Million Sports Bracelet Richard Mille 67-02

The watch to be talked about today is the 67-02 from Richard Mille. Nowadays, when Richard is mentioned, many labels are invisibly assigned, and everyone’s attention to labels seems to go beyond the watch itself, so we won’t talk about labels today, just watch.

Today’s watch styles are divided into traditional and cutting-edge styles. If Patek Philippe is the representative of traditional watchmaking, then Richard is the leader of cutting-edge watchmaking. For example, PP is like Batman, and Richard is like Iron Man. As I said before, cutting-edge watchmaking is like a supercar, and they all have one thing in common: expensive! And Richard as the leader of cutting-edge watchmaking! Of all the watches Richard is selling at present, the cheapest is an ultra-thin automatic two-hand calendar numbered 016.

Richard mille’s 67-02 has four colors, which represent the four famous sports players who cooperate with him and the colors of their respective national flags. Among the four colors, the most eye-catching color is the green in my hand, which corresponds to the South African sprint. Famous player Wade ㆍ Fan ㆍ Nickek. The case of this fake watches for sale is Richard’s classic three-layer structure, the upper and lower layers are quartz fiber, and the middle is carbon fiber; in addition to the carbon fiber on the case, the oscillating weight of the movement is also carbon fiber, and the splint is also made of titanium. Alloy, due to the use of many lightweight materials, this watch weighs only 32 grams.

At this time, a friend will ask, is there a special color and the use of lightweight materials, is this the reason why this watch is so expensive? Of course not, just like you can’t measure the value of a famous painting by the price of paper and ink. Today, it is not difficult for a cutting-edge watch brand to sell watches expensively, but if they can sell more and more expensive watches, they have to pay more. In addition to precise positioning and marketing, I think one of the most important reasons why Richard can have such a high status in just over 20 years is Richard’s persistent research and innovation on the road of technology.

Take the quartz fiber used in this cheap watches online as an example. If you want to show the ripples on the surface, you need to arrange high-purity silica fibers into thin sheets with a thickness of no more than 45 microns, and then soak them in a resin specially developed by Richard. , the sheets are then stacked by an automatic positioning system, while stacking ensures that the filaments between the sheets are staggered at a 45-degree angle. Finally, it is heated to 120 degrees under the pressure of 6 atmospheres.

Let’s look at the movement again. Except for the titanium alloy plywood and base plate, this movement is no different from the ordinary hollow automatic movement, but it is this titanium alloy that instantly increases the processing difficulty of the movement to another dimension. , followed by changes in the entire product process and a substantial increase in production costs. Just like the main substrate of this watch, it takes at least two hours not to mention grinding.

In addition, the shapes of the parts used by fake Richard mille are quite strange, so at each stage of processing, not only the machine tool needs to be manually set and calibrated, but even the cutter for the machine tool needs to be hand-made, and the titanium alloy is hard, New knives wear out after a few uses, and sometimes it takes weeks to make these knives just to produce a special part. So this is why other brands are reluctant to use titanium alloys for movements, this is not watchmaking, this is simply self-abuse! But it was this constant self-abuse that finally made Richard what he is today.

Richard Mille Launches New Limited Edition RM 032 Les Voiles de Saint Barth

Richard Mille has reached the bottom of the sea with his latest luxury release.

Richard Mille symbolizes the functionality and reliability of luxury dive watches with his impressive RM 032 collection. Richard Mille proudly celebrates the return of the world famous Les Voiles de Saint Barth Regatta. An unforgettable example of working with brand ambassador and freestyle diving professional Arnold Gerald. Since its debut in 2010, the new Richard Mille RM 032 Les Voiles de Saint Barth has been celebrating its participation in luxury marine events. The RM 032 Special Edition is housed in an unconventional 50mm round case in a Caribbean blue and two-tone combination. White TPT quartz. The 2-ton rotating bezel accurately measures the oxygen supply for divers who spend a lot of time underwater. The unique case also has a locking crown that can withstand strong water pressure, increasing the depth of each dive.

The flyback chronograph dial is designed to beautifully display RM’s complex clock, minutes, grand date, month, minutes and seconds dials, including flyback chronograph, hour counters, running indicators and variable geometry rotor 032 Les Violes de Saint Barts. This luxury diver’s watch is powered by Richard Mille’s RMAC2 self-winding movement, which provides a 300-hour power reserve when operating at a water-resistance level of 50 meters. The real brand innovation is reflected in the carbon fiber TPT case back, which has a transparent sapphire crystal opening that allows to see the work inside the movement. The outside of the lightweight case is engraved with a commemorative engraving representing the Les Violes de St Birth event, as well as the Richard Mille, which is limited to 120 pieces. In keeping with its marine-inspired design, Richard Mille adorns the RM 032 with a vibrant Caribbean blue rubber strap and folding clasp.

Fernando Alonso’s new luxury watch shares the same brand as Rafa Nadal

Fernando Alonso and Richard Mille present the new RM 47 Tourbillon, an exclusive luxury watch produced in only 75 pieces. Richard Mille, whose watch tennis player Rafa Nadal also wears on his wrist, explained: “The RM 47 tourbillon goes back to the origins of Japanese craftsmanship traditions. , and presents the allegory of Bushido, the values ​​of Bushido that still prevail in Japanese society. It is not without reason that the samurai armor on the RM 47 tourbillon bears the coat of arms of the Asano clan.”

Richard Mille notes that the RM 47 tourbillon “features an extremely compact movement designed to make room for samurai armor. A perfect fusion of art and spirituality. A new masterpiece, considered an aesthetic tribute to Japanese culture. The RM 47 tourbillon is the culmination of careful thought and nearly four years of design work.”

According to the brand itself, it features a hand-wound tourbillon movement with hours and minutes and a power reserve of around 70 hours. “The main plates and bridges are made of grade 5 titanium, a biocompatible alloy with high corrosion resistance and exceptionally strong properties that ensures the perfect operation of the gear train. This alloy is composed of 90% titanium , 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium. This combination improves the mechanical properties of the alloy, which explains its frequent use in the aerospace, aviation and automotive industries”, explains Richard Mille.

“Micro-blasted grade 5 titanium combined with a grey PVD treatment gives the components great strength, as well as a strictly flat surface finish. To protect the RM47 movement, the samurai armor is made of 3N gold, entirely by Pierre-Alain Lozeron Hand-engraved,” the brand added.

Regarding the case, Richard Mille said: “The bezel and case back of the RM 47 are made of black TZP ceramic. This low volume material (6 g/cm3) has excellent scratch resistance and a very low thermal conductivity. TZP Made of 95% yttrium stabilized zirconium, which provides a perfect finish thanks to its more pronounced texture. The edges are 18K 3N gold.” “The triple case is water resistant thanks to two nitrile O-rings. The case is made of Assembled with 20 grade 5 titanium spline screws and wear-resistant 316L stainless steel washers. Crown made of titanium, carbon TPT® and polished 3N gold with Japanese maple leaf motif.

RICHARD MILLE Introduces the RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal with Butterfly Effect

Inspired by the RM 027 Tourbillon watch worn by tennis player Rafael Nadal when he played on the tennis court, the RM 035 is considered a “Baby Nadal” collection, designed to fuse technology.

The RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal is the fourth watch in the RM 35 collection, a watch with a patented design: the butterfly oscillating weight, a total innovation.

Rafael Nadal shares about RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal
Tennis player Rafael Nadal is a long-term partner of the Richard Mille brand. Talking about their relationship, he shared:

“We all strive for the ultimate in excellence in our respective fields. Richard and I speak the same language. We are both passionate about what we do. Passionate about what we do every day is crucial to me IMPORTANT. Although I don’t wear the RM 035 model when I race. But it’s heartening to feel the confidence he and his team have shown in allowing me to continue this strange adventure.”

Butterfly rotor for RM 35-03
After three years of development, Richard Mille created this new system to reinvent the self-winding movement of the RM 35-03. The new butterfly oscillating weight of the RM 35-03 allows the wearer to directly interact with the shape of the oscillating weight. From there, the user controls the movement of the accumulator based on lifestyle and activity level.

The butterfly rotor consists of two blades made of grade 5 titanium with heavy metal sheets. They are driven by a separate gear train via dedicated push rods. In their original position, the weight segments cause the center of gravity to move outward; converting every movement of the wearer into the torque needed to rotate and store energy into the mainspring.

However, pressing the button at 7 o’clock causes the rotor gear to move the two weights to an angle of 18°. The center of gravity is aligned, the rotor returns to the equilibrium position, and the winding is suspended, thus preventing excessive movement of the winding.

When switching between modes—from normal to sport—the pressure on the button causes the feature to provide haptic feedback. They allow the wearer to really feel the weight on the wrist. The winding indicator on the dial at 6 o’clock indicates the winding status (ON) or not (OFF). fake new watch

The selection of the active command is a function selector. By pressing the pusher at 2 o’clock, the user can switch between winding (W), neutral (N) and time setting (H) operation.

Richard Mille launches two versions RM 35-03
The RM 35-03 is available in two versions. Both designs showcase unique features inspired by the RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal.

First, the blue sample. The shell features Richard Mille’s exclusive Quartz TPT® material for a bold, sporty look with jagged lines. The middle “clip” is the middle case, also made of Quartz TPT®, white in the same tone as the strap. The red crown contrasts with the striking navy blue case.

And this white sample was painted a single color (monochrome). White quartz TPT® case accented with carbon fiber TPT®. The middle shell is a dark grey Carbon TPT®. The blue strap is the same color as the rubber crown, which is dynamic and elegant.

The RM-35-03 features a skeletonized design with sapphire crystals on the front and back, allowing the movement to be admired from both sides. The discs and bridges are made of grade 5 titanium, and the electrochemical treatment and grey PVD ​​injection further accentuate the watch’s bold visual identity.

The movement of the replica RM 35-03 has an open design and is made of micro-blown grade 5 titanium along the exposed flange. The hour markers 3, 6, 9 and 12 are angled inwards towards the movement to enhance the depth of the movement.

Richard Mille RM 032 Automatic Chronograph Diver

Among other things, Richard Mille cheap was awarded for having some of the longest technical spec sheets. I don’t usually do this, but you can read the whole thing below – it’s like a bible for RM 032! Brand new is this new RM 032 Automatic Chronograph Diver’s Watch, which sits between the RM 025 and RM 028 divers and shares a round case style. From a price and features standpoint, the RM 032 sits in the middle and is a nice new lure for the brand.

Available in titanium, 18k white gold or 18k red gold, the RM 032 case is 50mm wide and 17.80mm thick. Although I don’t think the titanium model will be too heavy. The large sports chronograph pushers are new, as is the RMAC2 automatic movement. It’s an interesting exercise because it combines a few properties. It’s not just an automatic chronograph with a few other neat features. The first is the chronograph itself, which is unique. It usually centers the minute and seconds hands and is a flyback chronograph. The chronograph has an auxiliary dial.

The watch also has an annual calendar – so the month and large date indicators can be found on the dial. If you look carefully, you can find the month! It’s actually between 4 and 5 o’clock. Another feature is an alternative to an auxiliary seconds dial called a “running indicator”. This is basically a stylized secondary seconds dial that people designed to show movement rather than read seconds. If you need to measure those, then you have the chronograph. Here, the running indicator has a red and white disc that moves under several blades to create an interesting display. The idea is that you can look at it to make sure the movement is wound up and running…you know, kind of like a seconds hand.

The design of the dial is very Richard Mille’s style, but I appreciate that even at first glance you realize you’ve never seen this dial before. There’s some interesting bridge work on the skeleton dial, and I love all the colors. Truly the best Richard Mille ever. A true diver’s watch, the RM 032 is water-resistant to 300 meters and features a lockable rotating diver’s bezel. Like others in this series, you need to press its top and bottom to turn it. A new feature from Richard Mille is a Jaeger-LeCoultre-like locking crown guard that you can turn to lock the crown in place.

Attached to the RM 032 is a nice rubber strap and plenty of bragging rights.


Round Case – Available in Titanium, 18K White Gold or Red Gold.
CALIBER RMAC2: Self-winding movement with hours, minutes, seconds, oversized date, month, flyback chronograph with minute and second hands, hour counter, running indicator and adjustable rotor geometry.
Diameter: 50.00mm x 17.80mm.
main feature
(many of which are major technological innovations)
Storage Approx. 50 hours, 45 hours chronograph running. Actual power reserve results will depend on how long the chronograph is used.
Running indicators
The running indicator is located at the 3 o’clock position. Thanks to its geometry and a rotational frequency of 2 rpm, the correct function of the running motion can be checked at a glance. The operating indicator disc consists of continuous Superluminova and black sectors; therefore, it can be easily seen day or night.
flyback chronograph
By using the pusher between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, a running chronograph can be reset without first stopping the mechanism. This was originally developed for pilots to avoid wasting time (and thus avoid wasting time) by stopping, resetting and starting the chronograph while crossing waypoints.
The user can start or stop the chronograph via the pusher located between 1 and 2 o’clock. The flyback function can be reset continuously by pressing the second button located between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock.
30 or 31 day months are automatically adjusted.
oversized date display
Semi-instant display, placed in a red outline horizontal aperture below 12 o’clock.
month display

The semi-instant is indicated by Arabic numerals between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock.

Free spring with variable inertia
Balance wheel This type of balance wheel represents the pinnacle of innovation. It ensures greater reliability when subjected to shocks and during movement assembly and disassembly, resulting in better timekeeping results over time.
Thanks to 4 small adjustable weights located directly on the balance, the regulator index is eliminated and more accurate and repeatable adjustments are possible.
lock crown
During deep-sea diving, the water pressure on the pushers and crown is strong enough to inadvertently operate one of the pushers, eg. The “Start” button of the chronograph. We also need to take into account that it is also possible to make mistakes in the crown. To avoid any external pressure effects or accidental operation, Richard Mille has developed a locking crown for the RM 032 that locks the pushers and ensures a perfect water resistance to 300 meters. The crown and pushers are locked by simply turning its ring (green index when unlocked, red index when locked).
Protect the movement from damage due to overpressure or vibration on the crown.
Water resistance is enhanced due to maximum pressure on the seal.
This innovative device is unique to the RM 032 and is patent pending.
Rotor with variable geometry
– Grade 2 titanium arms
– Grade 2 titanium flange
– 6-position adjustment via grade 5 titanium screws
– 18k white gold ribs with high palladium content
– Platinum weight segment
– Ceramic ball bearings
– Unidirectional anti-clockwise winding direction
This unique Richard Mille design allows the winding of the mainspring to best adapt to the user’s activity level. By adjusting the positional settings of the ribs, the inertia of the rotor is modified to speed up the winding process when the arm is in leisurely motion, or slow it down when engaging in physical activity. As a result, the invention allows to optimize the winding mechanism of the movement.
System Dual barrel system helps maintain torque stability over long periods of time. This is achieved by using more barrel rotation, which reduces stress and wear on teeth, bearings and pivots, improving long-term performance.

Titanium baseplates, bridges and balance cocks
The components are constructed from grade 5 titanium with a black PVD ​​​coating. This provides great stiffness to the entire assembly, as well as precise surface flatness, which is essential for the perfect operation of the gear train.
Grade 5 titanium splines for bridges and case
Screws Due to their design, these screws allow better control of the torque applied during assembly. Therefore, these screws are not affected by physical manipulation during assembly or disassembly and can be used well.
Other features
– Movement diameter: 39.15 mm
– Thickness: 9.00mm
– Number of gems: 62
– Balance wheel: Glucydur, 4 arms, moment of inertia 4.8 mg.cm2, angle of rise 53º
– Frequency: 28,800 vph (4Hz)
– Hairspring: Elinvar
– Shockproof: Incabloc 908.22.211.100 (transparent)
– Escape wheel jewel: Rubifix (transparent)
– Handle in three positions: manual winding, date adjustment, time setting
The RM 032 is water resistant to 300 meters (30 atmospheres) and complies with the ISO 6425 specification for diving watches.
This is achieved through the unique curved tripartite case design. It comes with a screw-down crown structure and a horn integrated into the case. The horns of each RM 032 version have screws to optimally secure the diver’s rubber strap. In the watch world, the case of the RM 032 is the most difficult to manufacture. After a 1 hour 30 hour turning phase, this tripartite chassis had to perform 830 scheduled operations during a 9 hour milling phase. After an 11-hour processing phase, each case must pass a full-day quality control. The buttons and their respective components and crown require a 10-day machining phase. During this period, many waterproof tests and quality controls were carried out, and
Hand brushed and polished case.
All of these steps are essential to achieve the level of ergonomics that characterize Richard Mille watches.
Consists of three layers, connected with 22 screws, unidirectional rotation according to ISO 6425
to avoid timing errors. Use an additional thread system to attach the bezel to the
on the case so that it is completely stable and cannot be dislocated or loosened inadvertently.

Also, since the bezel is not tensioned in place, the use of screws allows for perfect adjustment.

For better visibility in overcast conditions, the minute markers for the first quarter are highlighted in red from 12 o’clock.
Internal flanges (upper and lower)
Constructed from carbon fiber, the index points are filled with an approved luminescent material.
Sapphire (thickness: 0.40 mm), anti-glare treatment (2 sides), protected by 8 silicone holders inserted into the upper and lower grooves.
– Bezel side: Sapphire (1800 Vickers), anti-glare treatment (2 sides).
– Thickness: 3.00mm
– Caseback: Sapphire, anti-glare treatment (2 sides)
– Thickness: Central 1.40mm, outer edge
– Baseplates and bridges are hand-ground Grade 5 titanium, wet sandblasted, and tops are hand-finished
PVD treated polishing
– Polished pivots
– Bridge side diamond polished sink
– Pinion with undercut
– Sandblasted and rhodium-plated beveled wheels (before cutting)
– Minimal wheel revisions to maintain geometry and performance
steel parts
– Sapphire sandblasted and hand painted surfaces
– Screw grooves and screws are chamfered and polished, with rounded and polished tips

Richard Mille presents RM 50-04 Kimi Raikkönen

Tourbillon and split-seconds chronograph.

With the development of complications, the RM 50 is the ultimate example of Richard Mille, combining a tourbillon and a split-seconds chronograph. Inherited from 2003’s RM008 (one of the brand’s foundational models), this top-of-the-line complication has now received a new livery for Finnish Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkönen (for the Alfa Romeo team).

Introduced at the start of the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix, the RM 50-04 Tourbillon Split-Seconds Chronograph Kimi Raikkönen is bulky, lightweight and complex in a red, white and black colour combination, identical to the livery on the race car Alfa Romeo C38 One Formula One.

While it has tons of detail and color, the dial is actually pretty easy to decipher.

The two chronograph subdials are at six o’clock and nine o’clock. The sector indicator at 11 o’clock is the power reserve, and the torque indicator is mirrored to the right. This indicates the air volume of the mainspring, ideally between 53Nmm and 65Nmm; “Nmm” is an abbreviation for Newton Millimeter. At three o’clock is the power reserve indicator.

Made from a variety of lightweight carbon composite materials, the case is large, like other top Richard Mille wholesale complications – 44.5mm in diameter and 16.1mm in height. The front and rear panels are white Quartz TPT and the middle is Carbon TPT.

Both composites are manufactured by Swiss lightweight composite specialist North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), Richard Mille’s preferred material supplier. The composite is made from laminated carbon fiber layers, which are then put into a liquid polymer and baked in an autoclave, an oven that cooks the material at high pressure and high temperature to set it.

Mechanically, the new watch is identical to the 2017 RM 50-03 McLaren F1, with the same hand-wound movement inside. Like most complex Richard Mille movements, the RM 50-03 is manufactured by Renaud & Papi, the Audemars Piguet Manufacture.

Like the case, the movement relies on modern materials for lightness: the bridges and base plate are titanium, while some chronograph bridges are carbon composite. The large X-shaped bridges that hold the movement to the strap are also carbon composite.

Despite the modern materials and styling, the movement is traditional in construction, with two column wheels – one for the chronograph and the other for the split-seconds – and a pair of split-second wheels clip.

Diameter: 44.5mm
Height: 16.1mm
Material: Carbon Composite
Water resistance: 50m

Movement: RM 50-04
Functions: Time, Tourbillon, Split-Seconds Chronograph, Power Reserve Display, Torque and Crown Function Indicator Winding
: Manual winding
Frequency: 21,600 beats/hour or 3 Hz
Power reserve: 70 hours

Strap: Synthetic Fiber

Richard Mille goes full steam ahead with the RM 67-02 Charles Leclerc prototype

Richard Mille fake has donated a lightweight, race-ready model for Monaco-born Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc in a tribute to the roots of next month’s charity auction.

Next month will see the return of the Only Watch charity auction, one of the most anticipated days in the watchmaking calendar. The ninth edition of the biennial event will take place in Geneva on Saturday, November 6 at 2pm local time, bringing together 54 watch brands and offering 53 lots. In addition, the proceeds from the auction will be used to study Duchenne muscular dystrophy. One of those brands is, of course, Richard Mille.

The innovative Swiss watchmaker has decided to donate a striking timepiece that pays homage to the auction’s Monaco roots. After all, the event is sponsored by Prince Albert II of Monaco, and Luc Pettavino, founder of Only Watch, is also president of the Monaco Association for the Fight Against Myopathy, which is based in Monaco and has benefited from the €70 million raised. The first eight auctions.

waving flag
For this year’s auction, the Les Breuleux-based brand will donate the RM 67-02 Charles Leclerc Prototype, an ultra-lightweight Cheap watch built for the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 driver from the Principality of the Côte d’Azur.

This time-only watch stands out for its skeletonized dial, hands and movement, with an X-shaped, 0.4mm thin titanium dial hand-painted in the red and white colors of the Leclerc flag.

The lines of the dial echo the ultra-flat automatic CRMA7 movement below, whose main plate and bridges are also machined from grade 5 titanium with a stealthy black and grey DLC treatment.

The openworked winding rotor, visible through the display caseback, is made of a mixture of carbon TPT and white gold. It uses the brand’s OneWay winding system and ceramic ball bearings to efficiently wind the fast-spinning high-performance mainspring barrel.

The 47mm x 39mm case is made of white and red quartz TPT. Cutting edge and highly shock resistant, these cutting edge composites are exclusive to Richard Mille cheap and feature a dynamic textured appearance due to stacked layers of quartz fibres moulded from resin at high temperature and pressure.

Additionally, to further enhance the colour scheme, the RM 67-02 Charles Leclerc Prototype features a stretchy seamless “comfort strap” with a red fabric finish. It’s designed to fit the contours of any wrist and is the lightest strap the brand makes.

The presence of the strap, the use of TPT composite material, and the fact that the dial, main plate and bridges are made of grade 5 titanium all contribute to the fact that this watch only weighs 32 grams.

high hope
Richard Mille has supported Leclerc for over a decade, watching him progress from junior karting all the way to Formula 1 in 2018. According to the brand, Leclerc wore the RM 67-02 prototype and even helped the brand test new technological solutions for subsequent models.

Richard Mille RM 11-04 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Roberto Mancini

Richard Mille (Richard Mille fashion) showed off the new RM 11-04 automatic flyback chronograph Roberto Mancini, developed in cooperation with the current manager of the Italian national football team.

The new model reproduces the RM 11-01 Roberto Mancini released in 2013. The idea is to create a mechanical watch with a dedicated dial to track the time of football matches.

The dial shows the game time based on two 45-minute half-times and a maximum of 15 minutes of stoppage time.

The user can start or stop the chronograph function with the button located between 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Pressing the button at 4 o’clock will activate the flyback function and reposition the hands at 12 o’clock, ready to start the second half. If you get overtime, you can reactivate the flyback function so that the watch displays 15 minutes of extra game time and up to 5 minutes of stoppage time.

RM 11-04 incorporates Richard Mille’s latest style codes, such as the new crown line, variable geometry rotor and carbon TPT ultra-sports case with raised scallops. The case size is 49.94 mm x 44.50 mm x 16.15 mm. Thanks to two nitrile rubber O-ring seals, the case is water-resistant to 50 meters/165 feet.

These colors are a tribute to the Italian flag (green, white and red) and the light blue jersey used by the Italian football team, nicknamed “Azzurri”.

Even with simultaneous, minute, second and flyback chronographs, the hollow self-winding Calibre RMAC3 also provides power for the annual calendar, with a large date window at 12 o’clock, and a smaller date window at 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. The month is displayed. For months with 30 or 31 days, the date is automatically adjusted.

When the chronograph is running, the movement provides approximately 55 hours (± 10%) or 45 hours of power reserve. The double barrel system helps to improve torque stability over a longer period of time. This is achieved by distributing the stored energy into two barrels instead of one, thereby reducing pressure and friction on the teeth, bearings and pivots, thereby improving long-term performance. Wholesale fake watch

The free-spring balance wheel with variable inertia ensures greater reliability in the event of impact and during assembly and disassembly of the movement, resulting in better timing results over time. Due to the 4 small adjustable weights directly on the balance, no regulator indicator is required, allowing more accurate and repeatable adjustments.

The rotor with variable geometry is designed to optimize its winding movement. This solution allows the rewinding of the mainspring to be most effectively adapted to the user’s activity level. By adjusting the setting of the rib position, the inertia of the rotor is modified to speed up the winding process during leisurely arm movements, or to slow down the winding process during sports activities. The rotor is made of titanium with 18K white gold weights.

Richard Mille RM 11-04 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Roberto Mancini is equipped with a rubber strap and a titanium folding clasp.

Aerodynamics on the wrist-Richard Mille RM 61-01 Yohan Blake Limited Edition

One of the interesting things about the best Richard Mille brand is their extreme desire for technologically innovative watches, and they have been researching new materials to make the lightest, sturdy and advanced timepieces. Another thing we found interesting is that the brand manages to allow athletes to wear watches even during competitions. We have already introduced Rafael Nadal and Alexis Pinturo, but only mentioned a few of the many athletes who have collaborated with Richard Mille and wear their dedicated watches.

In 2013, Richard Mille launched the Yohan Blake version for the first time, designed for Jamaican sprinters and the second fastest person over 100 meters. This watch has a stylish green case and a yellow dial symbolizing the Jamaican flag. In terms of color and price, it is undoubtedly an extraordinary collectible. In 2014, Richard Mille fake reduced the color and launched the Baby Blake version with a black case, a green inner bezel and a yellow upper flange. We think this is a good visual restoration. The latest version (starting in 2015) remains only in All Gray, and is the version we chose for this article.

Like all Yohan Blake watches, they use an asymmetrical case. In order to enhance the aerodynamic performance on the wrist, the left side is lower and thinner than the right side. This works well for Yohan Blake because he is wearing his watch in the right place. This reduces air penetration during operation. The number may be very limited, but in professional sports, every saving is important. In order to get a more comfortable feeling, Richard Mille added two crown protectors between 2 and 5 o’clock to prevent the crown from rubbing against the wrist.

The bezel and back cover of Yohan Blake All Grey are made of special TPZ black ceramic. A material with high electrical resistance and low thermal conductivity due to its low density. This means that it can also withstand very high temperatures. It is made of 95% zirconium. The case and strap are made of NTPT carbon material-a material exclusively used by Richard Mille. It is composed of more than 600 layers of carbon fiber bonded together. It sounds a lot, but it hardly has any weight. And it is almost impossible to have any scratches.

Richard Mille Yohan Blake All Gray is equipped with manual winding and skeleton movement RMUL2. Even the movement is made of ultra-light materials: grade 5 titanium treated with PVD and Titalyt. The movement weighs only 4.3 grams. fake watches for sale

Richard Mille 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal

We have been able to see the new Richard Mille 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal on Thursday and yesterday. The watch is part of the RM 035 series, inspired by the RM 027 tourbillon watch series that appeared on the tennis court with Rafa Nadal. The new model will provide two versions: blue TPT quartz with white TPT quartz edge; or white TPT quartz and TPT carbon with TPT carbon edge.

»In our respective fields, we all strive for excellence. Richard and I speak the same language. We are all passionate about our work. For me, it is essential to keep the fire of passion in what we do every day. Although I did not wear the RM 035 model during the competition, he and his team allowed me to participate in this unique adventure, and the confidence shown to me moved me «

Rafael Nadal
“So far, any modification to the rotor geometry must be made by one of our authorized watchmakers. Therefore, we set out to perfect the system so that the wearer can directly adjust the watch’s setting speed. It’s as if the driver only needs to activate Sports mode can change the transmission mode of its vehicles, and change from urban use to racing.”

Richard Mille RM 35-03 automatic winding Rafael Nadal

The two styles are inspired by the new timepieces of Rafael Nadal RM 27-04 Tourbillon. Models that have the same style but different color combinations and have been developed for 3 years. Their design and style will soon be recognized by Richard Mille, especially the unique shape of the case.

The size of the dial is just right to hold the minute scale with the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 and the brand logo. The absence of the dial highlights the movement that contrasts with the skeletonized hands.

The case is made of carbon and quartz, measures 43.15 x 49.95, and has a thickness of 13.15 mm. The 20 spline screws used to assemble the case are made of grade 5 titanium, the same material used for the crown. The main crystal is sapphire, and both sides are treated with anti-reflective treatment. It can be seen that the back is made of the same material and treatment. It has a water resistance of up to 5 bar and 50 meters.

The instrument used internally is RMAL2. Manufacturing, mechanical, skeletonized and self-winding movement. The splints and splints are made of grade 5 titanium, plasma treated and black PVD. It has a double barrel and a power reserve of approximately 55 hours. It has a sport mode, because when it is activated, the arming process will be paused to avoid excessive arming movement. cheapest watches

The first ultra-flat Richard Mille Tonneau watch — RM 67-01

The immediate predecessor of RM 67-02 was RM 67-01, which was first launched in 2016. I met Ted Fang, the owner of this model at the Richard Mille event in Singapore, and said, “From the moment I saw 67-01, I like it. It has all the Richard Mille design specifications I like, but it’s easy to wear Very simple and easy. When I first bought it, everyone was curious and asked me why I didn’t buy RM 11. Now everyone says it feels amazing to wear on the wrist. I think Richard knows that collectors will switch to buying thinner watches. , But he got there before most of the market. That’s Richard-always leading.”

RM 67-01 is an amazing timepiece. This is Mille’s first ultra-thin tonneau-shaped watch, equipped with a new internal automatic movement, equipped with CRMA6 platinum rotor, 3.6 mm high. Long before this, Richard Mille saw the need for more elegant dimensions while retaining the power of its design. Therefore, RM 67-01 is 7.75 mm high.

In many respects, the RM 67-01 is also the predecessor of Mille’s new RM 72-01 Lifestyle Chronograph and other watches, because it is more fashionable, more wear-resistant, and perhaps most importantly, from a cultural point of view, truly neutral. This is another example of Mille’s vision in a world where people no longer identify with traditional gender roles or gender watches. After all, Daytona is both a women’s watch and a men’s watch. Mille hopes that his watch will appeal to everyone, regardless of gender, and based purely on the strength of their personality. Looking at the RM 67-01, you can already see that in terms of his barrel-shaped watch, this watch represents the first dynamic shift to this concept. But in fact, Mille already has three other ultra-thin models that herald a slimmer return.

When it was first released in 2011, RM 033 was surprising and unexpected for two reasons. First, the 45.7mm case is round; secondly, this watch is ultra-thin, to be precise, an astonishing height of 6.3 mm, thanks to the lovely 2.6 mm thick RMXP1 micro-rotor movement inside. This movement is completely hollowed out with a bottom plate and bridge made of grade 5 titanium. The watch has radial Roman numerals. Although this watch is round, it is also ergonomically curved like all Mille designs, making it fit the wrist perfectly.

When it was first released in 2011, the RM 033 was surprising and unexpected because its 45.7 mm case was round; secondly, this watch was ultra-thin, to be precise, an astonishing 6.3 mm height, thanks to its lovely interior The 2.6 mm thick RMXP1 micro-rotor movement. The bottom of the RM 033 shows the 2.6 mm thick RMXP1 micro-rotor movement inside.

In 2015, Mille launched the RM 33-01, which is an enhanced version of its predecessor. The case size is 45.7 mm in diameter and 9.2 mm in height. The lugs are sharper and more angular. The dial now has an enlarged Mille Arabic mark. It also has a date and small seconds subdial, and the original RM 033 is more like a fancy chronograph watch. Then in 2019, we saw the launch of the amazing RM 33-02 with a width of 41.7 mm and a thickness of 8.8 mm. For me, this is Mille’s recognition that some of his audience really want smaller, thinner, more durable timepieces. This watch has a full Mille effect, which means a carbon TPT top and bottom cover and a red gold middle case. Like the original RM 033, it is also a chronograph watch. It is worth noting that these three watches are effortless to wear and are truly neutral. Although 45.7 mm may sound large, remember that all Mille cases are built with the focus on extreme ergonomic comfort, so the size adaptability is much better than the figure suggests.

What I found about Richard Mille’s RM 016 dating back to 2007 is that it is fundamentally ahead of the industry. Perhaps for this reason, many collectors at the time were a little unsure of how to make it. Until then, Richard’s most iconic watches, such as RM 001, RM 004 and RM 008, all adopted his stunning barrel shape and were relatively thick watches because they all contained Mille’s radical Different forms of aesthetics and seismic experiments will define the genetic blueprint of his brand in the future. However, the RM 16’s 38 mm wide and 49.8 mm long curved rectangular case is only 8.25 mm thick, and collectors are a little confused. After all, this is not the Mille watch they were looking forward to. However, for me, this is Richard’s first attempt to fundamentally improve the wear resistance of the watch by reducing the height of the case. RM 67-02 is a combination of this concept and the ultra-lightweight, seismic and material innovation experiments of RM 027 and RM 035. But without the important milestone of RM 016, I don’t think RM 67-02 will exist today.

The Richard Mille RM 016 is a curved rectangular watch case measuring 38 mm wide and 49.8 mm long with a thickness of only 8.25 mm. The Richard Mille RM 17-01 Tourbillon is a new interpretation of the RM 017. The smooth, elegant lines achieved through the unique tonneau-shaped case highlight its very elegant and technical movement.

In order to prove that his high complexity can also be the subject of ultra-thin experiments, Richard Mille introduced us to the RM 017 tourbillon in 2010. Although the surface of the case is an ergonomic RM 016 curved rectangle, here we have a spectacular hollow tourbillon movement. The thickness is only 4.65 mm, so the size of this watch is 49.8 mm x 38 mm, but the height Is 8.7 mm. In today’s context, there are thinner tourbillons and even automatic tourbillons, but in 2010, this was again far before the renaissance of ultra-thin watches. This was a pioneering and unconventional time. count. In addition, it should be said that this is one of my favorite Richard Mille movements. Although it is very slender, it displays all of Mille’s iconic ultra-skeleton theme with incredible beauty. So much so that even if it is not ultra-thin, I must yell at Richard Mille’s RM 17-01 here, which is the same movement placed in a normal-sized carbon TPT wine barrel box, in the miniature rose A version of the Golden Highlight 10 watches. It also uses the white and black ceramic versions released last year. I don’t know why these watches will suddenly appear in 2020. Maybe someone opened a drawer at RM headquarters and found some remaining movements, but I only know that this is one of my favorite Richard Milles. Thanks to the carbon fiber TPT and the simple movement, this beauty with dimensions of 48.15 mm x 40.1 mm x 13.8 mm is as the Neapolitans say, “as light as the wind on Vesuvius.”