A. LANGE & SöHNE LANGEMATIK Permanent Clear Guide

In many brands of directory, GEMS has been ignored for decades, and many reasons have taken place. Sometimes it is because they are just outside their time, sometimes because they have brought such a powerful personality and transfer, and the time spent is in trouble. Here: Watches from A. Lange & Söhne: Langematik Permanent Calendar. A special exception value is also a beautiful exception.

A. LANGE & SöHNE was re-established in 1994, respecting its past, but never bind it. This is obvious when a person looks at the first series. The huge integration of traditional (SAXONIA) seeks modernity and distinction (LANGE 1) … Blümlein summarizes philosophy, as follows:

1994 A. Lange & Söhne watches and all upcoming models are tabular forms. Take a big date in “Arkade”, Lange 1 “and” Saxonia “. We don’t plan to celebrate traditional crafts or compete for the most complicated clocks. One of our goals is to make beautiful women and perfect processes. On the other hand, innovation and Differentiation design is an important parameter for us.

The Glashütte powerhouse led by Blümlein is held in exercise development with 100% freedom. Therefore, it is free to reflect what is not limited in the case where there is no limit to restrictions – in addition to the JLC-based 822 and the L901.0 of the gyro Poulemérite’s L902.0, this is Ruihua and Pami with the help of the excuse.

All preliminary movements are absolute. However, all also hand-to-weapons – perhaps just because A. Lange & Söhne does not have meaningful automatic winding exercise heritage. However, if you have not improved in the past, you have nothing. Therefore, in order to fully adapt to modernity, a. Lange & Söhne requires an automatic caliber, from a person’s genius and his free time (there are more idle work on the diameter L922.1 – SAX-0-Mat section).

By 2000, a. Lange & Söhne launched a gyro and chronograph; however, the brand lacks a calendar. Permanent calendar is accurate, this is one of the children must have a big complexity. Also, implementing a permanent calendar module in this stunning automatic movement is just logic. So the birth feathers are permanent.

Langematik is eternal
A. Lange & Söhne has always tried, most success, created different designs for established complications. For example, the original calculation tab – the big date layout of the data Rome with the data in 1999. Since the reborn, there has been a momentum, the second original explanation of the old complexity of a few centuries – the Eternal Calendar arrived in Langematik in 2001.

A. Lange & Söhe introduces LANGEMATIK permanent collection in platinum (310.025) and gold (310.021). The watch was measured at a size of 38.5 mm in diameter, and the thickness was 10.2 mm, and the exquisite touch started from the right, the case.

Quite rare reference 310.026
A. The case structure of LANGE & Söhne is a specific example of design differentiation. Constructing on three levels, alternating finish as polishing and brushing, appearing and feels a significant design. Another difference between BLÜMLEIN himself, its Swiss peers, lugs are gaps, and the mirror is completed on the base and screwed into the housing. They don’t flow through the case, but to form your own structure and elegantly towards the band. The sum of these small details form a character; even if a person is clear, a person’s role is one, letting you know that it is different. popular swiss watch brands

Eternal correction pusher for each Langematik. It is just through an incremental advancement, so you don’t need to worry about setting the calendar after the watch after the watch is left behind – a perfect user-friendly feature.

Therefore, the first LANGEMATIK eternal case uses a rectangular corrector pusher on 10 o’clock and three embedded pushers for each adjustment. However, after 2005-2006, due to the accidental activation of the owner, the corrector button from the protruding rectangle to the circular depression. Therefore, if you are in the Langematik’s permanent market, check the drive will make help.

Below, the references and production dates for Langematik Perpetual:

310.025 – Platinum case, rhodium dial
310.225 – Platium case, platinum bracelet
310.021 – Yellow gold case, champagné dial
310.221 – Yellow gold case, yellow gold bracelet
310.026 – White gold case, black dial
310.032 – Pink gold case, silver dial
310.232 – Pink gold case, pink gold bracelet
310.050 – Honey gold case, argenté dial

The famed Wellendorff produced the bracelets for a short period of time. In my opinion, Langematik Perpetual’s bracelets are some of the best in business.

Urwerk UR-220 SL Asimov

Urwerk UR-220 SL Asimov – night lights. At night, I finally stared at the city. It is in the precise moment of Urwerk UR-220 SL ASIMOV, namely the life of the light. A UR-220 model of satellite gently lights light at the same day, satellite illuminates. Along with hours of fluorescence and make it visible. Like phosphorescent photons, the molded super Luminova® satellite activates the bottom plate of the UR-220 SL Asimov, exposed to the night.

Invisible spaceships are installed during the day, and the UR-220 SL Asimov is the third change in the 220 series. The model has experienced material, color, finishing and aesthetic characteristics of material, color, finisher and aesthetic characteristics of Martin Frei. For the main black carbon background, the UR-220 is fascinating against contrast and luminescence.

UR-220 SLASIMOV represents a time between the pyramid type hourly transporter by means of a light-emitting. The cube shape in the previous version of the UR-220 is a meticulous work by Urwerk’s CNC machine. In this iteration, these elements cast from silicon molds are cast and adjusted from silicon molds to ensure their perfect completion. The degree of hardness at the end of the process is close to ceramics. This technical expertise is developed by RC Tritec, Switzerland, which has 80 years of live experience.

Therefore, three hours of transporters are “manufactured” color, especially SWISS Super-Luminova® X1 BL. It is at night, when they become phosphorescent, change. There is no engraving here because satellites and hours markers are one and the same. They are light capture, active pigments, which are functions to capture each light unit and then restore them in the dark to achieve the best nighttime readability.

This new display emphasizes the technical nature of time reading. It is still based on the Urwerk’s patented swimming time satellite complications. The roaming time is displayed on three rotation truncated pyramidal transport buckles. Each turn is inserted into a 3D minute pointer, the pointer travels at a minute scale of 120 degrees, and the “0” tag is jumped back at the end of the hour, welcome the next transceiver. This powerful and rapid retrogralive minutes have no doubt that the watches are the most impressive, especially in all aspects, revealed a minute of minutes. exact replica watches

Dialing also provides power reserves indicating that can be read on two subclasses. These 24-hour gauges show the autonomy of sports. During the manual winding, the right side is the first to indicate the shape of the wire, and once it reaches the maximum level, the left hand indicator is occupied. Separate between the two ‘reservoir’, the power supply reserve display consists of 83 mechanical components, which proves the complexity of its development.

The back surface of the UR-220 SLASIMOV has a digital oil variant that occurs on two adjacent rollers. The wearer of the watch activates the device by removing the protected pin and pressing the pusher to trigger the device to trigger the device in the monthly display mechanism. 39 months – three and three months – Recommended service, once the URWERK team resets the counter and replaces the pin.

This UR-220 SL Asimov is a typical expression of the Urwerk-ian design structure, wherein the inner and external melting into one integral. It can be combined, offset or flip internal or external shapes, finishes, and colors in either direction. The complex shape, silencing, the middle of the storage line, the intensity of the crown is 12 o’clock, and is part of the clock layout of Urwerk.

Urwerk UR-220 SL Asimov Technical Specifications

Calibre: Calibre UR-7.20, developed by URWERK
Winding: Manually wound
Escapement: Swiss lever
Frequency: 28, 800 v/h – 4 Hz
Hairspring: Flat
Energy source : Single mainspring barrel
Jewels: 59
Power reserve: 48 hours
Materials: Baseplate in ARCAP P40, 3D minutes pointer in aluminium with bronze counterweight; central spring in steel. Hour transporter in aluminium; central carrousel and screws in grade 5 titanium.
Decorative finishes

Hours studs moulded in Swiss Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 BL. Black-lacquered markers.
Black circular-grained power-reserve bridge and module.
Black shotpeened power-reserve subdial.
Finely sandblasted carrousel and its cage featuring a circular satin finish and black rhodium-plated.
Finely sandblasted satellite cam with a circular satin finish.
Finely sandblasted PVD-blackened 3D hand
SuperLuminova components: yellow glowing yellow for the hour transporters and hour-markers; white glowing blue for power reserves; green glowing green, red glowing green for the 60-minute marker and the end of the power-reserve scale.
Polished screws.

Wandering hours on a satellite complication ( URWERK patent).
3D retrograde minutes hand.
Double power-reserve indicator.
Oil-change indicator on two rollers on the back showing the accumulated running time of the movement in months.

Material: Carbon CTP (Carbon Thin Ply) – 81 layers
Dimensions: Width: 43.8mm; length: 53.6mm; depth: 14.8mm
Glass: Transparent sapphire crystal
Caseback: Black DLC-treated titanium and sapphire crystal glasses.
Water resistance: Pressure tested to 30m/3 ATM
Decorative finishes: Black DLC-coated shotpeened and sandblasted crown;
Black DLC-coated sandblasted crown guard;
Back: black DLC-coated sandblasted caseback;
Pin: satin-finished body with sandblasted engraving, polished needle;
Tinted sapphire crystals;
Polished screws.

FRANCK MULLER new Vanguard TM Racing Skeleton series watch

FRANCK MULLER fake launches new Vanguard TM Racing Skeleton series watch

The inspiration of the VanguardTM Racing Skeleton series comes from the car competition, with the fashion engine inherent to create a hollow movement. As a car adjusted for the game, the engineers and designers of FRANCK MULLER re-created the entire movement to enhance their weight and display performance.

The automatic movement and frame structure of Vanguard Racing Skeleton are significantly lightweight. In this dynamic, a technical material such as carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum is selected.

The Vanguard Racing Skeleton Watch has time, minute, seconds, and date display. Central seconds should be used to greatly increase the visibility of the movement while providing the smoke-saving glass, while providing accurate display. The second needle indicates from the bottom, rather than starting from the top like a car speed counter, allowing the owner to read the second needle from both ends of the pointer. White pointers are equipped with red tip and two-color seconds, further strengthen the concept of the speed counter, let people want to push the pointer to the red area.

In order to further highlight the hollow design, the date number is also completely hollowed.

The strap is ingenious with the two-visual screws integrate with the case, rather than adopting conventional spring rod technology. The rubber material in the strap is easily combined with the wrist shape, and the comfort and beauty is perfect, while Alcantara® suede materials make people think of the cover of the sports car cockpit.

The Vanguard TM Racing Skeleton series is designed for competition, elegant and no inactive, and the entire series has 18K rose gold, stainless steel, titanium and carbon fiber.

FRANCK MULLER launches new Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Watch

FRANCK MULLER’s Revolution Series Touri Wheel represents some of the most ambitious, most radical, and most amazing achievements in the history of contemporary system.

Vanguard Revolution 3 Skellon offers excellent technical wonders and emotions with FRANCK MULLER. This watch uses a stunned hollower core, showing a hollow black watch bridge and red aluminum indicator to observe one of the most beautiful mechanisms in all watches.

This three-axis gourmet can correct gravity in all positions, in contrast, which is only compensated in a vertical position in the watch. This complex framework system is a technical miracle and is one of the most complex creations in the advanced clock. At the lower half of the movement, extraordinary three-axis gourmet is slowly rotated in its respective three frames, for 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 60 seconds. This highly complex mechanism makes Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton a precise miracle, first is a masterpiece of micro mechanics.

The power flows from the gear transmission system through all three frames, activates the balances five times per second. Because Revolution 3 has three frames, the gear sets have a lot of resistance to overcome. In order to provide rich energy to drive this three-axis trunk wheel, the movement is given 10 days of huge power reserves. In addition, there are two retrograde instructions at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock, which is used to display the progress of the 8-minute frame and 60 second frame. chrono4usale.com

The watch was first loaded into the Vanguard case, and there is a unique sapphire dome on the front and back, which can further highlight the gorgeous triaxial gourmet.

The Vanguard case is made of 2-stage titanium metal, which is treated with a black PVD coating. The red Alcantara® strap is not worry-free, and the red decoration on the movement and the Vanguard case is perfectly matched. Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton is completely designed and manufactured by FRANCK MULLER, and its future-oriming design is a mechanical treasure, showing the excellent manufacturing technology of FRANCK MULLER.

The new Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton has a 5-year gymnometric guarantee for FRANCK Muller, and is equipped in a very special box, there is an automatic opening system. Discount cheap watches

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Haut Artisanat Ref. 6002R-001

From June 16 to 26, 2021, Patek Philippe cheap will display more than 75 pocket watches, wrist watches, dome clocks and table clocks from its latest collection of rare handicrafts at its historic headquarters on Rhone Street.

This is a series of one-of-a-kind limited edition works that pay homage to amazing craftsmanship, such as hand-carving, grand flame cloisonné enamel, enamel micro-painting, guilloche pattern, gem inlay and wood micro-inlay craftsmanship.

To this end, Patek Philippe also showed six new watches in the current series, these watches have a particularly exquisite decoration. Here, we focus on the Sky Moon Tourbillon Haut Artisanat Ref. 6002R-001, presented in rose gold for the first time.

Refer to the 2021 version of 6002. For the first time, it uses rose gold with a large open flame lining and cloisonne brown enamel, with three-dimensional golden Roman numerals.

The Sky Moon Tourbillon was first introduced as a reference model 5002 in 2001, when it was the brand’s most complex watch. In terms of execution, this watch has all the qualities required by Patek Philippe as Grand Complication. There are 12 complications listed on two dials: hour, minute, date and week indicator, leap year indicator, perpetual calendar function; moon Position, time of ascent; moon phase; sidereal time, starry sky chart (pause for deep breathing) minute repeater and tourbillon.

In 2013, Patek Philippe announced the successor of 5002 at the Basel Watch Fair, namely 6002 white 18K white gold. The movement of the 6002 is largely similar to the movement of the 5002. The 6002 has a minute repeater with two cathedral gongs and a tourbillon; on the front dial, it indicates standard time and has a perpetual calendar with retrograde date and moon phase display. The back dial lays the foundation for astronomical functions: it shows the northern sky, sidereal time, and the angular course and phase of the moon phase. The difference between 6002 and 5002 is that the latter displays the phase of the moon instead of the age of the moon, and uses an aperture instead of hands to display the week, month, and leap year.

But, of course, the biggest difference of the 6002 is the luxurious deep hand-engraving on the timepiece case and the gorgeous combination of champagne and cloisonne enamel on the dial. Considering that this timepiece is an astonishing 44 mm, the 6002’s technical and artistic talent is extraordinary.

In 2021, the 6002 first launched its rose gold model, with its gold dial decorated with grand flame and cloisonne brown enamel and golden Roman numerals.

The combination of the rose gold case and the rich brown dial creates a warm hue that the Revolution team is familiar with, mainly because Rake & Revolution founder Wei Koh owns the 5970 in the above color. Read more about this divine 5970 here. Sharing the meaning of Wei Biao, in a nutshell, Revolution believes that Patek Philippe’s rose gold 6002R-001 became an instant hit.

Tech Specs: Reference 6002R-001

Movement: Caliber R TO 27 QR SID LU CL; manual winding; minute repeater with “cathedral” gongs; tourbillon; perpetual calendar with retrograde date hand; day, month, leap year in apertures; hours and minutes of mean solar time; moon phases; sidereal time; sky chart; shases and orbit of the Moon; diameter: 38 mm; height: 12.61 mm; number of parts: 705; power reserve: min. 38 hours – max. 48 hours; frequency: 21,600 semi-oscillations/hours (3 Hz); balance spring: Breguet

Dial: Grand Feu champlevé and cloisonné brown enamel, gold applied Roman numerals; 18K gold dial plate; hand-engraved rose gold leaf-shaped hands

CASE: Rose gold; hand-engraved case, lugs, slide piece and crowns; diameter: 44 mm; height: 17.35 mm; humidity- and dust-protected only (not water-resistant)

Front: hour hand (mean solar time); minute hand (mean solar time); retrograde date hand; apertures: day of week; month; moon phases; leap year cycle

Back: Hour hand (sidereal time); minute hand (sidereal time); sky above Geneva; meridian; angular motion of moon and moon phases; scale for moon and sky adjustments

Two-position crown at 4 o’clock (front): Pushed in: to wind the watch; pulled out: to set the time

Two-position crown at 10 o’clock (back): Pushed in: inactive; pulled out: adjustment of the moon (clockwise); pulled out: adjustment of the sky (counterclockwise)

Strap: alligator leather with square scales, hand-stitched, chestnut patinated; hand-engraved fold-over clasp

Cufflinks: Hand-engraved outer ring and Calatrava cross decoration; rose gold; delivered with the watch

Franck Muller watches

Interesting facts about Franck Muller watches

Franck Muller cheap watches are unique in style, revolutionary in design, and highly complex mechanical devices.

Franck Muller, the co-founder of the eponymous brand, was originally a pocket watch restorer. In his 20s, he introduced his first collection of watches to private clients-all watches were equipped with complex movements. Immediately, the watch industry noticed this. At the peak of the quartz crisis, Muller represented the “hope” of a new era of mechanical watches.

Avant-garde, bold, avant-garde design and complicated watches are the cornerstones of the brand. To say the least, Franck Muller watches are by no means ordinary-this is a tradition it has maintained for many years.

For Franck Muller newbies, we have collected some interesting facts about the brand that you may never know.

Franck Muller is a relatively young brand

Compared with other big names in the luxury watch industry, Farmland is a relatively young manufacturer. The 29-year-old Franck Muller brand was founded in Geneva in 1992 by Muller and Vartan Sirmakes. It quickly became famous due to its strong in-house expertise in haute horology.

Muller graduated from the Geneva Watch School and is passionate about all mechanical things. Later, he devoted his career to the manufacture of highly complex watches, which is not surprising. After working for auction houses and luxury watch brands for many years, Muller began making mechanical watches under his own name.

In 1991, he met Sirmakes, a watch enthusiast and watch case manufacturer. Soon after, Muller asked him to create and design the case for his new movement. This opened a legendary partnership and witnessed some of the most innovative watch complications in the history of watchmaking.

Franck Muller is known as the “Master of Complications”

Mueller realized the need for unique and complex watches early in his career. Therefore, he decided to regularly create complications that the world has never seen before. These complications are now called “world premieres.”

Since 1986, Muller has been creating handmade, highly complex and innovative watches, challenging the conservative industry that values ​​tradition rather than novelty. To give an example: he created a tourbillon that is visible from the front-this is the first time in the history of watchmaking.

In 1986 and 1987, Muller introduced the jumping time tourbillon and the minute repeater tourbillon. In the same way, he launched an inverted tourbillon perpetual calendar with minute repeaters in 1989.

Slowly, Muller began to win over even the most orthodox and purest watch lovers.

Franck Muller fake makes watches more interesting

Of course, instead of following the trend or being afraid of setting the trend, Franck Muller decided to challenge the concept of time with a new series called Crazy Hours launched in 2013. Although the numbers are completely confusing, this watch fits perfectly with time. With its innovative time-jumping mechanism.

Other iconic complications of Franck Muller include the world’s first three-axis tourbillon, launched in 2004. There is also the Aeternitas Mega launched in 2007 with 36 complex functions and 1,483 components. The other is the Giga Tourbillon, which has the largest tourbillon ever watch, launched in 2011.

One of his ardent supporters, Elton John, even praised the innovation of Famulan and making men’s watches “more interesting.”

Franck Muller watches are unique in shape

Mentions of Franck Muller and Cintrée Curvex-its most iconic shapes-are always reminiscent. From curved cases and unique silhouettes to interesting and unique digital designs, Cintrée Curvex watches are all made by Franck Muller.

At a time when round and rectangular watches dominated the market, Franck Muller introduced a case with a rather strange barrel-shaped and curved case. At that moment, the unique identity of the brand was born.

Similarly, the dial of the Cintrée Curvex watch is equally exquisite. The curve must fit perfectly to the shape of the case, excluding details and craftsmanship. In addition, Franck Muller also introduced brightly colored dials, such as royal blue.

Its outstanding Cintrée Curvex timepieces include Casablanca, Vanguard, Heart to Heart, Croco Collections and Master Banker.

Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch

Everyday and special Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch Nekton Edition

When it comes to diving watches, there are endless choices on the market. However, it is rare that it has received friendly comments from the watch, and the Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch is one of them. Relying on the iconic design and the outstanding quality of the movement among similar products, it has been recognized by watch friends. Today, we are going to taste a 300-meter seahorse diving watch in detail. (Model:

This watch is a watch that the brand cooperates with Nekton, a non-profit marine research foundation dedicated to protecting and managing the global ocean. Omega has a long history with the ocean and successfully became a partner with Nekton.

Omega launched this 42mm Seamaster 300m diving watch, designed to provide support for the Nekton Foundation. The watch is equipped with a polished and brushed stainless steel case and a laser-ablated black zirconia (ZrO2) ceramic dial. The matte finish is decorated with a polished three-dimensional wave pattern.

The watch is very good in detail. The time scale covered with the luminous display layer, as well as the red second hand, bezel and other details can show the brand’s intentions. In addition, the 6 o’clock position of the watch corresponds to the display of a 300-meter diving watch with a water-resistant depth of 300 meters / 1000 feet.

To pay tribute to the Nekton Foundation, the watch is equipped with the OMEGA Master Chronometer Calibre 8806, which has been certified to meet the industry’s higher standards in terms of performance. This movement can withstand strong magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss. Equipped with a card-free balance with a silicon balance spring, a two-way automatic winding system, and a 55-hour power reserve.

In addition, the Nekton submarine emblem pattern is embossed on the back of the watch, and it is made with OMEGA’s NAIAD LOCK technology. In addition, the luxury replica watches is paired with a stainless steel bracelet, giving the watch a more fashionable and sophisticated appearance.

Vacheron Constantin luxury watches

Vacheron Constantin luxury launched the Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first line of thousands of years “Moonlight” sapphire jewelry watch

Geneva, April 7, 2021 – Vacheron Constantin launched a new Les Cabinotiers attic artisan hourglass. This unique watch is equipped with a brand homemade 2460 RQP movement, which provides powerful power for its unique three-pin first-line time. The precious gem is inlaid in a beautiful mechanical carved dial and the lap, and the time indication of the technological attainment is ingenious and elegant read. The new form is eye-catching in the 2021 “Watch and Miracle” high-end, smartly of the exhibition theme of Vacheron Constantin – classic, own “spin” machine, interpreting the brand in respect of the tradition, and also courage to explore the individuality of the new field In the pursuit.

Three-pin first-line wrist episodes Sports in the precision clock used by the literatist for more than 200 years ago. This time, Vacheron Constantin has a new idea to give this ancient time instruction design with a unique Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first race. This masterpiece is also equipped with a long-year-old and precision moon to highlight the respect of astronomical watches. In the brand watchmaking master, these high-end watch complex functions have shown the charm. The dial can be decorated with beautiful handmade carving decoration, the edge alternately embodies the gorgeous diamonds and sapphire, and the diamonds are mixed. The level of exquisite craft to make the dial is more abundant, the time display and the astronomical function are also more awkward.

Three-pin first-line time plan
This unique Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first-line long-year-old “Moonlight” is the difference between the sapphire jewelry watch is, using the three-pin first line indication of the normative pointer. Under the drive of 2460 RQP automatic upper chain head, the hour meter indicates a minute in a central pointer, and the hour is displayed in a small dial of the 12 o’clock position.

This indication time is designed with a non-shaft layout, inspiration in the late 17th century. In the observation of the track of the sky and the celestial body, astronomers quickly realized that heavenly observations require reliable and standardized time measurement tools. In order to meet this need, the members invented the Regular Clocks, also known as “master clocks), which was often used as a time reference when high-precision. At the time of the main time, it is extremely precise, which is beneficial to the bimetal material pendulum, which can compensate for the effects of temperature change pairs. In addition, the clock also uses independent time, minute, second display design, indicating minutes in the center pointer, showing hours and seconds in two small dials, easy to read the time.

After the circulation and watch, this mechanical invention has not been favored by this mechanical invention, but with unique thought and clearing advantages. Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first-line long-year-old “Moonlight” sapphire jewelry watch, new interpretation of this classic time display layout, and with the long-year-old and precision month function, change the 6-point traditional small second needle display to date and The moon phase shows, pay tribute three-pin first-line design as the astronomical origin.

Super Astronomical Function
For thousands of years, people have always used the moon to measure the time of the reference matter, especially with its measurement of months and weeks. Under the inspiration of these early astronomical observations, the children quickly realized the importance of adding the moon on the time plan. By combining the merger function of the earth-based perspective, the moon phase display is not only poetic, not only the planet law, but also distracting the superficial technical attainment. The technical difficulty of moon phase display mechanism is that a complete monthly phase period is 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes 2.8 seconds (ie 29.5305881 days), and the moon phase function must be driven by sixty-based movements. The most common practice for menistors is that after the month, the monthly phase period is taken after 29.5 days, then drive the gear of 59 to correspond to two months. In this way, the moon phase display function will have an error every 32 months. There is also a more complex, but more accurate mechanism, namely 135 teeth, such as the function of the function, is called the precision astronomical monthly display, and 1 day error will appear every 122 days. Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first-line long-term “Moonlight” sapphire jewelry watch 2460 RQP movement is equipped with a precision moon in the long-year calendar mechanism. Under the movement of the motor storage for 40 hours, the long-year calendar mechanism can accurately reflect the complex change of the calendar, no need to adjust before 2100. Each long-year-old function is present in an orderly manner: the week and the month window is listed on the left and right sides of the hour small dial, and the 4-point position of the hour small dial is displayed. The dial 6 is displayed, which is clearly indicated by a pointer, and the moon phase shows the center of the date display.

Exquisite art process and outstanding creativity
This unique hour account is carefully decorated with the Master of Vacheron Constantin, highlights the booming creative. On the dial of the Platinum pointer, the Master is meticulously engraved with beautiful spiral patterns, and the lap is inlaid 44 long-step cut diamonds, shining. The silver moving surface is alternately inlaid between 36 long-step shaped cut diamonds and 10 sapphires between the edge of the silver adjustment disk; in which sapphire is inlaid. The hourly small dial and the moon phase display are deep blue, and it is complement to sapphire.

This replica watches usa is equipped with an 18K white golden case in diameter, and is displayed in exquisite. Every detail of the movement is also polished with manual carefully. Through sapphire crystal surface, the beautiful round granululine decoration on the main splint is not legacy, and the bridge is decorated in Geneva ripple pattern, 18K 5n gold . The watch is equipped with a deep blue crocodile leather strap, which is inspired by the 18K golden needle buckle buckle of Maltese Cross, and 12 long-step cut diamonds are inlaid.

Vast universe
Every year, the annual attention of Vacheron Constantin is focused on the focus. The Les Cabinotiers attic artisan sector will launch a unique set of hours. The annual theme of 2021 is the “vast universe”, with excellent time measures, the origin of the astronomy of the taking time measurement.

At the beginning of human civilization, the alternating reciprocity of day and night, the evolution and development of the night sky, and the phenomenon of months and losses and moon eclipse, they all have fascinating mysterious charm. It is attracted to unlock the mystery of the universe. In the mythical story, it has established an universe theory of intertwined movie and romantic poetic. It has been long ago, the first batch of people who have a scientific eye tries to interpret the mystery of nature and explore the laws and order.

It is based on these measurements and is accompanied by the appearance of words, the first calendar in human history is born. Subsequently, the hexadecimal count system of Cuba Babon is divided into 60 and other parts in an angle. Traditional tabs inherit this rigorous scientific approach and continued. Today’s watch can achieve a variety of astronomical display, such as calendar, starry, moon phase, tidal and season, or even standard, when sun, and stars, and its difference display. And Vacheron Constantin is more exclusive, including mechanical carving, theme pattern engraving, or star-like sparkling jewelry, and is accurately presenting the astronomical world in the time plan of the wrist, giving a mystery from the ancient legend. charm. The new Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman fake luxury watches condensed astronomical clock field skills, salute time romantic poetry.

IWC – BIG PILOT IW590501Watch

IWC – BIG PILOT Watch Constant Tirittan Edition “IWC Racing” IW590501

The Big Pilot’s Watch Heveron Edition “IWC Racing” has IWC’s patent constant mechanism, providing an eye-catching eye-catching in motion motorcycle technology world.

This unique watch is limited to 15 pieces, with 46.2 mm x 13.5 mm matte black blade, which is wrapped around the 94,800 caliber, one of the most complex mechanical movements of Schaffhausen. Ceratanium is a special alloy developed by replica IWC, which is like titanium, stable, but also like ceramic is as hard as well.

Integrated into the trunsee, the constant force mechanism extends the escapement from the direct power flow through the wheel train, and transmits a completely even uniform energy into the escape wheel. Compensl gravity on the negative impact of gravity on the oscillation system together, ensuring highly accurate rates. The frequency intention of the constantvate flywheel is intentionally set to 2.5 Hz (18,000 vibrations per hour), enable the system once a second time.

The plates and bridges are completely black, enabling fine rhodium plating processes to match the colors of the housing. The movement of the engine block can be viewed by a sapphire glass memory. swiss luxury watches

Looking at the dial, the eyes are rushing to the Hengli Gyele of 9 o’clock. Then, in the clockwise direction, we found a blessing phase display in the northern and southern hemispheres and below, at 4 o’clock, 96-hour power reserve display, in some way, people reminded the speedometer.

The dial is equipped with super luminova, white label and yellow accent.

Combine the black rubber strip with a stressed by Allah, waterproof to 6 bar, the new Big Pilot’s Watch Hevergree Give Flying Dragon version of “IWC racing” REF. IW590501.

Jaeger-lecoultre 2021 NEW

Jaeger-lecoultre replica reversal to the green small second

Green revolution scroll.

For me, one of the most attractive modern reverse watches is always the REVERSO Tripute model, has a beautiful surface Dauphine hand, a color dial, and the railing index of the application, and exists at 6:00 a small second. The first tribute watch was coming in 2011. In the same year, JLC also released that I think it was still the best time in the 21st century, which is the 1931 New York version contribution. JLC just released, for watch and miracle 2021, the latest payment Reverso, this time with dark green dials.

Technically, it is the same as its seniors – the reversal case is 45.6 x 27.4 mm, the thickness is 8.5 mm, and the movement is an elliptical JLC diameter 822/2, and the power supply is 45 hours.

initial thoughts
The salute watches online shop has a name because they are the shouts of the reverse watch in the 1930s, some of which have, including white, red, chocolate, and navy blue. This may be a pure personal point of view, but I have always thought that the color dial seems to be popular on square and rectangular watches – I think the example of Tetras, Romas, although there are countless other examples (and how new tanks Must see?)

Whether it is a square or a rectangular line, it seems to be like a combination of frames, they always say to me, they are always part of the overall activities, rather than a circular case, seems to gradually disappear in the background, letting the dial And dial furniture shine (of course, this is the general simplicity I want to challenge, but I think there is a truth). There is no doubt that all the green dialings of this year (at least to the current) have no doubt, some of the watch is more successful than others in some color sprezzatura deprived, and in view of our and JLC, it has been used for 80 years for this idea, one Green dial-up payment reversal is like nature, and a family is there. chrono4usale.com

The Basics
Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Model: Reverso Tribute Green
Reference Number: Q3978430

Dimensions: 45.6 x 27.4 mm, and 8.5mm thick
Case Material: Stainless steel
Dial Color: As you see
Indexes: Applied
Lume: Would ruin the effect, although it worked pretty darned well on the NY Tribute To 1931
Water Resistance: 30 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Green calf

The Movement
Caliber: JLC caliber 822/2
Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds
Diameter: 20.20mm
Thickness: 2.94mm
Power Reserve: 45 hours
Winding: Manual
Frequency: 21,600 vph
Jewels: 19

Panerai Luminor Marina series eSteel


Rock ash

The slate gray dial color is also a very rare choice for Panerai, and the crown is also slate gray. PAM1358 can be said to be the lowest-key watch.

Panerai Luminor Marina series eSteel™ replica watches china PAM1358, case and dial are made of eSteel™ material, diameter 44 mm, thickness 15.45 mm, equipped with P.9010 automatic winding movement, vibration frequency 4 Hz, storage It can be used for 3 days, waterproof to 300 meters, slate grey remanufactured PET resin strap, and comes with a black rubber strap.

But its low-key does not conceal its speciality. Not only the crown is slate gray, but the strap is also the slate gray environmentally friendly recycled PET resin strap that appeared in the Panerai watch design for the first time. It is made of three types of recycled steel. The design of the watch is marked with a blue “e” on the dial. Although the rock gray is quiet and calm, it is understood by those who know how to do it at a glance.


Dark green

Can you reject the blue of Panerai, the gray of Panerai, and the dark green of Panerai? I can not. When I see this dark green that is almost black, I also love it. Echoing it is the military green recycled PET resin strap and the recycled steel green crown. I’m afraid that even people who don’t pay attention to the green design watch usually have to look at it a few more times. The most different place from PAM1157 and PAM1358 is the dark green style of PAM1356.

Panerai Luminor Marina series eSteel™ watch PAM1356, case and dial are made of eSteel™ material, diameter 44 mm, thickness 15.45 mm, equipped with P.9010 automatic winding movement, vibration frequency 4 Hz, storage It can be used for 3 days, waterproof to 300 meters, dark green remade PET resin strap, and comes with an army green rubber strap.

I love sports too much lately, so most of the time I wear sportswear. The so-called sustainable development of environmentally friendly materials in the clothing industry has been widely used in clothing and even running shoes. In the watchmaking industry, Panerai copy first tried to use recycled materials to make it from the shell parts to the internal parts of the movement. Let us explore the future. What else can human beings do for the earth environment in which we grow. High-end watchmaking not only emphasizes the ultimate display of humanities and craftsmanship, but also has the task of inheriting craftsmanship and advancing with the times. We neither abandon the advancement of humanities and craftsmanship, but at the same time we do not forget the principles and tasks of coexistence and symbiosis with nature. . Starting from Panerai, how can we “pei” afford the nourishment brought to us by the sea, mountains and rivers, is a direction worthy of our thinking.


It is really difficult for me to reject all the green designs. This PAM1356 with green disc, green crown and green strap is not only the first Luminor model made of recycled steel, but also different from all previous Panerai designs. Dark green gradient tone.

Panerai Luminor Marina series eSteel™ watch PAM1356, case and dial are made of eSteel™ material, diameter 44 mm, thickness 15.45 mm, equipped with P.9010 automatic winding movement, vibration frequency 4 Hz, storage It can be used for 3 days, waterproof to 300 meters, dark green remanufactured PET resin strap, and comes with a dark green rubber strap.