Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196G: the ultimate Patek Philippe

Take a look at the final Patek Philippe; Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196G saved Patek Philippe from the Great Depression, created the Stern family dynasty, and pushed this Geneva giant to the lofty status of the watch image.

In 1932, the 21-year-old Henri Stern’s watch face maker family acquired the bankrupt customer Patek Philippe, and Henri Stern was responsible for designing the company’s comeback watch. His timeless Patek Philippe Reference 96 became the face of the new company and Patek Philippe’s tool of salvation.

By the 1980s, collectors were eager to refer to 96, and Patek Philippe saw an opportunity to relaunch the series, which is now commonly known as “Calatrava”, which itself is a tribute to the company’s famous Calatrava Cross logo.

But it was not until 2004 that the Sterns finally released the Patek Philippe Calatrava reference in the true image of the famous “96”, and the landmark successor 5196 is still the modern icon in the company’s lineup.

This Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196G has it all; rod-shaped hour markers, crown princess hands, small seconds at 6 o’clock, tapered lugs and discreet crown without guard. Each element is a tribute to the love of the original, but Patek Philippe wisely left the original 31mm case to history buffs and upgraded the 5196 with a modern 37mm frame. It is sufficient to satisfy modern tastes without crossing the boundaries of fashionable and indiscreet.

In the white gold case (same quality as Rolex white gold, not gold-plated), the Patek Philippe 215 PS movement maintains accurate beats and a classic appearance. Although hidden under the snap on the bottom cover, cal. The 215 in this example retains the famous Geneva seal and is awarded to Patek Philippe as the best model produced before July 2009. After that, a romantic era ended with the debut of Patek Philippe’s private “PP Seal”, but the label failed to elicit the same emotional resonance as the old Geneva standard.

For traditionalists, the Geneva Seal is still important, and any important discontinued features will arouse the interest of Patek Philippe Calatrava collectors.

This Patek Philippe Calatrava 5296G is definitely Patek Philippe, if you can only have one or you must have the most important model in the catalog. 5196 Yes Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe Replica watch

Patek Philippe Ref. 2523 World Time Cloisonne “Eurasia” A very special watch.

The upcoming spring auction season will bring an astonishing number of vintage Patek Philippe World Time watches. Christie’s auction house will offer three of them at the evening auction on May 22, including famous and unique references. The platinum 1415 HU was sold to the public for the last time in 2002. It once became the world’s most expensive watch and achieved 6.6 million Swiss francs including the cost.

On the other hand, Phillips will provide Patek Philippe Ref. In 2523, “Eurasia” made its first public appearance. This reference was owned by Italian collectors for a long time until the current owner bought it in the mid-1990s. The 2523 is one of only three watches with a cloisonné dial with a map of “Eurasia”-in very good condition. During the preview, I wore it on my wrist. This watch is very beautiful and crisp. It can be said that it will sell for 10 million US dollars or more for every dollar.

Although it is not one of the most complicated high quality fake watches made by Patek Philippe in the 20th century, its world time watches (and pocket watches) are still one of the brand’s most coveted and valuable timepieces.

Earlier than platinum reference. Reference 1415 HU set a record in 2002. The 2523 with a cloisonné dial was often auctioned for more than $1 million in the 1990s. This is the inspiration for today’s world time models (including the most recent ones). 5231J. The fact that world time is the favorite of Osvaldo Patrizzi, the founder of Antiquorum, and then the most important person in watch auctions, undoubtedly contributed to the increase in prices.

The inherent appeal of world time watches is manifold. First of all, they are visually unique and beautiful. The appearance of the enamel version is extremely exquisite, almost no complicated watch can reach. In fact, World Time is the only complicated best Patek Philippe watch with a cloisonne enamel dial.

More broadly, the world time watch also evokes a bygone era, when intercontinental travel was actually an adventure by boat, rail or propeller plane. In fact, the first commercial passenger service using jet airliners began in 1952, when the De Havilland Comet (De Havilland Comet) was not in the right era.

Rolex GMT-Master Rolex (Rolex) GMT-Master was originally developed for the pilots of Pan American Airlines. Perhaps this watch symbolizes the advent of the jet age. The watch came out in 1955. It was produced in 1953 in 2523 and sold a year later. To a large extent, it has entered an era that is about to end.

Needless to say, world time watches are extremely rare. Except for a few worldwide experimental watches, such as rectangular ref. 515 or Calatrava reference. In 96 HU, the world time complexity was only found in two different models.

More than a hundred references. 1415 HU was manufactured during the production process from 1939 to 1954. From 1953 to the end of the 1960s, two to three dozen refs. 2,523 pieces were produced, and there are about 10 of its almost identical successor models. 2523/1.

Phillips said the reason for the scarcity of world time watches is simple-they just don’t sell well. Another fact is that the complexity of the world time was invented by the Geneva engineer Louis Cottier (1894-1966). The most famous invention of this invention is the world time, and it was also provided to Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and Agassiz et al.

He invented many complications for Patek Philippe, including linear timing display. 3414 (reproduced by Urwerk in Hyundai). All time watches in the world are powered by a 12-tooth movement (ie cal movement). Reference 12-400. 2523 and cal. Refer to 12-120 in. 1415-Cottier added the world time module to the bottom board. According to Phillips, Cotier also produced the hands of the world time model and assembled the finished watch.

Patek Philippe fake officially describes it as “Europe”, the map on the map. Although there are not many Asians, 2523 is called Eurasia. Perhaps it is an expedient measure to increase the attractiveness of Asian customers. “Eurasia” is relatively uncommon in cloisonne maps found on referees. In 2523, only three are known. The most numbered version of the cloisonné map. The year 2523 is North America, and there are 6 known.

Refer to this example. 2523 is both original and well-preserved. The box retains many original shapes and lines. This quality is particularly evident on the “flank” lugs, which are stepped on the side and carved with small planes along the edges. At the same time, these signs retain deep relief.

The dial is also crisp, the color of the enamel remains vivid, and there is no crack or damage on the surface. This watch looks very good to my own eyes.

Although it has a very high valuation compared to the valuation obtained by Christie’s in the rose gold watch on the blue dial in 2019, the watch market has been developing since then, and demand and prices have generally changed. More powerful. In the past two years, there have been some obvious examples of genres in antique Wholesale watch collections, but none in the references. Given its unique nature, 2523 may benefit from the rising market.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5236P

New perpetual calendar with innovative patented single-line display

Patek Philippe is known as one of the best calendar watch manufacturers. Whether it’s a separate calendar calendar or other complications, whether it’s an annual calendar (one of its inventions) or a perpetual calendar, the brand is clearly within its comfort zone. This year, as part of the “Watches and Miracles 2021” series, the brand launched a new ultra-clean perpetual calendar watch that displays the date, date and month in a row in an elongated hole below 12 o’clock. To this end, Patek Philippe also released a new movement for its embedded perpetual calendar 5236P.

Patek Philippe has a variety of perpetual calendar watches with a classic layout and 3 sub-dials-with automatic winding ultra-thin movement 240 Q movement, such as Ref. 5327-or retrograde date display, and even continuous windows on the arch between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock on the dial… In 2021, the brand added a new look to its perpetual calendar watch series, where all the key instructions are in It is displayed in uninterrupted single-line text, so that the calendar function can be read highly intuitively. A total of 4 non-overlapping discs and a brand new movement with 3 patents are required.

The “panoramic” embedded display of Perpetual Calendar 5236P is rarely seen in modern watchmaking. At Patek Philippe, this is not completely unprecedented, because the brand has already produced pocket watches with an embedded calendar display for the American market. However, this is the first of Patek Philippe watches. The main advantage of this display is that in addition to bringing a very clean and tidy dial, it can also visually view the calendar indications, and it feels natural for every day of the week (at least in most parts of the world), on two discs The date and month – such as SAT (Saturday) – 18 – MAR (ch) here.

To ensure this display effect, Patek Philippe watchmakers must design a system with two date discs-one for ten date discs and the other for ten date discs. Therefore, the calendar display consists of four disks, one disk for the day, two disks for the date, one disk for the month, and all four disks are completely embedded in the same plane. The date displayed on a single disc is too small to be legible.

The most innovative aspect of the embedded perpetual calendar 5236P is the display with four rotating disks, which ensures the best legibility and lowest energy consumption. As the brand explains, “Compared with the traditional perpetual calendar display, this mechanism alone requires 118 additional parts, including multiple bridges and wheels with jewel bearings, which can reduce energy consumption, especially the two date discs. In order to keep all indications on a plane without any overlap, Patek Philippe engineers have developed a display system consisting of two coplanar double ball bearings and has applied for a patent. Reliable date display The perfect synchronization with the two date discs has been optimized through the “anti-double jump” function of the unit disc to prevent disc jitters when bumps or date correction are performed (application of the second patent)”

In order to create this new In-line Perpetual Calendar 5236P, the brand developed a new movement based on the 31-260 REG QA movement, which was originally developed in Ref. Launched in 2011. 5235 calendar adjuster. While retaining the diameter and height of the basic movement (31.74 x 2.60 mm, hence the name 31-260), the movement has been redesigned to install a small second at 6 o’clock, and of course the calendar mechanism and the perpetual calendar Its online display. For example, the torque of the spring barrel has been increased by 20%, and the mass of the platinum micro-rotor is larger than the 22k gold commonly used for copy Patek Philippe micro-rotors, thereby increasing the spring force. Similarly, one of the special features of the movement can be found in the references. 5235 is its unusual 3.2Hz frequency. In order to improve the rate stability, it is increased to 4Hz here.

From the bottom cover, the movement is more elegant, curved and open than other Patek Philippe movements. In particular, it has a finger bridge for trains, which feels good to the touch. As expected, the finishing is elegant and refined. The movement has classic elements such as Gyromax balance wheel and Spiromax balance spring.

Speaking of the watch itself, the Patek Philippe In-line Perpetual Calendar 5236P is an elegant and modern design placed in a 41.3 mm 950 platinum case with a height of 11.07 mm. The lugs are slender, and the lugs are matched with the beveled bezel to create a clean and discreet modern style. The case is completely polished, with a small diamond engraved on the side of the case at 6 o’clock, which is a classic feature of most platinum Patek Philippe. As for the dial, the in-line perpetual calendar has a neat layout, most of the indicators are located at 6 o’clock, and the second and moon phase sub-dials have year and day/night indicators on both sides. best replica watch site 2021

The dial of this perpetual calendar 5236P is executed in the now classic dark blue. The surface has a straight-brushed surface. The black gradient effect makes the outer periphery of the dial darker than the middle. The fine and faceted hour markers and platinum baton enable the time to be read. The peripheral railway minute track brings a touch of technical appearance. The navy blue alligator leather strap and platinum folding clasp complete the appearance of this new QP.

Technical Specifications-Patek Philippe In-line Permanent Calendar 5236P

Case: diameter 41.3 mm x height 11.07 mm-950 platinum, polished-sapphire crystal case front and back cover-water resistance 30m
Dial: brass, blue-black gradient, vertical satin coating, gold-plated hour markers
Movement: internal movement 31-260 PS QL- Patek Philippe Seal- automatic movement with micro-rotor- 34mm x 5.8mm-503 parts-55 jewels-28,800 half pendulums per hour-power reserve 38-48 hours- Hours, minutes, small seconds, embedded perpetual calendar with date, date and month, Le year period and day/night indicator, moon phase
Strap: Hand-stitched alligator leather strap, large scale, shiny navy blue, folding clasp, 950 platinum
Reference: 5236P-001

Patek Philippe entry watches recommended

Patek Philippe replica is recognized as the best watch brand in the world. Its insistence on quality, beauty and reliability has made it unique in the world’s high-end watch industry for more than 150 years. Now it is the only manufacturer in the world that uses exquisite handwork and can complete all watchmaking processes in the original factory. Patek Philippe is expensive. An entry-level watch can cost as much as six-figure renminbi. Even so, it can’t stop watch fans from loving it. The symbol of watch enthusiasts and nobility is to own a Patek Philippe watch.

Patek Philippe Calatrava series

In 1932, Patek Philippe launched the Calatrava series of men’s watches with rounded surfaces and elegant design. Today, the Calatrava series of men’s and women’s watches are still Patek Philippe’s most popular watches. With a round case and exquisite dial, the simple ref.5196G is one of Patek Philippe’s most representative styles. The ref.7119J, which is made of gold and matched with the Paris nail pattern bezel, is the best entry-level model for women’s watches.

Patek Philippe Gondolo series

Gondolo can be regarded as the most “passionate” series in the Patek Philippe family. The barrel-shaped design looks relatively high-profile. When Cartier launched the barrel-shaped Tonneau, it was only aimed at women. The Tonneau men’s watch, which was launched 7 years later, was only worn by fashionable men. It was Patek Philippe’s Gonodolo that really made the barrel-shaped Tonneau the mainstream choice for gentlemen. Recommend Gondolo’s new rose gold watch Ref.5098R, the guilloché engraved silver dial is unique and refined, and the black Breguet Arabic numerals have a vintage atmosphere; for women, you can consider Ref.4972G (Gondolo Serata), Serata” in Italian. The meaning is “night”, which shows the romantic atmosphere hidden in this watch.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut series

The Aquanaut watch series combines leisure and elegance. It is a modern design inspired by the iconic octagonal case of ocean-going ships’ portholes. Men’s models recommend the entry-level model Ref.5167. In addition, the series also has women’s watches. The Aquanaut Luce ladies series uses a stainless steel diamond-encrusted case, with a dial and strap of different colors, suitable for fashionable women with distinctive personality and elegant taste.

Patek Philippe Nautilus series

Nautilus is also a watch with an octagonal design. The new model retains the original design of the bezel, reinforced hinges and laterally extending ridges on the side of the watch body, and the original straight design becomes a slightly arched effect. Let the new style a little more elegant. Nautilus men’s watch recommends Ref.5711/1A, which is the most basic watch in this series. For women’s watches, consider the design of Ref. 7008/1A with diamonds to highlight the temperament.

Patek Philippe Twenty-4 series

Twenty-4 is a series designed for women. The new Ref. 4907/1J adopts a diamond-free bezel design. It is also the first gold style of Twenty-4® watch bezel without diamonds, which brings a refreshing feeling. The dial especially uses three colors that complement gold: “Luminous”, “Golden Autumn”, and the enduring “pure white”. Patek Philippe’s entry-level women’s gold watch is the best gift for ladies.

The dance of retrograde pointer and window dial: Ref.5159 and Ref.5160

The information to be displayed on the dial of a perpetual calendar watch is at least the date, week, month, average year, and leap year. There are roughly two mainstream ways to arrange the display, one is the pointer type, and the other is the window type. Regardless of the format, to be generous, elegant, concise and easy to read, will test the designer’s ability. For Patek Philippe, which emphasizes the “instant jump” in all perpetual calendar time displays, the window-like design consumes more power, and also represents another technological level to the top. In addition to the pointer 240 Q movement, Patek Philippe also has a window-type display of the 324 S QR automatic perpetual calendar movement, and a retrograde pointer date display, which is mounted on the Ref. 5159, 5160 and 5496 models.

5159J perpetual calendar watch, 18K gold case, diameter 38mm, hour, minute, second, perpetual calendar performance (flyback date hand, window-type day of the week, month and leap year display), moon phase display, 324 S QR automatic winding Movement, power storage for 45 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, 18K gold back cover, alligator leather strap.

The Ref. 5159 perpetual calendar watch launched in 2006 replaced the Ref. 5059 that was produced in 1998. Like the 5059, the 5159 is equipped with a special Calatrava round case called the Officer’s Watch. Its design is inspired by the pocket watches needed in ancient wars that must be both precise and sturdy, so these special styles called “officer watches” have many features that are completely different from other Calatrava: in addition to the sapphire crystal glass bottom, they also Comes with a flip-out metal back bottom, which is derived from the design of the protective surface of the previous military watches; in addition, the straight lugs with round ends are fixed with screws to fix the strap, which are deeply characteristic of military watches. .

5159P perpetual calendar cheap replica watches, platinum case, diameter 38mm, hour, minute, second, perpetual calendar performance (flyback date hand, window-type day of the week, month and leap year display), moon phase display, 324 S QR automatic winding machine Core, power storage for 45 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, platinum back cover, alligator leather strap.

Even standing side by side with any superb and complex performance watches of Patek Philippe, the figure of Ref.5159 still looks prominent and beautiful. It has the unique characteristics of all officers’ watches, and the dragon head guard bridge extended from the back guard of the watch makes the 5159 look unique. In addition to the eye-catching appearance, Ref.5159 is more brilliant inside. Its perpetual calendar display has two characteristics. One is the rare use of a central large seconds display on automatic perpetual calendar watches, and the second is that it is also equipped with Patek Philippe in 1986. The perpetual calendar invented at TIME shows the date of flyback retrograde. The week, month and leap year of Ref. 5159 are displayed on the dial in separate windows, and the Arabic numerals are arranged on the top of the moon phase dial. The retrograde date hand will slowly move backward as the day changes. On the last day of each month (30 or 31), the pointer will instantly bounce back to the first day. Such a special way of presentation not only makes the reading time clearer, but also adds a bit of dynamic and elegant characteristics.

The 324 S QR self-winding perpetual calendar movement is equipped with a retrograde hand date display and is mounted on the Ref. 5159, 5160 and 5496 models.

Patek Philippe Philippe Calatrava 6007a-001

Your new Holy Grail: Patek Philippe Philippe Calatrava 6007a-001

Get to know Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007a-001, which is a stainless steel beauty. At first, it seemed to be the only new product of Patek Philippe in 2020. We all know that this year is different-thanks to the coronavirus-but we are happy to say that one of these gems has passed through the doors of European watch companies.

This Calatrava 6007a-001 is limited to 1,000 pieces to celebrate the construction of Patek Philippe’s advanced manufacturing plant in Geneva. The new building completed this year has been under construction since 2015, aiming to unify all manufacturing aspects under one roof.

The watch has a Calatrava cross on the sapphire caseback and is marked with “New Manufacture 2019”. They chose 2019 because it was the first time employees worked here. This is a major investment in the future of the brand, and it is worth contributing with it. Just like a building, the watch reminds people that Patek Philippe is looking to the future.

As mentioned earlier, 6007a is a stainless steel watch, which is rarely used in Patek Philippe, especially in the Calatrava series. This is currently the second steel Calatrava, and it is the only Calatrava that has undergone a full moon treatment. Although this Calatrava is elegant, it is undoubtedly suitable for everyday wear and is another casual way of traditional dress Online replica watch series.

It is powered by the familiar self-winding movement 324S, displays hours, minutes, seconds, date, and has a power reserve from a minimum of 35 hours to a maximum of 45 hours. In my opinion, the size of the case is very suitable, with a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 9.07mm. The overall design is versatile, and apart from the limitations of its 30-meter water resistance, I think this watch can be placed anywhere.

The blue-gray tone of the dial has a satin round texture, which is very beautiful. This was the first thing I noticed and it left a deep impression on people. Although this is just a time and date watch, there are many things on the dial. It is not busy, but it is not simple either. It prioritizes fast and digestible data over simple data.

The dial consists of twelve fully connected Arabic hour markers, an internal railway track, an external minute track with numbers every five minutes, and a three o’clock date. The internal railway track seems a bit redundant, but it also adds some visual effects and draws your attention to the unique “carbon” pattern center of the dial.

Patek Philippe fake calls it a “carbon” pattern, and the calfskin strap is embossed. This is a symbolic connection with the advanced technology pursued by new manufacturers. At first glance, you might think that this is a canvas or fabric strap. Although it may not be an obvious choice to symbolize cutting-edge technology, it fits the overall aesthetic of the watch.

This is a celebration of Patek Philippe’s shiny new product, which means it only makes sense to postpone its release until next year. Nevertheless, in these worst times, this is also an excellent product of the brand. Although this is not what we usually expect from the Calatrava product line, I hope we can see more. It is durable, gorgeous, easy to read, highly proportioned, and can be placed up and down easily.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5372P major complications

A one-minute reference book for Patek Philippe. 5372P major complications.

Between the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Aquanaut and the 40th anniversary of the birth of Calibre 240, Ref. Unfortunately, since its launch in 2017, 5372P has not received much attention. But it is indeed worthy of your love, even if it is not in your collection, because it represents a new interpretation of Patek Philippe’s split-second split-second timer with a perpetual calendar. This charming 38.3 mm platinum case with a manual-winding internal movement has a recessed bezel and satin-finished sides. The dial is blue with a sunburst pattern or rose gold and vertical satin finish .

New addition: Patek Philippe Ref. 6301P eldest son

The head of Patek Philippe’s watch development department said nothing.

Patek Philippe launched one of the most technically epic and elegant watches in 2020 through Ref to close the year of the watch. 6301P Grande and Petite Sonnerie.

Ref. Inspired by the 20 intricate double-sided master carillons launched in 2014 to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe. 6301P Grande And Petite Sonnerie (Grande and Petite Sonnerie) is the descendant of the craftsmanship, with its purest and most penetrating expression, it celebrates the art of horological complications.

This exquisite and elegant timepiece (pun intended) is housed in a 44.8 mm platinum case with a black enamel dial and has three watchmaking functions-the noble Sonnerie, the small Sonnerie and the minute repeater, as well as manual winding Patented jumping seconds display driven by the movement. GS 36-750 PS IRM movement. We will unpack the copy men watch in more detail in time. But now, this is the complete conversation of Philip Barat, head of Patek Philippe watch development, about the development process of the watch when it is released on the global network.

Philip Barat, Head of Watch Development, Patek Philippe
“The development phase began in 2007-14 years ago, when we were working on our 175th anniversary watch, Grandmaster Chime. In 2014, we were able to show the most complex timepiece with five different eye-catching functions: Da Sonny , Petite Sonny, Minute Repeater, Minute Repeater, Alarm Clock and Date Minute Repeater. But even in 2007, we considered the subsequent development of a complete Grand Sonsonie watch series.

“The challenge of the referee. The 6301P is not in the position we expected. They mainly involve the design of the auxiliary second hand at six o’clock. Due to the inspiration of the clock, the Grandmaster Chime has no stopwatch display-it is a double-sided watch with a perpetual calendar display on one side and the other On the side is the travel time with date display-initially, there is no space on the case. Reference 6301P is the auxiliary second.

“According to Ref. 6301P, it is worrying. In 2007, there are plans to make “simple” large-scale complex functions, and the auxiliary seconds indicator is considered.

“When (development) reached a certain critical point three or four years ago, we asked ourselves:’How do we place the auxiliary second hand at six o’clock?” A truly elegant idea is to reuse the mechanism we have developed in the reference We also launched the 5275 Chiming Jump Hour in 2014 to celebrate the 175th anniversary. It has the functions of jumping time, jumping time and second jumping, and will knock the gong at the top of each hour.

“We adopted the jumping seconds mechanism and integrated it at exactly the same height as the basic movement, without having to increase it (higher height) by positioning it at six o’clock. Therefore, we were at six o’clock. There is an auxiliary second, which jumps once every second, which is unique for the ensemble sonata.

“But this is not our initial plan. The goal is to create a highly reliable and technical-looking seconds indicator. We can also use a friction wheel to display the seconds of the eccentric wheel gap. But as a true watchmaker, we are in favor of mechanical challenges.

“So this is the biggest challenge. Because in essence, Ref. 6301 is Ref. 6300, we removed some elements from it to achieve the greatest degree of elegance, while retaining the indications of hours, minutes, and seconds, while retaining two Two power reserve indicators-one for the moving train and the other for the timekeeping mechanism.

“The two motion engineers are Ref. 6300 and No. 6301. However, as with all projects, there are some working groups provided by watchmakers, laboratories and quality assurance personnel. We also include assembly and tool manufacturing Experts. In short, they have been involved in the development and production chain from the beginning of the project. This is essential to achieve the desired quality.

The mechanical device cannot be manufactured by positioning the parts correctly. The development of new movements and new watches requires everyone’s expertise. “

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5720/1 “Dragon”

With the Nautilus 5720/1 “Dragon”, the Patek Philippe brand has pushed the value and finishing methods to new heights. This is a special edition specially designed for the brand’s authentic store in Shanghai. This location is the largest agent of the brand in the Asian market.

It is still the familiar Nautilus case, but the entire dial is studded with diamonds. This means that the case, dial and strap even have a sparkling appearance that has caught everyone’s attention. Patek Philippe is not known for making jewellery watches, but this does not mean that they cannot make beautiful diamond replica watches. The highlight above the diamond background is the image of the dragon god made by hand enamel. Workers must sweep each layer of fermentation to the dial, and then heat it at the right temperature. This process will be repeated dozens of times until the desired hue is obtained.

A small defect in the heating process is enough to damage the dial. Therefore, the enamel method requires very high precision. Not only the dial, but the bezel of this Nautilus is also painted with many details, such as the dragon’s tail and the dragon’s hand holding jewelry. These two details are directly connected with the body of the dragon on the dial, forming a complete microcosm.

The history of Patek Philippe Part 2. 5711 / 1A

Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches Cheap Prices for Sale Replica Automatic Black-Blue Dial Watch 5711/1A-010

Since the 3700 was discontinued in 1990, the Nautilus series has not had a large and simple variant. There is a medium-sized reference model 3800, which was launched in 1981, but between 90-2006 there were no steel super-large aircraft in this series.

Patek Philippe released 5711/1A on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the birth of Nautilus. This situation was corrected in 2006.

Overall, the 5711 is still the original giant aircraft, but there are some immediately obvious differences. The 5711 has a second hand, and the dial is faded almost in electric blue instead of the darker blue/black of its predecessor. It is also slightly “expanded” according to modern tastes, the case is no longer monolithic, but a three-part structure. Other upgrades include luminova, a three-fold clasp on the 3700 blade, and a larger crown corresponding to the bulky case and ears.

There is no doubt that 5711 is a beautiful watch. The eternal shape and design pedigree originate from the trinity of watchmakers. But this is not only a beautiful watch. It has become the most popular sports watch in the world. Ten years have passed on the waiting list, but the selling price of this watch is almost 3 times RRP.



Very rare and very rare. Patek Philippe will not, and more importantly, they will not make many. replica Patek Philippe President Thierry Stern said on this issue:

“This is a dangerous thing. This is something we need to be very careful about. Many years ago, IWC produced gold watches. Then they had a problem, they made everything out of steel. They tried to regain gold, but They can never do it. After lowering the price with steel, it is difficult to come back. Therefore, I don’t want Patek Philippe to do this. That’s why I decided to say “Let’s limit it” many years ago. I limit steel The version, mainly Nautilus. It is indeed the one that everyone is looking for. Why is it so expensive? Just because there are only a few of them.”

Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches Cheap Prices for Sale Replica Automatic Silver-White Dial Watch 5711/1A-011

He has a little bit. Patek Philippe has been working on exquisite and complicated wholesale replica watches made of precious metals. This is their reason for existence. If they want to reduce the production of gold and platinum complexity to meet the demand for 3-handle Nautilus steel, how will they go back? If Nautilus steel is easily available in RRP’s boutique windows, what is the demand for these watches? The answer is not what Patek Philippe is willing to find. Also, of course, you don’t want to build Nautilus in Patek Philippe’s retail range until you have established a solid buying history in the entire collection-£££. Stern performed well.

Nautilus is one of any watches made anywhere. The slender lines are enough to fit the cuffs, it is formal enough to wear a suit, and the water resistance (120m) can flick the beach and some things that can be thrown away by scuba diving. There are not many sports watches with such a versatile status. The Royal Oak has relatively shallow water resistance, only 50 meters (which means you can get it wet, but diving and heavy use of water are not recommended). Submariner is a sturdy and durable diving watch, which is very casual, but due to the rotation of the bezel, it is still controversial whether it is suitable as a neater watch. Daytona can swim up to 100m through the cuff, but as a chronograph, it does not have the same simple appearance. For collectors, this is of course irrelevant, because they use different horses on different routes, but the Nautilus is still a unicorn.

Nautilus has brand appeal. Patek Philippe is undoubtedly the most prestigious manufacturer in the world, and is synonymous with deliciousness, quality and refinement, not to mention one of the trinity manufacturers like Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. In addition, for those who “know”, this is a brand. Its competitors, such as Rolex and Audemars Piguet, can be identified immediately, but Patek is a bit of an understatement, which is very attractive to those in the watch industry. Those who have Nautilus know it. After noticing the lack of Cyclops, the wider crowd may not look at it again. Exclusivity is a horological aphrodisiac.

Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus Men Watch buy 5711/1R-001 - Rose Gold

5711 is also made of a white dial. The dial made its debut at the 2012 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show. This is a modern tribute to the albino giant. A prototype made by Patek Philippe in 1978, it cost 250,000 Swiss francs in 2015. Price auction.

Patek released the 5711/1R watch in rose gold in 2015 with a beautiful smoky black dial. It’s unbelievable that you can wear a whole rose nautilus compared to a steel case, but now this is the way in the watch world. It is very beautiful in itself and has an incredible comparative value proposition.

No one really knows where the 5711’s rise will end, whether it will reach its peak or continue to rise, but at present, it has definitely not become the world’s number one sports watch.

Patek Philippe Complications Ladies Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 7234G-001 Replica Watch

Patek Philippe replica watch has launched the self-winding white-gold Calatrava Pilot Travel Time in the new medium format (37.5 mm) that assures a subtle presence on the wrist. The legibility of the blue aviator-style dial was optimized with luminous applied numerals in white gold and baton-style luminous hands in blued white gold with luminescent coating. Its exclusive dual-time-zone system stands out with extreme user-friendliness. The date display is coupled with local time.

WATCHMechanical self-winding movement. Caliber 324 S C FUS. Dual time zone mechanism indicating local and home time. Local and home day/night indication in apertures. Local date by hand. Sweep seconds hand.DIALBlue varnished, gold applied numerals with luminescent coating. Local time hand: baton-style in blued white gold with luminescent coating. Home time hand: skeletonized baton-style in white gold white lacquered.CASEWhite gold. Sapphire-crystal case back. Water-resistant to 60 m. Diameter: 37.5 mm. Height: 10.78 mm.STRAPCalfskin, shiny navy blue (original fitting). Calfskin, vintage brown (additional strap). Clevis prong buckle.

Patek Philippe is extending its family of pilot-style watches with the new Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ref. 7234G-001 whose distinctive, and somehow controversial, design was introduced five years ago with the Ref. 5524G that took inspiration from the manufacture’s aviator’s watches from the 1930s that can be seen at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. Patek Philippe Complications Ladies Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 7234G-001 Replica Watch
While lots of the attention on Patek Philippe calatrava 7121 replica watch at BaselWorld this season was concentrated (rightly so) about the new 5960 Annual Calendar in stainless steel (and speculation about what is coming up for its 175th anniversary party later this season

Patek Philippe 5370P-011 Platinum

As is the case with all of Patek Philippe’s platinum wristwatches, the new Ref. 5370P-011 is adorned with a small diamond between the lugs at 6 o’clock. It replaces its predecessor with the black enamel dial, presenting a new combination of superb craftsmanship and watchmaking artistry.

The Patek Philippe Reference Ref. 5370P-011: case, platinum, 41mm x 13.56mm, sapphire front and back, and 30 meters water resistance. The dial is glossy blue Grand Feu enamel with white-gold Breguet markers and hands. Movement, CHR 29-525 PS caliber hand-wound, split-seconds chronograph, 4Hz, maximum running time 65 hours.

As is the case with all of Patek Philippe’s platinum wristwatches, the new Replica 5370P-011 is graced with a small diamond between the lugs at 6 o’clock. It replaces its predecessor with the black enamel dial. Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph Ref. 5370P-011 Price & Specs

But in Geneva, Patek Philippe are instead cultivating the absolute top of the collection, with the new perpetual calendar chronograph Ref. 5270J, with the 5303R and, of course, with the now blue 5370P-011. It is a new interpretation that is sure to delight collectors.

The Patek Philippe 5370P-011 Replica Split-Second Chronograph is a new addition to the brand’s portfolio. Its specification is of the highest order. The Calibre CHR 29-535 PS is a hand-wound movement featuring a column wheel and horizontal coupling. The model, presented in a 41mm platinum case, also includes a rattrapante and a grand feu enamel dial.

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