Porsche Design Watch

IWC & Porsche Design – Porsche Design Watch Design is a unique cravy behavior of human beings. It is an era of social law and technology civilization; it is a kind of inspiration and pursuit of ultimate personality expression. As people’s demolition experience is increasing, visual, sense, and even spiritual high-level needs to be a need for modern product design.

Representatives of modern product design – Porsche Porsche cars are the same immortal works. As a leader in the automotive industry, Porsche, which has a German blood, is the ultimate in the concept of high-end small sports cars. In 1922, Porsche was founded to DR. G HC F. Porsche GmbH, he was just a business specializing in the design consultation for automobile brands (where the massive beetle was from him).

Until 1948, Porsche’s first model named Porsche 356 was published. It is this appearance of cool, convertible sedan to open the market. Slowly frequently appear on the racing competition, a gradually transition of the sports car route, and its price rose to a running car name.

Today, the watch you want to say is from Porsche’s hand, accurately, is Porsche design. What is the relationship between Porsche and Porsche?

This will lead to the porsche 911 designer, Fernand Porsche founder’s grandson Alexander Porsche. The Alexander Porsche inherited by the inheritance is also engineering, but with the family’s elders is that he has aesthetic taste of the engineer. Alexander Porsche is in design 911 because of the aesthetic concept with the person in charge of the maintenance person. After his old man, he was brainwashing Porsche to a joint-stock company after his business philosophy.

Alexander Porsche left Porsche, a point of return, a bit of the road to the family entrepreneurial stage, but the object of this design is no longer a car. Instead of life, you can see that Porsche Design has designed numerous products, design ballpoint pen, wallet, glasses, watches, clothes, suitcases and other life or fashionable fields; there are also many joint products, through their own design and each Industry brand large V strong cooperation, such as Adidas ball shoes, Huawei mobile phone, Kef speaker, Lego toys, etc.

Alexander Porsche launched in 1972, the watch Porsche Design Chrono I, and as the world’s first full black color watch has been concerned from all walks of life, boldly use PVD coating technology as a new material It is also greatly inspired the later watch manufacturers.

Porsche design watches have been enthusiastic, although the design company is born, but soft strength is not ignored; the machine is in contact with the watches, and the big and creative Porsche and strength talented talents have a shot, in 1978 launched The first Wan Kingdom & Porsche Caves.

The IWC & Porsche Design of the IW3510 is launched. The Luo Discharge not only proves the top design level of Alexander Porsche, but also shows the powerful manufacturing strength of the country; it also uses black electro-plating design, and the material is boldly uses new space aluminum material, and clever Place the compass function in the watch.

This not only requires the imagination of the designer’s sky, but also relying on the country that will design to become a strong hard manufacturing ability; such a fantastic combination not only comes from the same engineer who works in the 1970s and Zuntai, refer to engineers REF.1832SL Watch.

This is also the same for IW3510, which is the same as the IW3510. This is the special version of the military green shell. It is not helpful to let people think of the colored colors of the jungle fans, and the compass is also more fit.

In 40 years, the watch also retains excellent original original. In addition to the strap loss, the corner is slightly worn, and there are almost no traces. Re-equipped the Nato nylon belt with the military, the whole table is new, and if you don’t say its year, most will feel that there is no doubt.

The design of the disk will be just like the “Baohaus style”: simple lines, the contrast of color, the thickness of the line, and the reasonable space layout will be allocated all the details.

This type of design is simple, emphasizes the function, not the form of design concept is an important tributary in the modern design school; it can be seen that the Alexander Porsche is influenced by this concept, most of the products designed, mostly simple and practical.

39mm of the surface is 39mm, the space aluminum outer casing using a PVD coating, the space aluminum material has a high hardness and is characterized by magnetic (this is critical to the compass). Porsche Design 1919

The case of the case is aluminum alloy, which can be seen from the details and use of the country. Whether it is the smoothness of the shell, or the edge of the edge, it can see the strength of the big factory. . On the color of the coating, the military green has not been faded in thirty years, it is estimated to use Porsche’s own lacquer.

It can be seen that the entire shell thickness is well controlled, the total thickness is 13mm, even with the NATO nylon belt, there is no discomfort during the wear, thanks to the lightweight effect brought by aluminum alloy.

By pressing the buttons at the 6-point table ear, you can open the orientation survey in the internal compass; this should be called “north needle”, and there are several functions compared to the simple compass, which comes with rotatable The ring gear can rotate the dial of the dial, which can be positioned in the upper corner direction of the map, or perform a triangular measurement method to position position positioning.

The design of the core cover is also very creative, and the cartridge for the sealing function is made of glass lens. It is usually nothing to open the photo mirror or to do reflective distress irradiation (long distance through reflectance for Persian password), but its mirror truly use is to measure the magnetic square angle, and the specific tutorial network is not described in more information.

The cooperation of Wan Guo and Porsche is very happy. The most interesting is that in the late 1970s by the 1980s: because of the “Stone Storm” impact, the traditional mechanical form is in the weakest period, so the time Porsche Design is more powerful than the country. . Two cooperation to the end, Porsche Design fake attempted to buy IWC, or if there are some directors of Wan State to oppose, this matter is almost talks.

In 1995, Porsche Bought the Year of China (ETERNA) Watch Factory, Porsche design naturally has to help the factory, and the Wan Kingdom & Porsche design of many years has also come to an end.

Finally, the most classic table of Wannang and Porsche: Ocean 2000, the German Federal Armed Forces, the German Federal Armed Forces, to the country, to design a watch that is suitable for the Navy, and the participation of Porsche design allows this cooperation to the new height.

It can be seen that the appearance is very strong, which can resist two kilometers deep waterproof; simultaneous material uses new titanium metal materials, which can be completely uniform. This is the need for the use of the submersible forces to easily remove underwater mines because mines are very sensitive to metal magnetic properties.

Later, this custom watch also put into the mass market, the model named IWC Ocean 2000 REF.3524, whether it is military or civilian, Porsche design has been compliant with Chongzhi (Purism). Wan Guo & Porsche’s joint cooperation will also load into a classic case, and everyone will share together. chrono4usale