New: An overview of the two green Patek Philippe models – Ref. 5205 and 5270

Patek Philippe has released four new styles in the now timeless shade of green. Here’s our overview of the two men’s pieces, the Ref. 5025R -011 Annual Calendar with Gradient Olive Green Dial and the Ref. 5270P-014 Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Reference. The 5270 features a gradient lacquered dial. The other two are ladies models, Ref 4910/1200A Twenty-4 manchette quartz and Ref. 7130R-014 Ladies World Time.

green. New black?
Patek Philippe uses green in their watches in quite a remarkable way. Last madness about Nautilus Ref lately. The olive green 5711/1A is an example. Arguably, the Tiffany dial version that followed was also a shade of green. Although the official information released during Nautilus Olive Green was that it was a final edition, it quickly blew up, with the first pieces auctioned reaching truly astronomical prices. . We are not reporting on the Tiffany version as it is an extremely limited edition and can only be purchased from Tiffany in New York.

refer to. 5711/1A Olive green dial.
It’s not always olive green, though. Patek Philippe cheap used a creamy lacquer green in Ref. The 5930P-001 World Time Flyback Chronograph, (the blue dial version shown in our review linked here) serves as an example.

In 2004, the Aquanaut Luce ladies’ watch with “Adventurous Khaki” dial and strap attracted considerable attention. Since then, the khaki nuance has been part of several Aquanaut models (Ref. 5168G-010 Men’s Aquanaut Watch, Ref. 5968G-010, Aquanaut Chronograph, Ref. 5267/200A-011 Aquanaut Luce). In 2021, the manufacturer introduces another dial color: olive green. It starts with self-winding Ref. The 7300/1200A-011 20~4 is followed by the last two series of Ref. Absolute sports version of the 5711 Nautilus stainless steel (5711/1A-014 and 5711/1300A-001) and stainless steel self-winding flyback chronograph (Ref. 5905/1A-001). In the same year, Patek Philippe expanded the range and gave the self-winding Ref. 5930P-001 World Time Flyback Chronograph with a green opalescent lacquered dial center in a slightly darker tone.

Today, we present two models in green that give the timepieces of the current collection a new, modern and timeless look, highlighting the individuality of each model and blending in with light in many ways. cheap watch for sale

refer to. 5202 Gradient Olive Green Dial
Unmistakable and modern: ref. 5205R-011 Rose gold with black gradient on the edge of the dial.

The watch is identical to the existing Ref. 5205, except for the dial and rose gold case.

refer to. 5270 Gradient Lacquered Dial
For Platinum Ref. 5270P-014 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Patek Philippe also offers a green lacquered dial with a black gradient, revisiting the classic nuanced colors reminiscent of the bodies of the most beautiful vintage cars.

Apart from the case material and dial color, this watch is identical to the existing 5270.