TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 “McQueen” watch

TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 “McQueen” watch hands-on: worthy of reprint

Since the debut of Heuer Monaco 1133B in 1969 (then not TAG), Monaco has gone through countless iterations, from reprints and tribute works to belt-driven, high-tech versions equipped with tourbillons, such as V4 (hands it here). What we see today is the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 “McQueen” Reference CAW211P. It is interesting for many reasons: a) it is a handsome blue Monaco, b) it is expected to be a worthy re-version of the original, and c) the price In line with TAG Heuer’s recent (in fact very popular) more competitive pricing strategy.

Fans of TAG Heuer or Monaco (or indeed both) will surely be familiar with the history of this famous square chronograph-it is one of the few square dial watches that have become popular. However, refreshing our memory a little bit will certainly not hurt, so let’s start by doing this.

On March 3, 1969, Heuer launched the first square waterproof automatic chronograph-but remember another “big number one”: the original Heuer Monaco 1133B equipped with Chronomatic Calibre 11, this is the first in the history of watchmaking Automatic chronograph movement on sale. These achievements embodied two important debuts and breakthroughs in just one watch-no wonder that part of Monaco’s eternal charm is partly driven by these achievements.

A fascinating example of how history repeats itself is that the important role of making Monaco the globally recognized watch icon as we know it today is the appointment of TAG Heuer…you guessed it: the brand ambassador. In 1970, Jo Siffert became the first racer to receive sponsorship from a watch brand. It was with the help of Siffert that Monaco found the way to the track and became the focus of attention.

A year later, Steve McQueen “persisted in wearing” Monaco during the filming of Le Mans in 1971, which pushed Monaco from the track to the track, but was photographed on the big screen. At 70 In the era (and before), brand ambassadors and sponsorships were powerful and effective marketing tools. This is not news anymore-but it is still interesting to see how this applies to the watch and watch industry.

Over the years, starting in 2003, TAG Heuer has created many tribute works for the original 1133B, but except for the limited production of 1,000 pieces for the 40th anniversary of Monaco in 2009, it has always-arguably deliberately-avoided the first time Debut for the masses as close as possible to the real transaction, the original version…until now.

At Baselworld 2015, TAG Heuer quietly launched the product we saw today, TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Reference CAW211P. Apart from some really very subtle differences, it gave TAG Heuer Monaco fans a taste of the original version— —About half the price of the 1,000-piece limited edition before the hot sale in 2009.

The crown on the left is the same as before: tick. Red hour and minute hands, horizontal hour markers and red five-minute markers on the dial: everything is available. “Calibre 11” name: tick. Calibre 11 in it? No-for obvious reasons, this can’t happen. The biggest difference between the original model and the 2015 model is obviously the internal movement: on the Sellita automatic base that is likely to be replaced by ETA, the Dubois-Depraz timing module is responsible for the stopwatch function and the dual pair-the dial layout of the 2015 TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 dial .

As (considered by many people) the first ever automatic chronograph movement, TAG Heuer’s Calibre 11 in 1969 is one of the few truly noteworthy and important movements, and every watch enthusiast should at least Understand a little…that’s why it is confusing, why TAG Heuer decided to name a modern movement Calibre 11-although it is very different from the original in many ways-and name a modern timepiece “Calibre 11”. Frankly speaking, although tributes and reprints have played a huge role in keeping traditions and idols good and vigorous decades after their birth, there is a fine line between paying tribute and causing chaos.

The decoration of the movement is quite exquisite-as always, at this price and comparable caliber, it is well decorated, but of course, you won’t find handmade beveling or other haute celebrity witchcraft. TAG Heuer fake decided to use a sapphire crystal back cover-compared with the previous version (and the original version) solid steel back cover, this is a very welcome change. There is no doubt that this movement is sufficient to justify this deviation from the original work-I think even purists have to agree.

The movement brings a second significant difference: the sub-dial layout of the square dial includes a 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock and a second counter at 3 o’clock-the original version from 1969 had 12-hour and 30-minute counters, respectively , There are no running seconds anywhere on the watch. Once again, the nuances that only the hardest fans will notice-and the “animation” added from the sweeper that runs at 3 o’clock is once again a welcome modification.

The new TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 dial is very beautiful: deep non-metallic blue tone, although a little faded, but very close to the original version-2003 and 2010 blue dial Monaco previous version features shiny metallic blue dial look It looks like parts, but runs counter to the original dial. As mentioned above, the central hand now has an orange-red line and polished edges in its center-a perfect combination of the 5-minute markers of the same color around the circular minute track. fake aaa watches

The logo on the dial of the new 2015 TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 represents Monaco and has a retro Heuer logo-the TAG part is omitted, and is historically consistent with the original about 46 years ago. TAG appeared very late. In 1985, Techniques d’Avant Garde Private Holding Company held shares in companies related to the aviation and racing industries and bought a majority stake in Heuer.

Even the “Swiss made” text is where it should appear, above the square date aperture at 6 o’clock-although the original text only speaks of Switzerland, today TAG tends to spell it out for you. Despite such slight differences in the beautifully printed parts, the 2015 version did a great job of replicating the charm and relaxed elegance of the original racing style dial.

The case of the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 measures 39 x 39 mm-1 mm higher than the original and 1,000 tributes in 2009. In addition to size, the case replaces the original round buttons with square buttons, adds larger lugs, and is decorated with raised sapphire crystals on the front.

Although it may seem simple at first glance, the square cushion-shaped case, sharp, completely vertical case profile, stubby, clear lugs, and the immediately striking crown and button positions all make Monaco stand out-and convex The sapphire crystal from this is really the icing on the cake. This case feels and looks strong, but it is also elegant, if we may say so, that it is relevant to today in an unusual way. Connected to the steel case is a perforated calfskin strap with a folding clasp, with a vintage Heuer logo, adding a touch of vintage.

It took TAG Heuer 46 years to get so close to re-release the original Monaco-because there was no real visual difference-but in 2015, that was exactly what happened. If you want the charm of the original Calibre 11, you will have to choose the vintage-but use the new one, and enjoy higher quality materials, exquisite execution, arguably higher long-term reliability, and the mileage you can Do it yourself.

Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Carbon

The TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph uses a 44mm stainless steel case, which is the same as the 44mm “regular” sports chronograph. This makes sense, because the updated 2020 Carrera is indeed very refined. It consists of a highly polished and finely brushed surface. The latter makes the former more prosperous. Both types of finishes are placed in close proximity and therefore require a lot of time and skill to achieve. Indeed, each finish must maintain a clear outline and remain discrete. I am happy to report to you that TAG Heuer commends it not only for its ability to complete all tasks, but also for its unparalleled appearance on all surfaces, facets and sides.

The lugs are beautifully designed. At its outer edge, they slope down to the strap. It is not unique in itself, but has a sloped inner edge that slopes toward the strap or bracelet. This would have incurred additional processing costs, but in my opinion, the resulting aesthetic appearance is sublime.

The chronograph buttons have a winch-like outline, and the concave central part is invisible black shadow.

As mentioned earlier, the origin of the hour and minute hands can be traced back to Monaco in 1969. Likewise, the crown is very similar to that used in the popular Formula One racing car. The grooved grip of the Carrera crown is cut through a channel, presenting a refreshing shade of red.

A sapphire crystal glass window on the back of the watch gives an unobstructed view of the self-winding movement. There is a bright halo around the glass window. In addition, the bottom surface of the lug is highly polished again.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph comes with the company’s “H-shaped bracelet.” Consistent with other bracelets of the brand, its execution is excellent. Folding clasp and double safety buttons first appeared on Carrera in 2020, with sweet and positive actions that left a deep impression on people, strong and tight.

In addition, the watch can also be paired with an embossed calfskin strap, presented in black with eye-catching gray stitching. The appearance of the strap is similar to the stitched leather seat of the 911, where two pieces of leather are joined together by a protruding seam.

Finally, I deliberately saved one of my favorite details in the frame. It is made of black ceramic, fixed and marked with white numbers. It is used as a tachymeter and is very useful for observers by the track. However, unlike the regular Carrera, the word “Porsche” is replaced by “Porsche”. It is presented in the font of the car logo and the preferred shade of red.


The Swiss watch brand equips the fake TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche chronograph with the Calibre Heuer 02 movement. Recently, it has become a Swiss brand chronograph movement. This is not surprising, because it is great. Please allow me to elaborate.

Many chronographs are modular, including the basic movement and the top module, Caliber Heuer 02 is fully integrated. Not modified to meet requirements, Heuer 02 has always been designed as a chronograph. By adopting this method, “dragging” can be reduced. When the modular chronograph is activated, the additional energy requirement causes the amplitude of the balance wheel to decrease (drag), thereby reducing accuracy.

In addition, with the help of an integrated timer, the column wheel and vertical coupling proved the best match. Compared with the cam-actuated chronograph, the button feels better and the lubrication effect is smooth. Similarly, when the chronograph is started, the central chronograph second hand immediately starts its stroke without any movement.

The frequency of the balance is 28,800 vph (4Hz), and assuming that the clockwork is fully wound, the watch will automatically run for 80 hours. The column wheels are represented in red, and the bridge body is decorated with Côtes de Genève patterns. Finally, the weight design of the pendulum is similar to the appearance of a Porsche three-spoke steering wheel.sale replica watches

Last year, TAG Heuer released the new 44mm Carrera Sport chronograph, followed by the 42mm Carrera Elegant chronograph, which marked a new era for the brand. I have always admired the old Carrera models for their legendary readability, and today’s Carrera version contains countless pleasant little details. All these details are perfectly blended together, enriching the wearer’s experience.

The watch company’s design team has apparently spent a lot of energy evaluating Carrera’s per square millimeter and refining each component to a high standard. These new models are impressive, and I doubt they will remain attractive in the next few years.

However, the new TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph may be my favorite racing-themed car so far, perhaps because it evokes my memories of the 911 moments. The gray asphalt dial looks amazing, the two-digit index is very attractive, and the Porsche brand bezel is another highlight. However, as most 911 owners have proven, a powerful engine is the key to performance. Rest assured, Caliber Heuer 02 is the champion. This latest watch deserves to be printed with the names of two outstanding brands and hopes to herald what is coming.

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16

Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph Fangio CV201AT.FC6475 watch

Boitier: Stainless Steel
Mecanisme: Self Winding/Automatic
Gender: Men
Bracelet: Alligator
GLASS: Sapphire
Dial Color: Black
Water Resistant: 100 m
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date,Tachymeter Chronograph

Recently, I had the opportunity to see one of the newest watches of the Senna brand, namely the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16 Ayrton Senna Special Edition 2019. As a confession fan of motorsports and watches, I am eager to evaluate the performance of this watch. Ladle model.

The dial is made of anthracite and decorated with sun-brushed decoration. The thin lines emerging from the center of the dial interact with the light, casting shadows and evoking light-toned areas. The rhodium-plated hour and minute hands are engraved with small facets, lined with Super-LumiNova, and the tip is truncated, allowing a clear conversation with the wearer.

Some red lacquer is scattered on the dial, copying the shadow of the above-mentioned Senna logo. For example, the index is passionate because of its red hue. In addition, the center of the index also has a large number of applications of Super-LumiNova, which emits a green tone under dim light. The central chronograph second hand is red again with a counterweight, replicating the brand’s logo in miniature form.

The date hole is located near the crown and bears various forms of trademarks. However, although there are many names around the date display, the trademark does not seem to be excessive. Indeed, the combination of date and brand balances the composition of the dial, offsetting the small seconds indication at 9 o’clock.www.chrono4usale.com

The small seconds display and the 12-hour chronograph at 6 o’clock are both displayed in white with black numbers. The black 30-minute chronograph is located below noon, and there is an obvious snail.

One minute is displayed on the white flange in the dial area. The short, clear black line represents the ¼ second interval, while the longer line represents the 1 second interval. This detail is particularly useful when using the second hand of the central chronograph to measure the elapsed seconds.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16 Ayrton Senna Special Edition 2019. However, the dialing process did not show any signs of pinch. Sunray’s brushed decoration, applicable indexes and contrasting dials will be more suitable for higher-priced best men watches.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16 Ayrton Senna Special Edition has a diameter of 44mm, which is not suitable for exhausted people. Its size, mobility and steel shell all contribute to its significant weight. Personally, I find this personality trait very flattering, but I am grateful that some potential buyers may desire a smaller or lighter ownership claim.

Except for some bezel surfaces and straps, there are finely brushed surfaces everywhere. On these straps, the wearer’s shirt is reflected in a mirror-like efficiency. The fixed bezel is mainly made of highly polished black ceramic and is equipped with a tachymeter scale, the Senna brand and the race driver’s last name. The edge of the frame is zigzag shaped and juxtaposed with the highly polished protruding surface of the polished depression.

This chronograph follows the convention, with two buttons protruding from the side of the right case. The difference is that the button at 2 o’clock is dotted with a small red circle, which makes the design full of eye-catching enthusiasm. This prosperity also extends to the crown, which is almost divided into two due to the obvious depression. The appearance of the cavity is full of red varnish, echoing the Senna logo again.

The screwed back cover is engraved with an illustration of Senna’s helmet, facing upwards and the great man facing outwards. There are other words on the bottom cover, including “25 Years Anniversary Edition.”

TAG Heuer cheap equipped this model with a stainless steel “sports S-shaped bracelet”. Obviously, Senna played a role in the development of the bracelet. Each extremely smooth chain link has been finely brushed to match the main finish of the case. The fluidity of the bracelet is incredible and very flexible. When the watch is fixed on the wrist, the adaptability of the strap gives it an excellent sense of ergonomic design.

Classic tour TAG Heuer Autavia GMT watch

When talking about an antique sports luxury watch with a second time zone function, I believe that many people think of the Rolex Greenwich type for the first time. However, there is no shortage of other equally memorable famous timepieces in history, such as the TAG Heuer Autavia GMT watch. The one shown in this article was produced around 1970 and belongs to the second-generation Ref. 2446. Its red chronograph hands, huge sub-dial, and fluted buttons are very distinctive.

The TAG Heuer Autavia GMT watch combines multiple features in one. In addition to GMT, the watch also has a timing function, which is also the most popular and practical two functions. This watch is powered by an improved Valjoux Caliber 72 movement and is equipped with a large case with a diameter of 40 mm. Even according to today’s standards, this size is very suitable to wear. The black dial is set against the white sub-dial, combined with the red chronograph seconds hand and GMT hands, which has a sharp contrast and excellent readability. The bezel uses red and blue color, which is the Pepsi circle, and is decorated with 24-hour marks. It is worth mentioning that the original Gay Frères bracelet adds the antique charm of the 1970s to the watch, which can be called the finishing touch.

Perhaps you can find a well-preserved Autavia GMT watch, but in comparison, we prefer this one in the picture. It may not be perfect. Those blemishes, scratches and fading not only give people a retro feel, but also prove that this watch is very popular with watch owners. In other words, the watch was originally meant to be worn. If an antique wholesale watches replica is almost never worn and is in an original brand new state, it will naturally be favored in the collector’s market. And the TAG Heuer Autavia GMT watch introduced in this article can return to its essence: it is worn on the wrist and will be with you for a lifetime.