Here’s All the New Watches from Patek Philippe, From Denim-Strapped Aquanauts to New World Timers

At Watches & Wonders, Patek Philippe turns its focus to rose gold, global travel and the toughest material in menswear.

Every spring, new releases from the famous independent top luxury replica watches brand Patek Philippe are almost as anticipated as new releases from Rolex. This year, Patek Philippe has updated a perennial favorite, which seems to be a trend across brands in Watches & Wonders 2024. For some brands, this move may seem too conservative, but for Patek Philippe – a storied independent brand with a catalog full of genre-defining designs – updating a classic may do more to appeal to collectors than launching a new, bold watch satisfy.

If we had to sum up what Patek Philippe has to offer this year, it would be this: there’s a lot of rose gold, a surprising amount of denim—yes, like blue jeans—but no new Nautilus.

Patek Philippe has made some interesting moves over the past five years or so, preserving its history and tradition rather than giving in to the overwhelming demand for popular watches. For example, in late 2021, Patek Philippe canceled the stainless steel Nautilus 5711, a move that could be read not only as a disdain for the one-piece steel bracelet watch trend, but also as an attempt to avoid being overly identified with a 1970s model. Audemars Piguet owns the Royal Oak. Instead, Patek Philippe has shifted its outdoor focus back to the Calatrava collection, specifically 2022’s 5226G Field Watch, the only Patek Philippe watch in history to actually see military action. In this way, Patek Philippe established a more accurate history for itself.

Only within this context can one truly understand what Patek Philippe is releasing in 2024, which is undoubtedly a statement of its storied past. Launched this year, the 5236P in-line perpetual calendar watch with a rose gold opal (also known as salmon) dial is emblematic of this assertion. Th 5236 is a traditional style perpetual calendar with a completely unique yet understated four-disc complication that displays the day of the week, date and month. Or consider 2024’s Aquanauts, which deliberately break the norms of the integrated-bracelet watch category, here available in a cool blue-gray colorway paired with denim. Even the paved Auqanaut retains the core design elements of the now highly regarded model.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5980 60G Aquanaut Flyback Chronograph
As if we needed further proof that Patek Philippe is actively creating a more casual vibe in its catalog over the past few years, denim straps on major complications like this Aquanaut Flyback Chronograph Sealed case. Take a deep breath and think about it: Patek Philippe wearing Levi’s! Of course, the strap is expertly woven from premium calfskin, not to mention it’s one of the most sought-after watches in modern history.

This strap probably wouldn’t work if it weren’t for the perfect match to the opal blue-gray dial set in a massive block of white gold and accented with white gold markers and hands. If that’s your style, we also have a matching set of cufflinks available – a must-have in our opinion if you’re looking to buy the Ref. 5980 60G.

The CH 28-520 C/522 movement is a self-winding flyback chronograph with totalizing via a concentric scale on the subdial at 6 o’clock. Continuing Patek Philippe’s flair for transforming highly complex functions into minimalist styles, this flyback watch hides its chronograph function and presents a more elegant appearance than the standard two- or three-hand versions. Considering Patek Philippe is now using some of the toughest materials in menswear, this extra level of elegance is a very good thing.

Case size: 40.5mm
Case material: white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: Woven denim pattern on calfskin
Movement: CH 28-520 C/522 flyback chronograph with date

Patek Philippe Ref. 5164G Aquanaut Travel Time
We’ve already seen this rose gold watch with a brown dial and matching brown rubber strap, so here we see a cool colorway with a white gold case and steel blue dial and strap. For lovers of travel time complications, this model will be great news.

The 26-330 SC FUS movement is a very useful movement for world travelers. Dual time zones are available on the main dial, and the local hour hand can be jumped to the desired position simply using the left button. Meanwhile, the hollow hour hand remains intact regardless of your home time. One of the unique and most useful features of this movement is the inclusion of dual AM/PM indicators, clearly marked “local” and “local”. Before long, reading the time twice on the main watch face will become intuitive so you don’t accidentally call someone in the middle of the night.

Case size: 40.8mm x 10.2mm
Case material: white gold
Water resistance: 120 meters
Strap: rubber

Patek Philippe Ref. 5269R Aquanaut Travel Time
Yes, it’s quartz, and while that may disappoint some die-hard fans of haute horlogerie, others will love its ease of use, incredible precision, and slim 8.77mm case. Rose gold and slate blue contrast beautifully here, and the 38.8mm case is suitable for wrists of all sizes. We even wonder, as men’s watch sizes continue to shrink, this Ref. 5269R won’t appeal to those people. After all, it’s not like Patek Philippe painted it pink, but a great blue.

Of course, the brilliance of the Travel Time series is the ability to easily track time at home and away from home. When the hollow hand hides behind the solid hour hand, it’s time to go home. Pulling the crown out to position one allows you to move the local hour hand (solid hour hand) forward or backward as desired. The AM/PM indicator below the 6 o’clock mark tells you whether it’s day or night in your home, and we think the lack of a date window is actually correct; it’s got symmetry, clean lines, and the ultimate luxury of not caring about the date, Because it’s travel time.

Case size: 38.8mm x 8.77mm
Case material: rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: rubber
Movement: E23-250 S FUS 24H quartz movement

Patek Philippe Ref. 5520RG Alarm Travel Time
For fans of Patek Philippe Travel Time watches, when the Ref. 5520P hit the market in 2019. These additions also make the Ref. 5520P possible. 5520 moves from the “complication” category into the rare “grand complication” of Patek Philippe. This may be a semantic difference, but we think adding a working mechanical alarm to an already very complex watch is quite distinctive.

Alarm watches became a trend in the decades after World War II, and recent decades have also seen a minor resurgence in mechanical alarm complications from brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Breguet, Richard Mille and Hublot. But few of these products are as eye-catching as Patek Philippe’s alarm clock complication, as the AL 30-660 SC FUS movement is a joy to use, look at and listen to. The Travel Time collection has always provided an easy way to track dual time zones abroad, and the addition of an alarm complication does not tarnish this elegant complication. Particularly good is the digital display of the alarm time setting below the 12 o’clock position, which allows for accurate alarms compared to more common rotating alarm clocks mounted on a central spindle.

For 2024, Patek Philippe brings us the 5220RG, a lovely rose gold version with a gray sunburst dial and plenty of luminous accents throughout. This colorway adds even more old-world charm to this already vintage-style watch.

Case size: 42.2mm x 11.6mm
Case material: rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: leather

Patek Philippe Ref. 5738 1R Oval
Let’s start with the solid rose gold link bracelet, a first for the modern Golden Ellipse and certainly a throwback to the past. Braided bracelets have become somewhat lost in the tool-watch-obsessed 21st century, but some of the most detailed and beautiful work in watchmaking hangs from the case. There are 363 individual elements in the bracelet, held together by an engraved clasp that is adjustable in three positions. Bravo, Patek Philippe – you’re bringing home a lost art!

The watch is reasonably sized at 34.5mm in diameter. This may sound small to some, but oversized oval and rectangular watches don’t always look so elegant. Furthermore, the expected effect of wearing such a watch is to find yourself wearing a beautiful bracelet that also happens to have a watch attached to its center. Not that the watch here is an afterthought, but it’s certainly not as dominant as the Calatrava or Nautilus.

All of this suggests – and perhaps unintentionally – that Patek Philippe may have just hit the unisex bullseye.

Case dimensions: 34.5mm x 39.5mm x 5.9mm
Case and bracelet material: rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Movement: Caliber 240 manual winding chronograph

Patek Philippe Ref. 5330G World Time and Date
If the face of this watch looks familiar, that’s because its engravings and basic layout are derived from the acclaimed 5935 World Time Split-Second Chronograph Grande Complication, and because this watch was launched in 2023 Limited release in Tokyo. In general collections, the Ref. 5330G completes Patek Philippe’s world timepieces, with casual styles becoming increasingly common in its catalogue.

Powered by the 240 HU automatic movement, the 5330G offers 24-hour format and AM/PM indication in all 24 time zones. When you press the actuator at 10 o’clock, you will simultaneously advance the hour hand one hour and the city disc 1/24 of a turn, keeping the watch in line with local time while showing you the relative time around the piece precise.

Case size: 40mm x 11.57mm
Case material: white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: denim woven leather
Movement: Calibner 240HU C

Patek Philippe Ref. 5160/500R Retorgrade Perpetual Calendar
In 1925, Patek Philippe released a gorgeous, highly engraved gold perpetual calendar watch commonly known as the “REF”. 91975. This watch happened to be the world’s first perpetual calendar watch housed in a small case with lugs and strapped to the wrist, which they eventually called a “wristwatch,” a novel concept in 1925. Patek Philippe revived the spirit of the 91975 in 1925. 5160 from the 2010s, this watch may look a bit over the top in high-resolution digital images, but (we can confirm) it’s surprisingly quiet and elegant in action. In fact, one of our staff writers unexpectedly developed an obsession with the white gold Ref.1 watch. The first time I put it on my wrist, it was numbered 5160.

In 2024, Patek Philippe returns again with the Ref. 5160, equipped with a rose gold “gentleman’s case”, using the original hinged bottom cover and silver-plated opal dial, with an elegant layout that is comparable to any of Patek Philippe’s high-end complications. The modern 5160 features black Breguet numerals, large spade-shaped hour hands, and red-tipped hands that point to a retrograde date arc that leaves room for a traditional-style moon phase window at the bottom of the dial. This timepiece is part of Patek Philippe’s Rare Handmade Collection.

Case size: 38mm
Case material: rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: crocodile leather
Movement: Automatic 26-330 S QR with perpetual calendar, moon phase, leap year, date, day of the week, hours, minutes, seconds

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5236P

referee. Introduced in 2021, the 5236P is unique in that it displays the day, date and month intuitively through a window with four discs at 12 o’clock (two discs are needed to display the two digits of the date). The self-winding caliber 31-260 requires an additional 118 components just for the display, which operates four discs on the same plane in a small space. Like many elegant, simple products (like the iPhone), the 5236G has a lot of intricate work going on beneath the surface.

This complication watch is housed in a 41.3 mm platinum case that is 11.07 mm thick and includes crystal. We already have the Ref. 5236P on the wrist, and while the platinum creates some weight, the wearing experience is elegant and surprisingly streamlined. Of course, what sets this year’s version apart is the rose gold opal dial, or, as some opinionated collectors call it, a true salmon dial. While other brands use copper, solid gold, and different coatings to achieve the elusive salmon color, Patek Philippe uses a traditional method that dates back to the days of pocket watches.

What’s unconventional here are the charcoal white gold baton markers and hands. Thanks to this interesting choice, the dial has a stealthy 21st century feel that might feel more at home on a less traditionally styled watch. However, the charcoal elements combined with the black print throughout the dial create a quiet clarity that enhances the minimalist style of this understated perpetual calendar.

Case size: 41.5mm
Case material: platinum
Strap: brown alligator leather
Movement: Caliber 31-260 plug-in perpetual calendar

Patek Philippe Ref. 5396G Annual Calendar Moon Phase
This watch debuted in 1996 and has become one of Patek Philippe’s flagship models. As one would expect, there have been multiple iterations over the years, including models in platinum, yellow and rose gold, as well as models with Breguet numerals, Barton markers, white dials, gray dials, black dials, sector dials and soon. This year, Patek Philippe launched a white gold version with a dark blue sunburst smoked dial – something not often seen on Patek Philippe. Still in a compact 38.5mm case, it’s just 11.2mm thick and is water-resistant to 30 meters, which is impressive for a product of this type.

The star of the show is always the tried and tested caliber 26-330 S QA LU 24H. What it boils down to is the annual calendar (which indicates the day, date and month), moon phase and a secondary 24-hour indicator on the subdial at 6 o’clock. The latter serves as an AM/PM indicator and emulates the classic look of the round date calendar of the now vintage Patek Philippe Reference 3448 Annual Calendar, which inspired the modern 5396 we see here. It’s no surprise that Patek Philippe maintains a timeless dial layout, even as the company moves functions around the dial, as many of Patek Philippe’s mid-century designs are masterpieces of clarity and balance. It is no exaggeration to say that the Ref. 5396P lives up to this lofty description.

Case size: 38.5mm x 11.2mm
Case material: white gold
Strap: crocodile leather
Movement: Automatic Caliber 26-330 S QA LU 24-hour annual calendar with moon phases

Patek Philippe Ref. 5268-461G Aquanaut Luce High Jewelry
Let’s crunch the numbers: the white gold watch is set with 72 baguette sapphires (5.29 ct), 38 baguette diamonds (2.03 ct) and 160 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.71 ct) and measures 38.8 mm and is only 9.1 mm high. , water-resistant to 30 meters and an automatic movement with a 45-hour power reserve. Yes, all of this is mounted on a rubber strap – which, at the end of the day, probably makes the Ref. 5268-461G the strongest case yet made of rubber as a luxury material.

It’s a dazzling watch, but we’re struck by how conservative the color palette is despite the endless bling here. We particularly like the way Patek Philippe recreated the three-dimensional grid (or globe) in the center of the dial, giving this watch a distinctly Aquanaut look. Stones often obscure the essence of the original design, but this stone brings it to life. Last year’s rainbow and orange versions were gorgeous, but Patek Philippe has reined itself in and delivered what is sure to become a classic collector’s item into the 2020s. The piece is worth over $250,000 and will likely be the only piece seen at any party.

Case size: 38.8mm x 9.1mm
Case material: white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: rubber
Movement: 26-330 S self-winding mechanical chronograph movement only

Patek Philippe Ref. 4910 1201R 20-4
Since 1999, Patek Philippe’s ultra-feminine Twenty-4 collection has been available in smaller sizes, often with quartz movements, precious metals and gemstones. Launching this year is a rose gold cuff watch with a purple lacquered dial with a lovely embossed pattern that is sure to sparkle alongside the diamonds and gold. The case and bracelet are fully polished and set with 34 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 0.63 carats.

Case size: 25.1 x 30 mm
Case material: rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Bracelet: solid rose gold
Movement: E 15 quartz chronograph only

Patek Philippe Adds New Complications and a Pop of Color to Calatrava Watches at Watches & Wonders 2023

The Geneva-based brand has launched a casual, versatile time and date Calatrava with colorful accents, its first Calatrava Pilot-style chronograph, and the Calatrava Travel Time with a unique 24-hour display.

Patek Philippe certainly didn’t hold back at Watches & Wonders 2023. The Geneva brand launched no less than 17 new timepieces at the grand watch fair, ranging from some fascinating pieces from the Grand Complications collection, from the appealing his “n” hers Aquanauts to elegant ladies’ watches.

Today, however, we’ll take a look at a selection of the family-owned company’s multiple new Calatrava editions, which stand out for their color-infused dials and for the first time incorporating some useful complications.

Modern and versatile: Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 6007G
In the Calatrava collection, Patek Philippe has launched three new white gold models with colorful decoration and a modern and casual style.

Black dial of the new Ref. The 6007G features a bold embossed “carbon” pattern on the dial and seconds hand, luminescent filled numerals and colored highlights—yellow (6007G-001), red (6007G-010) or sky blue (6007G-011 ). The same aesthetic also It is reflected in the black calfskin strap, which is decorated with embossed patterns and colored stitching to complement the dial.

Caliber 26-330 SC powers the indications, including a date window at 3 o’clock, a stop-seconds function and a maximum power reserve of 45 hours. In addition, this beautifully decorated automatic movement can be admired through the sapphire crystal display case back.

By combining a casual, colorful dial and strap with a fully polished 40mm white gold case, Patek Philippe has created a versatile Calatrava that can suit almost any occasion, formal or informal. swiss watches prices

Reference 5924G: The First Calatrava Pilot’s Chronograph
In its collection of complications, the Geneva brand has created the first chronograph in its collection of Calatrava Pilot style watches. This new reference. 5924G also incorporates the brand’s iconic Travel Time dual time zone function, a date display synchronized with local time, and day/night indication of local time and home time.

A departure from the dark backgrounds commonly found on Pilot watches – including the brand’s own Ref. 5524G and ref. 5524R – Two radiant dial styles are available here: blue-gray sunburst or khaki green lacquer.

Both watches feature white gold applied hour markers and sword-shaped hands treated with colored luminescent light, which contrast sharply with the dial background. Each watch is equipped with white sword-shaped skeleton hands to display the home time (solid hands indicate local time).

Meanwhile, the automatic flyback chronograph movement CH 28‑520 C FUS that drives the indications can be viewed through the display back of the 42 mm white gold case. popular swiss watch brands

The blue-gray dial Ref. 5924G-001 comes with a grained navy blue calfskin strap, while the green dial Ref. 5924G-010 comes with an olive green vintage strap.

Calatrava Ref. 5224R-001 with unique 24-hour display
Remaining in Patek Philippe’s complication collection, the travel time theme continues with the new Calatrava Ref. 5224R-001, which features a very distinctive 24-hour display on a navy blue dial enhanced by contrasting finishes.

Central hands indicate home time and local time, pointing to a dual-track scale with alternating Arabic numerals and hour markers composed of 44 polished rose gold appliqués. On a 24-hour display like this, you’d normally think of noon as being at 6 o’clock, but here it’s placed at 12 o’clock for a more intuitive read of daytime.

To provide these functions, Patek Philippe’s engineers added a 24-hour and travel time mechanism to the base movement 31-260, creating the new Caliber 31-260 PS FUS 24H.

The slender proportions of this platinum micro-rotor movement can be seen through the display case back of the 42 mm rose gold case, which fits the same slim case height of only 9.85 mm.

The brand replaced the traditional local time correction button on the left side of the case with a patented crown-operated correction system. This and the design of the curved two-tiered lugs ensure that the case exudes a certain style befitting of the Calatrava name. Fake Watches Online Sale

21st Century: The World Timer in Youth

With Louis Cottier gone, World Time watches disappeared from the Geneva manufacturer’s catalog for the next three decades. The 70s and 80s came and went, Concorde roared from Paris to New York and back at supersonic speeds, and when Pan Am also disappeared from the airport in the early 90s, it became easier to jump from A to B, and then to C. As curiosity grew, generations of world citizens discovered the Earth, and finally – in 2000 – the Platinum Reference 5110 appeared, marking a new era for the Patek Philippe World Time watch.

There is something particularly striking about this model. Instead of a second crown at 9 o’clock, this 37mm reference has a pusher at 10 o’clock. This button is used to jump from one time zone to another – by the way, Patek Philippe patented it a few years ago. Inside the watch (and all its successors) is the 240 HU movement, which is based on the traditional 240 movement. The latter movement was first created by Patek Philippe in 1977 with the main consideration being the Reference 3738 – an ultra-thin Ellipse d’Or. Over the years, we have made improvements, including the addition of Gyromax ® balances and Spiromax ® spirals.

With this new reference, the World Time watch is back among watch lovers. Not only is the complication unique in its aesthetics; many would consider it far superior to any classic GMT watch, and it is also extremely attractive in terms of craftsmanship. After all, the center of each dial in particular can be finished and decorated in a number of ways. patek philippe replica uk started with the classic guilloche pattern, and has since shown several models in cloisonné enamel. The latter is led by the Reference 5131, a variant of the 5130 that replaced the 5110 in 2006, with a larger diameter of 39.5mm. Reference 51302006 comes in white and rose gold. The platinum version of the Reference 5130 debuted in 2007. Just a glance at the enamel world map on this enthralling model will inevitably attract anyone who sees it in metal.

The variety of styles available today ensures the emergence of a new group of collectors among Patek Philippe lovers. Some people focus entirely on world time watches, even ignoring the widespread enthusiasm for Nautilus models, or the unique charm of “rare handicraft” models, their flawless craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Personally, it’s also a World Time watch that reinforces the author’s fascination with Patek Philippe. For the manufacturer’s 175th anniversary in 2014, the Reference 5575 (among others) was launched in a limited edition of 1,300 pieces. At its centre is a moon phase display mounted on a rotating mineral glass disc. This moonstar display blends beautifully with the white gold case, black dial and city name in white lettering, making it almost impossible to think about the watch’s popularity.

Faced with such success, it must be very tempting for Patek Philippe to launch another Infinity model with a similar look and moon phase function. But if one thing is certain, it is that Patek Philippe, as a brand and manufacturer, is always unpredictable and never simply opportunistic in the short term.

In any case, investment pieces like the one above don’t explain the appeal of these watches, which in many ways deviate from the common notion of beautiful fake watches. They are more interesting and smaller in size due to the multitude of city names. If too much writing on the face is usually interpreted as a disadvantage, different rules apply for this watch category. Karachi, Auckland, La Paz – small watch, big world.

Hardcore Interpretation, Patek Philippe 5470, Another “God’s Work”

Today, the watch I want to tell you is the most powerful chronograph in the world of famous watches. When I took some time to understand the details of this watch, the technical sophistication is breathtaking. This is the Patek Philippe 1/10-Second Chronograph 5470. Patek Philippe is another “God’s work”.

The basic structure of the mechanical movement of a famous watch is not complicated. The structure of each movement is essentially the same. However, when implementing various functions, there will be some details and even extremely subtle problems. For example, whether the gear meshing is accurate, whether the pointer starts smoothly, and whether the transmission torque is stable. These small problems will not affect the function of the watch, and most brands will not spend too much effort to solve these small problems. However, very few brands will use their best technology to completely solve these most subtle mechanical problems, and develop many new technology structures for this purpose. This is Patek Philippe. The latest manifestation is the 5470 chronograph.

Why did Patek Philippe launch the 5470 chronograph?

5470 is Patek Philippe’s first ever 1/10-second chronograph with a swing frequency of 36,000 times/hour.

The 1/10 second chronograph is not uncommon in famous watches. Zenith el primero chronograph movement, Blancpain F385 chronograph movement, Grand Seiko crown blue lion 9S series movement, all swing frequency 36,000 times / hour, with an accuracy of 1/10 second.

But there is a problem. Most 1/10-second watches also have a central second hand, which makes a circle in 60 seconds. Although the movement can reach 1/10-second accuracy, we can’t see it with the naked eye. Zenith has been working on solving this problem before. Now, Patek Philippe has also joined the ranks and made a chronograph with 1/10 second precision directly from the dial. The sophistication of technology, unprecedented, this is the 5470.

Patek Philippe 5470, how can I see 1/10 of a second on the dial?

In the center of the dial of Patek Philippe 5470, there are two seconds hands. One red, one white (off-white). After the timing is started (the 2 o’clock position of the case is the timing button), the white hand is the normal chronograph second hand to make a circle in 60 seconds; the red one is the 1/10 second chronograph second hand to make a circle of 12 seconds, and the red one is fast. The white needle indicates “seconds” and the red needle indicates “tenths of a second”. For example, 6.8 seconds, the white needle indicates 6 seconds, and the red needle indicates 0.8 seconds.

The red hand is also easy to read, there are 12 red scales on the 5470 dial with 10 grids between the red scales, which is 1/10 of a second. Just look, the red needle is on the first few grids, which is a few tenths of a second. Regardless of the position of the red needle on the dial, just count the grids from the nearest red scale in front, and the first grid is a few tenths of a second.

The 5470 uses the fake Patek Philippe CH29 series manual chronograph movement. The original CH29 movement has a swing frequency of 28800, but now it is increased to 36000 swing frequency on the 5470 for 1/10 of a second. The specific number of the movement is CH29-535 PS 1/10.

Since the 5470 has an extra 1/10 second red hand, Patek Philippe superimposed a set of 1/10 second wheel train on the original normal timing wheel train of CH29 to control the 1/10 second red hand. The superimposed 1/10-second wheel train is directly installed on the four wheels (that is, the second wheel of the travel wheel train), driven by the four wheels, and drives the central red needle through the huge “octopus spoke” clutch gear of the horizontal clutch. ,start stop.

This is why Patek Philippe is upgrading the barrel, replacing the full balance escapement, and optimizing the structure of the 1/10-second components. Just to fit into a 41mm, 13.68-thick platinum case. The 5470’s CH29-535 PS 1/10 manual chronograph movement measures only 29.6 mm and is 6.96 mm thick. Under the extremely complex and compact structure, 48 hours of power is guaranteed. The grinding and decoration of the movement maintains the top level of Patek Philippe, and the travel time reaches the -3/+2 seconds required by the Patek Philippe mark. best replica watch site

New: An overview of the two green Patek Philippe models – Ref. 5205 and 5270

Patek Philippe has released four new styles in the now timeless shade of green. Here’s our overview of the two men’s pieces, the Ref. 5025R -011 Annual Calendar with Gradient Olive Green Dial and the Ref. 5270P-014 Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Reference. The 5270 features a gradient lacquered dial. The other two are ladies models, Ref 4910/1200A Twenty-4 manchette quartz and Ref. 7130R-014 Ladies World Time.

green. New black?
Patek Philippe uses green in their watches in quite a remarkable way. Last madness about Nautilus Ref lately. The olive green 5711/1A is an example. Arguably, the Tiffany dial version that followed was also a shade of green. Although the official information released during Nautilus Olive Green was that it was a final edition, it quickly blew up, with the first pieces auctioned reaching truly astronomical prices. . We are not reporting on the Tiffany version as it is an extremely limited edition and can only be purchased from Tiffany in New York.

refer to. 5711/1A Olive green dial.
It’s not always olive green, though. Patek Philippe cheap used a creamy lacquer green in Ref. The 5930P-001 World Time Flyback Chronograph, (the blue dial version shown in our review linked here) serves as an example.

In 2004, the Aquanaut Luce ladies’ watch with “Adventurous Khaki” dial and strap attracted considerable attention. Since then, the khaki nuance has been part of several Aquanaut models (Ref. 5168G-010 Men’s Aquanaut Watch, Ref. 5968G-010, Aquanaut Chronograph, Ref. 5267/200A-011 Aquanaut Luce). In 2021, the manufacturer introduces another dial color: olive green. It starts with self-winding Ref. The 7300/1200A-011 20~4 is followed by the last two series of Ref. Absolute sports version of the 5711 Nautilus stainless steel (5711/1A-014 and 5711/1300A-001) and stainless steel self-winding flyback chronograph (Ref. 5905/1A-001). In the same year, Patek Philippe expanded the range and gave the self-winding Ref. 5930P-001 World Time Flyback Chronograph with a green opalescent lacquered dial center in a slightly darker tone.

Today, we present two models in green that give the timepieces of the current collection a new, modern and timeless look, highlighting the individuality of each model and blending in with light in many ways. cheap watch for sale

refer to. 5202 Gradient Olive Green Dial
Unmistakable and modern: ref. 5205R-011 Rose gold with black gradient on the edge of the dial.

The watch is identical to the existing Ref. 5205, except for the dial and rose gold case.

refer to. 5270 Gradient Lacquered Dial
For Platinum Ref. 5270P-014 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Patek Philippe also offers a green lacquered dial with a black gradient, revisiting the classic nuanced colors reminiscent of the bodies of the most beautiful vintage cars.

Apart from the case material and dial color, this watch is identical to the existing 5270.

Patek Philippe – Ref. 5172G Chronograph

The new Cheap Patek Philippe Ref. was unveiled at Baselworld 2019 last March. The 5172G-001 Chronograph replaces the reference 5170 beloved by collectors and fans of the brand, launched in 2010 as the first classic architectural chronograph with a movement entirely developed and manufactured in-house. refer to. The 5170 initially came in yellow gold, followed by white gold, rose gold and, in 2017, platinum versions.

Patek Philippe has redesigned the model, now with a slightly larger white gold case (41mm vs. 39.4mm) with round guilloche pushers and triple lugs. Water resistant to 30 meters/100 feet.

New dial with blue background and contrasting white gold applied Arabic numerals, white gold baton hour and minute hands with pointed tips, sandblasted central chronograph hands and white transferred minute counter with tachymeter scale. cheap men watch

The two counters – the small seconds at 9 o’clock and the 30-minute chronograph at 3 o’clock – are also surrounded by transfer-printed rail markers.

Excellent readability even in low light thanks to the luminous coating on the hour markers and the hour and minute hands.

The dial is protected by a curved sapphire crystal “box” glass that spans the bezel.

The hand-wound calibre CH 29-535 PS combines a traditional architecture with a column wheel and horizontal clutch with six patented innovations, including an optimised tooth profile, improved gear penetration adjustment and a self-adjusting reset hammer. It also boasts several technical features inspired by the same focus on functionality and performance, such as the instantaneous 30-minute counter.

Delicate details such as chamfered bridges, polished edges and Côtes de Genève decoration can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back.

The new Patek Philippe Ref. White Gold 5172G-001 comes on a hand-stitched navy blue calfskin strap with a white gold folding clasp.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce automatic winding reference 5268/200R-001

Patek Philippe fake launched the new Aquanaut Luce automatic watch with a larger case diameter and a new one-piece matte white strap.

Equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, Aquanaut Luce launched a rose gold version in 2010 with a chocolate brown dial and strap (5068R-001), and a white version (5068R-010) in 2013. The new model released in 2021 uses a case with a diameter of 38.8 mm (previously 35.6 mm) and an integrated strap, which continues the visual harmony of the design.

The rose gold case is water-resistant to 120 meters and contrasts the polished finish of the flat surface with the satin-brushed finish on the side. The iconic round octagonal bezel has polished beveled edges and is set with 48 top Wesselton pure diamonds (approximately 1.11 carats) with textbook precision.

The matt white dial with embossed Aquanaut motif, the rose gold Arabic numerals with luminescent coating and the rose gold rod-shaped hour and minute hands form a luxurious background. A slender rose gold-plated scanning second hand completes the time display, and the date is displayed in a window at 3 o’clock.

This sporty and elegant timepiece is equipped with a 26-330 SC self-winding movement. The movement was launched in 2019 and has a number of technological innovations and optimizations (two of which have been patented), especially related to the winding system. Best quality swiss watch

When the crown is pulled out, the presence of the second stop device stops the balance, allowing the user to set the time to seconds. The sapphire crystal case back shows the structure of the movement and the flawless hand-finished.

The watch is equipped with an integrated matte white strap, which is made of super-wearable composite material, with a patented folding clasp, and is secured by four independent buckles. The new Aquanaut Luce Reference 5268/200R-001 replaces the previous two 5068 references in the series.

technical details
Model: Aquanaut Luce automatic winding rose gold, model 5268/200R-001
Calibre 26-330 SC
Self-winding mechanical movement with second hand and date display window
Diameter: 27 mm
Height: 3.3 mm
Quantity: 212 Number of gems: 30
Power reserve: minimum. 35 hours/up to 45 hours
Oscillating weight: 21K gold central oscillating weight, unidirectional winding frequency: per hour
28,800 half oscillations (4 Hz) balance wheel: Gyromax®
Hairspring: Spiromax® (Silinvar®)
Hairspring stud: adjustable

Hands: hours, minutes and seconds
Aperture: Date at 3 o’clock

Crown function
Crown in three positions:
• Unscrew: manual winding
• Pull out half: correct date
• Pull out half: set the time
Logo: Patek Philippe Seal

Watch case
18K rose gold
The bezel is set with 48 round brilliant-cut top Wesselton pure diamonds (approximately 1.11 carats)
Screw-in crown
Waterproof depth up to 120 m (12 bars)
Case size: Diameter (10-4 o’clock direction): 38.8 mm
Width (with crown at 9 – 3 o’clock): 40.95 mm
Length (across lugs): 45.4 mm
Height: 8.5 mm table
Width between ears: 19.03 mm

Brass, matt white embossed and painted Aquanaut motif
18K Rose Gold Applied Arabic Numerals 18K Rose Gold Rod Shape
Hour and minute hands with Superluminova® luminous coating
Arrow-shaped second hand, Pfinodal bottom axis, rose gold plated

The composite material is super water-resistant, UV-resistant and abrasion resistant, with a matt white raised checkerboard pattern
18K rose gold patent folding clasp, secured by four independent locks

Patek Philippe 5750P Minute Repeater

The new Calibre R 27 PS and its four patents are placed in a watch, showing novel design elements, but with a typical Patek Philippe appearance and feel. Limited to 15 pieces, the 5750P is a classic model with a diameter of 40 mm. Its shape is reminiscent of the brand’s previous minute repeater models-especially the 5178 minute repeater with cathedral gongs-its round watch Case and stepped lugs. This is a fairly thin watch with a height of 11.1 mm. If these elements are classic, then the dial is much bolder, but equally impressive.

The design of the dial is composed of 5 parts, with “a hollow pattern inspired by the spoke wheels of old cars”, which stands out against a black background with a snail pattern. Complex and complex, the same pattern repeats on the small second hand, which is a rotating disc with small marks, as a hand-this creates a dynamic effect on the watches replica. The time is indicated by flat white gold Dauphine hands and black white gold kite-shaped hour markers.

The back shows the internal Calibre R 27 PS, with classic (understanding rather than cathedral) gongs, of course in the middle, the tuning-fork-shaped tuning rod carries the fortissimo amplifier’s transparent oscillator chip system. This 3Hz automatic movement is equipped with all the technology of the brand, including the Silinvar Gyromax balance spring launched in 2006. All parts are beautifully decorated. The platinum micro-rotor dial with Geneva stripes, bevels and ray patterns is made of laser-based light-absorbing surface texture technology, which can make some parts appear black.

The Patek Philippe Advanced Research 5750 Minute Repeater is equipped with a striking orange alligator leather strap with contrasting black stitching and is closed by a platinum folding clasp.

Case: 40 mm diameter x 11.1 mm height-950 platinum, polished-sapphire crystal front and back cover-minute repeater rail on the left side of the case-not waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof
Dial: White gold, black nickel-plated snailed base, hollow ray pattern, handmade guilloche trim, round satin-finished hour circle-black 18K white gold applied kite-shaped hour markers-18K white gold flat Dauphine hour and minute hands, black turn print
Movement: Calibre R 27 PS, internal-Patek Philippe seal-Automatic with micro-rotor-Patented fortissimo “ff” sound amplification system-28 mm x 6.05 mm-39 jewels-342 components-21,600 times/hour-power reserve . 43 hours, up to 48 hours-Gyromax balance, Spiromax balance spring-hours, minutes, small seconds, minute repeater with classic gong
Strap: Hand-stitched alligator leather with large square scales, bright orange with black contrast stitching, 950 platinum folding clasp
Reference: 5750P

New design from old tradition – Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe has launched a new watch for its famous calendar series. Like the brands that like to innovate and are loyal to history, In-line Perpetual Calendar, Reference 5236, adopts a new patented single-line display, displaying the date, date and month on one line.

The brand-new perpetual calendar shows the family watchmaker’s continuous search for ways to break the boundaries of timepieces, and it has obtained three new patents. President Thierry Stern said:

“Even seemingly subtle changes are worthy of our most innovative ideas.”

The perpetual calendar is the main product of the brand. It was first launched in 1925 and is now housed in the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. Also on display is a 1972 pocket watch, equipped with a panoramic window and a calendar system “à l’américaine”.

Grand Complications automatic winding, Ref. 5236P

Compared with the traditional perpetual calendar display, designing the calendar display as a row requires a patented mechanism with 118 additional components. Patek Philippe engineers developed a calendar display consisting of four rotating discs; one for the day, two for the date, and one for the month. All four disks are perfectly embedded in the same plane.

This is achieved through the professional skills, dedication and patience of Patek Philippe’s famous craftsmen. They assemble and hand polish the components of the new Reference 5236-their timepieces are not only practical, they are also works of art. Be consistent with the brand’s tradition.

This highly complex technical challenge resulted in an online display of the date, date and month in a large single hole at 12 o’clock. The design engineer has developed a new self-winding movement 31-260 PS QL with an additional online display module, and has applied for three patents for it. This highly refined new movement is housed in an elegant platinum case and has a vertical satin blue dial with black gradient edges.

Patek Philippe has added an exquisite timepiece to its perpetual calendar series. New designs and patents further prove that Haute Horlogerie is still thriving in their studio.

We have a series of exquisite Patek Philippe watches, including perpetual calendars:

Perpetual calendar, reference. 5496P-015

Patek Philippe blue, Ref. 5726/1A-014

Patek Philippe Nautilus, Ref. 5712/1A

The ultimate Aquanaut: Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167/300G

Patek Philippe Aquanaut has an interesting journey. Since its launch, it has gone from a misunderstood-even profane-iteration of the acclaimed Nautilus to a very popular and unique watch. Through Aquanaut, Patek Philippe explained that “luxury” and “leisure” are not the opposite. Among all Aquanaut models, I believe that Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167/300G takes this ideology to the extreme. This is an extremely rare platinum-set diamond reference model 5167/300G that has never been continuously produced. This is a watch that has never been reported by the mainstream media, and most collectors don’t even know its existence. This ultra-luxury, ultra-rare but fully functional sports watch is the ultimate Aquanaut.

In 1997, during the Internet boom, the first Aquanaut was launched as a luxury sports watch for the younger generation. The 5066A reference model takes some of the best elements of Nautilus—such as the octagonal bezel, steel case, and durability—and applies them to more modern and approachable timepieces. This is not your dad’s Patek Philippe sports watch. This watch stands out because of its rubber strap and sporty design, making it attractive to the young population of Silicon Valley, who are more likely to wear pajamas instead of suits. Over the years, Aquanaut has become more and more popular and now holds a high premium on the second-hand market.

Based on the entry-level 5167, Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167/300G is definitely not the case. The reference of this baguette diamond cladding is very limited, initially only available in white gold or rose gold in the Middle East. It is extremely rare and does not appear in any Patek Philippe catalog. There are probably less than ten, and this watch seems to be only available to Patek Philippe’s best customers. Nothing is more unique than this.

The case has a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 8.1 mm. It is made of 18k white gold and is set with 101 baguette diamonds. If you are not looking at sapphire crystals, then you are looking at diamonds, not just any diamond; these are some of the finest diamonds. Patek Philippe only uses diamonds of top color, flawless interior and cut. In addition, all gems are made of mobile phones without adhesives, demonstrating Patek Philippe’s dedication to its craftsmanship.

But don’t let Bing and Jin fool you. This watch still has all the classic Aquanaut features we know and love. The grenade-shaped raised guilloche pattern in the center of the dial, eye-catching Arabic numerals, clear hands, and of course a tropical rubber strap, all have it. Even with dazzling diamonds, the classic Aquanaut case shape can still be recognized from the other side of the room. Despite the use of precious metals and diamonds, this watch maintains its sportiness with its durable rubber strap and 120-meter waterproof case; it can do almost anything. However, if I strap it to my wrist, the biggest adventure I would like to see is being pushed into the swimming pool at the wedding.

Under all the glitz and charm, the homemade 324 SC movement wins. This self-winding time and date movement has a 45-hour power reserve and contains some of Patek Philippe’s advanced research components, including the four-spoke Gyromax balance wheel and the Spiromax balance wheel. These advanced features use Silinvar, a proprietary silicon compound manufactured by Patek Philippe, which is harder and more corrosion resistant than steel. It is also very smooth and does not require lubricants, making it more efficient and reliable. Overall, these advanced research features of the 324 SC make it a highly durable and precise movement. This Aquanaut is reliable and precise, but at the same time very luxurious.

The rarity of this watch is difficult to contend with, but its luxurious sportsmanship makes it the most competitive position on the market. If you are looking for an ultra-luxury sports watch, here are some alternatives to consider.

The first is this Rolex Yacht-Master 126655. Like Aquanaut, Yacht-Master also lives in the shadow of the famous brother Submariner. However, unlike Aquanaut, which is considered more casual than Nautilus, Yacht-Master has always been a more luxurious version of Sub. This model is especially true. With its 18k rose gold case and pavé diamond dial, you won’t mistake it for a standard sports watch. Although the diamonds on the Yach-Master are more subtle than the diamonds on the Aquanaut, its rose gold case is definitely eye-catching, so I would say it is equally gorgeous. Its Oyster-Flex bracelet (although it looks like a rubber strap) is a professional design marvel of durability and comfort. Compared with the Aquanauts tropical strap, it undoubtedly has the upper hand. However, this watch is a standard production part and is not as precious as Patek Philippe.

Next is the 37 mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak model 15451. Its case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, just like the original Royal Oak, but the bezel of this watch is set with 40 brilliant-cut diamonds. If you are looking for a more low-key Aquanaut product, this is the watch. In addition, what you give up in flash and rarity, you get in provenance. Aquanaut is modeled after Nautilus, but Royal is completely original. In fact, Aquanaut is following in the original footsteps of the Royal Oak. Without the Royal Oak designed by Gerald Genta to pave the way for luxury sports watches, Nautilus and Aquanaut might not exist.

This is one of the most unique and luxurious products of 5167 Aquanaut. It raises what is regarded as a basic reference to the highest level of appreciation and collection. This watch is for collectors who already own all other Aquanaut variants and think they have seen all of them. they do not.

Aquanaut has truly become one of the best sports luxury watches on the market, and it certainly no longer lives in the shadow of its big brother. The luxury element of this watch is as high as 11, and all its sportiness is intact, which makes people feel like celebrating this. It pushes the concept of luxury sports watches to new heights.