Breitling Premier Heritage Chronos

In our last conversation a few months ago, CEO Georges Kern could hardly remain calm, and he proudly gushed about Breitling’s novelties in 2021-of course, he did not reveal anything. As we have discovered now, his excitement is totally justified. This year, the Premier series will include six new and very unique Premier Heritage Chrono models in three sub-series.

Sports chronograph meets dress watch
In 2018, Kern proposed the first prime minister of the new era. This is surprising because the model did not receive any particular attention before the restart. The Premier Collection is based on a line that was originally conceived by Willie Breitling in 1940 and picked up his predecessors along with his personal visual achievement of a modern and elegant watch. This involves the combination of Léon Breitling’s tachymeter display and Gaston Breitling’s chronograph, with a separate button at 2 o’clock. Willy Breitling added two separate chronograph buttons at 4 o’clock to further refine these functions to create a stylish watch with a sensual case and a low-key dial.

In his time, Willy Breitling cheap was an important supplier of famous military and pilot watches-although after years of war, he increasingly wanted to be normal. He wants to bring optimism to himself and others through beautiful objects. In addition, having a good sense of fashion is Willy Breitling’s obsession. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first Premier in 1943 was Willy Breitling’s dream come true; a stylish watch that also incorporates the superb technology of the company’s history.

Continuously evolving series
Georges Kern may see himself as an intergenerational ambassador for this historically important model. After re-launching the series in 2018, Kern respectfully adopted the achievements of the company’s founder, while also making subtle adjustments and technically updated Premier.

Now, he continues to follow Willy Breitling’s idea of ​​elegant watches, launching a number of new features. In other words, Kern also leaves room for some fashion elements. This includes using Premier as a watch, which can be used as a formal watch and has enough sportiness, which can be paired with a suit or a leather jacket. Therefore, the once baton time scale is now Arabic numerals, and the hands have become more classic. In addition, new precious metals and new features are entering Premier watches. In addition, all new models are equipped with exquisite alligator leather straps with the same color stitching.

Premier B09 Chronograph 40
The premier chronograph, pre-measured to 42mm, is now available in the form of two 40mm models. This is essentially Breitling’s “return to origin”-the historical Premier watch has a smaller size, 36-38 mm. Of course, this is not a fashionable size at all today.

In addition, the movement is also a bit like the root of the model, and now has a classic manual winding mechanism. The new chronograph uses the B09 movement manufactured by Breitling and is based on the 01 movement. This is the same movement that powers the Navitimer Ref. 806 and AVI reference. 765. In addition, the choice of manual winding movement means that the open caseback is a particularly pleasant feature.

The expansion of the Premier Chronograph also introduces several new color and material combinations. One of the two models has a pistachio green dial in a stainless steel case. At the same time, the second watch uses a silver dial and an 18-carat red gold case. Both dials are very well done (actually this applies to all models). On the one hand, Breitling keeps the sub-dial chronograph in the same hue as the dial. In addition, the “B” in Arabic numerals and Breitling logo is not simply printed, but cleverly applied. As with Arabic numerals, it is a smart move to replace the baton pointer with the cathedral pointer.

Breitling’s self-made B09 movement has passed the COSC certification and can provide about 70 hours of power reserve. The new Premier B09 chronograph comes with a golden brown alligator strap with a folding clasp.

Premier B15 Duograph 42
It may be foreseen that sooner or later the Premier chronograph will be given a drag pointer. After all, as a chronograph expert, the watch company has something to prove in this complex field. Willie Breitling launched the first Breitling Duograph in 1944 after the name Duograph, which means 2 chronograph hands, the more common term “drag pointer” or “chasing needle” was established in Breitling at first.

The Premier Duograph of the 21st century was born. Breitling introduced a new movement for this watch, the Breitling-made movement B15. This movement uses the internal split-second movement B03, but it is manually wound instead of an automatic movement. The height of the core is 8.68 mm and the total height of the case is 15.35 mm. The integrated crown button for dragging the pointer function is a special function previously used on historical models.

The new Premier B15 Duograph 42 has a glossy dark blue dial and a 42 mm stainless steel case, or a black dial and an 18 carat red gold case. Breitling’s self-made manual winding movement B15 has also passed the COSC certification and can provide approximately 70 hours of power reserve. replica aaa watches