The history of Patek Philippe Part 2. 5711 / 1A

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Since the 3700 was discontinued in 1990, the Nautilus series has not had a large and simple variant. There is a medium-sized reference model 3800, which was launched in 1981, but between 90-2006 there were no steel super-large aircraft in this series.

Patek Philippe released 5711/1A on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the birth of Nautilus. This situation was corrected in 2006.

Overall, the 5711 is still the original giant aircraft, but there are some immediately obvious differences. The 5711 has a second hand, and the dial is faded almost in electric blue instead of the darker blue/black of its predecessor. It is also slightly “expanded” according to modern tastes, the case is no longer monolithic, but a three-part structure. Other upgrades include luminova, a three-fold clasp on the 3700 blade, and a larger crown corresponding to the bulky case and ears.

There is no doubt that 5711 is a beautiful watch. The eternal shape and design pedigree originate from the trinity of watchmakers. But this is not only a beautiful watch. It has become the most popular sports watch in the world. Ten years have passed on the waiting list, but the selling price of this watch is almost 3 times RRP.



Very rare and very rare. Patek Philippe will not, and more importantly, they will not make many. replica Patek Philippe President Thierry Stern said on this issue:

“This is a dangerous thing. This is something we need to be very careful about. Many years ago, IWC produced gold watches. Then they had a problem, they made everything out of steel. They tried to regain gold, but They can never do it. After lowering the price with steel, it is difficult to come back. Therefore, I don’t want Patek Philippe to do this. That’s why I decided to say “Let’s limit it” many years ago. I limit steel The version, mainly Nautilus. It is indeed the one that everyone is looking for. Why is it so expensive? Just because there are only a few of them.”

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He has a little bit. Patek Philippe has been working on exquisite and complicated wholesale replica watches made of precious metals. This is their reason for existence. If they want to reduce the production of gold and platinum complexity to meet the demand for 3-handle Nautilus steel, how will they go back? If Nautilus steel is easily available in RRP’s boutique windows, what is the demand for these watches? The answer is not what Patek Philippe is willing to find. Also, of course, you don’t want to build Nautilus in Patek Philippe’s retail range until you have established a solid buying history in the entire collection-£££. Stern performed well.

Nautilus is one of any watches made anywhere. The slender lines are enough to fit the cuffs, it is formal enough to wear a suit, and the water resistance (120m) can flick the beach and some things that can be thrown away by scuba diving. There are not many sports watches with such a versatile status. The Royal Oak has relatively shallow water resistance, only 50 meters (which means you can get it wet, but diving and heavy use of water are not recommended). Submariner is a sturdy and durable diving watch, which is very casual, but due to the rotation of the bezel, it is still controversial whether it is suitable as a neater watch. Daytona can swim up to 100m through the cuff, but as a chronograph, it does not have the same simple appearance. For collectors, this is of course irrelevant, because they use different horses on different routes, but the Nautilus is still a unicorn.

Nautilus has brand appeal. Patek Philippe is undoubtedly the most prestigious manufacturer in the world, and is synonymous with deliciousness, quality and refinement, not to mention one of the trinity manufacturers like Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. In addition, for those who “know”, this is a brand. Its competitors, such as Rolex and Audemars Piguet, can be identified immediately, but Patek is a bit of an understatement, which is very attractive to those in the watch industry. Those who have Nautilus know it. After noticing the lack of Cyclops, the wider crowd may not look at it again. Exclusivity is a horological aphrodisiac.

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5711 is also made of a white dial. The dial made its debut at the 2012 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show. This is a modern tribute to the albino giant. A prototype made by Patek Philippe in 1978, it cost 250,000 Swiss francs in 2015. Price auction.

Patek released the 5711/1R watch in rose gold in 2015 with a beautiful smoky black dial. It’s unbelievable that you can wear a whole rose nautilus compared to a steel case, but now this is the way in the watch world. It is very beautiful in itself and has an incredible comparative value proposition.

No one really knows where the 5711’s rise will end, whether it will reach its peak or continue to rise, but at present, it has definitely not become the world’s number one sports watch.