Ulysse Nardin SkeletonX watch

The hollow watch is enough to make people fall in love at first sight Ulysse Nardin SkeletonX watch is a famous skeleton watch in the watchmaking world. Compared with other common skeleton watches, the skeleton of SkeletonX watch is quite thorough. We can clearly see the movement gear system on the front of the watch. How it works, the gears mesh with each other, pushing the machine forward, and the mysteries of time are in our hands. This year, on the basis of the original SkeletonX watch, Ulysse Nardin was set with diamonds on the bezel and hour markers to make the watch shine, showing the extraordinary ingenuity of artisans and the experience and skills of master watchmakers. (Watch model: 3716-260B/02)

When we got the actual hollow X-ray watch, we couldn’t help but sigh that this watch wanders between beauty and coolness, which is very harmonious and full of personality. The designer has set 80 and 69 shining diamonds on the bezel and dial respectively. Even at different angles, the watch can show a shining light and the visual effect bursts.

There are two models of the Skeleton X Amphitheater, one in titanium and one in rose gold. The one we see in the picture is the rose gold model. The large area of ​​the watch case is treated with a wire drawing process, which highlights the brand’s intentions.

On the front of the watch, angular lines replaced the soft curves, highlighting the tough masculine charm. Overlapping geometric structure-the X shape formed by the four hour markers is located in the rectangular frame, and the rectangle is located in the ring. The application of geometric patterns adds a lot to this watch, and it also echoes the “X” of fake Ulysse Nardin. “concept.

The brand-made UN-371 movement is undoubtedly revealed, and its transparent structure is breathtaking. The barrel at 12 o’clock is made of black PVD-coated brass and is decorated with complicated patterns; at 6 o’clock, you can clearly see the extra-large and ultra-light silicon balance wheel, nickel weights and self-adjusting micro flakes. The skeleton movement is set against the diamond-encrusted bezel and the diamond-encrusted hour markers.

The time scale is coated with a luminous coating, which is convenient for the wearer to read the time even in a dark environment.

The watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap and rose gold pin buckle.

Pure diamonds are a gift from nature. Under the shining light of diamonds, the watch is rejuvenated; diamonds give the watch a brand-new visual effect, shining and making people fall in love at first sight, just like the Athens watch hollow X-chan Light cheap replica watches, it has shining diamonds and transparent hollow design, interpretation of superior watchmaking technology and mosaic art.