Use the most beautiful Klein blue to realize a lofty dream: Jacobs & Co. The World is Yours dual time watch

The design of Jacob & Co.’s works is never born out of thin air. The newly released The World is Yours dual-time watch is just an emotional work that traces back the birth of the brand. It not only condenses the lofty ambitions of the founder , which also tells the family story of three generations, is an emotional work integrating cutting-edge technology and exquisite craftsmanship.

The design was inspired by a watch that brand founder Jacob Arabov received from his father at the age of 13—a two-time best watch engraved with Europe, Africa and the American continent. The land blocks on the map are all handmade. Exquisitely carved, and has a very rare two sets of separate dials. At that time, he was in Uzbekistan under the Soviet system, and the social culture of Europe and the United States could only be glimpsed through special channels. Such a significant and complex watch not only opened the eyes of the young Jacob, but also carried his father’s love for him. His expectation is that he can go out of Uzbekistan and bravely open up a new world of his own. This watch with profound heritage significance became the source of inspiration for Jacob to later design jewelry and create a watch kingdom, and also became the starting point for the creation of complex function watches such as the Five Time Zone five time zone watch and the Epic SF24 world time zone watch.

In order to commemorate this period of history, Jacob and his son Benjamin decided to name this new creation The World Is Yours, paying tribute to his father Nison Arabov, because he always guides his children and grandchildren in the right direction, just like in the center of this watch , The small second hand that symbolizes the rose compass. The rose gold case with a diameter of 43mm is equipped with stepped lugs. The three continents on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are distributed on the curved dial, and the time of the two places is displayed on the double dial. Each land plate depicts the ups and downs of mountains and valleys with three-dimensional relief techniques, and is distributed on the ocean presented by hand-painted blue paint. The end of the pointer is slightly curved to fit the curvature of the dial.

Flipping to the back, the 18K rose gold solid case back engraves the other side of the earth, including Africa, Eurasia, Oceania, Japan and Australia.

The dial base is made of arched brass. The part of the landmass in the map is carved with high-precision laser, and the surface of the landmass is die-cast with a special high-precision mold. Three small dials are carved out of the dial base. After the entire face plate is fully processed, it is electroplated and covered with rose gold plating. Gold Roman numerals, Arabic numerals and orbital hour markers are embossed.

Equipped with Jacob & Co.’s new exclusive self-made movement JCAA11 self-winding movement, it can display two completely independent hours and minutes, which are vertically symmetrical with the central small second hand at the upper and lower ends. The hours and minutes of the two sets of time can be adjusted arbitrarily through the crown to display different time zones around the world. This design is very rare. Two sets of independent dials can clearly display the local time and home time, and the adjustment method is very simple. The small second hand in the center of the dial is presented in the shape of a rose compass. Four long needle points, one of which is painted red, serve as the second hand indicator. Discount luxury watches