Scarface is back: Opera Scarface watch by Jacob & Co.

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Swiss watch brand Jacob & Co. realized the power of having a fanatic following and launched the powerful Opera Scarface Musical watch. Jacob & Co. cooperated with Universal Pictures to obtain the right to use the name and portrait of the famous Scarface movie star Al Pacino and other elements, and created two versions of highly complex watches, Play the Scarface movie melody “Bolivia theme” by pushing the button of the button.

As mentioned earlier, Scarface starring Al Pacino, premiered in 1983 and received a warm welcome immediately. This crime drama is directed by Oliver Stone, directed by Brian De Palma, and directed by Martin Bregman. This is a remake of the 1932 story and plays the Cuban refugee Tony Montana under the name of Pacino, who came to Miami without a name and became a powerful poison. Despite the violence and drug scenes at the time (or possibly because of), this movie was one of the highest-grossing movies. However, over the years, this movie (known as Scarface in Montana) has become a highly sought after movie.

For the Opera Scarface watch, replica Jacob & Co. integrated details from the movie, including artwork with Tony Montana image and Scarface logo in the poster advertisement. When the wearer activates the button at 10:00 on the dial, the complex dial will rotate 120 degrees in 30 seconds, thereby playing “Bolivian” music through a 120-note music box.

In addition to displaying two music box cylinders with rotating shafts, the watch also has a three-axis tourbillon on the opposite side of the dial to display the time. When the wrist is in a specific position, the tourbillon escapement can compensate for timing errors caused by gravity. The three-axis tourbillon has the same effect, but takes into account multiple positions, thereby eliminating errors.

The black lacquered grand piano is located on the diagonal opposite the Scarface poster advertisement, and its keys move when music is played. In the center of the dial is a small red globe with the words “The world is your world” engraved on it. People all over the world recalled the one in the entrance hall of the Miami Building, Montana.

Jacob & Co. collaborated with Universal Brand Development to create this incredible timepiece. The timepiece features a high dome, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass and sides to give the top luxury copy watches a glance No more. Thanks to the patented differential system, the time scale is always kept at the correct 12/6 position.

The complex and complicated watch movement (consisting of 658 watches) is wound by a violin-shaped crank on one side of the case. The time and music box have two independent power reserves, so the music box can be played three times before it needs to be wound-this will not affect the timing function or power reserve.

There are two versions of the 49mm Opera Scarface: one is 18 carat rose gold and the other is black diamond carbon (DLC) titanium.

This is not the first Opera watch released by Jacob and Co.. The latest version before this was the opera “The Godfather”, a tribute to that fanatical movie. Before that, there was a couple in the center of the Opera watch. They danced while the music was playing.