: Rose Gold Folding Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes
Year: 2021

Jacob & Co launched a new and confusing astronomy master at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair

For more than 30 years, the Swiss studio Jacob & Co. has seamlessly integrated the exquisite design elements of high-end jewelry and complex high-end watch craftsmanship into its groundbreaking design with its unique functions, which has deeply attracted watch lovers. The long-term expertise is more obvious than the recent Baselworld, which is the biggest event in the annual calendar of the haute horology world. On this special occasion, Jacob & Co. launched a new member of its signature astronomy tourbillon series: Master of Astronomy.

This dazzling grand complex timepiece not only incorporates the brand’s widely acclaimed gravity three-axis tourbillon movement, but also is equipped with a minute repeater clock with a high pitch gong.

The jewel on the crown of this beautiful timepiece is the wonderful universe-inspired mini universe inside the dial. Under the sapphire dome similar to the porthole of an interplanetary spacecraft, as it rotates around its main axis, people can fly along the path of the earth (a globe painted with magnesium). Parallel to this movement is the sculpture of the astronaut, which floats weightlessly in the astronomical universe.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia TOURBILLON BLACK CERAMIC BLACK & ROSE GOLD MOVEMENT Watch Replica AT100.40.95.KN.SD.B Jacob and Co Watch Price

The astronomy master perfectly encapsulates the wonders and beauty of outer space, and at the same time incorporates well-designed complex functions, literally, it has been out of this world.

Jacobs company held a magnificent watch and jewelry exhibition

In the past three days in the past weekend, the famous high-end jewelry and high-end watch manufacturer fake Jacob & Co. took over the Peninsula Suite of the Peninsula Hotel and held a magnificent watch and jewelry exhibition. The unique showcase highlights the delicious designs in the current catalog of Jacob & Co.

The brand was founded in 1986 by the talented designer Jacob Arabo. The brand’s stunning gemstone designs and exquisite chronographs have long been favored by keen collectors around the world.

Opera by Jacob & Co. Godfather Musical Watch

In addition to the Astronomia series, which has the entire universe, the brand also launched the Opera series watch with the theme of “The Godfather” in 2017. The brand’s iconic three-axis tourbillon is still in line, and it also comes with two drum sound comb boxes, plus With a round hour and minute dial and a rotatable movement plate, the entire watch combines visual and auditory enjoyment. This year the brand made a new version. The original model only has a button at the 2:00 position of the case, which is used to play music, and the pull ring dials for winding and calibration are all stored at the bottom of the watch; now the music button is Move to the 10:00 position, and a violin-shaped rocker is added to the right side of the rose gold case.

Remember the Twin Turbo Furious that the brand launched last year? This watch uses a rocker-shaped crown that can wind the watch and adjust the time, but the new version of Godfather’s violin rocker only has the function of winding, and the time adjustment still needs to be done through the pull ring at the bottom of the watch. But such a special design has a positive effect on the overall effect, as if a musical feast opened with a violin, followed by the 20-second (120-note) “Godfather” theme song. Play slowly in front of the black piano.

A closer look reveals that in the center of the dial, you can see a three-dimensional sculptural portrait of the movie actor Vito Corleone, sitting there with a signature gesture, making people plunge into the movie scene. The rose gold case is 49mm in diameter and 23mm thick. Except for the three-axis tourbillon that will fly at a speed of 24 seconds, 8 seconds and 30 seconds, the JCFM04 hand-winding movement inside will rotate at 120 degrees every 30 seconds. .

The dial and the movement will rotate 120 degrees every 30 seconds, but the time will always face straight ahead. The three-axis tourbillon rotates at high speeds at 24 seconds, 8 seconds and 30 seconds. The button on the left side of the watch case is used to start playing music. If you want to adjust the time, you have to rely on the pull tab at the bottom of the replica watches usa. The biggest change is this violin-shaped rocker, which can wind the watch.

Opera by Jacob & Co.
Godfather Musical Watch
Case: rose gold
Dial: Three-dimensional sculpture portrait
Diameter: 49mm
Movement: JCFM04 hand winding
Functions: hour, minute, three-axis tourbillon, double-tone comb music box
Water resistance: 30 meters


The Astronomia Tourbillon series launched by Jacob & Co. at the 2018 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show successfully combines two haute horological complications-the brand’s acclaimed gravity three-axis tourbillon movement and a high pitch gong Minute repeater watch tourbillon-in addition to basic timing functions and spectacular astronomical display.

This complex and large watch uses a large 50mm rose gold case with a sapphire hole on the side. It was created by Jacob & Co. founder Jacob Arabo in collaboration with watchmaker Luca Soprana. The two masters in their respective fields have jointly conceived and developed the entire range of astronomy series movements (including the original astronomy first vertical self-winding movement, which continuously rotates around the central axis and the lateral real-time display of astronomy Sky ). In the past four years, it took a total of two years to rebirth astronomers. Due to the complexity of its composition and the complexity of its design, Astronomia Maestro is a limited edition, offering only 18 individually numbered works.

The complexity of the highly complex minute repeater mechanism has been mastered by only a few watchmakers around the world, and the overall sophistication of the masters of astronomy adds to the icing on the cake. The minute repeater of the Astronomia Maestro is equipped with a patented fusée barrel with a ratchet and pawl system, which is also unique in watchmaking: the cathedral clock on the plate of three gongs The melody of the piano is interwoven into a clearly visible spiral.

In order to make this seemingly impossible mechanism a reality, many elements of astronomers must be redesigned. The unique concept of the astronomical movement and the available space in its sapphire dome case enable Arabo and Soprana to enhance tuning capabilities. Maestro’s minute repeater adjusts the hours, quarters and minutes from low to high, and combines three hammers to simplify the aural indication of time. Together, these three hammers produced the harmonious melody of the “Cathedral Carillon” with the best and purest tones.

The sapphire dome and sides of the exact replica watches provide clear sound. The fast rotating barrel provides the required energy, and the minute repeater function is ensured through a patented system that protects the mechanical device from any handling accidents.

In addition to the acoustic performance of the minute repeater tourbillon, the master astronomer is also considered the most advanced timepiece because of its gravitational three-axis tourbillon. Although originally designed to counteract the effects of gravity on the moving parts of the movement, the system improves efficiency by rotating on three axes: the cage of the escapement rotates around the balance wheel axis in 60 seconds and in 2.5 minutes The internal rotation is completed, and the entire tourbillon performs a complete cycle around the central axis of the watch within 10 minutes. The triple rotation ensures the ultimate precision of this exclusive Jacob & Co. JCEM03 movement.

In order to highlight the main functions of the watch, the dial of the observatory indicates the hours and minutes. It is located at the heart of the four axes, rather than the typical position of one of them. In this way, the tip of the dial, which is usually in the astronomy collection, was released in the master, and a new function was discovered. It has a moon phase that revolves around the movement, rotating in 10 minutes and 31 days later. When displaying the date through the traditional index, the moon phases are displayed by rotating 288 Jacob-cut diamonds (black and half white, white).

After arriving at the astronomical display, under the sapphire dome similar to the porthole of an interplanetary spacecraft, people can move around the timepiece along the earth. The magnesium paint ball is placed on one of the shafts and can rotate within 30 seconds while rotating around the main shaft. Parallel to this movement is the sculpture of the astronaut, which floats weightlessly in the astronomical universe. The miniature sculpture weighs only 0.2 grams, can spin within 30 seconds, and rotate around the dial within 10 minutes.

Technical details

Model: Astronomia Maestro

Reference: AM500.40.AC.SD.B

Caliber: Manufacture Jacob&Co. Manual Winding JCEM03
Diameter: 39.7mm; Height: 19.6mm; Components: 601
Material: Titanium and Maillechort
Functions: Hours and Minutes, Minute Repeater Carillon with elevated
Spiral Gongs, Moon Phase and Date
System: Vertical Movement with 4 Arms, Full Revolution in 10 min around a
Central Axis
• Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon, 1st Cage rotating in 60 sec and 2nd Cage in 2.5 min
• Lacquered Magnesium Globe rotating in 30 sec; Weight: 0.3g
• Hand-Made Magnesium and Hand-Painted Astronaut rotating in 30 sec; Weight: 0.3g
• Moon Phase and Date, 2 Half Sphere Jacob Cut® Diamonds:
1 Carat Total
Minute Repeater striking: Hours, 15 minutes and Minutes (Music Notes: Do, Re, Mi), Carillon Gong with 3
Hammers at 6 O’clock
Patented Double Mechanical Safety℗ Feature During a Chiming Sequence
First in Watchmaking: the Three Gongs Crisscross above the Plate, into a clearly Visible Spiral combined with a Triple Axis Tourbillon
Hours Gong Diameter: 44.7mm; 15-Minutes Gong Diameter: 43.5mm; Minutes Gong Diameter: 44.1mm
Power Reserve: 60-Hours; Frequency: 21’600 vib/h (3 Hz); Jewels: 56
Finishing: Plate and Bridges: Hand Angled and Polished, Flank Draw, Circular Graining, Polished Sink; Hand Polished Screws; Barrel: Circular Graining; Pinions: Conical Pinions, 4 Mechanical Ball Bearing Devices; Flat Balance Spring

Case, dial and strap
Diameter: 50mm; Height: 26mm; Material: 18K Rose Gold; Sapphire Apertures on Sides
Case Back: Double Case Back to Enhance the Sound, Winding and Time-Setting via rotating Bows, Rotating
Wheel to set the Moon Phase
Crystal: Unique Domed Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Treatment
Water resistance: 30m
Dial: Aluminum and Titanium, Lacquered Indexes; Hands: Gun Blue Finish
Strap: Alligator
Clasp: 18K Rose Gold Folding Buckle

Breitling Endurance Pro

Replica Breitling Watch Endurance Pro X82310A41B1S1 44mm

In my opinion, Breilting Endurance Pro is one of the most successful Swiss watches of 2020. This is an easy-to-understand entry-level Breitling sports watch with a variety of hip colors for you to choose from, which is very suitable for the times. For many people, Endurance Pro is also easy to miss. Most watch collectors want to use mechanical watches instead of quartz watches, and there is nothing wrong with calling Endurance Pro G-Shock for its fancy taste. In essence, this is not the basis for Breitling’s polished metal fan base. But Breitling responded to this.

Under the guidance of Mr. Kern, “cheap Breitling” is diversifying into more entry-level and youth-oriented approaches. Endurance Pro is still a lot of change, but it is also nearly three times cheaper than the brand’s new 2020 Chronomat B01 42, which provides a completely different but excellent wearing experience. Breitling has always been lucky, in addition to having a luxurious base, it also has a “professional” series of watches. This means that Endurance Pro can easily join the modern Breliting product lineup at a lower price, because doing so has never been uncommon for the brand. When you can’t find Rolex, Omega, IWC, etc. at this price, Breitling can still compete at an interesting price. This is the territory of TAG Heuer, but it is used for other types of customers.

The design formula of Endurance Pro is also very simple. Breitling first decided to use its Breitlight material (carbon) again and focus on the quartz movement. Please note that for an ordinary Swiss-made quartz movement, the price of $3,000 is high, but Endurance Pro does not include an ordinary Swiss movement. Inside the watch is the Breitling Caliber 82, which is the basic ETA thermally compensated quartz movement. This time, date and complicated chronograph movement has a quartz crystal adjustment system with a sensor to measure temperature. Changes in temperature can negatively affect the ability of these already precise movements to reach peak levels. Caliber 82 can compensate for the temperature changes normally encountered by watch movements worn on the wrist, with an accuracy of about 10 seconds per year. In contrast, the accuracy of a standard quartz movement is about 10 seconds per month.

Replica Breitling Watch Endurance Pro X82310A71B1S1 44mm

You will see the “Astronomical Clock” label on the dial. This is also a real COSC astronomical watch. Please note that Swiss COSC has conducted different performance tests on quartz watches and mechanical watches. It can be expected that the test will be more stringent for quartz institutions. Once you understand how the time and energy of the movement is similar to that of a traditional mechanical watch, you can not only better understand its value proposition, but you can also experience how to truly become a professional watch.

Endurance Pro is the second generation of the product concept, which actually predates Mr. Cohen’s management of the brand. In 2017, Breitling launched the Colt Skyracer, which provides a Breitlight case and a three-hand SuperQuartz movement. With 2020 Endurance Pro, Breitling retains the core atmosphere of the entry-level sports watch theme, but tries to integrate the design language more into the current series. The Pony Skyracer is a pilot swiss watches prices inspired by the world of sports flying. Endurance Pro looks more like a watch for triathlon competitions, designed to provide multiple uses for people at regular intervals or activities.