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Although the fashion trend is coming, the best Corum Golden Bridge high-end watches are left. Since its establishment in 1980, this unique timer has always been an alternative to the main trend of the watch industry. Now, the Golden Bridge family has achieved a new concept with six versions of the past, which is different from unusual design and emphasizing its architectural appearance.

The foundation of the new design concept is widespread use of the black diamond carbon coating DLC ​​of the housing, border and buckle. These details describe their depth and create bright contrast with white or rose gold dough mechanisms, which seems to attract light.

According to Jérômebiard, the basic principles of the high-end fake luxury watches of Golden Bridge is the exemplary of their bread mechanism. Since 1980, their design has been aim to ensure that it is attracting all the mechanisms. The new model is an example of vivid examples of this principle. Titanium and DLC coatings give cases rough and modern appearance, and famous caliber, it is impressive, elegant, and appears in this frame.

Similarly, the multi-functional and relevance bread mechanisms are still the same sculpture, and the design supplements specialized in Coral Masters. The signature geometry of its cross bridge brought the best engineering, first of all, this hanging bridge as a Golden Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge. The entire concept is perfectly integrated into the art world of poetry, which is closely related to La Chaux-de-fonds, which has the ability to interested in art and its ability to surpass the clock.

This surprising high-end watches are presented in two versions – made of white or rose gold. The change is related to the material of the mechanism, hand, the inner edge, the crown and screw, and the housing mechanism is used to connect to the housing. Other elements are made of black. In particular, coral sugar first uses the black rubber bracelet of the Jinqiao time device, in which case the rib surface and engraved the name of the brand. Corum Golden Bridge copy watch

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Corum Bubble Replica With Innovative Design Show You The Landscape Of Moon Posted on February 13, 2019 by admin The 47 mm Corum Bubble fake watch has combined the modern style with art creativeness, which could be regarded as one of the best models of the collection.
The iconic bubble has been revived as part of Corum Watches Review Replica Orologiheritage collection exactly 15 years after its first release back in 2000. Corum’s new addition to the iconic design is not merely a re-issue of its predecessor but instead a new version keeping all the aesthetics of the original and bringing them up to date.
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The Corum Billionaire Tourbillon comes in 5 variations of diamond paved tourbillon timepieces with only a few pieces of each available worldwide. This extremely opulent collection features round 18kt white gold 46 mm cases generously embellished with round diamonds, baguette diamonds, black diamonds, baguette rubies, and baguette blue sapphires.
Corum Heritage Collection Corum Heritage Romvlvs 44 Billionaire. See on Corum | Check on eBay. The Corum Heritage Collection is composed of watches that reflect the brand’s history and creativity. This collection includes the famous Coin watch, which watch was released in 1964.

The Romvlvs timepiece was created by accident. In 1966, when CORUM received the dials for its new creation Romvlvs in the run-up to the Baselworld show, the hour markers were missing. The supplier had forgotten to add them.

René Bannwart, who had founded the company eleven years earlier, decided to go ahead with the Basel launch anyway. As an emergency measure, he had the hour markers engraved directly on the bezel. Thus the Romvlvs was born, and it would go on to become one of the brand’s greatest successes.

Corum Watch HERITAGE ROMVLVS BILLIONAIRE TOURBILLON Replica Ref. R374/03461 – 374.716.69/F206 0000
The Corum Billionaire Tourbillon comes in 5 variations of diamond paved tourbillon timepieces with only a few pieces of each available worldwide. This extremely opulent collection features round 18kt white gold 46 mm cases generously embellished with round diamonds, baguette diamonds, black diamonds, baguette rubies, and baguette blue sapphires.
Corum Watch Heritage Classical Billionaire Tourbillon C372/00127. Acknowledged both for the aesthetic appeal of its models and for its technical excellence, Corum is proud to contribute to perpetuating the time honored values and expertise of Fine Watchmaking. Since 1955, Corum has adopted creativity and boldness as its guiding principles.
Currently in the collection one can find the ‘Corum Artisans Coin 20S’ and the ‘Corum Artisans Classical Billionnaire Tourbillon’. For men and women who love the look that the Corum luxury watches provide, it is exciting to know that interesting complications are included with …
The Corum Tourbillon and Classical collection comprise the Corum Classical Billionaire Tourbillon, a diamond and sapphire-covered masterpiece of watchmaking, the Corum Golden Tourbillon Panoramique with its tourbillon movement floating between sapphire bridges, and the skeleton-dialed Corum Classical Skylight Skeleton.

Corum Watch HERITAGE COIN Replica

This really does qualify as a historic creation – for CORUM and for watchmaking as a whole.

First dreamed up in 1964, the design is so singular that it has had a lasting impact on almost three consecutive generations of collectors – and U.S. presidents! George Bush Sr, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton have all worn the Coin, as have a number of leading figures in art and design, including renowned artist Andy Warhol.

First designed in 1964, these coin watches remain very much up-to-date – and continue to fuel the enthusiasm of our designers and collectors alike.

A coin watch or medal watch comprises a watch inserted into a coin or medal. A coin watch is typically made by slicing a coin into two disks, one thinner than the other; or by removing one face of a coin. A watch mechanism is then embedded into the thicker part, and the two faces joined by a concealed hinge and catch. When closed, the watch is hidden and the coin looks like any other.

Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy: Corum Heritage Coin Watch. Written by Caleb Anderson November 4, 2018. Corum isn’t a brand frequently in conversation when discussing modern, historically inspired watches. Yet since the brand’s 1955 founding by René Bannwart it has long been producing fashion-forward pieces, many series of which are still …
The Corum Heritage Collection is composed of watches that reflect the brand’s history and creativity. This collection includes the famous Coin watch, which watch was released in 1964. The watch has a $20 Double dial and became popular with prominent figures ( this article by Watchtime mentions that seven American presidents have reportedly owned a Coin watch).

Corum Watch LAB 02 Replica Ref. Z300/03999 – 300.100.55/0F02 0010

The Corum LAB 02 is the latest, highly imaginative watch from the brand synonymous with the legendary Golden Bridge. It features a fly tourbillon and an ingenious movement which presents its constituent parts seemingly floating in mid-air.
In 1955, René Bannwart, Gaston Ries and Juliette Ries founded Corum. Over the years, the company has been no stranger to success. One reason for the firm’s prosperity can be attributed to its amazing ingenuity, something which has always been part of the Corum paradigm.

At the same time the Swiss watch industry was still experiencing the destructive consequences of the ‘quartz crisis’, Corum unveiled the highly innovative Golden Bridge (1980). This ingenious watch presented the keyless works, barrel, gear train, escapement and regulating organ in linear form, sandwiched between an upper and lower bridge. A highly innovative case, featuring four panes of sapphire crystal, flooded the movement with light, affording spectacular views of the innovative calibre.
Vincent Calabrese, the esteemed independent watchmaker, was instrumental in the development of the Golden Bridge. Like many of his counterparts, Calabrese experimented with an array of ideas, eager to push the boundaries of creativity and technical know-how. One of his passions was to simplify movements, reducing the number of components and their relative size, culminating in notably clean aesthetics. With the advent of the Golden Bridge of 1980, Calabrese’s philosophy was much in evidence. While the legendary watch has evolved over time, the fundamental ethos of the 1980 original has always been upheld.

Now, the Maison from La Chaux-de-Fonds has unveiled the Corum LAB 02 watch. This model is endowed with a flying tourbillon. Furthermore, the movement features an openworked mainplate which is subsequently placed on a clear, sapphire plate. The resultant appearance suggests all the movement components, along with the hour and minute hands, are magically levitating. Once again, Corum has shown its capacity for blue-sky thinking.
On the heels of launching its dynamic “Risk is the Reward” campaign, Corum takes the concept of daring innovation to all new heights with the Corum LAB 02 timepiece. Defying all watchmaking convention, the technically advanced watch boasts a new movement that was two years in the research and development stages. Revolutionary in its design, the new calibre is equipped with a flying gear train and a host of other firsts for the brand.
The LAB 02 is a perfect example of aesthetic perfection and extraordinary craftsmanship. The highly complicated manual movement stretches the imagination as well as the physical constraints of watchmaking. In its creation, Corum’s development team’s members challenged themselves to offer not only a flying tourbillon, but also a flying gear train of sorts. The question they posed: “What if the movement doesn’t have bridges?” They then tirelessly pursued their unconventional quest.

Two years later, Corum unleashes the LAB 02. Its calibre CO 300 consists of an impressive 416 individual components, each meticulously skeletonized and finely finished. Each piece is hand-assembled in a unique format with a flying tourbillon at 6:00, with flying wheels that track the hours, minutes and seconds, and with the bridge set directly onto the mainplate.
Additionally, building a movement that is not sandwiched between the mainplate and bridge was a technical challenge that had to be overcome. The LAB02 required a much longer axis for the gear train, and, without having a top bridge, needed ball bearings instead of rubies on the mainplate to add strength and stability. The single mainplate has also been highly skeletonized. The entire movement is then placed on a fully transparent sapphire plate that allows for magnificent visibility and gives the appearance that the elements are all floating in space.

LAB 02 is further equipped with a grand date function at 4:00 and its power reserve indicator (55 hours) is unusually placed so that it is visible via a sapphire glass on the side of the case at 8:00. Because of the extremely complicated nature of this 45mm watch, just 10 pieces will be made, each identified by a specific plate number on the barrel.
Staying true to its founding philosophy of always being Avant-Garde in order to preserve its future, Corum developed the LAB series to showcase its unprecedented foray into distinctive and fearless watchmaking. The LAB 02 is the second laboratory watch to make its debut, with LAB 01 released in early 2019. This new pillar of the Corum family pays tribute to the brand’s founders who were always risk-takers and nonconformists. The entire premise of the LAB series is to break the mould by thinking outside of the proverbial box. LAB 02 certainly delivers. Corum Watch LAB 02 Replica Ref. Z300/03999 – 300.100.55/0F02 0010

corum lab 01 watch

Replica Watch brands today are often criticized for not being innovative, not being daring, and for clinging on to the past instead of looking to the future. Sadly, there is some truth to this, especially when you consider the trend of vintage-inspired watches which is still going strong. It’s great that brands are respecting and paying tribute to their history but there is a fine line between reverence and being lazy. Forgive me, I digress. We certainly can’t say that Corum isn’t trying new things with the new Heritage Corum Lab 01 watches.
The Heritage Corum Lab 01 marks the debut of the brand’s new Lab collection, a line that was conceived to experiment with new watch designs and philosophies. This move is critical for the brand as it tries to reinvent itself and shake free from its image of being known simply for the Golden Bridge, and to a lesser extent, the Bubble and Admiral watches. This new collection will be notable not only for its unorthodox designs but also for its technical features.
Since the Lab collection is all about being different and pushing boundaries, it should come as no surprise that the Corum Heritage Lab 01 comes not in a typical round case but in a barrel-shaped one. There are two variants of the Heritage Corum Lab 01. Both have the same case and movement and only differ slightly in the accents on the dial.
The barrel-shaped case measures 39.89mm by 55mm and it is reasonably thin at 11.75mm. The case is made out of grade 5 titanium with the case sides covered in rubber. The crown, also made out of titanium and inlaid with rubber, is positioned at 6 o’clock, which gives the case a clean profile. The watches come with rubber straps and titanium buckles. Water resistance is rated at 50 meters.
Underneath the sapphire crystal is an open-worked dial, which gives owners a good view of the inner workings of the watch. The movement within is unique because it is a “shaped movement.” In other words, the movement has been specially designed so that it fits the case. Most brands don’t go through all that trouble because it limits the options for where the movement can be used – a movement such as this can’t go into a typical round watch.
Specifically, the movement within is what Corum calls the calibre CO 410. It is a self-winding micro-rotor movement, and the rotor itself can be seen on the top right corner on the dial side. The rotor has been given a spiral finish so that it creates a more pronounced spinning effect when it is worn on the wrist. Just below the rotor, one can also see the single mainspring. Power reserve is about 50 hours and the movement beats at a very modern 4Hz. As I mentioned earlier, there are two variants of the Corum Lab 01 – one has red accents on the dial, the other has white accents.


Nudity of the horological genre is turning on watch fanatics big time. We’ve seen trailblazers like Richard Mille and Hublot’s invisible sapphire crystal cases, designed to reveal every last inch of flesh inside their watches, but when it comes to crediting the first watch to strip off the metal casing and show the beauty of its mechanical heart, we have Corum to thank.
Back in 1980, Corum launched the revolutionary Golden Bridge, the world’s first linear movement in a watch (also referred to as a baguette-movement because of its elongated shape), mounted in a transparent case. Designed by Vincent Calabrese, the Golden Bridge proposed a different way of viewing time. Instead of having a round-shaped movement tucked into a round case, the Corum Golden Bridge watch had its movement mounted on a vertical axis, exposed in a rectangular glass case, shown below.
The good news is that Corum has revisited its iconic Golden Bridge in 2017 with the stunning Golden Bridge Stream watch, below, which is a showcase of mechanical theatrics at its very best. Inspired by a 1930s American architectural movement referred to as Streamline Moderne, this design movement stripped back the ornamentation of Art Deco in favour of pure, aerodynamic lines to convey the sensation of speed and modernity associated with the growing phenomenon of mass production. The sleek lines of an American Greyhound bus of the 1930s or the exterior of Southgate Tube Station are good examples of Streamline Moderne.
Inside the curvaceous rectangular rose gold case you will notice two lateral structures that echo the architecture of San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge. The crisscrossed trestles of the bridge are replicated in solid rose gold and feature stylised rivets, just like the 1.2 million steel rivets that hold together the most famous, most photographed and, until 1964, longest suspension bridge in the world.
At the centre of the watch is Corum’s famous linear movement, held in place by a golden bridge. Exquisitely crafted, each component of the automatic movement works seamlessly thanks to the presence of two parallel linear weights that slide up and down to provide energy to the barrel. A fascinating watch to behold and limited to just 88 pieces, Corum’s Golden Bridge Stream is destined to become a coveted collector’s item.

Corum Watch Golden Bridge RECTANGLE ROSE GOLD

Back in 2020, we had a chance to go hands-on with the Corum Golden Bridge Round which was a departure from previous Golden Bridge watches by using a round case rather than the angular cases the collection had been known for. For Baselworld 2020, designer Dino Modolo helps return the Golden Bridge to its angular roots with the Replica Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle. Since its initial release in 1980, the Corum Golden Bridge has seen more than a few variations, and this version retains the collection’s hallmark feature – a movement that displays the full transfer of energy from its spring barrel at 6 o’clock to the escapement at 12 o’clock.
The caliber CO113 is what Corum refers to as an “in-line baguette” movement, which has all its parts stacked up in a column-like shape. Like the numerals, the bridge structure that supports the movement is made of 18k gold and decorated with a variety of engravings alongside the brand name. This unique movement layout allows the wearer to view every component in motion as power is transferred from one end of the case to the other. The movement itself operates at 4Hz with a power reserve of 40 hours.
The Replica Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle case measures 29.5mm wide by 42.2mm tall and a mere 9.3mm thick. The detailed execution of the 18-karat gold Roman numeral structures and rivets that surround the movement are very cool to look at it – it feels like something King Midas would approve of.
The rhodium-plated, baton-shaped hands provide a nice contrast with the gold structures, and to keep things simple, the movement only indicates the time with hours and minutes. There’s a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment over the skeletonized dial and a screw-in sapphire case-back that helps maintain the watch’s water-resistance of 30 meters. The crown itself is a distinctive touch and something I can appreciate for the sake of symmetry and balance. Due to the movement’s orientation, it’s located at 6 o’clock and features deep grooves for easy operation.

The Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle is a watch that will be catering to a very specific set of watch enthusiasts, to say the least. An art-deco, gold watch with a skeletonized dial that still feels as solid as, well, a bridge blends together a real masculine view of luxury with a refinement that is abundantly and obviously made clear.

Corum Watch Golden Bridge 39

It will soon be 40 years old. But the best is yet to come. Beyond its men’s and women’s models, its manual or automatic winding, its vertical or horizontal structure, there is still no shortage of pages left to be written about the baguette movement. The Corum Golden Bridge Round 39 is a perfect example.
It is probably one of the most daring High Jewellery creations, not only for Corum but for contemporary watchmaking. The Replica Corum Golden Bridge Round 39’s unique architecture features an exquisite interplay of shapes with its horizontal baguette movement and a half-moon on each side of a round 39 mm case. No fewer than six new High Jewellery versions are being unveiled today. Together, they highlight five exceptional stones: diamond, sapphire, ruby, tsavorite and amethyst.

These stones are set in a genuine gold lacework that extends across the movement. Unlike most jewellery creations, with the Golden Bridge Round 39, light thus comes from within the piece. It illuminates the movement with glints of blue, green, red, purple and white. The baguette movement is the central element and core identity of any Golden Bridge, and the entire composition of the Round 39 model has been designed to showcase it once again.\

To do so, a lacework microstructure has been stretched out alongside the movement, which is home to gem setting requiring a day and a half of work. To accentuate the dial’s radiance, Corum’s artisans have chosen a marquise cut for the stones, giving the impression that rays of light are emanating from the movement and radiating out toward the case. Finally, the openwork character of the jewellery lacework allows light to literally cross through the piece. Each stone sparkles differently, depending on the angle, nature and intensity of the light that is cast on it, meaning that the Golden Bridge Round 39 never looks quite the same throughout the day.

As with any High Jewellery piece, the Golden Bridge Round 39, offered in white gold and pink gold, is entirely paved (dial, bezel and horns). The diamond version has a final particularity: the two gold bridges that frame its baguette movement are paved with diamonds, as is the flange. These versions feature 76 Wesselton diamonds on the case, 12 marquise-cut diamonds and 24 round-cut diamonds on the microstructure, as well as 46 round-cut diamonds on the bridges of the microstructure and 60 diamonds on the flange, for a total of 6.41 carats.

Corum Golden Bridge Round 43 Art Deco

The 43mm case of the Corum Golden Bridge Round 43 Art Deco is titanium grade 5 with a black DLC treatment and polished bezel. There isn’t a dial as the narrow, vertical movement is simply suspended across the centre of the case, attached at 12 and 6 o’clock.
Corum Golden Bridge Round 43 Art Deco Español October 2019 Corum unveils two limited editions of their Golden Bridge, combining the aesthetic of the baguette movement with that of suspension bridges. Two aerial works of art, suspended in the void, hoisting …
Despite being almost 40 years old, the Golden Bridge remains an impressive feat of movement construction, and one that is not as highly regarded as it should be. The latest iteration of the watch is the Golden Bridge Round 43 Art Deco , which installs the Golden Bridge movement in a conventional, round case, but frames it on both sides with sets of brass wires, evoking the cables of suspension …
Powering up the Corum Golden Bridge Round 43 Art Deco is the brand’s CO 113 movement, with 28,800 bhp (4Hz) and a power reserve of 40 hours. The movement is identical to the one found in other Corum Golden Bridge watches, but it has its bridges and main plate crafted from solid 18k gold.
Golden Bridge Round 43 Art Deco: Two suspension points Corum unveils two limited editions of their Golden Bridge, combining Mechanics which are embodied by the legendary baguette movement. It dominates in all its length, at the centre of the piece, vertically.
Corum Golden Bridge Round 43 Art Deco This past summer, we here at ATimeyPerspective were the first to break the news of an all-new Corum Golden Bridge watch that the company quietly released. Thanks to a unique formation of a vertical baguette movement, two suspension points and skinny cables, the watch is truly incredible.
There are two different Golden Bridge Round 43 Art Deco models to choose from, one with a rhodium-plated finish and the other with a gold-plated finished (movement, cables, crown). Four symmetrical series of cables (16 in total) extend across both sides of the movement, however, these were designed add to the art deco aesthetics and provide no structural support.
Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE ROUND 43 ART DECO Replica watch B113/03951-113.955.95/F371 CA55R Corum-Golden Bridge rectangular diamond best clone online shopping A few months after the launch on the original model at the 2017 Basel International Watch and jewellery Show, the Golden Brdge baguette diamond appeared, and its particular decorative art design supplied it with a variety of martial arts and
The Corum Golden Bridge mechanism was first created back in 1980, when it made a major milestone in high-watchmaking thanks to its vertical-axis construction. Here it lines up with the crown, positioned at 6 o’clock, which makes it look like a genuine component of the hand-wound CO 113 movement.