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Chopard Gaoshan Eagle watched the world debut

at last. Finally flip. The new Chopard Alpine Eagle Collection makes me not only for Chopard, but also the waiting list that is in a dilemma, for a few luxury steel sports watches. In addition, when considering the state of the luxury watch industry, it also brought me a short relief moment. That’s why.

I have respected Chopard and its watchmaking department for a long time – even though they rarely explain the reasons. Their Miglia series is a series of automotive inspiration series, a bit nicked, although you are in that nib. Their LUC series is restricted by leather, although Chopard’s ultra-high-end thing is the best, but its production is limited, and it has not had a spot Horlogerie in the advanced ivory towers.

In the four years of production, the Alpine Eagle is eventually no IFS or BUTS – um, maybe in addition to this name, this may be a bit too tamed. This is a watch that is presented in modestly, that is, Calverdri Shifutu and Chopard’s normal, but the product itself, if it has the ability, I am estimated, I would rather fly over the pirate flag, shouting a thing like this, “eat Drop your east, Baixi Philip! Arrgh! “

From mandatory three annular bracelets to its bar – there is no special implementation quality, until it goes multi-functional design, Chopard Gaoshan Eagle is everything you need to put Chopard on the map, not just any given Niki, but a more wide audience – the audience “Sports” watches “Sports” watches by self-crowned steel luxury goods. In both cases, the price is 10,100 US dollars in two cases, the price of 36 mm is $ 10,100, and the 41 mm grid version is $ 12,900, the collection is Snap Bang, where it needs a replacement of the usual suspect. But it is not just about the price – there are stories, history and quality. How to measure the octagonal alternatives, we will quickly discover – but first, some backgrounds are how it become.

I remember the first time, and the three generations of Chopard have the Scheufele family exists in the product release. First, a generation of Karl Scheufeele, III, purchased Chopard in 1963, and transformed into a global brand. His son Karl-Friedrich Scheufee has been running the company’s watch sector in recent decades, and transforms Chopard into an independent and able to watch manufacturing, that is, today’s movements, cases and bracelets – he also repositioned LUC The height of the series – to the ultra-high range and launched FerDinand Berthoud. The youngest generation is the 22-year-old Karl-Fritz Scheufele. He is shared and must protect the grandfather’s plan, let him enter Chopard is too small. The reason they exist is that the Gaoshan Eagle reveals its achievement of the three generations of collaboration.

I have forgotten the repentance of the tears: presenting surprisingly, with a person’s disadvantages and advantages of the individual generations, as well as their own roles to create a new watch collection. Opened at the beginning, Carl Friedrich was open to Chopard Santa Migitz, he designed and launched one of his first projects, when he joined Chopard’s second generation. In the 1970s, he has been to Moritz to St. Marez, in the affirmative gorgeous party, currently, has become a clear restraint of ski paradise, a small town, and even thoughts from Switzerland. replica watches china

Time has passed Saint Moritz because it has completed the disposable watches on thin, quartz and steel coated lineup. However, this did not prevent the youngest generation – the lack of experience and fearless design – from the regression collected. Karl-Fritz ‘The idea of ​​restarting this collection is from his father’s “soft”, this is a “soft” of the CEO of a conservative and thoughtful watch company. This “soft” has taken two years of persuasiveness, observed this – secretly developed a dissolved prototype, all of which are trying to persuade Calfrich’s alpine eagle in Chopard carefully planned collection It should be taken for.

Once the actual development of Chopard Gaoshan Eagle has begun, it is a unremitting and training eye in the elderly, in order to rule each process in detail – this fact is explicitly reflected in each element of these watches. Karl III grandfather promoted the process through his famous persistence; KARL-Friedrich requires 40mm, 41mm, 42mm and 43mm wide-specific eyes to determine the ideal dimensions of the larger model; help in the family’s female members Under, a similar quantity alternative is set, and the perfect size of a smaller version. They solved the size of 41 and 36 mm – although the latter is, I estimate that the perfect male watch size is like the Rolex date, the Gaoshan Eagle 36 seems to be female chemical in its proportion.

Why is the eagle? This series is started near Gstaad and returned in July. Gstaad is UN high-end ski paradise – I guess, because I don’t ski, and the appearance of things, this place in this place is not recorded the most popular summer middle. Although I have not yet become a fan of any residential area of ​​Switzerland, but their landscape is really magical. With the huge grayscale peaks of the Alps, in their luxurious green summer clothes, the participants of the event be greet the members of the Eagle Foundation. The goal is to help some of the eagle returns to the Alps, and finally 200 Ann a hunting. In their company is three dreamy eagles, two young people with only four years old, among them. (I was told to live to 50 years old.)

The foundation will enjoy the support of Wen Bang – instead of each sale, but with annual payment – in line with Chopard promotion, it uses sustainable source materials, which is a global, ecologically considerate-operated organizational operation. I like a line, I like Karl-Friedrich Scheufee’s new watch speech is this: “The eagle is awareness ambassador.” Obviously, the eagle is the only creative that can directly look directly at the sky, and is a found up to 10kms ( Or Six miles of prey. I thought that this consciousness is progressing smoothly, and the products that have been properly redesigned from the materials that have been on the wrist. Therefore, the dial of the high mountain eagle watch is inspired by the retina of the eagle.

Lucent Steel – What is new in Wonderful Hissone?
In addition, everything is new, down to the materials used. Chopard has always been tracking one of the forefront of gold – 100% of Golden Chopard’s use of the watch is a moral belong, and some of them undertakes the childhood gold certificate (limited to rare facts of Fairmined Gold-Certified Mines. The newly created authorization process is slow). Now, with the Alpine Eagle Collection, steel has joined the traceability of this pursuit to traceability with Chopard’s very pure Luo Xun Steel A223. Reduced carbon footprint produced by European suppliers, Chopard’s Lucent Steel A223 and 70% recovered stainless steel and 30% steel allocation of steel coherent from 100% traceable source. The mind, Chopard also recovered 100% steel waste. Perhaps more importantly, Lucent Steel is a double forge to delete as much pollution as possible, thereby preventing its anti-allergens and compares with surgery stainless steel on its chemical composition.

The double forging process has two additional benefits. First of all, due to its name suggestion, Chopard’s Lucent Steel A223 is more difficult to conventional steel with standard 316L stainless steel ~ 150 Vax ~ 150 Vikock. Second, it is steel, truly incredible whiteness and brightness – so much, therefore, for the first time in seven years and about 90,000 view photography images, I struggled to reflect the reflectance of the steel and luxury bracelet watch .

If you think my image is more dark than usual, it is due to adjustment, I have to make up for the brightness and whiteness of Langxun Steel. I have never seen such something – no Rolex’s 904L steel, with AP or PATEK, no other place. Its perfect white, and rich color and its shiny tendencies will follow “now, this is something like the luxury steel watch should look like.” Even from the general newcomer with unsuccessful eyes, this The quality and excellent appearance of the material are also easy to see. It is important to pay attention to that bright rays and lack of its inherent color appearance is not cheap – the opposite. Simply look very translucent and orange reflections on the following two external links, as shown below. Things like accidental or wrong; it only occurs in top surface processing. luxury replicas

People don’t have to be a master of Engineering to know that it is more difficult, it is more difficult. (Of course, making a high-quality case from Marshmallows will be a equally difficult challenge, but I believe that you got me.) In the table, such attributes often convert to a more beautiful and special surface from . According to the product release demonstration, the engineer in the launch of this material, a few months (and I guess, playing out the trick-based factory) when broadcasting all kinds of French curse) – how many mechanical (and nerve) collapse They must endure in the process of manufacturing Luo Yun Steel, just like they know that it is as beautiful. A glimpse on the bracelet indicates that their efforts are steady-state flat and uniformly brush the shape of the surface, and the deep glow of the inclined edge and polishing center links.

Chopardying’s design and durability
The design itself is based on the collection of St. Moritz in Chopard 1980. In line with the times, even today’s 36mm versions are more wider than the original, it is not a 41mm variant feeling or cumbersome, or in the “sports”. The three-link bracelet remains unchanged in its layout, but in fact, in most other aspects: the connecting rods are still clamped by eight pins, allowing rigid and flexibility of popular binding. Raising the central link rather than the same rinsing as usual, because it was once the 40-year-old original, and the integration between the bracelet and the lug structure now includes more complex lugs, benefited from the latest case manufacturing Progress. It has only multi-axis CNC machines and complex tools that enable this projection and angled design and alternating finishing.

The processes of the original baffle and case configuration file are kept intact, although the latter is equivalent to the block of the new model to support a larger side. The original taste and playful playful in the new design, I hope not this. Then, this more angular and structured appearance is a luxury sports watch in the 41 meter market. Just my courage can tell me, the public taste will continue to restore the width and ventilation design in the 1980s, the initial Santa Migitz is so beautiful and cute example – but here and now, the Alpine bird eagle is Yes, it must be sitting there as much as possible.

A interesting detail – the will of the detail method of Wing Teard of Wing Bang, which is praised above – is the trouble of fake Chopard through the functional screws of the housing and the baffle, so that their slots are arranged together with the flow. So, yes, Hublot did not disturb, and Chopard did what was achieved in a smart way, and made in smartly. Read this, you may be one of the following two groups: a) Hublots (and other watches) Never bother you, or b), you think they are opposite to a good luxury design. If you are group A), you may ignore this section – but other people will not approve the appreciation of the appreciation of the details of Chopard pay attention to the details.