Hardcore Interpretation, Patek Philippe 5470, Another “God’s Work”

Today, the watch I want to tell you is the most powerful chronograph in the world of famous watches. When I took some time to understand the details of this watch, the technical sophistication is breathtaking. This is the Patek Philippe 1/10-Second Chronograph 5470. Patek Philippe is another “God’s work”.

The basic structure of the mechanical movement of a famous watch is not complicated. The structure of each movement is essentially the same. However, when implementing various functions, there will be some details and even extremely subtle problems. For example, whether the gear meshing is accurate, whether the pointer starts smoothly, and whether the transmission torque is stable. These small problems will not affect the function of the watch, and most brands will not spend too much effort to solve these small problems. However, very few brands will use their best technology to completely solve these most subtle mechanical problems, and develop many new technology structures for this purpose. This is Patek Philippe. The latest manifestation is the 5470 chronograph.

Why did Patek Philippe launch the 5470 chronograph?

5470 is Patek Philippe’s first ever 1/10-second chronograph with a swing frequency of 36,000 times/hour.

The 1/10 second chronograph is not uncommon in famous watches. Zenith el primero chronograph movement, Blancpain F385 chronograph movement, Grand Seiko crown blue lion 9S series movement, all swing frequency 36,000 times / hour, with an accuracy of 1/10 second.

But there is a problem. Most 1/10-second watches also have a central second hand, which makes a circle in 60 seconds. Although the movement can reach 1/10-second accuracy, we can’t see it with the naked eye. Zenith has been working on solving this problem before. Now, Patek Philippe has also joined the ranks and made a chronograph with 1/10 second precision directly from the dial. The sophistication of technology, unprecedented, this is the 5470.

Patek Philippe 5470, how can I see 1/10 of a second on the dial?

In the center of the dial of Patek Philippe 5470, there are two seconds hands. One red, one white (off-white). After the timing is started (the 2 o’clock position of the case is the timing button), the white hand is the normal chronograph second hand to make a circle in 60 seconds; the red one is the 1/10 second chronograph second hand to make a circle of 12 seconds, and the red one is fast. The white needle indicates “seconds” and the red needle indicates “tenths of a second”. For example, 6.8 seconds, the white needle indicates 6 seconds, and the red needle indicates 0.8 seconds.

The red hand is also easy to read, there are 12 red scales on the 5470 dial with 10 grids between the red scales, which is 1/10 of a second. Just look, the red needle is on the first few grids, which is a few tenths of a second. Regardless of the position of the red needle on the dial, just count the grids from the nearest red scale in front, and the first grid is a few tenths of a second.

The 5470 uses the fake Patek Philippe CH29 series manual chronograph movement. The original CH29 movement has a swing frequency of 28800, but now it is increased to 36000 swing frequency on the 5470 for 1/10 of a second. The specific number of the movement is CH29-535 PS 1/10.

Since the 5470 has an extra 1/10 second red hand, Patek Philippe superimposed a set of 1/10 second wheel train on the original normal timing wheel train of CH29 to control the 1/10 second red hand. The superimposed 1/10-second wheel train is directly installed on the four wheels (that is, the second wheel of the travel wheel train), driven by the four wheels, and drives the central red needle through the huge “octopus spoke” clutch gear of the horizontal clutch. ,start stop.

This is why Patek Philippe is upgrading the barrel, replacing the full balance escapement, and optimizing the structure of the 1/10-second components. Just to fit into a 41mm, 13.68-thick platinum case. The 5470’s CH29-535 PS 1/10 manual chronograph movement measures only 29.6 mm and is 6.96 mm thick. Under the extremely complex and compact structure, 48 hours of power is guaranteed. The grinding and decoration of the movement maintains the top level of Patek Philippe, and the travel time reaches the -3/+2 seconds required by the Patek Philippe mark. best replica watch site