Hublot Classic Fusion Olinski Chronograph White Ceramic


Hublot Releases White Ceramic Limited Edition Classic Fusion Olinski Time Code Table

Art is appreciated by all people in one or another way, and is a wattist manufacturer like an assembly, it is a source of inspiration for creating a new time plan. This idea has promoted the Hubki and the famous artist Richard Olinski (Richard Olinski) cooperation in the entire series of their popular classic fusion models.

Hublot (Hublot replica) and Richard Olinski once again proudly released the new Classic Fusion Areofusion Time Code Olympusk White Ceramics. Just as Richard Olinski intends to use in its own work, 45 mm white ceramic case reflects the use of geometric vision and sharp lines.

The sapphire covered hollow dial amplifies the dark part of the HUB1155 automatic upper chain movement, which has 42 hours of power storage and 50 m waterproof function. The comfortable white rubber strap is tied together with the pure full white appearance of the Hublot X Olinski cooperation. Richard Olinski’s White Ceramics Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Time Code Table.


Brand:Hublot watch
Case: White Ceramic
Dial Color: Skeletonized
Water Resistant:50 m
Bracelet Strap: Rubber

Hublot’s new limited edition Big Bang watch

How tattoo art inspired Hublot’s new limited edition Big Bang watch

The Swiss watchmaker collaborated with creative director Maxime Plescia-Büchi to develop this timepiece.

In order to reinterpret its iconic “Big Bang”, Hublot turned to a surprising source of inspiration: tattoos.

The luxury watchmaker collaborated with fellow Swiss Maxime Plescia-Büchi and his interdisciplinary creative agency Sang Bleau to create a model that draws both abstract body art and traditional watch art Timepiece. Plescia-Büchi is a respected tattoo artist who has worked with Kanye West and others, and is a creative director who establishes aesthetic features based on complex (usually geometric) lines. Together, they created the limited edition Big Bang Sang Bleu II, with every element intended to pay tribute to Plescia-Büchi’s previous works.

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said in a press release: “The work of Maxime Plescia-Büchi has a full symbolic meaning in this work. , The new version has the color of Samburu.” “The transfer of his geometric art (almost structural architecture) to the watch fully embodies the essence of fusion art”

The thickness of the 45mm case is 16.5mm, and it is available in 18K King Gold or Titanium. It is water-resistant to 100 meters, which may be surprising given its exquisite appearance. Turn it over, the satin-finished bottom cover also has a sapphire crystal window, so viewers can get a glimpse of its exquisite internal structure. But this does not make the skull pointer over the front dial and leave a deep impression. All of this is powered by the internal 1240.MXM self-winding chronograph flyback movement, which has 38 jewels and a 72-hour power reserve.

Like a smooth rubber strap, the frosted dial is dark blue. Although at first it seems to have made a conservative choice due to its versatility, it is actually a reference to the dark lapis lazuli ink that Plescia-Büchi uses in most of his tattoo work. It looks as beautiful as the one translated here. Wholesale cheap watch

Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak has been seriously upgraded.

The company is already one of the flagship timepieces of Swiss watchmakers and will launch two new versions made of precious metals: platinum and rose gold. The “super-large” versions of these designs have extremely thin varieties and limited editions, only 70 pieces in 950 platinum and 30 pieces in 18K rose gold are produced. Even more rare is that only Tokyo retailer Yoshida offers many such scarce numbers.

Audemars Piguet fake has a 39mm, 8.1mm thick case, so decided to abandon its normal face, and instead chose a black and agate dial with 11 bright-cut white diamonds as hour markers – This situation is becoming less and less in high-end watches. The interval time is also marked by Royal Oak hands with luminous coating. Both versions are powered by a proprietary self-winding 2121 movement, with a 40-hour power reserve and a water resistance of up to 50 meters.

The watchmaker recently adopted a strategy different from the traditional one before the official press release. Taking a page out of the streetwear manual, it chose instaafd to put the latest products directly on its website. This is how these two models are released. For serious collectors (or collectors who want to join them), it can represent a brand new and definitely not-so-formal way to learn about the latest products.

Designed by Gerald Genta and released in 1972, fake Royal Oak was a last-minute effort to maintain its practicality, as the quartz watch had the potential to disrupt the entire industry in the early 70s. Its octagonal profile (inspired by deep-sea diving helmets) was a fundamental change at the time, and it was the first stainless steel timepiece sold as a luxury watch, thus pushing the boundaries further.

“Solar System” watch Jacob & Co Astronomia solar jewelry



Black Ceramic; Sapphire Apertures on Sides Case Back: Black Ceramic; Bows.
Manufacture Jacob & Co. Manual Winding JCAM18
30m (ISO 2281).

Feel the “Solar System” watch Jacob & Co Astronomia solar jewelry planetary flying tourbillon

Before 2014, when most mentions of Online replica Jacob & Co brand, they usually mentioned expensive jewellery watches set with diamonds and precious stones. At that time, the mechanical properties of the products were still low, and there were not many breakthroughs in design.

However, Jacobs brought a watch that still needs a lot of ink to this day, namely astronomy. At that time, when I read Jacob’s article about this watch, my emotions were very strong. At that time, my dream was to see reality.

This design inspiration can be traced back to a long time ago, appearing in ancient Mandarin watches hundreds of years ago. However, it is not easy to use and put in the watch to make it “beautiful”. Patek Philippe, Jaeger Lecoultre, Vacheron and other long-established brands with long traditions, to independent brands, all have their own views on the stars. The same is true for Jacob. They provide different prisms and different perspectives for those who “desire” the astronomical clock. I firmly believe that Jacob’s astronomical design will remain for a long time. This is a new iconic super clock of the 21st century, not only for viewing time.

If your style is a heavy gold replica watch with many diamonds and gems, then astronomy is not the right choice. The shell design is made of rose gold material, but the sapphire glass is fully utilized to help us easily appreciate the expensive details inside. The maximum diameter is 44.5 mm, and the convex glass is 21 mm maximum, creating a “classic” 3-dimensional effect.

What’s in astronomy?

The first bridge leads to a clock that shows the time. The large green hour and minute hands contrast sharply with the dial background.

The second bridge leads to the tourbillon. This is a flying tourbillon. The signed Jacob Co logo rotates on 2 axes (dual axis), the horizontal axis corresponds to 60s, and the vertical axis is 10 minutes/rotation.

The third bridge points to the earth model: the model is made of a whole piece of gold with a blue crust painted on it, symbolizing the Aral Sea.

However, this is not all. Jacob & Astronomy’s solar energy will be flawed when it is not mentioned that Jacob’s proprietary technology will bevel the gem asteroids to as many as 288 bright spots. The image of the sun is a piece of gold quartz (citrine) weighing approximately 1.5 carats. There are also amethyst (~1.18 cts), garnet ~1.2 cts and smoked quartz ~0.58 cts. Everything on the dial is Tanglin. This is a dark green quartz stone with mineral impurities inside, making the rock have an excellent sparkling effect like stars.

The mechanical movement used in the Astronomical Solar Jewelry Planet AS300.40.AS.AK.A is a JCAM19 movement with 444 parts. The movement is made of ultra-durable, ultra-light titanium material and is used to build the hulls of submarines and spacecraft. The frequency of the tourbillon mechanism is 4HZ~28,800 beats/hour. The standby time is up to 48 hours.

How to wear Jacob&Co Astronomia Solar Jewellery Planet watch correctly?

It can be said that this watch is a masterpiece. Really beautiful fragility and fragility. So how to use it correctly?

First of all, I must make sure that this is not a daily observation, going out, swimming, or even just walking. The reason for this is that the structure of this watch is so fragile and fragile. The convex design of the sapphire glass is very susceptible to shocks, and the consequences may be what we imagine. Repair costs are very expensive.

So when should this Price replica watch come out and when should it be appropriate? Personally, the watch should only appear on important events that astronomical solar energy is worth interacting with.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette Watch

Last year Jacob & Co. replica presented a very interesting watch with an extravagant movement, which they called the Astronomia Tourbillon. In 2015 Jacob & Co. The Astronomia Tourbillon returns with a new case design in a version that is completely in the style of the brand and inlaid with more diamonds, called Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette.

In last year’s model, most of the movement is on levers that rotate the entire dial every 20 minutes. These levers also move to provide other functions such as time display and tourbillon operation. Looking at the entire gear ballet at Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon, then doubts arise – can this really be? Whatever their attitude to what Jacob & Co. produces, they have to give it their due – they recognize the need and importance of an element of entertainment in the luxury watch industry.

Compared to the large sapphire dome in the original Astronomia, the new case on the 2015 model has been slightly reimagined. There are smaller sapphire crystal areas (which are now split into a row of windows and one large one at the top) with the added addition of metal to create a more palatable and more wearable design. Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon have a case size of 50 x 25 mm. The case is made of 18k rose gold, there is a version with and without diamonds.

There is no crown and buttons around the perimeter of the case. In fact, the movement is set and wound up by means of two bow-shaped folding levers on the back of the case. The movement, which is, of course, the most interesting element in Jacob & Co. The Astronomia Tourbillon is an exclusive JCEM01 Caliber with a 48-hour power reserve and a tourbillon that runs at 2.5 Hz. Surprisingly, the mechanism consists of only 235 parts that seem to work with great efficiency given the complexity of the concept.

Technically speaking, due to the fact that the tourbillon moves around the entire dial every 20 minutes, it can be called a triple-axis tourbillon. The other axis is the normal centrifugal axis, which can be seen from the tourbillon stand, and which also unwinds in the connecting arm. It is located opposite the time dial to balance the weight. The other two levers are equipped with a prototype hand-engraved titanium globe, while its opposite arm has a rotating diamond ball that makes a full revolution every 60 seconds.

Jacob & Co. claim that the spherical diamond uses an exclusive cutting technique that was developed by the brand itself to create a diamond with 288 facets. This rounded diamond is designed to represent the moon. Despite the fact that the Jacob & Co. The Astronomia Tourbillon looks like it had astronomical complications in it – it really is just a concept. The mechanism was designed with aesthetic pleasure in mind, not strict functionality – and in that it excels.

Jacob & Co. The Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette depicts the night / space sky on its dial with baguette-cut diamonds. The dial and lugs are encrusted with diamonds. The total number of stones is 342, with a total weight of 16 carats.

The solar system on JACOB&CO.’s wrist

After two years of research and development, Jacob&Co. finally launched the Astronomia Solar Celestial Series at the Basel World Watch and Jewellery Expo in 2017. This watch is inspired by the eight planets of the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Jack Po puts all the elements of the Astronomia Celestial Series watch on a 44.5 mm diameter case: The Astronomia Solar Celestial Series is equipped with a 34.55 mm diameter movement with 439 parts rotating in both directions at a constant speed. As a watch inspired by the solar system, it shows the details of these celestial bodies more vividly.

The vertical movement JCAM19 produced by Jakebao has three arms:

The first arm controls the hour and minute dial made of sapphire, which rotates counterclockwise. At the same time, it uses a patented differential gear system to ensure that no matter where the sub-dial is, 12 o’clock is always in the correct position.Buy cheap watch

Two-axis (10 minutes/60 seconds) gravity flying tourbillon with Jake Bao trademark on the second arm control frame

The third arm controls the hand-engraved earth sphere, allowing it to complete its rotation in 60 seconds and rotate around the dial in 10 minutes

In the middle of the movement is a Jacob Cut citrine of approximately 1.5 carats.

The bidirectional movement rotates 360 degrees clockwise in 10 minutes, and the aventurine chassis rotates 360 degrees counterclockwise at the same speed, creating a fashionable solar system under acceleration.

The idea of ​​Jakebao Astronomia celestial body series has always been to properly inlay gems in a playful environment to highlight the position of the earth in the solar system, thereby creating a zero-gravity effect. After all, this is the basis for our concept of time. In the Astronomia Solar series of celestial bodies, all eight planets of the solar system have their own positions on the dial for the first time, with the sun in the center, made of a 1.5-carat Jacob Cut-cut citrine with 288 facets Become.

The hand-carved earth sphere completes its rotation in 60 seconds and revolves around the dial in 10 minutes. It is in the same structure as the time molecule dial and the flying tourbillon that rotates once in 60 seconds.

The smaller case, new functions and faster rotation speed all benefit from a new internal movement. The Jacob&Co. manual winding movement JCAM19 runs at a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 cycles/hour), which is faster than any other Astronomia celestial series watch. Although the diameter of the movement is only 34.55 mm, it actually has 439 parts, which does not include the inlaid gems and semi-precious stones (more than other Astronomia celestial watches).

This watch continues the tradition of the Astronomia celestial series, which combines Swiss high-level watchmaking with Jacob Arabo’s purchasing talent and gem cutting innovative craftsmanship to abstractly depict the universe. It can be said The new Astronomia Solar celestial series watches have broadened people’s understanding of watches, both in form and in fact.

Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X

Hot summer: Check out Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X magma The July 4th celebration officially kicked off in the United States, and the record-breaking heat wave spread across the European continent. I think it can be said that we have reached the summer. All the discussions about the hot weather on both sides of the Atlantic reminded me of a timepiece that arrived in my inbox a few months ago. The watch Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X Magma is an extremely bold interpretation of the Executive Skeleton X design, which debuted at SIHH in January.

Executive Skeleton X is an easier-to-use version of Executive Skeleton Tourbillon launched in 2016 for various purposes and purposes. Ulysse Nardin effectively adopted the design of a tourbillon-free watch and rearranged the structure of the movement until it is now fixed in place by a rectangular bridge that extends outward in four directions to form an “X”, so Named after. Four different versions of the watch were exhibited in the Geneva media earlier this year, namely titanium, titanium black DLC, rose gold and Carbonium gold-the appearance of each hollow case is different. The Carbonium gold iteration provides the most similar aesthetic effect to the new Magma watch. Carbonium is a lightweight material made of carbon fiber, usually associated with aerospace engineering (Ulysse Nardin also released the Freak X version with Carbonium case at SIHH 2019).

For Skeleton X Carbonium, the brand blended materials with gold to create an impressive stripe effect. For the Skeleton X Magma, UN used a similar method to combine carbon fiber with bright red marble marble epoxy resin to create a striking appearance of the case. According to fake Ulysse Nardin, this process means that each version of Skeleton X Magma will have a slightly different product, thereby providing a certain degree of personality to each produced watch. Similar to the Carbonium version, the Skeleton X Magma has a size of 43 mm, while other designs of titanium and rose gold are 42 mm. Inside this unique case is the hand-wound UN-371 movement with a four-day power reserve, ultra-wide 3 Hz silicon balance wheel, nickel flyweight, and silicon “minute” gear train. Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X Magma with black leather strap and black stitching.

With such a gorgeous design, I believe Ulysse Nardin will clearly find that the Skeleton Magma X will cause some controversy among the more conservative enthusiast crowd, but I also have no doubt that this watch fake will find a target audience. This new watch is not only an excellent substitute for trying to track one of Richard Mille’s latest creations at a quarter price, but it also has a five-year warranty and quality that can be purchased from a mature Swiss brand Trusted in.

Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Twin three-axis tourbillon minute repeater

At the 2016 Baselworld (Baselworld), Great Jacob & Co. continued to be impressed with the new version of its visually stunning and complex astronomy series, but with the new “glasses” watch In other words, the real novelty is the Twin Turbo Twin Triple Axis Tourbillon. Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Twin three-axis tourbillon minute repeater tourbillon three-pointer is one of the best exotic watches because it is a deep answer to questions that no one seems to have asked before. The question is, why is there no triple repeater with a triple dual-axis tourbillon?

For the sake of brevity, I call Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Twin Triple Axis Tourbillon Minute Repeater “Twin Turbo” so that you don’t have to read the title of the watch. -Loudly requires at least one (or two) pauses to breathe. This is just the type of spectacular and complicated watch novelty that Jacob Arabo excels in. What does it do? good question. The reason why I comment on Jacob & Co.’s continued production of such fascinating watches is to continue to provide some novel, awesome and truly unconventional things for their demanding customer base. Like it or hate it, Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo exists in a small piece of clock, which allows the wildness we love so much in high-end wrist-worn machines to survive.

I will accept it easily and initially wear the buy Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo watch backwards on the wrist with the bottom facing up. The wedge-shaped super watch is not meant to have the double tourbillon facing you right away, and the time on the dial will be slightly further away. las, the concept of the Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo watch is to always keep the dual three-axis tourbillon starting from you like a weird animated eye.

The new movement JCFM01 is exclusively designed and produced for the Swiss Jacob & Co. company. It is composed of 572 parts and has an operating frequency of 3 Hz (21,600 bph) and a power reserve of 72 hours (3 days). The movement is mainly made of steel and titanium and can be seen completely from the front and back of the watch. What you see here is an unfinished prototype. According to Jacob & Co., things like dial transparency and crystal AR coating are not yet finished. It is very common that even after the watch movement is completed, before the final watch is delivered to the customer, a lot of adjustments and fine-tuning of the decoration and other design elements are still required.

The JCFM01 movement only displays the time with minutes and hours. The tourbillons all run in a sequence other than 60 seconds, so you can’t really read the seconds from the watch. Say it again, why are you? The tourbillons next to each other open three pivot points, and each is a “flying” pivot point, which means that no bridge is involved. The first tourbillon pivot point rotates every 40 seconds; the second time, every 8 minutes; the third time, every 3 minutes. There is a difference between the two tourbillons, which means that their timing frequency is even.

The tourbillon does not add functional value or accuracy to the timepiece. If anything, the impressive element here is that despite the two three-axis tourbillons, the movement can still indicate the time. Then there is the impressive cathedral-style minute repeater. Due to the large case cavity and mostly titanium construction, these two hammers hit the uniquely shaped gong with a unique resonance level. The further interesting thing about the minute repeater is that it is a decimal repeater rather than a quarter repeater. This means that when an hour is indicated, the bell will ring for a 10-minute segment instead of a 15-minute segment. This is to help the minute repeater to be easier to read. At least, this is the idea. Discount fake watches

The hand-finished mechanical movement contrasts sharply with the very modern case and dial design, which clearly feels “inspiration from the racing world”. The red flange ring and the modern font used for the hour numbers are not as complex and bulky watches as you might expect. Having said that, I think that enough complex watches follow deep classic design concepts, so it is great to see more watches with such complex movements that are more visually modern. In my case, watches like Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Twin Triple Axis Tourbillon Minute Repeater help to perfect the market.

The case of the Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Twin three-axis tourbillon minute repeater watch is 51 mm wide, 57.3 mm high and 16.9 mm thick. It is made of grade 5 titanium and carbon fiber, and the side of the case seems to have a textured part of vulcanized rubber. The crown tightens the movement or sets the time like a crank. Unfold to wrap the movement, and then pull it out of a notch to set the time, just like other movements. The case is water-resistant to 30 meters, which is not surprising. Too much case material and the beeping sound of the minute repeater will kill people.

Jacob & Co. Popular tends to produce various versions of a series of new and exotic timepieces in a limited edition series. The black and red titanium version of the Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo double three-axis tourbillon minute repeater watch will be limited to 18 pieces to start the new series. Considering that this is Jacob & Co., I fully hope that more precious metal models and potential diamond models will appear in the future. Jacob & Co. stuck to its expectations and encountered exceptions among some of the world’s most demanding watch buyers. It is great to see him achieve his goals regularly.

Replica Jacob & Co. Grand Complication Masterpieces Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti TT200.21.AA.AA.A watch

Item Type: Replica Grand Complication Masterpieces Watches
Case Material: Titanium / Carbon / PVD,Rectangle
Model Number: TT200.21.AA.AA.A
Brand Name: Jacob & Co.
Movement: Self winding
Dial Diameter: 52 mm
Dial: Skeletonized,Black
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: Unisex
Band Material Type: Leather strap
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Functions: Hours / Minutes / The power reserve indicator

Patek Philippe Philippe Calatrava 6007a-001

Your new Holy Grail: Patek Philippe Philippe Calatrava 6007a-001

Get to know Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007a-001, which is a stainless steel beauty. At first, it seemed to be the only new product of Patek Philippe in 2020. We all know that this year is different-thanks to the coronavirus-but we are happy to say that one of these gems has passed through the doors of European watch companies.

This Calatrava 6007a-001 is limited to 1,000 pieces to celebrate the construction of Patek Philippe’s advanced manufacturing plant in Geneva. The new building completed this year has been under construction since 2015, aiming to unify all manufacturing aspects under one roof.

The watch has a Calatrava cross on the sapphire caseback and is marked with “New Manufacture 2019”. They chose 2019 because it was the first time employees worked here. This is a major investment in the future of the brand, and it is worth contributing with it. Just like a building, the watch reminds people that Patek Philippe is looking to the future.

As mentioned earlier, 6007a is a stainless steel watch, which is rarely used in Patek Philippe, especially in the Calatrava series. This is currently the second steel Calatrava, and it is the only Calatrava that has undergone a full moon treatment. Although this Calatrava is elegant, it is undoubtedly suitable for everyday wear and is another casual way of traditional dress Online replica watch series.

It is powered by the familiar self-winding movement 324S, displays hours, minutes, seconds, date, and has a power reserve from a minimum of 35 hours to a maximum of 45 hours. In my opinion, the size of the case is very suitable, with a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 9.07mm. The overall design is versatile, and apart from the limitations of its 30-meter water resistance, I think this watch can be placed anywhere.

The blue-gray tone of the dial has a satin round texture, which is very beautiful. This was the first thing I noticed and it left a deep impression on people. Although this is just a time and date watch, there are many things on the dial. It is not busy, but it is not simple either. It prioritizes fast and digestible data over simple data.

The dial consists of twelve fully connected Arabic hour markers, an internal railway track, an external minute track with numbers every five minutes, and a three o’clock date. The internal railway track seems a bit redundant, but it also adds some visual effects and draws your attention to the unique “carbon” pattern center of the dial.

Patek Philippe fake calls it a “carbon” pattern, and the calfskin strap is embossed. This is a symbolic connection with the advanced technology pursued by new manufacturers. At first glance, you might think that this is a canvas or fabric strap. Although it may not be an obvious choice to symbolize cutting-edge technology, it fits the overall aesthetic of the watch.

This is a celebration of Patek Philippe’s shiny new product, which means it only makes sense to postpone its release until next year. Nevertheless, in these worst times, this is also an excellent product of the brand. Although this is not what we usually expect from the Calatrava product line, I hope we can see more. It is durable, gorgeous, easy to read, highly proportioned, and can be placed up and down easily.

Jacob & Co. Astronomy Casino Hands-on Watch

As I mentioned before, timepieces are sometimes just out of appreciation for craftsmanship…not practicality, not versatility…just a proof of success. For me, this is an opportunity. . . “

Jacob & Co. Astronomical Casino, also known as Jacob & Co. Astronomy Gambler, is another unique creation of Jacob & Co., and the conception, design and production are ridiculously dominated by them. The goal is to design, interesting, and ultra-high-end watches-because this kind of thing does exist and has actually been there for many years.

The naughty in the middle is ruled by Harry Winston Opus watches, which are widely and taken for granted as the original source of fine watches. Creative works that overcome established limitations in design and functionality-in their teens, they are all related to the large-scale complication of musical Jaquet Droz, with perpetual calendar, chronograph and automatic winding device. (Some basic research will enable you to realize how the value of these products from companies such as Audemars Piguet, IWC, Lange and Thorne has fallen, sometimes to 25% to 30% of the original retail price.) Why do I say this? ? First of all, because I didn’t realize until recently that this is something that happens frequently, with “big complications” rather than “disposable lemons,” and second, it shows that many people who can afford these things are ready to fight. Their purchases (or even if they are not ready, they are forced to do so,

Whether you like it or not, the resale value of these once-once Holy Land status watches can tell you their current needs better than I can. Those watches that burn six digits (USD) when they can be purchased have migrated to watches with any one or more of the following: 1) novel, 2) fun, 3) expressive, 4) unique, 5) Easy to use and appreciate. As with watches, the more boxes that are ticked, the higher the price. Jacob & Co. Astronomer Casino went to great lengths to tick all these boxes, and then some more.

With its ridiculous thickness of 27.9 millimeters (only one inch, and then some more!), this is an indisputable thickness. It is a watch that is easy to appreciate when viewed up close and on the other side of the dining table. It’s as cautious as Francis Bacon in the 1940s who was sitting on a boat at dinner and fixed overhead like a sail. The multi-layered, multi-purpose JCAM29A caliber can verify its weight. The caliber includes the astronomical “vertical caliber”, the rotating platform with its four rotating arms, and the fully functional fully mechanical roulette below it.

First, a few words about astronomy. Although copy Jacob & Co. has created many distinct variants of this movement, it is still truly outstanding in terms of its structure and function. Powered by a single spring, it can retain 60 hours of power (it can be longer or shorter depending on model changes and increased complexity), except for the barrel and winding device and the “bow” device (the watch on the crown) Crown) bottom cover) is reflected in this four-arm assembly.

The four arms are equipped with a dual-axis tourbillon (hereinafter will be explained as a three-axis tourbillon soon), a blue magnesium miniature planet earth, a 1 carat, 288 faceted Jacob cut diamond, which also revolves around its own axis of rotation and the time Differential slave turntable. These four arms simultaneously and simultaneously rotate on the dial in less than 10 minutes-it is this rotation that adds a third 10-minute axis to the tourbillon.

The time display rotates with the component, so in order to prevent it from turning upside down when rotating around the dial, a differential is required. This keeps the sub-dial horizontal, can drive the hands, and rotate the entire assembly together.

The tourbillon and the spinning diamond are impressive, and two of my favorite feats in astronomy are this differential drive time display and the fact that the two opposing arms are perfectly balanced with each other. That is a cool “invisible project”, it can save the movement from the excessive tension caused by the overweight arm, and the tension will pull or push the precision train assembly.

The core of this astronomy is of course the complexity of roulette. When you press the button at the 8 o’clock position on the lower case, the wheel will be strongly rotated to make the white ceramic ball fly. In order to prevent it from entering the movement, the entire roulette function is set under a piece of sapphire crystal glass. Every time you press the button, the function of this complex function will make people feel at ease, and the overall execution effect of every detail is excellent.

The wheel is refined in 18k rose gold, and black and red enamel are used for its 36+1 pockets. As I said, the thickness is 27.9mm, while the diameter of the case is 47mm. Strangely, because the lugs are very short and have a large downward slope, overall wear resistance is another way for Astronomia Casino to play games. Seen directly from above, the overall effect is controllable, even on my narrow wrist with a diameter of 6.75 inches. However, as soon as I started to take the watch away from me, it began to reveal its Bunkers case structure, topped with a generously curved front sapphire crystal. Speaking of, the case strap is a sapphire crystal strap. When paired with the hollow lugs, you can easily enjoy the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino in operation.

Of course, compared with any traditional large-scale complication, it is much more entertaining, and even if you are not a real gambler, the construction of this movement will definitely attract the watch lovers inside.