A permanent evolution of an iconic design that brings together two successful models, the Capsoil and the 1938 Doppiotempo, in new colours

The time on the wrist is multiplied by two, giving the opportunity to experience two different times simultaneously and visually enhance them with a three-dimensional effect that transcends the limitations of glass and dials. That’s the idea behind the Capsoil Doppiotempo model, a perfect combination of a dual time function, provided by an internal rotating bezel and an “oil immersion” concept with an oil bath inside the case and a free-floating compensating bubble dial.

Italo Fontana presents three new Capsoil Doppiotempo models, also equipped with a double crown on the left, one for setting the time and the other for setting the different time zones; available in satin 316L stainless steel cases with black DLC treatment. The entire 45mm diameter features an over-dome sapphire crystal, with the hour-markers and numerals beneath it in a new original colour.

The white version is the exact opposite of the U-BOAT‘s classic color, featuring an inner rotating bezel and a white dial with black hour markers and numerals. The remaining two new models use a black dial and beige numerals, but the hour markers and numerals on the black inner frame are green in one model and red in the other.

An innovative locking system (locking ring system) and a patented screw-on battery housing cover on the back of the case allow quick and easy battery replacement. The strap is black vulcanized rubber with embossed brand logo. The new model is water resistant up to 100 meters. cheap replica watches


From emerald to sage, lime to khaki, green has become one of the biggest trends in the luxury watch industry in 2021. We’ve seen new designs adorned in shades as well as reimagined classics. Italian watchmaker U-Boat chose the latter, presenting a new and refurbished collection of U-Boat Chimera Green watches, limited to 500 pieces each, in naturally aged bronze or 316L stainless steel, paired with artistic green accents. Signature Chimera dial accents.

As always, the new U-Boat collection is designed by Italo Fontana, the founder of the luxury watch brand. In a villa surrounded by the Graniano hills in the heart of Tuscany, just 15 minutes from Lucca’s ancient medieval walls, Fontana sits imagining his next greatest masterpiece, from the surrounding Drawing inspiration from the landscape and his Italian heritage. For the U-Boat Chimera, he wanted to capture his love of retro culture with distressed strap designs, vintage dials and masculine case silhouettes. With the all-new U-Boat Chimera Green, he takes that vision one step further, embodying his own colorful and playful personality through the green changes. Let’s take a look at four new U-Boat Chimera Green watches.

U-Boat Chimera Green 8526
The first in the U-Boat Chimera Green series is reference 8526. Made entirely of naturally aged bronze, this 500-piece limited chronograph is 46mm in diameter and features a patented crown release system at 8 o’clock, a Chimera feature that keeps time at your fingertips and date changes. The case also features a matching bronze bezel and case back and an oversized crown cap for easy gripping. In the center, the double-layered matt brown dial features laser-cut numerals, hour-markers, and chronograph counters, with vivid green chronograph seconds and green hands for the 24-hour subdial. The dial is protected by a domed sapphire crystal treated with an anti-reflective coating. Housed in the U-Boat Chimera Green 8526 watch is an automatic movement machined and modified according to the characteristics of U-BOAT, with a custom skeletonized rotor visible through the sapphire crystal case back, and equipped with a frequency of 28,800vph and 48 hours of power reserve. To complete the look of this bronze U-Boat Chimera watch, this distressed brown leather strap is handcrafted in Tuscany by expert artisans.

U-Boat Chimera Green 8527
The second and final bronze piece in the U-Boat Chimera Green collection is ref. 8527. Unlike the bronze companion above, this 500-piece limited edition offers a more classic time, date and GMT display, two large sword-shaped bronze hour and minute hands, a glossy green seconds hand, and a 24-hour subdial with green hands , with a curved date aperture at 9 o’clock. These functions are again powered by an automatic movement, this time taking into account a 48-hour power reserve, 26 rubies and a frequency of 28,800vph. Like all U-Boat Chimera Green watches, the reference 8527 is 46mm in diameter and features a stunning display sapphire crystal case back, which allows you to see the movement through a U-shaped opening. The dial is again double-layered, but this time with a black brushed metal finish and laser-cut hands, a patented crown release system at 10 o’clock, and water resistance to 100 meters. The bronze case is then paired with another brown aged leather strap and bronze pin buckle.

U-Boat Chimera Green 8528
Next up is the U-Boat Chimera Green watch number 8528. This is the first limited edition of 500 pieces in the collection made of steel. Other than that, it follows almost all of the same specs as the aforementioned 8526 chronograph. Its 46mm case is made of AISI 316L stainless steel with the signature oversized crown cap and patented crown release system at 8 o’clock. The five-screw case back once again showcases the self-winding movement, which offers hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, date and 24-hour markers and a 48-hour power reserve. In contrast to the matte black double-layered dial, green marker chronograph seconds and hands on the 24-hour subdial. As expected, the U-Boat Chimera Green 8528 is water-resistant to 100 meters, features a curved sapphire crystal treated with an anti-reflective coating for instant legibility, and features an aged black laser-cut leather strap and stainless steel pin buckle Fixed on wrist.

U-Boat Chimera Green 8529
Last but not least is the U-Boat Chimera Green watch under the reference 8529. I’m sure you’ve figured out the mode here, but this model follows almost exactly in the footsteps of the bronze reference 8527, but wears stainless steel. Comes with a patented crown release system at 10 o’clock for easy time and date setting. This time around, the crown, bezel, caseback and case are made from AISI 316L stainless steel, while the black dial and black leather strap accentuate the masculine aesthetic. Housed in the U-Boat Chimera Green 8529 watch is another Swiss self-winding movement offering hours, minutes, seconds, date and 24-hour time, the latter with green accents on the complications and large central running seconds hand . The movement promises a 48-hour power reserve and features a custom skeletonized rotor that sits beneath a five-screwed caseback with a U-shaped display opening. Guaranteed 100m water resistance, high-quality domed-curved sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating ensures fast readability.

U-BOAT Chimera Skeleton Titanium Limited Edition

Following the great success of the new Chimera 46 Skeleton at Baselworld in 2015, U-BOAT launched a brand new grade 5 titanium watch.

Chimera Skeleton Titanium is the perfect example of the creativity of U-Boat creator Italo Fontana. It uses one of the strongest materials and is extremely lightweight. The watch uses a completely hollow movement, as can be seen from the sapphire crystal glass and case back. AROLA’s special “Squelette” U-77 Valjoux Top Soigne automatic movement has been improved and highly decorated.

The bezel, case and case back are locked together by an external tube, which ensures a water resistance of 100 meters. In addition, the patented engraved button enables the wearer to eject the inner crown from its recessed position to set the time. The watch provides timing functions, hours, minutes and seconds. In this model, Italo also adds an additional fourth counter, which displays the 24 hours of the day, and is marked with a little red hand. U-BOAT cheap

technical details
Special Squelette U-77 Valjoux Top Soigné movement, an automatic mechanical chronograph modified and personalized according to U-BOAT specifications
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour, 4 Hz
Power reserve: 48 hours
25 jewels

Hours, minutes, small seconds, 24 hours, chronograph 60 seconds, 12 o’clock counter, 6 o’clock counter 30 minutes, 7 o’clock counter 24 (AM-PM).

Watch case
Grade 5 titanium case, 46 mm diameter
Special crown on the left side with patented protection device
The bezel and the back of the case are locked together by an external tube and a custom key to ensure absolute water resistance
The personalized oscillating weight in sterling silver consists of three bridges and is locked with 3 blue screws
Large crown cover, easy to operate, on the safety case, located at 9 o’clock
Timing button with milling on the outer surface
Side windows provide display of balance wheel movement
Crystal: the surface is sapphire curved glass, the back of the table is flat
Water resistance: 100 metric tons, 10 ATM

Three levels of Squelette dial, sphere treated with white luminous

Handmade and hand-finished leather strap
Titanium tongue buckle

U-BOAT Chimera 46 SS frame

The focal point of a traditional watch is the front, which is used to mark the time and is usually placed against a solid color background. Today, U-BOAT creator Italo Fontana stripped it from Chimera 46 and only showed the inner workings of the watch. Chimera’s unique iconic case is made of AISI 316 and black stainless steel. The bezel, body and bottom cover are fixed together by threaded pins. Now it has a new “industrial” charm. Like the previous model, the highly decorated automatic movement can be seen through the transparent front and bottom cover.

Under the optically thick and flat sapphire glass, you can admire the U-77 Valjoux Top Soignè automatic mechanical movement, modified and personalized in accordance with the black screws of the U-BOAT specification.

This chronograph movement is reliable and accurate, and is the hallmark of the U-Boat limited edition, distinguishing them from the standard models. Last but not least is the innovative and patented engraved button that pops the inner crown out of its recessed position to easily adjust the date and time. Limited to 88 pieces. mens replica watch

technical details
AISI 316 46mm diameter case with black stainless steel
The bezel and the back of the case are locked together by an external tube and a custom key to ensure absolute water resistance
The oversized crown cover is easy to operate, fixed on the case, and positioned at 9 o’clock.
Innovative engraved button pops the inner crown out of its recessed position for easy adjustment of date and time (patented)
The outer surface of the chronograph button has a milling function
Side window can be viewed
Movement Skeleton U-77 Valjoux Top Soignè movement, automatically modified and personalized according to U-BOAT specifications, mechanical chronograph with black screws
Timing function, no daters. Hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph 60 seconds, 12 o’clock counter, 6 o’clock counter, 30-minute counter
Personalized oscillating weight in 925 sterling silver, composed of 3 splints, locked by 3 blue screws, 3 layers
Skeleton dial
The front and back are made of a thick flat sapphire glass case
100 meters water resistance
Hand-made and hand-finished black leather strap
Black clasp

New U-boat Dark Moon Series

The U-shaped submarine brand was established in 2000 by designer Italo Fontana. Italo Fontana created the brand’s first timepiece with a good vision and motivation to introduce a new type of watch to the public. However, the history of wholesale U-Boat can be traced back to more distant ages, he inspired Italo Fontana to create his brand. In 1942, Italo’s grandfather Ilvo Fontana was commissioned by the Italian Navy to design a watch that met the naval durability standards and technical specifications. The watches designed by Ilvo Fontana have a clear, rugged hue and are designed to provide maximum visibility and water resistance. More than 60 years later, the same design became the inspiration for Italo Fonatan.

Creating a watch with a clear personality and unique identity is not the only driving force behind the demand for designers to create U-Boat. The brand is committed to unlocking the unlimited potential behind each model, technology and design. The use of the highest quality materials guarantees the longevity of U-Boat watches and ensures that they are more than just accessories.

Dark Moon Series
Always a pioneer, U-boats’ desire for innovation is omnipotent on the road to revolution. In the process of researching innovative watch technology, U-Boat created the Darkmoon series. The oil immersion technology used in this production line was first tested in the brand’s Capsoil model. U-Boat further expands this concept in the Dark Moon series. The movement of the watch is completely immersed in special oil. The oiliness exquisitely emphasizes the dial and creates the illusion that is well-known for Darkmoon watches. The oil not only accentuates the dial, but also makes the timepiece look as if there is no crystal. A visible bubble is left, floating freely on the surface of the watch to compensate for temperature changes. However, it is important to note that when the movement is immersed in oil,

The new U-Boat Darkmoon series adds an innovative locking system and quick battery replacement function, which can be found on the bottom cover of the model. The locking ring system has been implemented in these new models to ensure better adjustment of the fuel tank during maintenance and daily wear.

U-Boat DARKMOON 44mm Black IP Bronze Leather Strap
This watch from the new U-Boat Darkmoon series has a more sophisticated look than other models. Although other Darkmoon watches have a distinctly sporty style, the design of this watch stands out with its IP bronze gold-plated stainless steel case. The IP bronze coating not only gives the watch an attractive appearance, but also improves the durability of the case.

This case is similar to other cases in the series, with a diameter of 44 mm. The screw-in crown is located on the left side of the case, making it more comfortable to wear. Protecting the black dial is the dome scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, which increases the illusion that there is no glass on the dial. The Arabic numerals at 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock, and 8 o’clock add special features to the U-Boat appearance of the dial. The index is used to mark the remaining time. The black coated hands and hour markers are treated with beige luminous to ensure that the dial has excellent readability. The watch is water-resistant to 5 bars or 50 meters and is equipped with a Ronda 712.3 quartz movement. Discount watch replica

One of the more notable features of this watch is its carefully decorated strap. The brown leather strap is laser cut and made of hand-finished calfskin. In order to obtain a stylish distressed look, the strap is processed in accordance with traditional craftsman techniques. The strap is secured by a steel tongue buckle treated with IP bronze. One of the more notable features of this watch is its carefully decorated strap. The brown leather strap is laser cut and made of hand-finished calfskin. In order to obtain a stylish distressed look, the strap is processed in accordance with traditional craftsman techniques. The strap is secured by a steel tongue buckle treated with IP bronze. One of the more notable features of this watch is its carefully decorated strap. The brown leather strap is laser cut and made of hand-finished calfskin. In order to obtain a stylish distressed look, the strap is processed in accordance with traditional craftsman techniques. The strap is secured by a steel tongue buckle treated with IP bronze.

U-Boat DARKMOON 44mm Red Glass Stainless Steel Black Rubber Strap
This U-Boat timepiece is designed to stand out. The U-Boat Darkmoon watch exudes a kind of quiet power, with red crystals, which will definitely subtly emphasize the strength of the wearer’s character. The design of the luxury watch is low-key but not to be underestimated, and it is always worth looking at again.

The 44 mm case is made of stainless steel. An interesting feature of this model is the red curved sapphire crystal. The black dial contrasts sharply with the white luminous hour markers and hands. However, due to the red treatment of the sapphire, the hands and hour markers glow bright red. Since the hour and minute hands are painted black, they blend into the darkness of the dial. Not only does it highlight the illusion that the watch does not have crystals, but because of its color, it creates the feeling of gazing at the open universe. The timepiece is secured by a black ultra-wearable strap made of vulcanized rubber. The vulcanization process hardens the rubber and makes the strap more durable. The watch is powered by a quartz movement equipped with the Ronda 712.3 movement.

This timepiece also offers a black stainless steel case with IP treatment.

U-Boat DARKMOON 44mm Black IPB Case Black Rubber Strap
This U-Boat Darkmoon is versatile and slightly sporty. The case is made of stainless steel and is treated with black IP. The black case is almost perfectly matched with the black oiled dial. Beige luminous hour markers and hour markers are in sharp contrast with the dial, giving it a distinctive design. The hour and minute hands are also coated with beige luminous coating. The durable sapphire crystal protects the dial. The more direct design of this style makes it suitable for wearing in a variety of formal and informal occasions. The black rubber strap of the watch is embossed with the U-Boat name. The strap is made of vulcanized rubber and is very durable. To ensure that the watch’s water resistance to 5 bar (or 50 meters) is a screw-in crown located on the left side of the case. The crown uses U-Boats patented crown protection system. The timepiece is powered by a Lambda quartz movement. Shopping replica watch

This timepiece also offers a brushed stainless steel case.

The new U-Boat Darkmoon series is spectacular. These watches retain the main features of the Dark Moon series without affecting technological progress. Unparalleled craftsmanship, innovation and finding ways to implement new technologies are the core of U-Boat’s philosophy and values.

U-Boat Flightdeck CAS BE

U Boat Watch Review CLASSICO 45 TUNGSTENO MOVELOCK 8070 Watch Replica

The Flightdeck CAS BE of Italo Fontana cheap U-Boat is a workmanship miracle. Flightdeck is more reminiscent of aircraft used in the 1920s than other aircraft. There are incredible similarities between the Flightdeck control panel on the ship and the jet fighter. This led to the idea of ​​creating Flightdeck CAS BE.

The thick stainless steel case has a diameter of 43 mm or 50 mm, and the surface is off-white, with brown hands and Arabic numerals. The self-winding chronograph sits comfortably on your wrist and is equipped with an alligator leather strap. The dial and left buttons are placed less than usual, highlighting the easy-to-read dial.

Like U-Boat Flightdeck CAS BE, the industry has a large number of quartz-powered watches, but none of them have the intricate details and complicated functions of the former. The alligator leather strap includes aerospace design holes; the brand’s trademark. Waterproof can increase resistance up to 100 m. The bezel is composed of clear lines, clearly showing the quality of finishing in the production of watches. The case steel is 316L, and sapphire crystals are used in most luxury timepieces. The U-boat is driven by its plain Jane Valjoux / ETA 7750, which can be seen on the back of the hull.

U-BOAT CLASSICO U-47 bronze limited edition watch review

U Boat Watch Review CLASSICO 45 BRONZO CA BR 8063 Watch Replica

The new U-Boat Classico U-47 Bronze Limited Edition is beautifully dressed in a combination of bronze, red and black. It is available now and can be purchased exclusively on the Jura Watches website. This rare watch is limited to a total of 50 pieces, retains the familiar personality of the Italian watch brand, and adopts a military-inspired design, a large dial and an iconic crown position, and is equipped with a crown guard on the left side of the case .

The story of U-Boat watches is fascinating and brilliantly reveals the inspiration behind every modern release today. In 1942, Ilvo Fontana, a talented craftsman of precision engineering instruments, was commissioned by the Italian Navy to design and manufacture watches for its naval pilots. The watch must follow a set of very precise technical specifications, while ensuring maximum reliability and readability under any light or weather conditions. However, due to the circumstances at the time, the project was never realized. Then, in 2000, Iivo’s grandson Italo Fontana encountered these designs and decided to use them as the inspiration for the first U-Boat watch.

The U-Boat Classico series is a good illustration of the brand’s technical prowess and their ability to draw inspiration from the past and transform it into the handsome, trend-setting design of today’s modern people. Those who wear bronze like the new U-Boat Classico U-47 bronze limited edition are directly related to their past connections with the navy, and bronze is widely used in deep-sea helmets and naval buildings. With its evolving unique patina, bronze is also the most popular material in watchmaking this year. When exposed to moisture in the air and pH in sweat, the bronze case of this U-Boat Classico U-47 Bronze Limited Edition will completely change color, which means there will be 50 limited editions with its unique case The wearer will be completely customized by it.

As all U-Boat watches expect, the U-Boat Classico U-47 limited edition bronze case is firmly placed on the wrist, reaches 47mm in diameter, and displays a distinctive crown on the left. The unique serial number is engraved on a small plate fixed on the side of the case, and the screw-in case back cover is treated with a special anti-corrosion applique, which can delay the chemical reaction of the bronze on the skin.

Through the smoke-proof glass back cover, you can admire the automatic mechanical movement that is fully customized according to U-Boat specifications so that it can be controlled with the valve stem at the 9 o’clock position. The gold-plated swing rotor is laser cut to display the brand’s logo and rotates every time the wrist moves to provide a 44-hour power reserve. The 26 jewellery movements also operate at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, and provide a central hand for hours, minutes and seconds, and display a date window at 3 o’ on discount

Although bronze has become a common case material for manufacturers in many industries, it is new to use it with bright red straps and red accented dials. The eye-catching red laser-cut strap looks very close to the body, hand-finished from calfskin, and has a natural distressed look. The red strap with bronze pin buckle perfectly matches the red tone on the dial, including luminous red hands, red Arabic numerals at 4 and 8 o’clock, glossy red luminous indexes and the iconic’U’ logo. The 12 o’clock frosted black dial is also made of visible rubies at 6 o’clock. This is the characteristic mark of all U-Boat Classico watches, located under the sapphire crystal glass.

Specifications: U-Boat Classico U-47 Bronze Limited Edition Watch (7797/R)

Case Size: 47mm
Case Material: Bronze
Bezel: Fixed
Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment
Crown: Unique patented protection system, positioned at 9 o’clock
Case Back: Screw down with fume glass and anticorrosive applique treatment
Water Resistance: 100 metres
Movement: Automatic winding, mechanical
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date
Power Reserve: 44 hours
Jewels: 26
Frequency: 28,800vph
Dial: Matte black with red luminous hands, numbers and markers
Strap: Red calfskin leather
Buckle: Pin, buckle

U-Boat Lady Watches

Lady. U-42. Exclusive Italian manufacture. All U-Boat watch straps are entirely handmade by expert craftsmen in Italy from selected leathers and materials. Straps. VINTAGE. PRESTIGE. Bracelet. Rubber. Buckle. U-Boutiques . History and Technology Lucca 1942 . Innovation and Creativity
Like every U-Boat replica watch, the crown is located on the left-hand side. However, in this instance, U-Boat’s designers have forgone the large crown and cap in favor of a nearly imperceptible flat crown. As a result, this timepiece feels especially refined and almost like a dress watch despite its 45-mm case.
U-BOAT presents its latest ladies’ watch collection Rainbow. With this new collection of feminine wristwatches, Italo Fontana plays with colours highlighting his positive and optimistic vision of life through his iridescent mineral glasses. This U-BOAT line consists of four watch models in size 38mm for ladies, all of them characterised by a domed mineral glass creating a multicolour
The quality of a U Boat watch is undeniable. It takes the special combination of precision and fashion to new heights. Franco Jewellers are the leading name in U Boat watches. The extensive collection includes the latest and greatest offerings, with more than 40 different models to choose from. For the very best U Boat Watches Melbourne has the replica u boat watch for women
All U-Boat watch straps are entirely handmade by expert craftsmen in Italy from selected leathers and materials. Straps. VINTAGE. PRESTIGE. Bracelet. Rubber. Buckle. U-Boutiques . History and Technology Lucca 1942 . Innovation and Creativity Italo Fontana . New Discover all the news of the U-Boat universe.
By filling the watch with oil, U-Boat heightens the effect of this already unorthodox design and its intense matte black dial. A single air bubble both balances the pressure within the watch and adds even more depth to the dial. Like every U-Boat watch, the crown is located on the left-hand side.
U-Boat watches are made to withstand the elements and they are known to stay in a great condition in even the most extreme climates. U-Boat Italo Fontana watches are not your average luxury watches. They are designed with purpose. Each watch is distinctive and easily recognisable because of the large crown placed on the left side of the watch case.
I can easily take both U-BOATs Flightdeck 50 CAS Italo Fontana, the creator of U-boats, has teamed up with Mounir Moufarrige to sell a new world wide watch brand. The inventor took 7 years to build this wrist watch U-Boat, using traditional methods, modeling manually each step each detail.

u boat rainbow watch replica

Regenbogen (“Rainbow”) was the code name for the planned mass scuttling of the German U-boat fleet, to avoid surrender, at the end of World War II. At the beginning of May 1945 Nazi Germany was collapsing under the Allied onslaught. U-BOAT Rainbow presents its latest ladies’ watch collection Rainbow. With this new collection of feminine wristwatches, Italo Fontana plays with colours highlighting his positive and optimistic vision of life through his iridescent mineral glasses.
This U-BOAT rainbow line consists of four watch models in size 38mm for ladies, all of them characterised by a domed mineral glass creating a multicolour effect emphasising the different nuances of dial.
These four models have been designed with in mind an eclectic person, fashion lover, enjoying this world with carefree and colorful approach.
The collection is now available in two cases in stainless steel and other two in IP bronze color. They feature a mother pearl dial, blue and pink, under the curved mineral glass respectively in blue and pink color providing an amplified multicolour and “rainbow” effect.
On the dial, indexes and numbers are in polished metal, with bright Swarovski crystals set on indexes 12/4/8.
With the Swiss precision of the Ronda 712.3 quartz movement, all the models feature a leather bracelet mainly with alligator pattern with color in harmony with the one of the different cases and a metal mesh bracelet.

U-Boat Chimera Watches fake

View the full range of U-Boat Chimera at Replica Watches. Authorised retailer. Available up to 5 years 0% APR finance. Free, fast delivery. Chimera The Chimera collection has an iconic case with a crown cap and pushers.
The U-Boat Chimera watches special features also include super imposed dials, which are treated with composite pigments. The U-Boat Chimera watch collection have some watches with naturally aged bronze effect and second hands in bronze color, hand brushed.
U-Boat Style No: 8031 U-Boat Chimera 40 PVD Mother of Pearl Limited Edition of 300 Watch 40 mm stainless steel case, crown on left side with a protective device, bezel locked to the case by external tubing and a customized key, sapphire crystal with anti reflective treatment,
Wholesale Good Luxury U-Boat Chimera Replica Watches Wearing a Luxury U-Boat Classico replica watch inside your wrist, you will be ornamented with the scent of elegance, confidence, soft characteristics and modesty, profoundly getting in people attention.
The U-Boat Chimera U-51 replica watches Eco-friendly lineup imitation watch is actually a limites version. U-Boat Chimera Chronograph Automatic replica Stainless Black Leather Mens Fake Watch 6952 includes a high quality stainless position using a textured leather strap together with a fixed stainless bezel.
The U-Boat Watches are highly priced watches that last through climatic conditions. So, are they worth the price? Read our U Boat Watch Review. View on Amazon The Chimera 46 SS Skeleton is another simplified bold statement piece designed to last through any climatic situation.
U-Boat Chimera Net Bronze 46 mm Limited Edition watch. Model reference: 8096. This new authentic watch comes in original packaging with set of documents and 2 years warranty. Please note that bronze has a natural changing of its shades with time, this makes each watch completely original and one of a kind with a natural appearance.

U-Boat Dual Time fake watch

Each U-BOAT creation is of exclusive Tuscan manufacture, a land of great inspiration and style. Collections. Capsoil. Dive watch. Classico. Darkmoon. Dual Time. Chimera. Rainbow. Lady. U-42. Exclusive Italian manufacture. All U-Boat watch straps are entirely handmade by expert craftsmen in Italy from selected leathers and materials.
U-Boat 8400/A – In stock. U-Boat is an Italian watch brand based in Tuscany. Designed by Italo Fontana, these unique remarkable timepieces combine the finest Italian craftsmanship with the designer’s exceptional vision. Inspired by the atmosphere and landscape of the region, each watch has a similar distinct tone making it stand out from the rest.
The watch houses a Swiss movement – with replica U-BOAT specifications – self-winding, with a 38-hour reserve. The dial is black, with a bidirectional inner bezel, with hours and 30 minute intervals that synchronises with the additional hand so as to display the two different time zones. The strap is in green leather with steel buckle.
The U boat clock Xwidget is a pretty Xwidget for your desktop. It is a dual time clock. Functional and gorgeous at the same time. This is the Xwidget that I created with the assistance of Cannuckenken/kjc66 and Harry Whitfield who sorts out my coding and adds elegance and functionality
U-Boat Dual Time Clock Yahoo Widget. By yereverluvinuncleber Watch. 31 Favourites. 44 Comments. 2K Views. control desktop desktopicons icons konfabulator linux mac macwindows orrery plasmoid sound soundcontrol steampunk uboat victorian volume war widget widgets windows worlds yahoo rocketdock warworlds yahoowidgets xwidget
An amazing Dual Time Zone watch replica. The Dual Time Zone watch which still amazes me most is the Ulysse Nardin GMT +/- Perpetual. This brainchild of Ludwig Oechslin was introduced by Ulysse Nardin at the end of the nineties. A marvel of complexity, however, as easy to operate as possible.