This golden coral is not only special, but also stunningly beautiful

In the deep sea, the reefs are shocked. In the sailing world of fake Ulysse Nardin, there are two watches – the Freak Vision Coral Reef Limited Edition. On the basis of the original Freak Vision watch, it adopts special decorative pressure. Welding technology, as well as the micro-painting process that Ulysse Nardin has been proud of for a long time, and named after the famous snorkeling reef in Coral Bay, Western Australia, when you stare at the watch, the coral in the sea calls time with a charming posture.

This time we got the gold thread coral model in the Freak Vision Coral Reef Limited Edition. Through an electronic technology – pressure welding, thousands of 24K gold threads are used to create fine patterns. (Watch model: 2505-250LE/CORALBAY-1)

What is the pressure welding process mentioned above? Everyone should be relatively unfamiliar. In fact, the pressure welding machine crimps the gold wires on each side of the surface, one by one, to draw the coral reef pattern we see on the front of the watch. And each silk thread is different in size and different, so the corals are also varied.

To create the blue and gold coral reef pattern, the watchmakers use a blue chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process to colour the components and the reef. The entire surface is coloured, except for the start and end of the gold thread, which is laser-cleaned. Then, the gold wire is pressure-welded to the components, and the pressure-welding process undoubtedly adds artistic value to this watch.

The FreakVision Coral Reef Limited Edition still has FreakVision technologies, such as an ultra-light silicon balance wheel combining nickel components and micro-flakes, an ultra-thin case made of a curved dome crystal, a “grinder” These revolutionary innovations highlight the pioneering position of Ulysse Nardin in the watchmaking world.

The 45mm diameter case, made of platinum, is understated and luxurious.

The UN-250 movement adopts an automatic winding mechanism, and the “grinder” type automatic winding system can greatly improve the winding efficiency of the watch, providing a power reserve of 50 hours when fully wound.

The watch is matched with a blue alligator leather strap, which is consistent with the overall watch style.

Innovative technology and aesthetic skills, FreakVision’s Coral Reef Limited Edition shows the value of high-end Discount fake watches The shape is also interesting. Deep-sea coral, emerald and flowing Dan; whimsical and creative, subversive extraordinary, this is the watchmaking marine world belonging to the whimsical series.