Breitling launches the Premier Heritage Collection

Remember Travolta? Remember Beckham? Remember the weird sexist color that the brand seemed to be unable to determine for a long time who was making watches for it and how to talk to them? If you still do this, then maybe it’s finally time to forget cheap Breitling’s grand plan to quickly return to reality, this period of ancient modern history.

When Breitling CEO Georges Kern continued to distance himself from the direction of the brand before the Schneider era, this time he relied on the brand’s own founding managers to inspire inspiration and thus obtained three new references : The traditional manual-winding chronograph, the “rattrapante” or seconds chronograph, and the complete calendar chronograph together constitute the watch that has just been renamed the “Premier Heritage” series.

The original Breitling Premier series became Kern’s banner more or less when Kern assumed the brand leadership role in 2017. Premier positioned the internal movement and used the original design with more complex and advanced decorations. As Breitling (Breitling) came of age, it was a return to form – among the new integrated products launched by the brand at that time, the Pinnacle series of products were worthy of Called the top product. ABTW executive editor Bilal Khan said in his long-term review for 2019 that the first prime minister was “a thoughtful, detailed chronograph that exceeded expectations.” This new derivative product line inspired by tradition seems to continue to follow the same formula, despite adopting a more classic medieval style, echoing the exquisite original Premier watches introduced by Willy Breitling in the 1940s .

Here, we have a colorful, beautifully-looking dial (which nerds who like typography will appreciate), Arabic numerals are applied to the dial, and a more traditional chronograph movement execution method is used-perhaps like Willy Breitling himself once What you want. Yes, this is indeed a complete calendar. best replica watches review

Indeed, this is an amazing smart product, far from Breitling, but as the brand continues to mature and many layers of the back catalog are stripped, we have learned some knowledge that Breitling scholars have always known: Before the advent of the jet age and before sports diving became the mainstream, the brand experienced a very elegant and classic chronograph era in the middle of the last century, which fully embodies the traditional values ​​of the watchmaking industry.

Regardless of the design intent, modern Breitling watches tend to be more sporty. Therefore, to integrate the two value systems of two completely different eras, we have prepared a slightly larger case (standard manual winding chronograph is 40mm, the case is 42mm). Instant and complete calendar styles), each with 100 meters water resistance. The latter feature is a particularly interesting development-how many complete calendar chronographs can you name, which are water resistant to only a negligible 30 or 50 meters? This particular combination of complications is already relatively rare (Jaeger-LeCoultre, Parmigiani, Blancpain and IWC all have something close), but it is wrapped in a beautiful salmon dial and has enough water resistance to make it suitable Every day the wearer treats this reference as a hell of an interesting proposition.

Although the Premier Datora 42 full calendar (refresh: hour, minute, second, date, date, month and moon phase) driven by the automatic movement of the B25 may attract a lot of attention this week, the sneaky show stealer Probably the top Premier B09 Chronograph 40, a tribute to Léon Breitling’s earliest chronograph, which was the first to implement a tachymeter scale for measuring speed. Breitling (Breitling) Breitling (Breitling) B09 manual winding chronograph movement, the skin on the case looks very simple, in fact it is a gorgeous “pistachio” green dial, so far, we have seen it It has been promoted in many products, including Navitimer reissue in 1959 and AVI reference. 765 reissued.

The third option in the trio – the B15 Duograph 42 uses Breitling’s B15 movement, which is interesting because it is actually a B03 chronograph second movement, despite being manually wound. This allows designers to produce functionally similar watches in a more wear-resistant 42mm package. Like the other two new options in the series, you can choose either stainless steel or the precious red gold option – each option has its own unique dial color and color-matched strap.


Brand: Breitling
Models: Premier B09 Chronograph 40 (ref. AB0930D31L1P1 in stainless steel, ref. RB0930371G1P1 in red gold), Premier B15 Duograph 42 (ref. AB1510171C1P1 in stainless steel, ref. RB1510251B1P1 in red gold), Premier B25 Datora 42 (ref. AB2510201K1P1 in stainless steel, ref. RB2510371G1P1 in red gold)
Dimensions: 40 & 42mm
Water Resistance: 100 meters
Case Material: Stainless steel or 18k red gold
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire
Movement: Breitling Calibre B09 (handwound column wheel-actuated chronograph), Breitling Calibre B15 (handwound column wheel-actuated split second chronograph), Breitling Calibre B25 (automatic chronograph with complete calendar)
Power Reserve: 70 hours for B09 and B15 calibres, 48 hours for B25
Strap/Bracelet: Matching alligator with folding clasp

Premier B21 Time Size History Wheel 42 Bentley Limited Edition

After nearly 20 years of partnership, Bentley Auto and Hundred Years, the PRMIER B21 Time Size Tour Tourbillon 42 Bentley Limited Edition, unique but classic design is limited to 25 pieces.

This unique classic and waterproof-resistant watches (up to 100 meters) designed watches are revealed to show a magnificent movement in 18k red gold, rectangular timer pusher, golden brown crocodile belt, gold brown crocodile belt and transparent sapphire case 22 Carakin oscillation weight, COSC certified Touri Wheel Motion provides approximately 55 hours of power reserves. The highlight is a special timer gyro caller with a unique green dial, which reminds people of the British racing with other models in Breitling and Bentley partners.

Willy Breitling replica is the grandson of brand founder Léonbreitling, is a passionate Bentley driver. He patented the chronographic table in 1934 and 4 points to 4 o’clock. In addition to the technology and bold, Wilida Western Western team desire from observation enthusiasts and charm. Taking this, he designed the original Prime Minister watch in the 1940s, the first link of the 100-year spirit from the purpose to the style. As Wili saw, “When a man puts on his watch, it is an impeccable taste obvious seal.”

For today all of the barren hands, the same ring is also the same, but also reflects Bentley Motors ‘own customers’ feelings of their car feelings. The new watch respects two brands in a wonderful way to the heritage and modern value.

Adriah Chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark Notes: “This strike watch reflects our common commitment to the development spirit, expert craftsmanship, and technology.” GEORGES KERN added: “We are This elegant symbol of our brand sharing values ​​is proud: quality, performance and excellence. “

The exclusive new time code table is created with unparalleled luxury goods and unparalleled qualities, and the Willie’s tribute, their watches have changed the exam and W. O. Bentley created the automotive industry.

Breitling launches 5 new watches in the “Navitimer 8” series

You may remember the former leader of IWC, Georges Kern, who left the company to take over as fake Breitling. Changing the position of the CEO is not unprecedented, but it can always arouse people’s curiosity. Now, we can finally take a look at his first work, introducing the “Navimer 8” series.

So far, he has been at Breitling headquarters for more than half a year. But, until now, the charismatic Georges Kern has launched their first major series under the guidance of the newly appointed creative director Guy Bove. At first glance, these various Navitimer watches combine an old-fashioned pilot look, reminiscent of Breitling’s pilot model 768.

In structure, they have a bezel with 60 positions, some smaller case size options, and all have passed the COSC certification of astronomical watch manufacturing. For a brand that has been engaged in more gorgeous and over-detailed designs in the recent period, Georges Kern brought back the old-fashioned aesthetics of Breitling and has enough modernity to make it look fresh. It is refreshing. Let us briefly describe the various cheap luxury watches

First of all, we obtained the “Breitling B01” case with a 43mm case: stainless steel or 18k rose gold with a sturdy case. Mounted on the case is a knurled two-way bezel with the above 60 positions, which appear on all these different models. Like all these timepieces, the top is equipped with a sapphire crystal, which helps it reach a water-resistant depth of 100 meters (330 feet).

The time is displayed in the following positions: a black or blue dial with Arabic numerals, followed by a ring with a smaller minute index mark and Arabic numerals that increase every five minutes. There are three silver subdials: a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock; a 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock, and a sub-second at 9 o’clock.

The central sword pointer and Arabic numerals are treated with luminous coating to enhance readability. There is also a date hole between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. Except for the 18 rose gold version, only the brown dial is available.

Breitling Navitimer B01
This “Breitling Navitimer B01” (reference number: N/A) is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement, which has 47 jewels and 28,800 Vph. Equipped with column wheel, vertical clutch and automatic centering weight. When fully tightened, the power reserve of this watch can be as long as 70 hours. The IWC stainless steel bracelet is equipped with an IWC stainless steel bracelet, which is fixed to the wrist by a stainless steel folding clasp. In addition to the 18k rose gold version, the black leather strap is also equipped with a brown leather strap and is secured by an 18k rose gold folding clasp.

Next is the “Breitling Navitimer 8 Unitime”, which is a world chronograph watch that adds additional complexity. Its 43 mm case is made of stainless steel with a strong case back. The knurled stainless steel two-way bezel is mounted on the case. It is also equipped with a patented independent adjustable hour hand; plus a 24-hour city circle integrated into the movement through a clever differential system.

The time is displayed on the black or silver dial, with a minute index ring with Arabic numerals and a railway pattern on it, then a 24-hour disc in the second time zone, and the last ring is the names of major cities in the world, which are interconnected. To an additional time zone. There is also a date hole at 6 o’clock.

For those who need more sports options, the next step is the “Breitling Navitimer 8 Chronograph”. This is also a “value proposition” option because the model has greater advantages. In addition to the timing function, the timepiece also includes the date, making it an excellent choice for daily use. The 43mm case is made of any of the following: stainless steel or stainless steel coated with DLC. Equipped with two buttons for chronograph functions and a two-way bezel that matches each case.

The time is displayed in the following positions: Arabic numerals on a black or blue dial, followed by a railway pattern minute index circle, which is characterized by Arabic numerals in increments every 5 minutes. There are three small dials: the 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock; the time at 9 o’clock is less than one second; and the 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock. It also includes the aforementioned date and date aperture window at 3 o’clock.

Breitling Navitimer 8 Chronograph
This “Breitling Navitimer 8 Chronograph” (reference number: N/A) is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement, movement B13 with 25 jewels and 28,800 Vph. A non-internal movement, originally based on the ETA 7750 mechanical movement. When fully wound, the power reserve of this watch can be as long as 42 hours.

The fourth product of these new versions is “Breitling Navitimer 8 Day & Date”. Delicately made of 41mm stainless steel case with a strong case back. When installed on the case, the same knurled stainless steel two-way bezel was found in this newly released series.

The time is displayed in the following positions: Arabic numerals on a black or blue dial, followed by a railway pattern minute index circle, which is characterized by Arabic numerals in increments every 5 minutes. Then indicate the date in the large aperture window below the 12 o’clock position. The display of the day has a small window at 6 o’clock.

Breitling Avengers Blackbird

Breitling Avengers Blackbird: The core of extreme

Breitling is a world-renowned watch brand. Since its establishment in 1860, it has been known for its high-quality products related to performance. Its new Avenger Blackbird model traces the entire history of the brand by combining new technology and selected materials.

This Avenger Blackbird aims to eliminate all the uncomfortable elements that may remain on the current watch: it is composed of an ultra-light titanium case, an imposing millimeter 48 mm dial, with excellent readability and an all-black appearance.

The case is also equipped with curved fasteners, which can increase the comfort of the wrist through the ultra-durable military fabric strap. This watch is easy to wear and well fixed. Despite its amazing dial size, it is lightweight due to the use of titanium.

Its black carbon-based treatment enhances the sense of strength and technology, and the oversized hands provide the best readability in all situations. The large crown and winder have anti-slip ridges, so if the device is not easy to operate, you can use it easily.

In addition, its automatic movement has been certified by Chronometer, which is a benchmark for accuracy and reliability. This new model is perfect to accompany you in any situation and will support your most dangerous tasks. copy watches

Breitling Endurance Pro

Replica Breitling Watch Endurance Pro X82310A41B1S1 44mm

In my opinion, Breilting Endurance Pro is one of the most successful Swiss watches of 2020. This is an easy-to-understand entry-level Breitling sports watch with a variety of hip colors for you to choose from, which is very suitable for the times. For many people, Endurance Pro is also easy to miss. Most watch collectors want to use mechanical watches instead of quartz watches, and there is nothing wrong with calling Endurance Pro G-Shock for its fancy taste. In essence, this is not the basis for Breitling’s polished metal fan base. But Breitling responded to this.

Under the guidance of Mr. Kern, “cheap Breitling” is diversifying into more entry-level and youth-oriented approaches. Endurance Pro is still a lot of change, but it is also nearly three times cheaper than the brand’s new 2020 Chronomat B01 42, which provides a completely different but excellent wearing experience. Breitling has always been lucky, in addition to having a luxurious base, it also has a “professional” series of watches. This means that Endurance Pro can easily join the modern Breliting product lineup at a lower price, because doing so has never been uncommon for the brand. When you can’t find Rolex, Omega, IWC, etc. at this price, Breitling can still compete at an interesting price. This is the territory of TAG Heuer, but it is used for other types of customers.

The design formula of Endurance Pro is also very simple. Breitling first decided to use its Breitlight material (carbon) again and focus on the quartz movement. Please note that for an ordinary Swiss-made quartz movement, the price of $3,000 is high, but Endurance Pro does not include an ordinary Swiss movement. Inside the watch is the Breitling Caliber 82, which is the basic ETA thermally compensated quartz movement. This time, date and complicated chronograph movement has a quartz crystal adjustment system with a sensor to measure temperature. Changes in temperature can negatively affect the ability of these already precise movements to reach peak levels. Caliber 82 can compensate for the temperature changes normally encountered by watch movements worn on the wrist, with an accuracy of about 10 seconds per year. In contrast, the accuracy of a standard quartz movement is about 10 seconds per month.

Replica Breitling Watch Endurance Pro X82310A71B1S1 44mm

You will see the “Astronomical Clock” label on the dial. This is also a real COSC astronomical watch. Please note that Swiss COSC has conducted different performance tests on quartz watches and mechanical watches. It can be expected that the test will be more stringent for quartz institutions. Once you understand how the time and energy of the movement is similar to that of a traditional mechanical watch, you can not only better understand its value proposition, but you can also experience how to truly become a professional watch.

Endurance Pro is the second generation of the product concept, which actually predates Mr. Cohen’s management of the brand. In 2017, Breitling launched the Colt Skyracer, which provides a Breitlight case and a three-hand SuperQuartz movement. With 2020 Endurance Pro, Breitling retains the core atmosphere of the entry-level sports watch theme, but tries to integrate the design language more into the current series. The Pony Skyracer is a pilot swiss watches prices inspired by the world of sports flying. Endurance Pro looks more like a watch for triathlon competitions, designed to provide multiple uses for people at regular intervals or activities.

Who said that women’s watches should be gentle and delicate?

Replica Breitling SUPEROCEAN II 36 Men copy Watch Sale A17312C9|BD91|179A - Stainless steel

I have always felt that the styles of men’s watches are more diverse, including sports watches, diving watches, formal watches, etc. You can easily find watches that are suitable for different occasions. On the other hand, the look of women’s watches is relatively simple, and they are all delicate and feminine models. It’s not bad, but for some female cousins ​​like me who prefer a neutral style, the style does not match.

I remember that Breitling released a new mechanical chronograph in April this year. The new watches in this series are highly recognizable. The watch’s eye-catching butterfly buckle roller-ball stainless steel bracelet and the iconic rotating bezel with bezel indicator all appropriately show Breitling’s modern retro style.

This watch is very different from the previous Breitling style, no matter the workmanship, dial design, color matching, it gives people a refreshing feeling. When I saw this real object, I also felt very “poisonous”, especially the roller ball stainless steel bracelet can be said to be a very finishing touch. I also tried it on. The visual effects and wearing experience are very good. However, it is a male watch and I can only enjoy the eye addiction.

But the surprise comes later. In October, the women’s mechanical chronograph will also be online. The shape of this watch is quite similar to the men’s mechanical chronograph. The design of some essential parts has also been adjusted according to the size of the dial to make the watch look more harmonious. Let’s take one of the 36 mm blue discs as an example to take a closer look. (Watch model: A10380101C1A1)

This watch is not weak and sweet, on the contrary, it feels capable and full of power. With a diameter of 36 mm, this watch is decorated with a blue dial with sun radiation patterns and a stainless steel case, which is very classic and durable.

The overall layout on the board is simple and elegant, with Breitling’s iconic “B” logo at 12 o’clock, and a calendar window at 6 o’clock. Matching with the dial are silver bar-shaped hour markers and hands. The hour markers are three-dimensionally convex. The top of the second hand adopts the shape of the Breitling logo, which is highly recognizable.

In addition, the hour markers and hands have luminous coating, which is convenient for reading the time quickly in dark environments.

From the side, you can see that the case has been brushed. The overall line of the watch is smooth and smooth, and the thickness of 10 mm is relatively moderate. It feels very comfortable to try it on.

The “B” brand logo is engraved on the crown on one side of the watch, and the surrounding texture plays an effective anti-slip effect.

The most eye-catching thing is the Rouleaux roller bead bracelet. It is the existence of this bracelet that makes the watch three-dimensional and tough. This kind of bracelet was more common in the 1980s, and the shape of the bracelet is so different that it is unforgettable.

The 36 mm size watch we saw is equipped with a Breitling 10 movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. In addition to the blue dial, there are white, light green, midnight blue or copper colors, and there are also inlays. Divided into diamond and non-diamond styles. But it should be noted that the 32mm size is equipped with a quartz movement.

Having said that, when Breitling released the new watch this time, it also formed a Breitling Spotlight Action Team, namely Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron), Misty Copeland (Misty Copeland) and Yao Chen. These three women are all women. The leaders in their respective fields of expertise have broken the deep-rooted gender stereotypes in their respective fields, and this tougher watch fits their style very well.

With the continuous growth of female users, brands may need to spend more thoughts on the design of female watches. Women have never been only a single style of femininity and elegance. Edges and personality are also part of the needs. I hope that later watches can see a variety of aesthetics and give users more choices.


BREITLING Avenger‘s strong “titanium” degree

With an extraordinary face design, a light and sturdy case, exceptionally clear readability, and a tough all-black appearance, the new BREITLING Avenger Blackbird watch fully interprets the characteristics of the Avenger series watch : Show the power of action.

This new member of the Avengers series fully demonstrates all the qualities necessary for a “professional wrist instrument”, and is the perfect partner to face challenges with you. The extraordinary 48 mm case has a slimmer and more ergonomically streamlined design, and the lugs extending from the case also cleverly use the inward curve design. The lightweight titanium case and military synthetic fabric strap make the watch fit the wrist more and improve the wearing comfort. The durable case is treated with high-strength carbonitriding, and the surface presents a pure black matte effect, avoiding any reflection interference in the action, highlighting a more technical, functional and sophisticated style.

The eye-catching large hands and hour markers on the black dial are coated with a luminous coating to ensure the best readability and clarity, and it is easy to read the time even in the dark. The large screw-in crown is non-slip design, which can provide convenient and efficient function adjustment. At the same time, thanks to its protective device, the case is more sturdy and reliable, and it is waterproof to 300 meters (1000 feet).

The new BREITLING Avenger Blackbird watch with a new look and extraordinary momentum debuts, is equipped with a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, and has the highest benchmark Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC).

The black titanium case with a military strap is very handsome. The BREITLING Avenger Blackbird watch has an extraordinary 48 mm case with a slimmer, more ergonomically streamlined design.

The eye-catching oversized hands and hour markers on the black dial of the Avenger Blackbird Reconnaissance Aircraft are coated with a luminous coating to ensure the best readability and clarity, and the time can be easily read even in the dark.