MB&F fake watches

Based on a very simple and basic ideal: Bring together talented watchmakers, artists and professionals-all friends-to design and produce a radical and original watch masterpiece every year.

By cultivating talented teams, using their enthusiasm and creativity, and attributing everyone’s important role to themselves, fake MB&F uses their synergy to become far greater than the sum of its parts.

MB&F is first and foremost a human adventure…a human adventure has only one goal: to create an incredible clock machine.

LMX celebrates the 10th anniversary of Legacy Machines. X is not just another way of representing the number 10; LMX is the crossroad where the first and second decade of the Legacy Machine series meet.

As early as October 2011, MB&F has just launched Legacy Machine N°1, which is the first new series launched together with the existing Horological Machines; a creative laboratory, two timing methods. Ten years later, LMX returned to the earliest encounter with the Legacy Machine series, using the same expression, including a central flying balance wheel and two stretched white lacquered dials, each with its own hour and minute display. As another tribute to LM1’s world-first vertical power reserve indicator, LMX uses a new 3D rotating display to showcase the engine’s impressive 7-day (168-hour) power reserve.

Like a perfectly balanced X, the engine of the LMX is deeply symmetrical-not only on the dial side, but also from the sapphire case back, revealing three barrels evenly placed in the center, through the sun pattern of the Geneva corrugated finish More prominent. For those who can read the language of the watch movement, this is a kind of enjoyment. They can discern the professional intention and exquisite purpose behind the placement of each component.