Hublot Big Bang Spirit Meca-10

The 10-day power reserve movement has found its place in the barrel-shaped Hublot.

Hublot is known for its luxury sports watches with shaped cases, fusion materials and integrated straps. However, we somehow tend to overlook another Hublot collection, a collection of shaped watches with barrel cases, the Big Bang Spirit. As part of its 2020 presentation in Dubai, Hublot introduces its 10-day power reserve movement in the collection, in the spirit of the Big Bang Meca-10.

This combination is a first for Hublot. In fact, the ever-popular Meca-10 manufacture movement is available for the first time in Hublot’s increasingly esteemed Big Bang Spirit collection. Why only now…? Well, now that the Big Bang Spirit has a molded case, encapsulating the Meca-10 movement required some important tweaks to the movement to make it the same shape as this watch’s case.

Behind this watch is Hublot’s desire for a harmonious coexistence between the case and the movement, which means that the mechanism should follow the same lines as the case – a requirement because Hublot’s mechanical movement is almost Always enhanced by the transparent dial and case back visible. Wholesale watch . The main idea is to take the Meca-10 movement from the Big Bang series and adapt it to the barrel shape in the spirit of Big Bang. What appears to be a simple thing is actually a rather complex task, and the watchmaker “was tasked with modifying the overall structure of the movement in order to fit as efficiently as possible technically into the new available space”. The usual circular main plate is replaced by a fixed-length plate that flanks the ring that serves as the base of the movement.

The Meca-10 Calibre HUB1233 found in this new watch is identical in terms of specs aside from its new shape. Thus, thanks to its parallel twin barrels, it has an extra-long power reserve of 10 days. Since we’re talking about a hand-wound movement, Hublot’s idea was to make the power reserve indicator a central part of this watch. The indicators are also unusual, with two racks sliding on a line between 9 and 3 o’clock, with an innovative new rack and pinion, while an opening at 3 o’clock shows the power reserve remaining days. It’s an interesting and high-performance monitor. Like Hublot, the movement is skeletonized to showcase most of the technical components.

For the rest, the Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Meca-10 stays true to the code of the collection. The case is large, measuring 45mm in diameter and 14.45mm thick. It retains the iconic 6 H-shaped screws on the bezel and the sandwich structure of the dial, with contrasting black elements on the middle and side “ears”. The watch is worn on a structured rubber strap with a folding clasp that matches the case.

Case: 45mm wide x 14.45mm high – Satin-finished and polished titanium, 18k king gold or black ceramic – Bezel with 6 H-shaped titanium screws – Sapphire crystal front and case back – 50m water resistance
Movement: Meca-10 Hublot Calibre HUB1233 – Manual winding and skeletonized – 228 components – 26 jewels – 21,600 vibrations/hour – 10-day power reserve – hours, minutes, small seconds, oversized power reserve indicator
Strap: Black structured lined rubber strap
The folding clasp matches the case material
Reference: Titanium – 614.NX.1170.RX

King Gold – 614.OX.1180.RX
Black Devil – 614.CI.1170.RX

HUBLOT-Spirit of Big Bang Rainbow Hublot catches a brief rainbow

Isaac Newton (Isaac Newton) deconstructed the heavenly or sacred manifestations in the theory of light and color, requiring civilization to express reverence or hope. This bridge between heaven and earth was deconstructed. However, today, the rainbow still symbolizes peace, joy and optimism. Just like the modern alchemist, Hublot is a master of fusion art. Hublot has made this short-lived optical phenomenon immutable by designing the spirit of the “Big Bang Rainbow” and two 39mm and 42mm timepieces. , Thus covering the whole world with good omen in early 2020. Like the rainbow of gems, they make this spectrum shimmer, extending the short appearance so far.

After the big bang, it is now the turn of the big bang spirit to present the colors of the rainbow! The soft tone of the yellow gold case presents a rainbow of colors, sparkling with round and rectangular cut gems. In the 42mm big bang rainbow spirit, the hour hand clasps the chronograph movement like a precious claw, while the sapphire, ruby, topaz, tsavorite and amethyst completely cover the 39mm dial and sparkle.

The seven famous colors also extend their functions infinitely by covering the crocodile leather strap. These two newcomers once again demonstrated the success of the Big Bang Spirit series, the design of the series was directly inspired by the Big Bang with a barrel shape. This is a unique case structure that can realize unlimited combinations of materials and colors, and surrounds the Hublot HUB4700 movement, which is regarded by connoisseurs as one of the best Swiss chronographs ever.

Hublot Big Bang Integral Time-Only Collection

Slimer, smaller, fully integrated, but still a great fit for Hublot.

Launched more than 15 years ago, the Hublot Big Bang and its Fusion Art concept have spawned countless variations in every size, material or complication. Versatile, ever-evolving Big Bangs are often bold, radical, or polarizing. As the name suggests, it’s not for the faint of heart… For LVMH Watch Week 2022, the Big Bang Integral Time Only takes a different design syntax and refocuses the quintessence of a luxury sports watch on a one-piece bracelet, while having all the classic Hublot element.

Launched in 2020, 15 years after the model, the Integral is the first Big Bang with an integrated metal bracelet. The original chronograph model, powered by the Unico movement, is already a radical departure from the brand’s traditional styling. The Big Bang Integral Time-Only goes a step further, reconnecting Hublot’s iconic design to a prototype luxury sports watch with an integrated bracelet. So the genre popular today was created by Gérald Genta and Audemars Piguet, and it’s simple and straightforward: matching a sporty case with an integrated bracelet and automatic thin movement.

As Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe explained, the Big Bang Integral Time Only “is more compact, dynamic and powerful than ever before, and at the same time more refined…it has always been a true exercise in watch design. , which retains our aesthetic and technical syntax, but is a whole new format for us.”

In fact, this new Integral Time-Only collection is perfect for a big bang. The new case is modest in size, in line with Hublot standards, with a diameter of 40mm and a height of 9.25mm. It comes in three different materials, typical of the Hublot collection: titanium, gold or black ceramic. The rubber composite insert is sandwiched between the middle of the case and the circular bezel fitted with the H-screw. The waterproof rating is 100m.

This new time-only model features a sapphire dial that exposes the top of the movement, including a date wheel with skeletonized numerals. The faceted applied hour-markers that match the hands are equipped with luminous material. The one-piece three-link bracelet mirrors the angles of the case and shows alternating satin-brushed and polished surfaces. The first link merges with the shell. The structure is based on a larger central piece held between two transverse end pieces. The triple folding clasp is released by a pair of push buttons. high quality replica watch

Flip the Hublot Big Bang Integral Time-Only over and the exhibition caseback allows you to discover the HUB1710 movement. This self-winding movement has a diameter of 25.60 mm and a thickness of approximately 4 mm. It is based on the Zenith Elite 670 – Hublot and Zenith are sister companies of the LVMH group. Running at 4Hz, it has a 50-hour power reserve when fully wound. The overall décor is modern and understated, in a single colour, with circular Côtes de Genève stripes on the bridges and a skeletonised oscillating weight.


Case: Diameter 40mm x Height 9.25mm – Titanium, 18K Yellow Gold or Black Ceramic – Brushed and Polished Finish – Bezel with 6 H-Screws – Black Composite Resin Lower Bezel – A/R Coated Sapphire Crystal – Sapphire Case Back – Water – 100m Resistant
Dial: Sapphire crystal with faceted indexes – Hands and indexes filled with Super-LumiNova – Skeleton date wheel with aperture at 6 o’clock
Movement: Caliber HUB1710 (basic Zenith Elite 670) – Automatic winding – 27 jewels – 185 parts – 25.60mm x 4mm – 28,800 vibrations/hour – 50 hour power reserve – hours, minutes, seconds, date
Bracelet: Three-link one-piece satin-polished titanium, 18K yellow gold or black ceramic – folding clasp
Model: Titanium – 456.NX.0170.NX
Gold – 456.VX.0130.VX
Black Ceramic – 456.CX.0140.CX

HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Chronograph

The new generation of blues mix and match style, the most stylish one on the wrist|HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Chronograph

If you pay more attention to the watch accessories on the wrists of football stars and entertainers, have you noticed that HUBLOT has appeared frequently in recent years? In fact, HUBLOT has been popular among the new generation of young collectors for a long time. Every watch has an eye-catching appearance like a limited edition. Collecting a HUBLOT is like collecting limited running shoes or even sports cars. Advanced fashion taste and fashionable attitude.

Of course, top watches with traditional craftsmanship and classical formal wear have a high symbolic status, but just as the representative colors and market trends of watches are different every year, the preferences of collectors also change with the times. The rising and growing new generation of collectors pay attention to the watch, which not only needs to have excellent watchmaking technology, but also pursues a trendy and eye-catching appearance; it not only pursues the recognition of the mass market, but more importantly, it can be really liked when worn on the hand. , to please yourself, and HUBLOT cheap is the choice of the Wish List of young collectors.

HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph Model Information Titanium, ceramic material / HUB 1280 Unico automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / flyback chronograph function / water resistance 100 meters / The diameter of the watch is 42 mm.

Looks great, of course
Sports bold and meticulous, is a master

When you see HUBLOT’s watch, you can understand why it has emerged from many brands and has become a brand sought after and eager to own by the new generation of collectors. Because regardless of appearance or technology, HUBLOT is definitely not a gentle, respectful and thrifty role. It is good at showing, highlighting, and creating a strong stage where it should be high-profile and worthy of attention; on the other hand, as a professional watchmaking level , HUBLOT also has a very high level of development technology, which is not only the focus of dazzling topics, but also has solid technology in precision machinery.

In terms of case material, our most common stainless steel is actually the least used metal for HUBLOT men’s watches. Instead, King Gold, grade 5 titanium, ceramics and sapphire crystal are more rare and more expensive. special material. Taking this Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph as an example, a sandwich case composed of 72 parts, combined with a grade 5 titanium case and a blue ceramic bezel, constructs an avant-garde and novel appearance layer by layer. , and the texture is tough and light to the touch; the titanium metal itself has a slightly gray-silver tone and HUBLOT’s special tone blue, with a cool tech-industrial style.

The case of a general watch is mostly a three-piece structure with a bezel, a middle case and a bottom cover, while the main structure of the HUBLOT sandwich case can be as many as five layers and a total of 72 parts. The assembly and polishing processes are naturally It is more complex, but it also creates a rich visual layer, creating a very futuristic and avant-garde appearance, and it is very suitable for the free matching of different materials. From top to bottom, it includes the ceramic bezel, the upper, middle and lower parts of the middle case, and the bottom cover of the bottom case. If the inserts below the bezel and the side of the middle case are added, the structure is compact and full of strength. Like a sci-fi product from a future world.

HUBLOT’s brand theme “Fusion”: Fusion is not only realized in the flexible matching of materials, but also in the processing level of surface polishing. From the front of the watch, most of the surface textures are matte, including the large area of ​​satin brushed lugs, and the matte luster of the ceramic bezel; but as long as you turn slightly to the side of the watch, the bright surface of the edges of the contours of each component The treatment is like the frame of a handicraft, adding a layer to the already very three-dimensional case. The bezel and the exclusive H-shaped screws on the watch side also cooperate with different parts to make different grinding effects. Details such as these show the meticulous nature of HUBLOT’s avant-garde styling that belongs to high-end watchmaking.

HUBLOT does not waste the open-worked dial of this perfect watch. The highly hollowed-out structure, including the hour-marking ring, the small second dial and the central area of ​​the dial, has been hollowed out to the greatest extent, so you can see the rare front. The column wheel, the central timing wheel and other gear trains, especially when operating the timing function, have many gear parts coupled with each other, which must be very healing for watch fans who like to appreciate mechanical movements.

You must operate the timing with a stable feel
Hard-core technology can convince you

The HUB 1280 Unico self-winding movement on the watch is the second-generation model of HUBLOT’s self-made Unico movement. The thickness has been reduced, so it can be suitable for models with a more moderate watch diameter, such as this 42mm Big Bang The Unico Monarch Blue Chronograph is not only more suitable for the wrists of most Asian men, but also suitable for women who like large watch diameters and are good at matching the trendy and avant-garde style.

The Big Bang Unico Monarch Blue Chronograph has a diameter of 42 mm, which not only fits the wrists of most Asian men, but also fits well with women who like large watch diameters and are good at matching trendy and avant-garde styles. The HUB 1280 Unico is the second-generation self-made chronograph movement of HUBLOT, which is thinner and has many optimizations in the design of parts.

In general, if you want to appreciate the pure mechanical rhythm of the movement, most of the watches need to be turned over to the back of the watch, while the Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph with an open-worked dial can see the special components of the movement. very clear. To this end, HUBLOT specially designed a timing module placed on the side of the dial. At 6 o’clock, you can see a column wheel with a very special tooth profile. The upper cover of the wheel has an H-shaped logo; the intermediary wheel below the hour mark 8 A highly hollowed-out tooth shape is also made, which looks lighter.

The HUBLOT has an open-worked faceplate, a highly hollow structure, and you can see the front column wheel, the central chronograph wheel and other gear trains. Specially shaped teeth are displayed through the large hollow dial, such as the column wheel and the chronograph intermediate wheel.

The balance wheel system uses a silicon escapement, which is more resistant to wear and is not affected by magnetic force; in particular, the screws on the balance wheel bridge are fine-tuned. The improved speed needle is an exclusive design of HUBLOT. All kinds of optimizations and improvements are fed back to the operating feel and stability of the timing function. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you must operate the timing function of the Unico movement yourself. It is laborious, and there is no sense of stuttering; with the timing button, it has a very technological appearance, and the operation is very similar to starting the ignition switch of a sports car, or operating some high-tech instruments; and after one-button start, The chronograph second hand is neat and clean when it starts or stops, as well as when it jumps back and forth.

There are indeed reasons why the younger generation of watch collectors love HUBLOT so much, because his avant-garde appearance shows his enthusiasm for life, a high degree of self-affirmation, and the movement and workmanship details reveal a professional adherence to watchmaking craftsmanship . The best HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph represents the attitude of a new generation, full of creative ideas, and the courage to express. If you are also a fellow, you must understand his extraordinary.

Hublot launches Big Bang “one-touch” Mark Ferrero blue ceramic watch

The Hublot Big Bang “one-click” Mark Ferrero blue ceramic watch features the most representative paintings of this French artist. It is limited to 25 pieces and is of great collection value. The blue ceramic, white composite resin and stainless steel are in sharp contrast to Ferrero’s iconic flaming red lips. This is a wearable piece of art with a diameter of 39 mm and proudly displays the diverse faces of women. Among the various faces on the dial, which one represents your state of mind?

There is no doubt that “Lipstick” is the most famous work of French artist Marc Ferrero. It is also an ode to the uniqueness and diversity of women in the 21st century, revealing the charming qualities of women. The initial oil painting was a summary of Mark Ferrero’s ten-year artistic creation career. As soon as it came out, it was selected by Hublot and adjusted to the wrist-worn size. fine watches

On the blue lacquer dial, the bright lips and huge sunglasses immediately attract and firmly grasp the wearer’s eyes. While observing the passage of time, surround the 24-hour dial, presenting hair composed of various faces and characters designed by Marc Ferrero. The diverse faces symbolize the sum of the faces and expressions of women. Looking at the dial, women switch between #femmefatale, #influencer, #itgirl, #fashionista, and #sophisticatedwoman. She is as diverse as the roles she plays in life.

The 39 mm blue polished ceramic case, white composite resin, stainless steel and 42 diamonds combine painting and watchmaking to create a masterpiece of art. The Big Bang “one-button” Mark Ferrero blue ceramic watch is soft and changeable. It adopts the patented “one-button” system. With just one touch, the watch can present a different look. This watch is equipped with the HUB1710 automatic movement, which can provide a power reserve of 50 hours at full length, and can run uninterrupted for more than two days.

Hublot Big Bang E UEFA EURO 2020

Hublot Big Bang E UEFA EURO 2020 Connecting Watches will allow you to stay in the game in the game

In the high-explosion referee, the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russian high-heeled shoes, Hublot launched a big explosion Eefa Champion League last year. This year, Swiss watch manufacturers continue to contact football and introduce large explosion connecting watches.

UEFA Euro 2020 official watch (due to big popularity, from last year) has some of the top 200 buyers of the watch with NFT.

Hublot Big Bang E UEFA EURO 2020 The top luxury replica watches is a virtual stadium for fan wrists. Using this Snapdragon wearing 3100 power watches, aesthetic similar to iconic Hublot Big Bang, fans can still understand the event of the game.

The watch celebrates the 20020 euro’s football spirit, and its black ceramic Bell team’s sports banner officially plans to hold a champion. The 42 mm connection of the watch has sapphire crystals, with a 390 × 390 pixel AMOLED touch screen, rotating crown to activate the watch function.

Hublot Big Bang E CON NECTED WATCH Running Wearos, mainly to make fans understand the incidents of competition in real time. Fancy SmartWatch notifies the matching time, notification card, player replacement, goals, punishment, and tracking for half time, additional time, etc.

Hublot’s Big Bang E UEFA EUREO 2020 runs wearing operating system

This time, Hublot has released another overwear OS-Powered SmartWatch, due to Covid-19 postponed – tournament. Hublot Big Bang E Uefa Eureo 2020 also includes NFTs of the top 200 buyers.

Deluxe watch makers have no strangers in football / football, Ltd. ‘s watches are the normal pre-championships – including the 2018 World Cup, and even the Premier League. Hublot Big Bang E UEFA EUROO 2020 Edition is only a continuation of big explosion design, but there are some minor adjustments there.

In design, the baffle on the Big Bang e Watch is the banner of 12 host country flags with the tournament. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and venue changes, not all of these countries will represent the Euro of 2020. The remaining design follows the familiar big explosive model aesthetics, and 42 mm in black magic. There is a 1.2-inch 390 x 390 pixel AMOLED display, which is applied to sapphire crystals, while Big Bang E UEFA EURO 2020 SmartWatch also includes a rotating button. This is used to activate its function.

Let us talk about hardware, as a luxury watch, should this be high-end internal, right? Do not. Hublot Big Bang E UEFA Eureo 2020 Edition Pack Wear 3100 in Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 – Yes, very outdated – 1GB of RAM and 8GB of memory. The battery capacity is 300mAh, and the Hublot claims that it takes two and a half hours to fully charge.

Wholesale Hublot Watch

Break through the uniformity of innovation and unity

Hublot luxury watches main praise their highest quality process and undising accuracy, is not to say they have tried to settle with luxury and design. This design is mainly internal, which means that the HUBLOR brand mainly produces its own watch components. For example, the Hublot Unico movement is a complete brand of the first code table movement. This kara is then ready to include in Hublot Big Bang and King Power Lines.

After the initial success of Hublot Unico, the company can successfully make a range of internal movements and then used in Hublot Ferrari and Slim Classico Calibers.

Hublot Watch – the most popular among world famous stars and athletes
From the establishment of the HUBLOR brand, the Hublot watch is talking about the celebrity world, many of which as a brand ambassador. Some of them are our greatest athletes, such as the fastest people on the earth, football super superstars, such as Pelé and Diegoaradona, and basketball announced Brant.

The Hublot watches are also made by businessmen, singer, royal family members, such as Bernie Ecclestone, Leni Richi and Prince Monaco. Rep Guru Jay-Z is also a hublot fake watch home – this is a cooperation, causing the Hublot Classic Fusion Shack Carter watch.

In addition to the reputation in the celebrity world, Hublot will pay attention to charity. For example, the activity of the Hublot Watch and Band Depeche mode is a good example of the Hublot Brand Campaign Cleaning Drinking Water.

Racing and sports world – Hublot watches have conquered this
Hublot is the first manufacturer of luxury watches entering the football world – this move is considered to be a bold move, because today’s Hublot is the World Cup’s FIFA and the official watch, so that the Hublot watch is obvious. Football fan.

The Hublot watches also have a highly diverse connection with the Football World, with football clubs, such as Juventus, Paris, Gard and Bayern Munich.

In addition to football, you can see the area of ​​Hublot Watches Fronting Race and Luxury Cars, such as equation 1., for example, Hublot Men’s watch series, such as a formula 1 King Power ceramics.

Hublot Ferrari is one of the most famous Hublot watches, leading to the highest achievements of luxury car companies.

Hublot Big Bang and Hublot Classic Fusion – The most popular Hublot model
Each luxury brand has a string of favorite models, boycotting time and fashion trend – the same applies to the Hublot watch model large explosion and classical fusion.

The Hublot Big Bang series has no legendary disadvantages, which is why it is collected in 2005 to expand with more sub-groups.

Hublot Classic Fusion Watches first launched in 2008, with traditional Hublot watches, created from the company, exciting sports elegant ‘until today.

Hublot looks at the latest collection
We mentioned Hublot Big Bang and Classic Fusion Collection, but there are also some smaller understanding of watching measures to enable them into the hearts of consumers.

For example, the king’s power collection consists of 48 mm thick cases, it must be affirmed, and the spirit of big explosion collected has caused attention to its rectangular case. The masterpiece brings some exotic processes, while the only MP-02 key time motion allows you to slow or accelerate the rate of measurement time.

Loyal Hublot Fans In the start of the new limited edition time, it is unfunished. In the latest “artistic integration”, with the latest latest information, refreshed with the new model, such as Hublot Porto Montenegro Classic Fusion – 48 mm Navy blue joy.

Hublot and Porto Montenegro – the birth of new limited edition watches
Last year, the Hublot brand announced a strategic cooperation with the Polic Montenegro Terminal, so became our official exam for two years.

The new partnership of these two luxury giants is a step by means of replica Hublot, which we exclusively lifestyle communities, followed by many yacht club Naritas and membership society.

Hublot Classic Fusion Porto Montenegro – Hublot Special Edition
As we mentioned in the opening ceremony, as of last year, Hublot is the official exam of our luxury resort, and Hublot also launched an official watch – Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Porto Montenegro.

This unique finite watch decorated with blue, blue sunray dial decoration on the timer timer, Montenegro sign, put it 3 o’clock. The 45mm diameter housing also has a sapphire glass back.

The clock is provided by the Caliber Hublot HUB1143 with an automatic winding movement, providing blue rubber and calf belts. Fully made from titanium, epitomy eternal elegance and endurance.

Hublot Porto Montengro Partnership is a respect for Hublot, with a unique atmosphere and luxurious panoramic view of Super Yacht Pier. Wholesale Fake Discount watches

Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire Watch & Big Bang High Jewellery Creation

This replica Hublot Big Bang overall tourbillon full sapphire watch should cause enthusiasts to think about the possibility of wearing it. The watch has both a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal case and a matching one-piece sapphire crystal bracelet. These clear glasses will be paired with the homemade Hublot tourbillon movement.

Although the first luxury watch to introduce a sapphire crystal case, Hublot was the first to introduce this incredible material (which has been used for watches on the front of the mirror since the 1980s), making the case expensive. Most high-end luxury watch consumers usually spend money. I used Big Bang UNICO magic sapphire here to comment on another sapphire Hublot watch. Hublot not only has clear artificial sapphires, but also colorful sapphire crystals, adding new fashion elements to the theme. In other words, “pure” transparent sapphire crystal has a unique appeal.

From a distance, especially in the pictures, it is extremely challenging to appreciate the feel and aesthetic qualities of a sapphire crystal watch. Sapphire crystal is very different from the touch due to its warm and smooth feeling, not to mention a new level of aesthetics, creating new possibilities for the engineering and craftsmanship in the creation of this ultra-high-end watch.

This special Hublot Big Bang is based on Big Bang Integral, and aBlogtoWatch debuted in steel as early as 2020. It is an evolution of Big Bang and includes a new integrated bracelet. Then, Hublot followed up with the ceramic version of Big Bang points here. Now, we not only see the Big Bang Integral based on the tourbillon, but the entire case and bracelet are made of sapphire crystal.

Hublot’s goal is to create a case and bracelet design that is as transparent as possible. At this time, since the bracelet requires metal parts to fix the links together, and the watch case requires structural parts such as gaskets to ensure waterproof performance, it is impossible to completely remove all non-sapphire parts. The end result is a spectacular observation of the structure of luxury watches. Hublot said its goal is to increasingly create a visual experience that makes the dial and movement seem to float in the space above the wrist.

Inside the watch is a self-made Hublot HUB6035 micro-rotor automatic movement. The mechanism composed of 243 parts is designed to be as transparent as possible and adopts a symmetrical design, including a flying tourbillon and a front platinum micro-rotor located on the top of the barrel. The movement only displays the time, runs at 3Hz (21,600 vph), and has a 72-hour power reserve. Although the dial is clear and clear, the time can be easily read with the eye-catching Big Bang hands and applied hour markers.

The technical challenge of making a complete sapphire crystal best quality replica watches is enough to attract a lot of discussion, and the unique wearing experience of a watch like this will definitely be more romantic than a few wearers.

Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Power Reserve 14 days

Did the power reserve calculate? This is not the case, but some Shop the Luxury watches seem to prove the difference between the two. They are all about power reserves, not afraid to show it. The Big Bang MP-11 of Hublot is one of the watches, and the manual upper string movement will run continuously for 14 days and displayed in dramatic way.

This big explosion is part of the MP series, two of which represent “Manufacture Piece”, which contain some of the most complex creative brands. For MP-11, the Hublot is connected in series and places them vertically in the movement. On the left, they add a display role that you can read the power reserves above. Due to this structure, the dial and other movements are placed above. It acquires power from the hair strip box from the 90-degree tabwheel worm. Since the hair strip box is high, it is towering on the dial, even on the dial, the lap and sapphire crystal must be slightly backed up in this shape. Especially from visual, this is very spectacular.

What makes MP-11 more interesting is that the Yubiki provides many different varieties, and each variety has its own characteristics. In 3D Carbon, Urban Material from the US military is MP-11, which is a 90-gram of feather lamp champion with high-tech appearance. Not only is its movement, but also a three-dimensional woven polymer compound composite material having carbon fiber, also gives people a deep impression.

At the other end of the spectrum, we found the MP-11 made of King King, with colorless diamonds. This is a very precious creation, but it also has technical changes. It may not be as obvious as the version in 3D Carbon, but it is very complicated to cut and mounted the French-shaped diamonds to make it completely conforming to the projections of the lap. They use 50 gemstone inlays, with a total of 3.2 carats, and to cover 172 bright cut diamonds for the case extra inlaid. Impressive numbers, in case 14 days of power storage, it is not good enough for you.


Hublot MP-09 TOURBILLON BI-AXIS, the highest visibility The Hublot MP-09 dual-axis tourbillon is the first Hublot multi-axis tourbillon designed to provide maximum visibility on the tourbillon-and its dual rotation-thanks to the establishment of an internal haute horological movement. This is a work with cutting-edge technology and complex structure reaching another level. This is an example of the function definition table. An idea that is part of the idea that prevails in all MP ideas: to develop an exclusive movement dedicated to functions, and to design a specific package that enhances the engine.

Hublot has innovated in the field of multi-axis tourbillon watches with its innovative products. At first glance, the dynamic displacement of this double tourbillon case presents a playful and vibrant appearance. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said: “With our watchmaking parts, we have gone a long way in expressing our watchmaking exquisite craftsmanship. We use this advantage for every Only the watch gives a specific beauty.

In the unveiling ceremony of the MP-09 tourbillon dual axis, the MAISON again GALA gives you the ability to conceive different clocks with strong personalities who carry their genes and witnesses to the masters of all walks of life. Inside the watch is the HUB9009.H1.RA movement, which is an automatic movement with a power reserve of 5 days. In addition, it is also equipped with a dual-axis tourbillon, the first axis performs a complete rotation every minute, and the other axis performs a complete rotation every 30 seconds.

Master craftsmen designed a special design for the movement and case of the MP-09. Ensure the best visibility. It is located at 6 o’clock and has a wide opening covering a complex three-layer sapphire crystal, allowing the wearer to appreciate the speed of this two-axis tourbillon, thereby freeing oneself from the influence of gravity. Ordinary tourbillon.

The MP-09 tourbillon dual-axis copy watches has a date correction mechanism. Simply move the lever up or down, and the date can be advanced or returned by one day. The multi-level dial structure-alternately displayed in black, white and red-enhances the distinctive features of the MP-09. Around the hour and minute display, the date display is distributed in two semicircles at two different levels, and the 5-day power reserve is displayed on a counter at 9 o’clock.

The case with a diameter of 49 mm has a water resistance of 40 meters and is available in two versions: titanium or king gold.

Automatic, caliber Hublot HUB9009.H1.RA, 356-level parts, up to 120 hours
Hours, minutes, seconds, tourbillon
Extra large gold or titanium, 30 meters
49 mm
Double rubber composition black