Urwerk UR-220 SL Asimov

Urwerk UR-220 SL Asimov – night lights. At night, I finally stared at the city. It is in the precise moment of Urwerk UR-220 SL ASIMOV, namely the life of the light. A UR-220 model of satellite gently lights light at the same day, satellite illuminates. Along with hours of fluorescence and make it visible. Like phosphorescent photons, the molded super Luminova® satellite activates the bottom plate of the UR-220 SL Asimov, exposed to the night.

Invisible spaceships are installed during the day, and the UR-220 SL Asimov is the third change in the 220 series. The model has experienced material, color, finishing and aesthetic characteristics of material, color, finisher and aesthetic characteristics of Martin Frei. For the main black carbon background, the UR-220 is fascinating against contrast and luminescence.

UR-220 SLASIMOV represents a time between the pyramid type hourly transporter by means of a light-emitting. The cube shape in the previous version of the UR-220 is a meticulous work by Urwerk’s CNC machine. In this iteration, these elements cast from silicon molds are cast and adjusted from silicon molds to ensure their perfect completion. The degree of hardness at the end of the process is close to ceramics. This technical expertise is developed by RC Tritec, Switzerland, which has 80 years of live experience.

Therefore, three hours of transporters are “manufactured” color, especially SWISS Super-Luminova® X1 BL. It is at night, when they become phosphorescent, change. There is no engraving here because satellites and hours markers are one and the same. They are light capture, active pigments, which are functions to capture each light unit and then restore them in the dark to achieve the best nighttime readability.

This new display emphasizes the technical nature of time reading. It is still based on the Urwerk’s patented swimming time satellite complications. The roaming time is displayed on three rotation truncated pyramidal transport buckles. Each turn is inserted into a 3D minute pointer, the pointer travels at a minute scale of 120 degrees, and the “0” tag is jumped back at the end of the hour, welcome the next transceiver. This powerful and rapid retrogralive minutes have no doubt that the watches are the most impressive, especially in all aspects, revealed a minute of minutes. exact replica watches

Dialing also provides power reserves indicating that can be read on two subclasses. These 24-hour gauges show the autonomy of sports. During the manual winding, the right side is the first to indicate the shape of the wire, and once it reaches the maximum level, the left hand indicator is occupied. Separate between the two ‘reservoir’, the power supply reserve display consists of 83 mechanical components, which proves the complexity of its development.

The back surface of the UR-220 SLASIMOV has a digital oil variant that occurs on two adjacent rollers. The wearer of the watch activates the device by removing the protected pin and pressing the pusher to trigger the device to trigger the device in the monthly display mechanism. 39 months – three and three months – Recommended service, once the URWERK team resets the counter and replaces the pin.

This UR-220 SL Asimov is a typical expression of the Urwerk-ian design structure, wherein the inner and external melting into one integral. It can be combined, offset or flip internal or external shapes, finishes, and colors in either direction. The complex shape, silencing, the middle of the storage line, the intensity of the crown is 12 o’clock, and is part of the clock layout of Urwerk.

Urwerk UR-220 SL Asimov Technical Specifications

Calibre: Calibre UR-7.20, developed by URWERK
Winding: Manually wound
Escapement: Swiss lever
Frequency: 28, 800 v/h – 4 Hz
Hairspring: Flat
Energy source : Single mainspring barrel
Jewels: 59
Power reserve: 48 hours
Materials: Baseplate in ARCAP P40, 3D minutes pointer in aluminium with bronze counterweight; central spring in steel. Hour transporter in aluminium; central carrousel and screws in grade 5 titanium.
Decorative finishes

Hours studs moulded in Swiss Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 BL. Black-lacquered markers.
Black circular-grained power-reserve bridge and module.
Black shotpeened power-reserve subdial.
Finely sandblasted carrousel and its cage featuring a circular satin finish and black rhodium-plated.
Finely sandblasted satellite cam with a circular satin finish.
Finely sandblasted PVD-blackened 3D hand
SuperLuminova components: yellow glowing yellow for the hour transporters and hour-markers; white glowing blue for power reserves; green glowing green, red glowing green for the 60-minute marker and the end of the power-reserve scale.
Polished screws.

Wandering hours on a satellite complication ( URWERK patent).
3D retrograde minutes hand.
Double power-reserve indicator.
Oil-change indicator on two rollers on the back showing the accumulated running time of the movement in months.

Material: Carbon CTP (Carbon Thin Ply) – 81 layers
Dimensions: Width: 43.8mm; length: 53.6mm; depth: 14.8mm
Glass: Transparent sapphire crystal
Caseback: Black DLC-treated titanium and sapphire crystal glasses.
Water resistance: Pressure tested to 30m/3 ATM
Decorative finishes: Black DLC-coated shotpeened and sandblasted crown;
Black DLC-coated sandblasted crown guard;
Back: black DLC-coated sandblasted caseback;
Pin: satin-finished body with sandblasted engraving, polished needle;
Tinted sapphire crystals;
Polished screws.