Zenith – Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane

Although Christoph Colomb has found a land containing infinitely likely to have a key to handle the key to handle the key to ensure the best precision in the watch: high Time sequencing of oscillation frequencies; the effect of neutralizing gravity is harmful; and eliminate changes in chloridemia. In other words, the goal is to solve the problem (gravity) wearing problems (gravity) and the duration of its operations (gradually lost, etc. – the same oscillation of the regulatory organ – with the watch gradually discharged), and still exist Exact time measurement (managed by equilibrium moving).

How to have this goal, this goal is the number of parts that make up the manual wind EL Primero 3805 for the college hurricane: 939! The chain chain member, 354 is used for motion 173 for gravity control modules. This special movement is 36,000 vibration per hour – typical el primero – it provides a 50-hour power reserve.

Although the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries is equipped with Fusée to specify the driving force that is passed to the walk, today’s things are different. Only a few watch manufacturers can convert this mechanism into small space inside the watch. As its Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane, Zenith is now a member of this highly exclusive music.

The gradual discharge of the mechanical watches leads to a loss of amplitude loss and corresponding precision. Instead, through the Fusée chain transmission system, the driving force remains completely stable in the duration. The spring of its heart gives the bucket, and Fusée originates from specific complex coil shapes – compensates for a change in the force of a bucket that will gradually occur.

The transfer between the Hurricane of the Hurricane of the Hurricane, the Hurricane, the Hurricane, the Hurricane, was treated by 585 components of 18 cm long. This extremely complex component has a structure based on alternating dual and intermediate links, and the size of the rivet is to design a complex amount of complicated calculations for controlling their gaps. Although the chain calls of unlimited expertise and care, it has more than 3,000 grams of stretchable force once installed. best replica watches review

Within the duration of the entire power supply, the bucket is transmitted to Fusée through the chain around the bucket to Fusée. By adjusting the change of tension, Fusée transmits its constant force to change training, which in turn gives the silicone ever in the gyro inside.

Although it takes more than 50 hours – the entire power reserve duration – is completely wound on the bucket for the chain, the stem winding process is a charming scene. A last few seconds provided an opportunity to see the opposite way relative to the working direction of Fusée and the bucket, so the chain can be wrapped around Fusée to wind a spring.

Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane also canceled the phenomenon of adverse effects on the rate of mechanical watches: gravity.

Committed to maintaining the principles of regulatory organs in horizontal position leading to the best balance, thereby producing optimal timing accuracy, Zenith concept, and patented revolutionary self-adjusting gyroscope institution, gravity control system, aimed to ensure regulatory organs and escapement The agency is permanently saved in this position. This is different from the trees, and the gyromene is corrected in each position along the four vertical axes per minute.

Gravity control from astronomer history, the principle of universal suspension generated by the heaven, which is a pivotal support introduced on the 16th century ocean fence, designed to turn them and keep the horizontal position, even if they do not Then be arranged due to the pitch and scroll of the ship.

All debris sapphire crystals show the shiny mechanical refinement of the Fusée chain system, revealing the chains and Fusée, and the chain gradually covers themselves. At 6 o’clock, the gyro, a magnificent 173-time table system, and appreciate the telescope with a rotating movement. The roundness of the dome is echoed by the open working hours and minutes dialing curves in 12 o’clock, while the hand suddenly rarely and the power storage display is also smrumed. In the bridge, sapphire crystals reveal the global pattern laser in the gyro module, which has paid the contribution to the traveler of Kristol Colombia.

ZENITH Academy Christophe Colomb Hurnicane released 25 limited editions, pink gold boxes with 45 mm pink gold boxes, which is water for water. Below, some real-time photos. Considering the diameter, the watch is surprisingly comfortable on the wrist.