Porsche Design 1919 Global Timepiece UTC

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At first glance, Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC looks like a chronograph with two buttons on the right side of the case. But here, the promoter does not activate the stopwatch, but controls the time zone function. This is unique in the watch industry. Since the founding of Porsche Design Timepieces AG in Solothurn, Switzerland in 2014, Porsche principles have been indispensable. The research, design and production of watches are under the company’s own control, while always maintaining direct contact with sports car manufacturers and manufacturers. Engineer of Porsche Motosport.

Calibre 04.110 is based on Sellita SW200 and adds an exclusive Dubois Depraz module and a unique Porsche design finish.

This symbiotic relationship is often visible, but it has never been so clearly defined and direct as it is today. The first Porsche Design watch was launched in 1972-this year, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche founded the Porsche Design lifestyle brand with a vision to extend the Porsche legend beyond the car. For the father of the 911, it was obvious that according to the dashboard of the car, this watch must be a chronograph with a black dial. Therefore, the Globetimer UTC in 1919 evokes the words of a famous industrial designer: “You must use what you have learned to consistently find the best new solution.” Porsche Design engineers can transform the chronograph with a black dial With a world time function, it also transfers the technology of the racing world directly to the timepiece.

The previous chronograph button on the right side of the 1919 Globetimer UTC case now operates the world time function, so the hour hand showing the main time can be changed with a quick click. If you travel to a different time zone, you can adjust the hour hand forward by pressing the start-stop chronograph button at 2 o’clock (now engraved with a plus sign) or use the rest button at 4 o’clock to adjust it backwards (marked with a minus sign) ), depending on whether you travel east or west. The most advanced technique here is that the date will go in either direction, while the central hand indicates the home time, and from their unique connection with motorsport, the time zone control using two buttons is adapted from the paddle shift on the steering wheel of a sports car. In addition, Porsche engineers designed a smooth shift control similar to those in modern transmissions.

Movement goes smoothly

This is not a marketing gimmick-it is clearly a technological shift from the world of motorsports to the field of time measurement, as can be seen in the complex changes of the Globetimer UTC movement in 1919. The starting point is the widely used Sellita automatic movement SW200, which runs at 4Hz and provides a 38-hour (now rather meager) power reserve. In the Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC version, the movement has been certified by the observatory to meet the highest quality standards, and is equipped with a Glucydur balance wheel and a Nivarox 1 hairspring, achieving a deviation of no more than -4 seconds or +6 seconds. Results per day . Whether in our multi-week wear test or when it is fully wound on a chronograph machine, the movement (called 04.110 in Porsche Design) does not increase by more than 1 second per day. Once the power starts to run out, the rate begins to be affected a bit, but it remains within the acceptable range of the astronomical clock, about -2 seconds.

Cutting-edge technology In collaboration with movement expert Dubois Depraz, a dedicated module for time zone control was created: two springs maintain tension under the right side of the case. Pressing the button causes the spring to jump, and with the rapid “click” you can feel and hear, the hands advance to the next time zone. This reflects the Porsche dual-clutch transmission that has selected the next gear. This effect is specifically designed to recall the paddle shifters on the steering wheel of a sports car and show the next gear—or in this case, the next 24-hour track around the edge of the dial remains unchanged.

Time zone control based on Motosport design

Manufacturers such as Omega or Breitling use the crown to control the time adjustment. You must pull the crown out and turn it in one direction or the other. You may encounter the wrong position or accidentally adjust the time. Porsche engineers realized that this method did not conform to Porsche’s design principles. But on the other hand, perhaps the Porsche engineer is the only one who can use the two previous chronograph buttons to control the time adjustment. From a historical point of view, the first Porsche Design watch was a time zone-has been adopted.

Black and white contrast to improve clarity

In order to ensure that the buttons normally used for best Porsche Design chronographs can also be used for time zone control, it is necessary to design an intermediate gear and modify the winding stem-partly so that all the operating elements on the right side of the Porsche design titanium case will be perfectly aligned .

The hand date indication (also a new design modification of the Sellita basic movement) advances forward and backward through the cam, pointing to the steel date ring inside the dial. There are 12 applied hour markers on the edge of the 1919 case, which glows bright green inside the case of 1919. This timepiece reflects two worlds-Porsche Motorsport, with time zone control, reminiscent of the change on the steering wheel. The Porsche Design watch brand of paddles, whose expertise can be traced back to 1972.

In the dark, together with the hands of the main time indication and the tip of the 24-hour hand. The triangles of different widths and 12 o’clock position provide additional directions-in line with the philosophy of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who said: “If you analyze the function of an object, its form is usually the black and white contrast on the dial 1919 Worldtimer UTC and the perfect pointer length on a matte black background (such as Chronograph I form 1972) set the tone of the watch.

The dark dial is designed to provide ample space for a clear display that is visible both day and night. In order to ensure the wearer’s clarity, a small window at 9 o’clock indicates the time of day, and night indicates the time. buy Replica watches

As we expected from Porsche Design, a 42mm titanium case surrounds the display, giving the impression of a shiny container inside a brushed and polished lock. The complexity of the main part of the case is presented without the bezel. The dial adopts a hard-coated sapphire crystal glass with seven layers of anti-glare treatment, and a solid threaded case back seals the case and ensures a pressure resistance of 10 bar.

Although the movement is not visible, the carefully engraved case back is engraved with the city name, which provides information on the world’s 24 time zones based on the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) named for the watch. No matter where you are going to travel, you will always know how many “clicks” it takes to set up a new area. London specifies the zero point. The Austrian town of Zell an See represents Central European Time (UTC + 1) and is a cautious reference to the location of the Porsche Design Studio.

Perfect click

If you want to use the 24-hour hand for the second time zone, you need to pull out the crown completely to adjust the hands. Then use the button to set the main hour hand to the home time. Not very complicated, but be careful-the seductive click may entice you to play with it and end with the wrong settings. In the manual adjustment of the position, there is a convenient modern hacking mechanism to facilitate precise setting of the time. Pull the crown out to the middle position and turn it clockwise to quickly set the date, but if you only need to adjust for a day or two, this can also be done by pushing the lever. Putters have been load tested 10,000 times, so you can not only use them for occasional time zone changes. In our tests, we were tempted to try the pusher more than once. They are a major feature of watches. If you return the push rod to its starting position very slowly, you can feel the tension of the spring under the case. After completing all the necessary settings, you can firmly screw the crown back to its original position.

Designed for big wrists. The glass bead and sandblasted middle part is perfectly integrated with the hollow lugs. Its design reflects the principle of Porsche lightweight structure. It has been a part of Porsche Design since Worldtimer in 2007. The black leather strap is attached to the highly curved lugs. The cleverly integrated reinforcement at the connection point means that the 1919 Globetimer UTC is particularly suitable for larger wrist sizes, but not very suitable for smaller wrist sizes. The sturdy titanium buckle can be easily opened on both sides with a button, and the loose end of the strap is held in place with wide claws. Now, nothing can stop the journey around the world, with a single click, you can take the traveler into another time zone, with outstanding Porsche design style.