Only one minute hand on the dial? See how Chopard’s instant jump watches are rendered

Last year, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Chopard cheap watchmaking workshop, Chopard launched its first instant jump watch, the L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25 watch. This watch not only retains the consistent characteristics of the L.U.C series, but also incorporates four barrels in the built-in movement to ensure that the movement can provide high-efficiency and long-term power for up to 8 days after winding. So, what is an instant jump watch? To put it simply, the calendar is instantly completed during the conversion process, jumping to the next day’s calendar at a very fast speed, although this technology is not uncommon these days. In the watchmaking industry as early as the early 20th century, it was a very difficult challenge to realize the instantaneous jump calendar function. So, what is the specific design of the watch? Let’s look down: (watch model: 161977-5001)

The L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25 has a rounded and refined shape with very smooth lines, and its shape is inspired by the hunter pocket watch designed by Louis-Ulysse Chopard. The watch is equipped with a 40 mm case with a thickness of 10.30 mm, which is more comfortable to wear in a moderate size.

The white as jade dial is based on 18K rose gold, and then fired by the Grand Feu enamel process, showing this ultimate pure color luster. This processing process comes from the hands of enamel artisans in the Chopard watchmaking workshop, and the processing process is very difficult. , the enamel is fired several times at a high temperature of 820°C to obtain a complete and flawless white enamel plate. In order to ensure a more refined style, the craftsmen carry out slight polishing to make the dial have a rounded appearance, showing Unique light and shadow effects. In addition to the dial, the hour markers, the scale circle and the Chopard logo at 12 o’clock are all made of craftsmanship and are more complicated.

The most conspicuous thing on the dial is that with the center as the origin, only an 18K rose gold minute hand is set up. If you look closely, the 6 o’clock window is not a traditional date window, but a window used to display the hours, which jumps instantaneously. When the device is working, the concise and clear minute hand will not block this change. At the same time, the window design with black characters on a white background also makes it more eye-catching when reading. wholesale replica watches

Through the transparent case back, we can clearly appreciate the L.U.C 98.06-L movement inside. Looking at the bottom of the watch, due to the overall round and unique “pocket watch” style design, the bottom cover also continues this harmonious beauty. In order to ensure that the watch can successfully complete the instantaneous jump without the “secret” of the stoppage phenomenon, the movement is equipped with 4 stacked barrels and incorporates the Chopard Quattro patented technology to ensure that the watch rotates on the hour disc. In the case of consuming a lot of energy, it can provide a power reserve of up to 8 days, which is very rare in the bezel. The thickness of the movement is 4.85 mm and it is equipped with a gooseneck hairspring for more precise adjustment. The balance spring is equipped with a Philip end curve, which allows precise control of the oscillation of the regulator.

Such an excellent and chic instant jump watch is full of high-class and classical elegance in terms of size and overall style design, and it can be said that the design is full of unique charm. Coupled with a complex and precise movement, it is quite perfect from the inside out. cheap replica watches

Chopard Mille Miglia 2022 Race Edition

Sexy, rally-inspired timepieces aren’t just for fans of classic car racing.

Pedaling on an old race car feels like a step away from the Cannes and celebrity-inspired glitzy world Chopard lives in, especially if the company wears its hat as a jeweler for the rich and famous. But if the Mille Miglia race (Italian for “a thousand miles”), and therefore the annual limited-edition watch that bears its name, is anything to go by, then the desire to drive a classic car on idyllic Italian country roads is as Chopard DNA needs to shine on any glamorous red carpet.

In fact, Chopard’s co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele was a lifelong petrolhead who once admitted to having a passion for cars before his obsession with watches. It was his passion for racing that led Schaefer to participate in the 1989 Mille Miglia Classic Car Rally, which in turn inspired him to create the Chopard Mille Miglia Commemorative Watch. At first, the watches were only issued to contestants. (To this day, all participating drivers still receive a Mille Miglia watch engraved with his or her car number.) Of course, it wasn’t long before the commercial run of the Mille Miglia version fulfilled the public’s need for a dynamic and luxurious sports collection.

This year, Chopard cheap continues the annual launch of the collection with the Mille Miglia 2022 Race Edition. With blue and grey cases, the watches are available in 1,000-piece stainless steel, 250-piece bi-metallic stainless steel, and 18k ethical rose gold. Despite the inherent luxury of the new model, evident from its well-constructed case, refined finishes and solid chronograph engine interior, the Mille Miglia 2022 Race Editions have a decidedly retro feel.

The 44mm case of the watch expresses the retro style: a huge stopwatch-style chronograph pump pusher (ethical gold on the bimetallic model), a vintage tachymeter scale on the bezel, and a triple-composite chronograph accumulation with a snailed pattern The watch contrasts with the round brushed grey dial. Between the two variants, we’d go for the all-stainless steel model, as its “cleaner” aesthetic better conveys the sporty spirit of the range. It has to be said, though, that the bi-metallic version’s palatial trim isn’t quite as exaggerated or ostentatious either. fake men watches

Despite years of development, Chopard’s Mille Miglia watches have always been distinguished by two key design hallmarks. The first is its rubber strap with a Dunlop tire pattern printed on it. On these new models with calfskin straps, the pattern appears on the underside of the rubber lining. The second feature is the Mille Miglia’s red arrow logo, which you can find at the three o’clock position next to the date window.

On the screw-in caseback that looks like a tire rim, you can find more race hats. The caseback is engraved with the Mille Miglia logo, the rally’s “Brescia > Rome > Brescia” route, and the watch’s limited number. Although you don’t see it, under the hood is a powerful and precise COSC-certified automatic chronograph movement with a power reserve of 48 hours.

Given its history, the Mille Miglia 2022 Race Edition may have been made for fans of vintage car rallying. Even so, as a manly vintage-inspired chronograph from a well-known brand, this watch has enough quality to get a neutral element.

Chopard classic racing super fast chronograph second hand.

Reference number: 168542-3001
Case Dimensions: 45mm x 15.4mm
Gender: Men
Movement: Automatic
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, dual-second chronograph strap
Type: Rubber strap
Signed: Chopard

The new Classic Racing Superfast Chrono Split Second evokes the world of era racing, starting with the famous Dunlop Racing strap, whose design mirrors the tread of the eponymous racing tire from the 1960s.

It is made of natural rubber and has a deployant clasp. The dial is reminiscent of the counters on vintage racing cars, while the minute markers on the flange are reminiscent of the numbers that adorn the tachometer and speedometer. Every detail of this model – including the DLC (diamond-like carbon) black steel racing steering wheel that appears on the rubber-molded screw-lock crown, the grooves etched on either side of the lugs, and the cooling vents and hex sockets on the bezel The screws are inspired by those used on rims – showing another reference to racing. beautiful replica watches

45mm diameter DLC black steel case, COSC-certified self-winding movement powering the hour and minute hands, small seconds at 9 o’clock and analog date display – in the subdial at 3 o’clock. The highlight is the dual-second chronograph, which measures split time or two events that start at the same time but have different durations.

When the mechanism is activated using the pusher at 2 o’clock, the perfectly overlapping red sweeping seconds and white split-seconds hands begin to run simultaneously. In the first case, the split-second hand can be stopped by means of a red rubber moulded pusher at 8 o’clock – another new feature. In the second second, once the split-seconds hand is fixed, the second hand can be stopped by pressing the pusher at 2 o’clock again. Thus, before the mechanism is reset via the pusher at 5 o’clock, two measurements can be seen – minutes and hours read on counters at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. The caseback is engraved with Superfast Split Second. Chopard cheap

Lighter than air: Introducing the new Chopard Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF in titanium

The manufacturer celebrates 25 years of Fleurier watchmaking with its limited-edition, high-frequency, lightweight edition of the replica Alpine Eagle, a modern sports watch.

When Chopard launched the Alpine Eagle in 2019, the brand was in the right place at the right time. The old decree about when and where to wear a stainless steel sports watch has expired. The Alpine Eagle’s design was inspired by Chopard’s St. Moritz in the 1980s. Yes, it is sometimes painful to think that a watch from that era is considered retro, but time is passing and a whole new generation of enthusiasts are entering the design of that decade.

The Alpine Eagle was an immediate success, and today, Chopard presents the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF in titanium. Advance the Alpine Eagle story through the adoption of new materials and enhanced movement. And the brand was able to make such a move because of its independent manufacturing in Fleurier. Coincidentally, it celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2021.

fly like an eagle
The Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF In Titanium continues the tradition of combining cutting edge with classic design. It combines the comfort of titanium with the power of an elegant and robust mechanism. In addition, this 41 mm diameter timepiece is equipped with one of the most advanced chronograph movements in the best Chopard workshop – the Chopard Calibre 01.12 C. This high-frequency escapement beats at 57,600 vibrations per hour (8 Hz), twice the normal speed of automatic movement.

To achieve the highest precision in a lightweight watch, a high-frequency movement is essential. It’s also an aerodynamic movement, measuring just 9.75mm thick. Finding the balance between comfort and performance is not an easy task. But more on that later.

Differential equations
The Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF shares many of the attributes of its predecessor. At first glance, you might mistake it for the Alpine Eagle Large in the Lucent Steel A223. In addition, there are other 41mm models in the series. However, when you inspect the parts in metal, you can spot the difference, titanium is a darker color. It also feels less cool, but more comfortable to the touch.

The satin-brushed bezel, middle of the case, and wide bracelet links delight fans of Alpine Eagle’s design codes. The central cover of the links and the bevel of the case are polished, while the eight screws with grooves are tangential to the bezel circle. Wearers don’t have to worry about scuffs and scratches due to the sturdiness of titanium.

Eagle has landed
Many other luxurious touches make the Alpine Eagle soar above most sports watches. The sunburst dial of the watch, which Chopard calls an “eagle iris” pattern, is a tribute to the steely gaze of the majestic bird of prey. In the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF, the Vals Grey colour is inspired by a Swiss village of the same name in the canton of Graubünden, famous for its houses with quartzite tile roofs. The shades of this limited edition are hand-finished to make each dial unique and again distinguish it from the rest of the Alpine Eagle collection.

The rest of the display is also attractive. The minute track is minimalist with stick hour markers and Roman numerals at 12 o’clock. There are two inscriptions on the dial: “8 HZ Chronometer” appears below the brand name, and the unique arrow-shaped signature reserved for Chopard HF watches.

There is also some emotional satisfaction to the layout of the movement. Fortunately, the transparent sapphire crystal caseback reveals the H8F heartbeat of Alpine Eagle Cadence. This watch represents another meeting point between the LUC Haute Horlogerie collection and the sporty Superfast collection.

New beginning
One of the benefits of this in-house evolution is Chopard’s ability to exploit the properties of monocrystalline silicon to optimise movement at 8 Hz. This lightweight, self-lubricating material is used for pallet rods, escape wheels, and impulse pins—basically, anything that experiences a lot of friction. This, in turn, eliminates the need for traditional lubricants that extend the life of the movement.

The lightness and frictional properties of silicon give watchmakers the freedom to develop escapements dedicated to high frequencies, without consuming energy. This is how the Calibre 01.12-C automatic movement provides a 60-hour power reserve. Discount replica watches

Chopard’s latest Alpine Eagle XL chronograph soars

Classic, family-inherited design clues and a story about an absolutely avant-garde and ethical material story are combined with patented timing technology in this elegant and tough exquisite timepiece.

The story of Chopard’s popular Alpine Eagle sports watch carries some history. In fact, the model has a lot of family history.

The story goes like this: Karl-Fritz Scheufele, the son of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Chopard’s co-president, stumbled upon an amazing sports watch in Chopard’s office and thought it was a new prototype that the company was planning. However, in reality, he discovered a version of Chopin’s legendary St. Moritz timepiece, which was introduced in 1980 and designed by Karl-Friedrich at the age of 22. In fact, St. Moritz is not only Karl-Friedrich’s first timepiece project for the family business, but also Chopard’s first real sports watch.

Leaving aside timeless design, Karl-Friedrich was reluctant to revisit such an iconic model at first, but his son’s passion reminded him of himself 40 years ago. “Inventing something is difficult, but reinterpreting a great design is even more difficult. The basic principle of Alpine Eagle design—just like St. Moritz—is that we apply the principle of form following function. Every detail is very important. Important,” Karl-Friedrich said. Therefore, Alpine Eagle was launched in 2019.

The Alpine Eagle series adopts an exquisite and thorough modern design. It is a sporty timepiece with an integrated case and bracelet, and a jewel-like sunburst dial. But in order to pay tribute to today, one can always find a story with modern materials. For example, the steel version of Alpine Eagle uses special Lucent steel A223 alloy, which has the hypoallergenic properties of surgical steel. The scratch resistance of this alloy is 50% higher than that of traditional stainless steel, and its purity level ensures the brilliance and reflective properties more similar to platinum.

New Eagle
Input: the new Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono. This new watch uses a 44 mm rose gold and ceramic titanium case, which is no exception in the brand’s advanced materials story.

Not surprising to watchers of the brand, the shiny satin-brushed 18K rose gold of the case comes from an ethical supply chain, continuing Chopard’s commitment to include it in all its watch and jewelry production since 2018.

In addition, some edges and aspects of the gold case are smoother than others, adding another layer of luster and sophistication to the design of Burley, which tends to enhance the robustness and technical characteristics of the watch rather than detract from it. In addition, the slim chronograph buttons can easily fit into the overall outline of the case design.

The gray anthracite ceramic titanium metal parts-the ring with the crown protector under the bezel, the protective ring on the transparent back cover and the strap buckle-are the products of more avant-garde craftsmanship. The plasma technology titanium oxide source metal combines the iconic lightness of titanium with the enhanced hardness and scratch resistance of industrial ceramics. This two-material combination is first Chopin. Online cheap watch

Design driven
Another initiative is the elegant and refined leather strap. In addition to Chopard XL Chrono’s one-time Only Watch 2021 edition, this core product is the only Alpine Eagle that breaks away from the classic all-metal bracelet.

Similarly, a thick black calfskin strap with an embossed central ridge is an elegant addition to the series, which fits perfectly with the core of the tool watch. In addition, the red rein stitching outlines the red timing elements of the dial and passes them through the case to display the composition in a beautiful but absolutely rough way.

The dark black dial design is based on electroplated sunburst processing. And, like all Alpine Eagle timepieces, this sunburst pattern is designed to evoke the iris in the eyes of the Raptor of the same name. The red gold framed traditional chronograph subdial (30 seconds at 3 o’clock, small seconds at 6 o’clock, 12 hours at 9 o’clock) and the date window between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock occupy some of that sunburst-shaped space A clearer matte black method is used, but the striking stripes are still unmistakable. fake watch Review

Sports magic
The COSC-certified Chopard 03.05-C chronograph movement of Alpine Eagle XL Chrono is also not inferior, with a powerful 60-hour power reserve and as a precision-designed flyback chronograph. Tapping the upper putter again will immediately reset the counter to zero and start a second tracking so that you can time multiple events, such as the end of a game. The movement has three patents, derived from the 03.03-L movement used in the more rare Chopard LUC Chrono One timepiece.

But the brand-new Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono, despite its exquisiteness, embodies the spirit of the era of “tough guy in evening dress” worthy of Bond in many Chopard timepieces. The extraordinary combination of new materials, X1-level Super-LumiNova hands and markers luminous and eye-catching red hue make it an elegant watch with authentic charm that matches any competitor.

Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono (model 295387-9001).

Chopard launched the new Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch

Chopard launched the new Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch with high frequency and limited edition

With sharp eyes like an eagle, he is determined to challenge the field of high-frequency watchmaking. Chopard (Chopard) launched the new Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch, combining the comfort of titanium and the extraordinary power of the chronometer’s chronometer, condensing precision performance, fashion style and sports charm in one. This 41 mm diameter watch is equipped with one of the most advanced movements in the Chopard workshop – the Chopard 01.12-C model. In fact, this movement is equipped with a high-frequency escapement series, with a frequency of up to 57,600 vibrations per hour (8 Hz), and is issued in limited quantities.

Since its launch in 2019, the Alpine Eagle series has performed exceptionally and achieved unprecedented success. Today, Chopard has added another member to this series-the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch. The new watch has a diameter of 41 mm and a thickness of only 9.75 mm. It is made of titanium, lightweight and durable, and equipped with an extraordinary movement. The movement has a frequency of up to 8 Hz, which is twice as fast as a standard automatic movement.

This performance is not a pure technical specification, but an indispensable function, because the high vibration frequency achieves the ultimate precision performance without sacrificing other characteristics. The Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch is lighter, has a 60-hour power reserve, and has been awarded the “Observatory” certification by the Swiss Official Chronometer Chronometer Certification (COSC).

Basic specifications

At a glance, the appearance of the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch and the Alpine Eagle series large model watch made of Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel is difficult to distinguish, but the two are actually completely different, even though the series is equipped with a 41 mm diameter watch. , Alpine Eagle has always used Chopard’s unique Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel to make watches, or use ethical gold, or even mix the two, while the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch model is made of all titanium become. If the Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel watch is bright, dazzling, durable, and particularly comfortable to the touch, then the titanium model feels lighter and darker, which is completely different from the former.

What remains unchanged is that the new watch implements the essential design elements of Alpine Eagle. The middle position of the bezel and case and the wide links of the bracelet are satin-finished. The central top cover of these links is polished, and the chamfers of the case and the grooves of the eight screws are also polished to match the arc of the bezel.

The dial of the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch is decorated with the “Eagle Iris” pattern, which pays tribute to the inspiration of this series-the sharp eyes of the eagle. However, the hue of the watch is different from other watches in the series, because it is hand-aged, so each watch also presents a unique hue. The dark gray Vals Grey presented by the watch is inspired by a village of the same name in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, famous for its houses with quartz tile roofs.

In addition, the minute chronograph is simplified, and only the bar-shaped hour markers and the 12 o’clock Roman numeral hour markers are retained. The watch is also engraved with two unique inscriptions. The word “8 Hz Chronometer” is displayed below Chopard’s name. There is a dynamic arrow-shaped logo on the bottom of the dial, which is the unique mark of Chopard‘s high frequency watch. The sapphire crystal glass case back is also engraved with the same mark, revealing that the movement has a frequency of 57,600 vibrations per hour.

Rare high frequency movement

High vibration frequency can greatly improve the accuracy of timekeeping, which is also the heart of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the co-president of Chopard. Although the watch will inevitably suffer from collisions during daily use, it will affect the regular swing of the balance wheel. According to statistics, if the swing speed of the balance wheel is faster, the impact of each collision on its average operating speed will be smaller. The high vibration frequency also means that the oscillating weight is running at a high speed, and it also means that the oscillating weight can quickly resume isochronous operation.

In 2012, Chopard became the first brand in the market to launch an entire watch series equipped with an Observatory-certified high-frequency movement. Adhering to the spirit of daring to make breakthroughs and innovation, Chopard developed the L.U.C 01.06-L movement for the L.U.C series and configured it on an experimental 100 L.U.C 8HF titanium timepiece. This model later became a collector’s model. Later, Chopard used this movement as a blueprint to create the LUC 01.09-L movement. Due to its very complex structure, it could only produce a few pieces, and it was only used for LUC 8HF Power Control black ceramic and titanium diamond-like carbon ( DLC) became the second limited model on the timepiece. Later, it was evolved into the 01.11-M movement, which was installed on the Superfast Power Control Porsche 919 HF watch model.

After the L.U.C high-end timepiece series and the sporty Superfast series were widely acclaimed for their precision performance, Chopard’s high-frequency calibre evolved again and was the first to be used in the Alpine Eagle series. This Chopard 01.12-C automatic winding movement is equipped with a central oscillating weight. It requires more technology and is more complex than manufacturing a movement equipped with a traditional escape wheel. Therefore, Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF is limited to only 250 pieces. Like the previous model, this movement is also certified by the Observatory.

Outstanding results and innovative materials

In order to fully utilize the performance of the 8 Hz vibration frequency movement, Chopard relies on the characteristics of monocrystalline silicon wafers. This material is lightweight and lubricated, and is used to make pallets, escape wheels and board pins. In other words, the strong friction of all parts is thus minimized. Therefore, the watch’s dependence on traditional lubricants is eliminated, thereby ensuring the operational life of the movement.

The lightness of the silicon wafer, its friction-reducing characteristics, and the fact that it is not too restricted in processing and production, allows Chopard to develop a high-frequency escapement that does not consume a lot of energy. Fake Luxury Quartz Watches

The Chopard 01.12-C movement can therefore provide a 60-hour power reserve. Such outstanding autonomous operation capabilities are usually not compatible with high vibration frequencies. The research and development work invested in the Chopard Watchmaking Workshop, coupled with a number of patents and technologies used, have allowed the coexistence of seemingly inconsistent goals such as chronograph, autonomous operation and reliable performance. In addition to adding a unique fashion sports style to the Alpine Eagle series, this high-frequency watch is among the many outstanding timepieces.

Alpine Eagle series: a new interpretation of the masterpiece

The Alpine Eagle series is a legacy of ingenuity that spans three generations of the Scheufele family. It is a reference to the first watch St. Moritz created by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele in the late 1970s. Modern interpretation. The Alpine Eagle series adopts a simple and atmospheric design, drawing inspiration from the magical power of nature. The round case with stylish side profile, the crown engraved with compass rose, the bezel decorated with eight index fixing screws, the textured dial with dark tones and fluorescent display, decorated with eagle feather second hand – The Alpine Eagle series highlights modern fashion charm and refined elegance.

Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF titanium watch

Grade 5 titanium
Total diameter: 41.00 mm
Thickness: 9.75 mm
Waterproof performance: 00 meters
Stainless steel screw-down crown with compass rose: 7 mm
Vertical satin bezel with polished chamfers
Vertical satin bezel with eight index fixing screws
Anti-glare sapphire crystal
Sapphire crystal glass transparent case back, decorated with “Cadence 8 HF” inscription
High-frequency self-winding mechanical movement Chopard 01.12-C
Number of parts: 210 pieces
Movement diameter: 28.80 mm
Movement thickness: 4.95 mm
Number of gems: 28
Vibration frequency: 57,600 times/hour (8 Hz)
Power reserve: 60 hours
Annular balance wheel-flat end curved hairspring
Patented high-frequency tuning device
Silicon plate pin, pallet fork and escape wheel
Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC)
Dial and hands:
The brass dial is embossed with a radial pattern inspired by the iris of the eagle, and is electroplated to give the Vals Grey dark gray
Rhodium-plated applied hour markers and numerals, coated with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1
Rhodium-plated rod-shaped hour and minute hands, coated with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1
Rhodium-plated arrow-shaped seconds hand with eagle feather-shaped counterweight
Function: central hour, minute and second display, date display at 4:30
Strap and buckle: Grade 5 titanium tapered bracelet, wide links with satin-finished edges and polished central links, grade 5 titanium triple folding clasp, stainless steel hands
Model: 298600-3005-Titanium model with Vals Grey dial

Popular Chopard

Chopard Gaoshan Eagle watched the world debut

at last. Finally flip. The new Chopard Alpine Eagle Collection makes me not only for Chopard, but also the waiting list that is in a dilemma, for a few luxury steel sports watches. In addition, when considering the state of the luxury watch industry, it also brought me a short relief moment. That’s why.

I have respected Chopard and its watchmaking department for a long time – even though they rarely explain the reasons. Their Miglia series is a series of automotive inspiration series, a bit nicked, although you are in that nib. Their LUC series is restricted by leather, although Chopard’s ultra-high-end thing is the best, but its production is limited, and it has not had a spot Horlogerie in the advanced ivory towers.

In the four years of production, the Alpine Eagle is eventually no IFS or BUTS – um, maybe in addition to this name, this may be a bit too tamed. This is a watch that is presented in modestly, that is, Calverdri Shifutu and Chopard’s normal, but the product itself, if it has the ability, I am estimated, I would rather fly over the pirate flag, shouting a thing like this, “eat Drop your east, Baixi Philip! Arrgh! “

From mandatory three annular bracelets to its bar – there is no special implementation quality, until it goes multi-functional design, Chopard Gaoshan Eagle is everything you need to put Chopard on the map, not just any given Niki, but a more wide audience – the audience “Sports” watches “Sports” watches by self-crowned steel luxury goods. In both cases, the price is 10,100 US dollars in two cases, the price of 36 mm is $ 10,100, and the 41 mm grid version is $ 12,900, the collection is Snap Bang, where it needs a replacement of the usual suspect. But it is not just about the price – there are stories, history and quality. How to measure the octagonal alternatives, we will quickly discover – but first, some backgrounds are how it become.

I remember the first time, and the three generations of Chopard have the Scheufele family exists in the product release. First, a generation of Karl Scheufeele, III, purchased Chopard in 1963, and transformed into a global brand. His son Karl-Friedrich Scheufee has been running the company’s watch sector in recent decades, and transforms Chopard into an independent and able to watch manufacturing, that is, today’s movements, cases and bracelets – he also repositioned LUC The height of the series – to the ultra-high range and launched FerDinand Berthoud. The youngest generation is the 22-year-old Karl-Fritz Scheufele. He is shared and must protect the grandfather’s plan, let him enter Chopard is too small. The reason they exist is that the Gaoshan Eagle reveals its achievement of the three generations of collaboration.

I have forgotten the repentance of the tears: presenting surprisingly, with a person’s disadvantages and advantages of the individual generations, as well as their own roles to create a new watch collection. Opened at the beginning, Carl Friedrich was open to Chopard Santa Migitz, he designed and launched one of his first projects, when he joined Chopard’s second generation. In the 1970s, he has been to Moritz to St. Marez, in the affirmative gorgeous party, currently, has become a clear restraint of ski paradise, a small town, and even thoughts from Switzerland. replica watches china

Time has passed Saint Moritz because it has completed the disposable watches on thin, quartz and steel coated lineup. However, this did not prevent the youngest generation – the lack of experience and fearless design – from the regression collected. Karl-Fritz ‘The idea of ​​restarting this collection is from his father’s “soft”, this is a “soft” of the CEO of a conservative and thoughtful watch company. This “soft” has taken two years of persuasiveness, observed this – secretly developed a dissolved prototype, all of which are trying to persuade Calfrich’s alpine eagle in Chopard carefully planned collection It should be taken for.

Once the actual development of Chopard Gaoshan Eagle has begun, it is a unremitting and training eye in the elderly, in order to rule each process in detail – this fact is explicitly reflected in each element of these watches. Karl III grandfather promoted the process through his famous persistence; KARL-Friedrich requires 40mm, 41mm, 42mm and 43mm wide-specific eyes to determine the ideal dimensions of the larger model; help in the family’s female members Under, a similar quantity alternative is set, and the perfect size of a smaller version. They solved the size of 41 and 36 mm – although the latter is, I estimate that the perfect male watch size is like the Rolex date, the Gaoshan Eagle 36 seems to be female chemical in its proportion.

Why is the eagle? This series is started near Gstaad and returned in July. Gstaad is UN high-end ski paradise – I guess, because I don’t ski, and the appearance of things, this place in this place is not recorded the most popular summer middle. Although I have not yet become a fan of any residential area of ​​Switzerland, but their landscape is really magical. With the huge grayscale peaks of the Alps, in their luxurious green summer clothes, the participants of the event be greet the members of the Eagle Foundation. The goal is to help some of the eagle returns to the Alps, and finally 200 Ann a hunting. In their company is three dreamy eagles, two young people with only four years old, among them. (I was told to live to 50 years old.)

The foundation will enjoy the support of Wen Bang – instead of each sale, but with annual payment – in line with Chopard promotion, it uses sustainable source materials, which is a global, ecologically considerate-operated organizational operation. I like a line, I like Karl-Friedrich Scheufee’s new watch speech is this: “The eagle is awareness ambassador.” Obviously, the eagle is the only creative that can directly look directly at the sky, and is a found up to 10kms ( Or Six miles of prey. I thought that this consciousness is progressing smoothly, and the products that have been properly redesigned from the materials that have been on the wrist. Therefore, the dial of the high mountain eagle watch is inspired by the retina of the eagle.

Lucent Steel – What is new in Wonderful Hissone?
In addition, everything is new, down to the materials used. Chopard has always been tracking one of the forefront of gold – 100% of Golden Chopard’s use of the watch is a moral belong, and some of them undertakes the childhood gold certificate (limited to rare facts of Fairmined Gold-Certified Mines. The newly created authorization process is slow). Now, with the Alpine Eagle Collection, steel has joined the traceability of this pursuit to traceability with Chopard’s very pure Luo Xun Steel A223. Reduced carbon footprint produced by European suppliers, Chopard’s Lucent Steel A223 and 70% recovered stainless steel and 30% steel allocation of steel coherent from 100% traceable source. The mind, Chopard also recovered 100% steel waste. Perhaps more importantly, Lucent Steel is a double forge to delete as much pollution as possible, thereby preventing its anti-allergens and compares with surgery stainless steel on its chemical composition.

The double forging process has two additional benefits. First of all, due to its name suggestion, Chopard’s Lucent Steel A223 is more difficult to conventional steel with standard 316L stainless steel ~ 150 Vax ~ 150 Vikock. Second, it is steel, truly incredible whiteness and brightness – so much, therefore, for the first time in seven years and about 90,000 view photography images, I struggled to reflect the reflectance of the steel and luxury bracelet watch .

If you think my image is more dark than usual, it is due to adjustment, I have to make up for the brightness and whiteness of Langxun Steel. I have never seen such something – no Rolex’s 904L steel, with AP or PATEK, no other place. Its perfect white, and rich color and its shiny tendencies will follow “now, this is something like the luxury steel watch should look like.” Even from the general newcomer with unsuccessful eyes, this The quality and excellent appearance of the material are also easy to see. It is important to pay attention to that bright rays and lack of its inherent color appearance is not cheap – the opposite. Simply look very translucent and orange reflections on the following two external links, as shown below. Things like accidental or wrong; it only occurs in top surface processing. luxury replicas

People don’t have to be a master of Engineering to know that it is more difficult, it is more difficult. (Of course, making a high-quality case from Marshmallows will be a equally difficult challenge, but I believe that you got me.) In the table, such attributes often convert to a more beautiful and special surface from . According to the product release demonstration, the engineer in the launch of this material, a few months (and I guess, playing out the trick-based factory) when broadcasting all kinds of French curse) – how many mechanical (and nerve) collapse They must endure in the process of manufacturing Luo Yun Steel, just like they know that it is as beautiful. A glimpse on the bracelet indicates that their efforts are steady-state flat and uniformly brush the shape of the surface, and the deep glow of the inclined edge and polishing center links.

Chopardying’s design and durability
The design itself is based on the collection of St. Moritz in Chopard 1980. In line with the times, even today’s 36mm versions are more wider than the original, it is not a 41mm variant feeling or cumbersome, or in the “sports”. The three-link bracelet remains unchanged in its layout, but in fact, in most other aspects: the connecting rods are still clamped by eight pins, allowing rigid and flexibility of popular binding. Raising the central link rather than the same rinsing as usual, because it was once the 40-year-old original, and the integration between the bracelet and the lug structure now includes more complex lugs, benefited from the latest case manufacturing Progress. It has only multi-axis CNC machines and complex tools that enable this projection and angled design and alternating finishing.

The processes of the original baffle and case configuration file are kept intact, although the latter is equivalent to the block of the new model to support a larger side. The original taste and playful playful in the new design, I hope not this. Then, this more angular and structured appearance is a luxury sports watch in the 41 meter market. Just my courage can tell me, the public taste will continue to restore the width and ventilation design in the 1980s, the initial Santa Migitz is so beautiful and cute example – but here and now, the Alpine bird eagle is Yes, it must be sitting there as much as possible.

A interesting detail – the will of the detail method of Wing Teard of Wing Bang, which is praised above – is the trouble of fake Chopard through the functional screws of the housing and the baffle, so that their slots are arranged together with the flow. So, yes, Hublot did not disturb, and Chopard did what was achieved in a smart way, and made in smartly. Read this, you may be one of the following two groups: a) Hublots (and other watches) Never bother you, or b), you think they are opposite to a good luxury design. If you are group A), you may ignore this section – but other people will not approve the appreciation of the appreciation of the details of Chopard pay attention to the details.

Chopard Mille Miglia 2020 Race Edition

Chopard Mille Miglia 2020 Race Edition is designed for those who love black

Chopard’s Mille Miglia 2020 Race Edition is a versatile color suitable for all occasions.

The Mille Miglia series is highly regarded for its sports aesthetics derived from motorsports, and is considered by those who have received Chopin’s education as an excellent introduction to the brand. Since 1988, as the main partner and official timekeeper of 1000 Miglia, Chopard has produced at least one Mille Miglia watch every year to celebrate their lasting relationship.

1000 Miglia is organized by the Brescia Automobile Association to celebrate the romanticism associated with the legendary Mille Miglia 1,000-mile annual endurance race between Brescia and Rome. Due to the picturesque journey, Enzo Ferrari called it the most beautiful race in the world. The modern reenactment is faithful to the original and the entry requirement is an old-fashioned car.

Whether it is a power reserve indicator reminiscent of a fuel meter, a grooved rubber strap reminiscent of a tire pattern, or an engine piston chronograph button, every Mille Miglia watch expresses classic car and mechanical movement The inseparable connection between watches. This is the perfect display of Chopard’s reputation as a watch manufacturer.

Including practical and easy-to-use complex features such as a chronograph, making the Mille Miglia watch an excellent everyday wearable device. This shows that Chopard is also good at producing high-end timepieces for the L.U.C series for connoisseurs, because it provides modern luxury watches of the Mille Miglia series that resonate with young suitors. This is also an observation that Chopin agreed with.

“When designing this year’s (2020) replica watches uk, we considered young customers. The younger generation is more and more interested in classic cars, and we see newlyweds and father-son couples participating in events such as Mille Miglia. This year’s watches are very suitable They,” said Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Chopard Co-President, an avid car enthusiast who has participated in 31 Mille Miglia races.

The Mille Miglia 2020 Race Edition is powered by an observatory-certified movement. There are two styles: 1,000 pieces, sandblasted DLC treated stainless steel; and 250 pieces of two-tone sandblasted, DLC treated stainless steel and ethical Made of 18k rose gold. Compared with previous efforts, the color of the 2020 model is significantly reduced. There is a reason for this.

The design concept of this watch is to use it as a multi-function watch, with casual daytime outfits and elegant evening wear, and is especially suitable for fascinating events that span day and night such as 1000 Miglia. Its all-black shape is the pinnacle of a sandblasted, DLC-treated 42mm case, a matte black lacquered dial and contrasting vintage yellow markings, all inspired by the satin black and bronze decorations commonly found on vintage cars surface.

Although all-black watches usually sacrifice legibility for the sake of coolness, Chopard circumvents this dilemma by decorating the antique yellow minute track and tachymeter scale on the matte black dial surface to create a strong contrast. To enhance legibility, yellow Arabic numerals are filled with super bright Super-LumiNova luminous material. Therefore, even if your foot is firmly on the accelerator, watching the watch read the time is still a seamless process.

As a chronograph born in motor sports, the watch is equipped with a large dial, clearly marking 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours. The eye-catching date window is located between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, and a hint of red at the tip of the second hand—along with the subtle red 1000 Miglia direction arrow—is the indicator on the dial side. This chronograph pays homage to the game.

Turn the watch over, the sapphire crystal caseback is decorated with the 1000 Miglia logo and the unique version number of each piece, and the finishing touch is a black perforated calfskin strap with the same color stitching and rubber lining, decorated with best Chopard Based on the iconic tread pattern of Dunlop racing tires from the 1960s.