The Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Sapphire Crystal

Jacob & Co. adhering to the brand’s reputation for luxurious performances, introduced the world’s first decimal minute repeater watch with a transparent sapphire crystal case. This is not the first minute repeater watch with a transparent sapphire crystal case; this difference is attributed to Speake-Marin’s Légèrete, a one-time product produced in 2019. However, Twin Turbo Furious Sapphire is the first minute repeater watch with a sapphire crystal case produced in the series, not just any sapphire crystal case. Please note that it is a complicated case from the Twin Turbo Furious series. There are dual three-axis tourbillons and a single-button chronograph. Similarly, it is not just any minute repeater, but a decimal minute repeater, which is rarely seen in the complications of the minute repeater. The three timepieces in the Twin Turbo Furious series are limited to six editions, including a “Bugatti Blue” watch, which convincingly demonstrates the complex machinery that promotes complex functions.

As a master of extreme limit watches, Jacob Arabo is not afraid of “impossibility.” The more the better, seems to be the basic idea of ​​Jacob & Co., where the craziest complication and the craziest combination of cases come to life. Twin Turbo Furious has amazing complications and is not a new product. It was released during Baselworld 2018. It uses a black DLC titanium and carbon fiber case. Features: noon dial with small seconds at 9 o’clock; single-button chronograph with minute counter at 3 o’clock And central seconds; reference time inspired by racing pit plate; decimal minute repeater, every 10 minutes and minutes; dual three-axis high-speed tourbillon; and power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock.

The next step is to take the complex hodgepodge and store them in a transparent sapphire crystal case. Inspired by super sports cars and high-performance cars, the streamlined case of Twin Turbo Furious is widened and raised at the bottom to accommodate the 3D spectacle of the double tourbillon. There is a slider on its left side that activates the decimal repeater, and the crank on the crown can adjust complication.

Sapphire crystal case
The intricate sapphire crystal case of Twin Turbo Furious poses a huge challenge. The “regular” Twin Turbo Furious unique pentagonal 57mm x 52mm housing has 88 components; this sapphire version has 89. The development of the sapphire crystal case took 15 months to design, produce and perfect, including cultivating the sapphire crystal with alumina, and then shaping the case through a combination of high-tech digital machinery and traditional manual polishing. Machining the different geometric planes and angles of the case, including the iconic double bezel, is a complex task, but hand-polishing the crystal to achieve its transparency is also a complex task. The only part of the case that is not made of sapphire crystal is the 18k white (or rose) gold crank at 3 o’clock for winding and setting complications. The difference between these three watches is the colored chapter ring made of Neoalithe, which is a material made of resin and developed in Switzerland. The material can be selected from red, green or blue, and can resist ultraviolet, heat and physical shocks. The Bugatti watch has a “Bugatti Blue” Neoalithe ring with the company logo on the front.

Minute repeater
Installing an exotic decimal minute repeater inside the sapphire crystal case-the world’s first-is another complicated task. The compromise of the watch design is to take gongs and hammers into account while ensuring high-quality sound. The decimal minute repeater is more intuitive than the traditional minute repeater. It does not report the time in hours, quarters and minutes, but in ten-minute intervals after the last hour and minute. The crystal lever on the left side of the case activates the crystal clear sound of the cathedral gong of the decimal repeater. At 12 o’clock, you can see the hammer of the minute repeater in decimal.

Dual three-axis tourbillon and single button chronograph
The double tourbillon and chronograph that adjust the time display spin in space in a lightning-fast but controlled continuous motion. Relying on two adjustment mechanisms, the ultra-light cage rotates along three rotation axes at a speed of 24, 48 and 180 seconds. Each three-axis tourbillon consists of 104 parts and weighs only 1.15 grams.

Likewise, simple solutions are not the hallmark of Jacob & Co. fake watches. As you might expect, the chronograph is a one-button type, equipped with a traditional column wheel and horizontal clutch. However, the stopwatch device incorporates an original reference time indicator in minutes and seconds that can be set on the crown. The pit board function is inspired by the timing panel used in racing events and is a simple way to compare two elapsed times. The elapsed seconds that are greater than the reference time are located in the red part (+) of the pit plate, and the seconds that are lower than the reference time are located in the yellow and green parts (-). The dial opening directly above the double tourbillon indicates the minutes and seconds reference time that can be set via the crown (up to 5 minutes and 59 seconds). Then, the pit plate wheel displays the difference in seconds compared to the reference time when timing the event.

In order not to miss any movement inside this stunning timepiece, the dial is made of dark gray sapphire crystal, partially revealing the 832 components of the manual winding motor. Hours and minutes are indicated by two-tone skeletonized hands driven by gears connected to a dual three-axis tourbillon. The hour markers corresponding to the central seconds hand are applied to the outer track of the dial. They are made of green, blue or red Neoralithe, and are treated with Super-Luminova, just like the hour and minute hands.

Jacobs Corporation JCFM05
The hand-wound movement-the JCFM05 movement-is exposed from all sides of the case and deserves admiration. The movement operates at a speed of 21,600vph and can produce a power reserve of up to 50 hours. With 832 components, 75 jewels and haute horological decorations-manually tilted and polished plates and bridges, round grains and polished screws-the integrated chronograph movement is equipped with a patented dual mechanical safety function, which starts at the time. Astronomia Casino

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette Watch

Last year in 2014, Jacob & Co. launched a very interesting watch, which they called the astronomical tourbillon (it debuted here). When they made their debut, I had no chance to see this piece in person, I am not sure if the original Astronomia Tourbillon case style (check the link above) was actually delivered, because according to these new 2015 Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon In the picture, there is a brand new case design. The sheer complexity of a watch movement requires a lot of adjustments to make it work, and it takes years of effort. However, in 2015, it looks like the Jacobs astronomical tourbillon is back with a new case design and the very “Jacobs”. The version is called Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette, with a lot of diamonds.

Below, you can see the running video of Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon last year. Most of the movement is placed on a series of four arms that revolve around the entire dial every 20 minutes. These arms also move to produce other actions, such as keeping the dial in the correct direction to indicate the time and operating the tourbillon. In summary, the entire ballet of Gears in Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon is almost unbelievable. More importantly, although you may like or feel conflicted about the products produced by Jacob & Co., you must make them understand that performing skills are an important part of the luxury watch industry.

Compared with the large sapphire crystal bubble dome on the original Astronomia design, this new 2015 case is more meaningful. We are still looking at the computer renderings, but I believe that the smaller sapphire crystal (now divided into a series of windows and a large window at the top) plus additional metal can make the design more reasonable and more wear-resistant. According to the brand, Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon is 50 mm wide and 25 mm thick. The case is made of 18k rose gold and is available in diamond-set and non-diamond-set versions.

Notice that there is no crown or button on the case? The movement is actually set by two “bow-shaped” folding crowns on the back of the case. The movement is of course the most interesting element of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon. It is the unique movement of the Jacob & Co. JCEM01 movement, with a 48-hour power reserve and a tourbillon running at 2.5 Hz. Surprisingly, the movement is made of only 235 parts-considering the complexity of the concept, this seems very effective.

Let’s start with the three-axis tourbillon as one of the four arms of the movement. Pay attention to what you find in the Jacob’s case cavity. Astronomy is the manual winding movement of the entire JCEM01, and the planetary arrangement literally means sitting on the main barrel. It is really a motor barrel, designed according to some systems of American historical pocket watches. The four arms are all connected by a unique differential system that completely rotates around the dial every 20 minutes. This is the first axis of the tourbillon. The tourbillon system itself includes the next two pivot points, which rotate once every 60 seconds, and then rotate in the other direction every 5 minutes. Opposite the tourbillon is a dial that can get the moment, which is so cool because it points vertically regardless of where it rotates around the dial. I just like that. Then there is the arm using a tiny hand-painted titanium globe. On the opposite side of it is a “Jacob cut” diamond, which uses Jacob & Co.’s unique craft record to give the diamond a spherical instance and 288 facets. The planet and the diamond disco ball spin a full circle every 60 seconds. What is the point of all these rotations and movements? Naturally acts as a “hypnotic choreography”; it is about visual grandeur (and effective). So like I said, if you think too deeply about Jacob & Co.. Astronomia Tourbillon, you will keep asking “Why?” It’s not about why, it’s just because it’s cool and because they can.

Technically, because the tourbillon moves around the entire dial every 20 minutes, it is a three-axis tourbillon. The other axis is the normal rotation you see from the tourbillon cage, and the rotation on its connecting arm. It is located on the opposite side of the dial and is used to display the time to help balance the weight. The other two arms have a small hand-painted titanium representing the earth, and its other arm has a spinning disco ball that rotates once every 60 seconds.

Really, disco party? Well, this is what I said. Jacob & Co. claims that the spherical cut diamond uses the exclusive cutting process first introduced by Jacob & Co to cut the diamond into 288 facets. This round diamond should represent the moon-which makes me wonder what the “night life” on your planet would look like if our moon were actually a big disco ball. Although the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon movement looks and feels like it provides astronomical complications-but it actually only does this conceptually. This is indeed a sport for the purpose of viewing pleasure, not strictly a function-at this point, it has succeeded.

If the “standard” Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon is not enough, you can choose Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette, which replaces the night sky/space sky on the dial with rectangular cut diamonds. Diamonds are invisible inlaid on the dial and lugs, a total of 342 gems, total weight 16 carats. Although I personally cannot regard myself as a buyer of Jacob & Co. Astronomia, the fact that there may be a few people who can enjoy this kind of wrist-worn mechanical entertainment makes me happy. Jacob & Co. started shocking, amusing and pleasing again… this is what I think Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon is all about.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Flawless Emperor Dragon

Astronomia Flawless Dragon cleverly merges the complex world of fine watchmaking and art.

Jacob & Co. launched the Astronomia Flawless Emperor Dragon, which has never been seen in the world. “This is the masterpiece of the Astronomia series,” said Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co. “I have always liked Ilona Andrews’ famous quote,’If the sky can dream, it will dream of dragons.’ I have always dreamed of creating the ultimate dragon to show the Astronomia Flawless case, and now we have done it.”

The new Astronomia Flawless Imperial Dragon has a hand-carved hand-painted dragon that surrounds the spectacular Astronomia two-axis tourbillon movement. In a sense, when you see the Astronomical Flawless Emperor Dragon, you don’t know where to look. The incredible dragon is fascinating, but the spinning and spinning tourbillon, the spinning hand-painted magnesium globe, and the spinning 288-faced Jacob cut diamonds are also fascinating. In fact, the beauty of the handmade dragon and all its incredible details are reflected in the rotating facets of the diamond.

Astronomia Flawless‘s 360-degree sapphire crystal case itself is an engineering feat, because the entire case is made of crystal clear sapphire, showing the entire movement and the emperor dragon sculpture to everyone. In short, the production of the Flawless case requires Nearly 1,000 hours of extra working time to produce.

“The finishing touch”
“Drawing a dragon and finishing touch” is a Chinese phrase that means to put the finishing touches on something, emphasizing the attention to detail when creating the 18K rose gold sculpture of the Emperor Dragon.

After nearly three months of uninterrupted work, the sculptor painstakingly created and casted a solid dragon in 18K rose gold, then polished and completed the sculpture. The dragon is actually four pieces-head, body, tail and water underneath-and then must be assembled seamlessly. This is no easy task, because the Golden Dragon is very heavy and the screws to fix it are very small. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the dragon when assembling it.

Then, the dragon turned to the painter, and he completed all the small details of the dragon’s scales, teeth, tongue, and eyes. Therefore, the emperor is alive and well with great care and golden light. Discount fake watches

In China, the dragon is reserved for the emperor and represents power, prosperity, love and passion, and good luck. In fact, these legendary rulers are called “children of dragons.” For many emperors, the dragon they used was often holding a pearl. In this case, the dragon represents authority and the pearl represents wisdom. In the Astronomical Flawless Emperor Dragon, one of the dragon’s claws is holding a magnesia-blue lacquered globe, and the other is holding a pearl (actually an 18K rose gold ball painted with pearls), which doubles as a fixed point for Sculpture inside the monolithic sapphire crystal case.

The dragon is red because it is the most auspicious color, representing the royal family and imperial power. Emperors often wore red, their room doors were painted red, and they always wrote their decrees in red ink. Therefore, red is very reasonable for Emperor Dragon.

Art tour
There has never been a timepiece and astronomical flawless imperial dragon that combines fine watchmaking craftsmanship with fine art. The Flawless box is the perfect gallery to display this unique sculpture-so you can check it out at any time instead of being locked in a dusty museum.

The dragon surrounds the Haute Horlogerie astronomical movement, muscular and full of vitality. The dragon’s body undulates around the watch like the Great Wall of China, protecting the movement from any possible damage.

Amazing work at an amazing price
You can wear the unique Astronomia Flawless Imperial Dragon on your wrist for $1.5 million. This is a highly complex timepiece with exquisite artistic sculptures displayed inside. Astronomia Flawless Imperial Dragon is an amazing work, which perfectly fits wholesale Jacob & Co.’s motto “Inspired by the impossible.”

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Clarity & Black watch hands-on

Regardless of surprise or not, the astronomical watch series has always been a popular product for Jacob co. Their main ambition as a watch manufacturer is to amaze and attract luxury consumers who think they have seen it all. There are currently six versions of “spacey” Astronomia watches on the Jacob & Co. website, some of which are “unavailable”, and some new versions that will be launched at Baselworld 2017. Now, I want to go back to the 2016 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show. When I play these two Astronomia watches, they are Jacob & Co. Astronomia Black and Jacob & Co. Astronomia Clarity Baguette. I really like these brand new Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon watches, so we included them in the 2016 Baselworld 2016 update summary of the top 10 existing watches.

The 2016 Basel Watch and Jewellery Show witnessed no less than three new Jacob & Co. Astronomia watches. We finally experienced the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky personally, introducing a smaller case and more complicated functions. The “most affordable” of the new Astronomia watches at the time was actually Astronomia Black, which provided a darker, more space-like appearance in a black DLC-coated 18ct white gold case.

The jeweler Mr. Jacob implicitly understood the performance art in the luxury watch display. He knows that if you want something conservative, you will get a product similar to Patek Philippe or Lange. He (at all) did not try to compete with such a brand. He is tailoring products for those who seek to enjoy the love of ambitious mechanical creation in an open and fresh way. Therefore, Jacob & Co. makes watches and jewelry for customers who like to enhance their taste, status and aesthetic confidence in a bolder visual way. It is wrong to judge whether this is good or bad, because it is just a matter of taste.

As a person who cannot afford such luxury toys, I don’t know what I would do as a consumer. However, as a watch critic, I appreciate the novelty of concept and technical execution that you find in the Jacob & Co. Astronomia watch series. Carefully crafted and conceived, few modern watches are as bold and elegant as the astronomical tourbillon.

The concept of the movement itself is not a true astronomical complication-this means that although celestial bodies are displayed on the surface, the design of the mechanism does not mean to truly track the actual movements of various planets and their relationships with celestial bodies. another. There are other watches for sale (for example, this Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon Astronomical watch). For those who own a watch, if you need to adjust the complex functions of the planetarium, do you have a good assistant who can help you? Hurt for a few days.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Black and Astronomia Clarity-both products appear in this article-have similar but slightly different sports, but they both do exactly the same thing. Jacob & Co. Astronomia Black is equipped with JCAM10 movement, while Clarity is equipped with JCAM12 movement. These are manual winding movements, made of 365 parts, with a frequency of 3 Hz and a power reserve of 60 hours. The movement is adjusted and wound by the folding crown on the back of the case.

Most movements are made of titanium and have a variety of finishes. The movement is divided into four arms, which are set on a pivot point and move continuously around the dial, rotating a full circle every 20 minutes. On the arm is the hour and minute dial (it always remains upright so that you can easily read the time), opposite it is an adjustment system based on a multi-axis tourbillon, and then a small and beautifully rendered map of the earth (every 24 hours Rotate one circle) Opposite the 288-facet “Jacob Cut” spherical diamond, which rotates once per minute. I like to call the latter element “Jacob & Co. Disco Ball”.

The whole movement is about visual brilliance and animation movement. The interesting thing about Jacob & Co. Astronomia watches is that they are equally interesting and attractive to toddlers because they are experienced watchmakers. This is a timepiece and movement that is pleasing on many levels. If you are the owner of one of them, please pray that you do not drop it on the floor.

One of Jacob Arabo’s dreams is to produce a version of Astronomia with a complete sapphire crystal case. Today, most of the 50 mm wide case of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon is made of sapphire crystal, and the rest is made of various gold alloys. In 2017, Jacob & Co. successfully produced the Astronomia all-sapphire crystal glass with all-sapphire crystal. I’ve seen it, but haven’t taken a picture yet. Even the gold hollow case, in addition to the large dome, the structure is also equipped with a series of sapphire crystal windows. Jacob & Co. Astronomia Clarity adds a sapphire crystal as the back cover, which is the second clearest Astronomia model around.

This special version of Jacob & Co. Astronomia Clarity is Clarity Baguette, and its lugs are set with 80 baguette-cut diamonds. This is a good addition of about 6.1 carats of stone, but for more frugal shoppers, Jacob & Co. Astronomia Clarity has a non-diamond-decorated version.

It is completely logical to imagine that these 25.45 mm thick watches would be uncomfortable to wear. It is not possible to bypass the 50 mm wide shells that are only half thick, but it is inaccurate to call them uncomfortable. Despite their avant-garde qualities, I find that most of even the strangest Jacob & Co. watches are designed to be very comfortable on the wrist, ergonomically surround your wrist, and provide a strap Fits firmly. Since both sides of the sapphire crystal mirror are coated with healthy anti-reflection coating, a clear and glare-free scene can be seen in the bubble-type case. If Mr. Arabo makes up his mind, this will become the hell of diving watches… Currently, the astronomical tourbillon of Jacobs is only water-resistant to 30 meters.

When the occasion requires luxury and you don’t hesitate to show it off, something like Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon is really suitable. In essence, this represents the places and events where the super-rich gather-not afraid to show off their toys or be criticized for extravagant decadence. At least, if you find yourself in such a situation and happen to be someone who appreciates the vivid and passionate art of robotic wrists, Jacob & Co. Astronomia is a very pleasant choice. This reference AT100.31.AC.SD.A Jacob & Co. Astronomia Black, reference AT820.30.BD.SB.A Jaconb & Co. Astronomia Clarity Baguette.

Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Baguette white diamonds and tsavorite rose gold

Twin turbocharging: the next level

The story Twin Turbo Furious inherits the cool and unique and complex concept of twin turbos, and adds the single-button chronograph and pit-plate jet-difference calculator to the original double-triaxial tourbillon and the decimal minute repeater, raising it to one New level. Twin Turbo Furious has 832 components carefully hand-decorated and hand-assembled. It is a truly large-scale complex function masterpiece, providing a single combination of ultra-high-end mechanisms, all of which are unique to Jacob & Co..

Twin Turbo and Twin Turbo Furious combine the exhilarating energy experienced by the world’s fastest cars with the unparalleled sophistication and mechanical sophistication presented only in the world of haute horology. Powering the Twin Turbo Furious’s main time display and single-button chronograph function is its dual three-axis tourbillon: the most complex, technically challenging and visually fascinating in the history of the tourbillon.

Twin Turbo Furious is housed in an exquisite ultra-light cage and rotates in space with lightning-fast but calculated continuous motions, relying on two adjustment mechanisms. Each of these three-axis tourbillons consists of an amazing 104 components-yet weighs only 1.15 grams. Part of the twin turbocharger s 832-component JCFM05 Manufacture Jacob & Co calibre is the decimal minute repeater-the strangest and rarest of all the timekeeping complications. Push the sliding device into the left side of the Twin Turbo Furious highly engineered case-made of 18K rose gold and carbon fiber, inlaid with diamonds and tsavorites-and listen to the crystal clear sound of its cathedral gong.

Twin Turbo Furious is another pioneering work by Jacob & Co, unique in the previous high-end watchmaking industry. Become a person who feels the energy of its two beating hearts and listens to its beautiful bells-experience an unprecedented high-end nice watches.

Dual three-axis tourbillon
The dual three-axis tourbillon is the most complex, technically challenging, and visually most encapsulating of all tourbillons. The tourbillon was originally invented as a single-axis rotating platform, used to carry the adjustment mechanism of a mechanical pocket watch to improve timing performance, and Twin Turbo Furious brought this 220-year-old invention into the future of fine watchmaking. Through cutting-edge engineering design and the most advanced manufacturing and manual assembly technology, Twin Turbo Furious’s dual three-axis tourbillon has become the ultimate solution for tourbillon to enhance timing performance. With 24, 8 and 30 seconds of rapid rotation and lightning-like speeds along three rotation axes, the engineering improvements of this configuration have only been replaced by its visual impact:

Minute repeater in decimal
Minute repeater is the most cherished complication for collectors and one of the most difficult complication for watchmakers to conceive. Nevertheless, Jacob & Co. tried to push the boundaries of technical feasibility when bringing Twin Turbo Furious to life. Most minute repeaters meet the hour, quarter and minute standards, but Twin Turbo Furious reports the time on demand every 10 minutes after the hour and before the minute. This is a very rare decimal minute repeater in the fine watchmaking industry. In fact, you can count the number of manufacturers with the decimal minute repeater with one hand, and there are still a few fingers left.

Another outstanding feature of Monopusher Chronograph Twin Turbo Furious is its Monopusher Chronograph. The horizontal clutch system is operated by a column wheel, which is connected to the button of the chronograph, which is integrated in the crown/crank system on the right side of the case. Unlike ordinary chronographs with two buttons, Twin Turbo Furious’s single-button chronograph uses only one button to start, stop and reset the chronograph.

The Pit Board function brings the Twin Turbo inspired by supercars closer to the fastest car world is its built-in mechanical Pit Board, which is a simple way to compare two elapsed times. Inspired by the old-style pit boards in racing cars, you can use the crank (pulled out to the first position and unfold) to move the color carousel and the central digital display to set the reference time. Then, when you operate the single-button chronograph normally, you can easily see the difference between the current time and the reference time you set. The seconds that are greater than the reference time are in the red (+) part of the pit plate, and the seconds that are lower than the reference time are in the yellow and green (-) parts. Unlike today’s electronic pit board, all of this is done mechanically.

Case and crystal
Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Baguette White Diamonds & Tsavorites is presented in a completely unique case, with excellent visual and technical complexity, as well as wearing comfort that can only be trusted by personal experience. The case measures 57 mm x 52 mm and is 17 mm thick. It includes a special curved sapphire crystal glass on the front and back, allowing you to fully appreciate the specially processed 832 component JCFM05 movement. The 18K white gold and carbon fiber case alone is composed of 88 parts. The 18K rose gold case and bezel are set with 153 baguette-cut diamonds (≈7.99 carats) and 191 baguette-cut tsavorites (≈9.3 carats).

Dial and hands
In order to make the chronograph instructions have the best legibility, Twin Turbo Furious has introduced a smoked dark gray sapphire crystal dial, which partially shows the components below it, while improving legibility. The periphery of the dial is made of a rare and peculiar material called Neoralithe, with Super-LumiNova hour markers. The hours and minutes are indicated by specially hollowed out two-color main hands, driven by delicate gears, connecting them to a dual three-axis tourbillon. luxury Jacob & Co.

The new Jacob & Co. watch includes a fully functional roulette

The new Jacob & Co. watch includes a fully functional roulette

Jacob & Co. Astronomia watches are designed with a very special customer type in mind: this kind of person is not afraid of taking risks, is not shy to show off, and appreciates the ingenuity of extremely complex mechanical devices.

Rapper Drake happens to be such a person.

Drake likes custom fashions, expensive and fast cars, and luxury private jets that he can customize according to his needs-even if he occasionally lied about buying them and he would be knocked down. He also likes watches, preferably limited editions. If there is no such item on your wrist, you are not a fashion millionaire.

That said, the Canadian rapper recently added an impressive item to his already impressive collection of watches. This is Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia Casino Tourbillon, also known as Astronomia Gambler, which was launched last year with a limited edition of 88 copies.

The luxury jeweler launched the Astronomia collection in 2014 as a white canvas for novel and unexpected concepts. The idea behind it is to create a small, self-sufficient universe that you can wear on your wrist and wow the whole world-and the price matches. We have already discussed the Clarity Spider Tourbillon, which has a life-size tarantula made of feathers and black vapor deposits that clicks in the center of the dial.

The visual effects of Astronomia Casino may be more stunning than Spider, because it is more complicated. To be honest, all Astronomia timepieces are too complicated, but this one is a cake, and its over-design is close to the realm of absurdity. However, it is not without value.

As you can see in the video at the bottom of the page and the attached gallery, Astronomia Casino is huge. The diameter is 47 mm. When you look at it from above, you might mistake it for average, but it is completely different from the side. The thickness of the Casino is 27.9 mm, which is necessary to accommodate the vertical multi-layer JCAM29A movement with multiple complex functions, each of which is more noticeable than the other.

First, at the bottom is a fully functional mechanical roulette, made of 18k rose gold, with 37 pockets marked in black and red enamel. When you press the two buttons on the side of the case and the wheels start to move, a white ceramic ball will spin. High Quality Replica watches

In order to prevent the ball from rebounding on the upper layer of the movement, the roulette is covered with a piece of sapphire crystal glass. The entire case is actually made of sapphire crystal, and every time you press the release button, you can see an excellent view of the spinning wheel.

Then there is the truly shocking part of this watch: the upper part of the movement is made of a rotating platform that includes four rotating arms. Yes, every element here is in continuous and independent movement, which is what makes this timepiece so complicated and interesting.

The four arms carry a three-axis tourbillon, an asteroid made of blue magnesium, a sub-dial for timekeeping and Jacob & Co. trademark rotating diamonds. It will be a 1-carat Jacobian cut diamond with no less than 288 facets, rotating on its own axis every 30 seconds, so you can fully appreciate its sparkle from all aspects.

In addition to the independent movement of complex functions, the four arms complete a complete rotation on the watch surface within 10 minutes. Each pair of opposing arms can serve as a perfect counterweight for each other, thereby reducing the weight of complications. The power reserve is 60 hours.

The most important is the domed sapphire crystal, while the strap is luxurious alligator leather with golden clasps.

Astronomia Casino fake sounds like there are many things to see-and it is. With so many things happening inside, people hardly remember the actual check-up time, which is a bit contrary to the purpose of wearing the timekeeping on the wrist. But it is beautiful and over-designed, and it is indeed a sight worth seeing.

Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon

A closer look at the Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon

Can you name another watch with a replica of the iconic 16-cylinder internal combustion engine? We don’t think so.

Since 1909, the French car manufacturer Bugatti has been obsessed with the pursuit of speed and perfection. Its first road car, the Type 13, was born in 1910. It was the epitome of high technology at the time. It was equipped with the world’s first 16-valve header-most road cars were equipped with an 8-valve engine-with a maximum speed of 125 per hour. Kilometers per hour (78 miles per hour). Type 13 even won second place in the 1911 Le Mans French Grand Prix.

Today, Bugatti produces less than 100 cars a year by hand at its headquarters in Morsheim, France. Its iconic model is the Chiron, a 420 km/h (261 mph) super sports car powered by a four-turbocharged W16 engine that produces 1,479 horsepower. With such a powerful machine, even the most complicated timepiece can be worth the money.

Jacobs and Bugatti
Jacob & Co. and Bugatti share a passion for developing some of the most unique and innovative products in the world. From watchmaking to super sports cars, the two brands recently reached a multi-year collaboration to develop a special edition Jacob & Co. x Bugatti timepiece.

The first results of this collaboration are Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious and Epic X Chronograph. Both draw design inspiration from Bugatti’s work. Today, Watchonista carefully studied the new Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon.

The W16 engine automaton is activated by the crown on the right side of the timepiece. Once started, the mini W16 engine will move directionally in a perfect sequence through a fully operating crankshaft, turbocharger and 16 pistons.

Jacob & Co.’s manual winding JCAM37 manufacturing movement is suspended inside the four pivot points of a 54 x 44 mm case-the blue titanium and rose gold model in the picture-and is equipped with a flying tourbillon. The positioning of the movement replicates the effect of the car’s suspension and culminates with two “exhaust devices” at 6 o’clock. At the same time, the 30º inclination of the tourbillon is based on the horseshoe grille of a Bugatti supercar.

The entire timepiece is operated by three crowns at the bottom of the case. The left crown sets the time; the middle winding 60-hour power reserve and animation, the right crown starts the animation. Finally, the power reserve indicator is the air pump symbol at 9 o’clock.

Personally, this watch is as crazy as you think. As you can see in the video, the operation of the miniature W16 engine is impressive. The Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron tourbillon has a deterrent effect on the wrist—just like the respect the Bugatti Chiron supercar has earned on the road.

Astronomical Casino

Astronomical Casino: 1 m roulette investment has no return

Time sequence can be everything in the casino. The seat on the right at the right at the right time can be the difference between the accumulated bonus and the victory of the house. Now you can follow the high quality watches of the casino theme on time.

Watches expert Jacob & Co. Established the 2014 ASTROMIA TOURBILLON complex design. This watch is far from their usual high-end fashion and eternal design, with more detailed timetable, there are many details depicting the movement of the sun, the moon and the earth.

This watch seems to be the beginning of Jacob & Co’s new sports. Whoever comes with a new watch made in veins, although this time this time uses a roulette theme. The following is this amazing supplementary detail about astronomical series watches. Jacob & Co.

A special casino inspiration landscape
Whether you are on the line roulette or never step on the foot inside the casino, it is difficult to deny this is a unique watch that has special details and processes. The roulette table will be set to the background of typical day elements above.

The roulette design is creative, subtle but bold enough to turn the head, because there is an unusual design of a roulette on the hand surface. The wheel of the roulette is almost like a monument, or there is a love letter of the most famous casino game throughout the time.

Undoubtedly a unique watch, with a considerable size, not hidden under the shirt sleeve. This is perfect for the casino, it is really a roulette player.

Hand, dial and case
However, the watch is not about aesthetics. The watchmaker that involves using advanced materials and achieves this caliber is the top of the game. This work is equipped with a manufacturer’s internal manual caliber JCAM2A with approximately 60 hours of reserve power supply and runs at 3 Hz.

The internal engine of the watch is hidden below for additional protection. However, it is visible when peeping through a first-class casing. For anyone who needs to blow a watch, in the convenience of convenience, the two keys are on the back of the housing, but closely seal to maintain complex aesthetics of the casino inspiration watch.

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Jacob & Co. New fake watches

Jacob & Co. New “fast and passion” time accounting is crazy, just like you expect Only in nine examples, wrist candies will let you go back to half Milan.

We looked at Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and a long hot rod to tear the first fast fanatic screen, has been 20 years. In order to celebrate, Jacob & Co. Releases a new time that is committed to the beloved with a franchise right and its threats of rides.

Limited-Edition Wrist Candy is a high-tech, high-speed twin turbine growth angry, which has been equipped with about 2001 bright bombs. Think about the checkered flags of each bell and the muscle car life in a quarter mile.

The watch is housed in a black carbon shell of texture, reaching 57 mm, including 88 pieces, including stainless steel baffles. Large sapphire crystal dials are interested in images of speed and anger and movie’s logo. The occupation and the center is a “starting girl” in the first movie of two most famous muscle cars: Vin Diesel’s 1970 Dragoni-Up on the left, and Paul Walker’s SOOPED-UP TOYOTA SUPRA is right side. buy replica watches

The intricate inner work competitors of the watchmake. The high octane street racing car. It is equipped with a double-three-axis trunk wheel with a flash fast speed of 24, 48 and 180 seconds. This can not only be used for eye-catching visual features, but also make the watch high precision: multi-axis Dololus compensates for any position where gravity is located. Between two extension points are a power reserve indicator like a fuel.

If this is not enough, the clock has another complexity in the form of decimal minutes. Like the melody motor, it emits bells at 10 minutes before hours and minutes. jacob and co astronomia spider

At the same time, the engine is Jacob & Co. Calibre JCFM05, manual wraps, with amazing 832 components. The sapphire crystal case returned to a great point of view of another logo.

Other places, the watch is equipped with a charted single-hole timing code table, with any rapid and fierce sprint in the four-wheeled wheelchair, and the mechanical time reference indicator designed from the “pit” “pit” in the track.

“Our twin turbocharge is this naturally suitable for fast and fierce franchise rights,” Jacob & Co.Cenjamin Arabov said in a statement. “Jacob & Co. best It has been in many important and successful partnerships, but we have never been working with an entity that is so closely suitable for our DNA.”

Jacob & Co.’s Epic X Chrono

Lionel Messi joins Jacob & Co.’s Epic X Chrono Messi series released Traditionally, timepieces issued by Jacob & Co. are composed of delicate works of art and complex movements. These are examples of wearing on formal occasions and have not been locked for future use. Jacob & Co is proud to announce the launch of its new Epic X Chrono series in collaboration with professional football star Lionel Messi. The performance-oriented Epic X Chrono is a high-end lifestyle watch that can withstand daily activities, whether it’s a day of casual work or playing in front of a group of screaming fans. Although the series is considered to be a functional work, Jacob & Co. focuses on the use of precious metals and gems in the entire design to blend luxury elements. In addition to Lionel Messi’s home country color scheme, the case also includes titanium, rose gold, platinum/titanium/baguette and baguettes. The 47mm Epic X Chrono has a blue mineral crystal dial, driven by a dual-composite chronograph movement with a skull column wheel, which can retain 48 hours of power. The back cover is engraved with Lionel Messi’s signature as a sign of special cooperation.

Jacob & Co Epic x Chrono sky blue

The Swiss Watch Group is honored to collaborate with Watch Magazine (one of the leading publications in the American watch industry), and it will be featured on the cover of all six editions in 2020. For the January/February issue, luxury brand Jacob & Co enhanced the cover with its Epic X Chrono sky blue. The Epic X Chrono sky blue is an amazing 47 mm timepiece, made of lightweight titanium and 18 carat rose gold, with blue rubber buttons, blue crown and blue hollow rubber strap. Inside the movement there is an exclusive semi-skeleton chronograph movement with a 48-hour power reserve.

A limited edition model of Epic X by Jacob & Co..

The friendship between the legendary football player Luis Figo and Jacob Arabe (the founder of Jacob & Co. watchmaking company) lasted for nearly 20 years. When the owner of “Golden Ball 2000” and the best FIFA player of 2001 came to the United States on the eve of the next football season, they met. Figo later became a loyal customer of the brand: “I have a watch with 5 time zones, several tourbillons, Epic models, and to celebrate my “golden ball”, I bought the Ghost model,” Luis Figo said.

As part of the 2018 Basel Watch and Jewellery Fair, Jacob & Co. launched three limited edition chronographs Epic X to commemorate this famous football player. In the brand’s model series, the appearance of the series of the same name makes it easier to personalize these high-end watches. The famous Portuguese football player added some personal touches to the basic design of the model: the red number “10” on the rotating inner ring and the autograph on the sapphire crystal tone on the back cover.

The bezels and chronograph buttons of the three bold timepieces are made of black ceramic. The difference between the models of this high-end watch is only in the material of the case and the color of the letter “X”. It represents the original elements of the design of the series, including the lugs of the case and partially passing through the dial. These unique best Jacob & Co. timing devices are available in rose gold, titanium and titanium with black DLC coating.

The housing size is 47 x 14 mm. In each top model, there is a skeleton movement JCAA05 with automatic winding function. The movement with a balance frequency of 28800 pc/hour can provide a 48-hour power reserve. In addition, these amazing high-end watches are also waterproof to 200 meters.

Collaboration between acclaimed watchmakers and celebrities, whether athletes, actors or singers, is commonplace. It usually ends with fruitful results and ten-year friendship. Take a look at our collection of second-hand high-end Replica Swiss Watch Online and see what amazing timing devices are available on the world watch market.