Rolex Day-Date 36mm Turquoise

Rolex replica displayed a series of new dials on the updated “Day-Date 36” and finally gave this model more modern quality specifications. Compared with the 40mm version, after a few years behind in terms of technology, the 36mm Day-Date has finally received some noteworthy and highly anticipated upgrades.

Rolex (Rolex) as early as 2015 launched the “Day-Date 40″ watch, which is also the first to launch a new generation of 32xx movement equipped with a “premium chronograph”, with a daily accuracy of -2 / + 2 seconds. Another highlight of this version is its presidential bracelet, which is made of precious metal links with ceramic inserts in the middle. You can refresh your memory by reading the previous “Day-Date 40”.

Therefore, it is now possible to use 36mm Datejust watches made of any of the following materials: 18k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, with a screw-in back cover. (The 40mm version can also be made of platinum, so it is expected to be a supplement to the 36mm series in the future). In these cases, you can choose a matching gold grooved bezel or a diamond-encrusted bezel, but at an additional cost.

It is also equipped with a screw-in fixed crown with a double lock and double waterproof system, which helps waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet). All watch cases are equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire crystals and are equipped with unique glasses throughout the date.

The current trend in the sale replica watch market is the so-called “smoky” or “vignetting” dial, which Rolex chose to designate as “ombré” in its personal company name. It basically consists of a dial, the center of the dial is the main color, but as it gradually extends to the periphery of the dial, its gradation gradually becomes darker, and has a sunrise effect, and finally ends with a black tone.

However, since similar dials were first introduced in the 1980s, these dials are not necessarily new. Rolex released multiple versions of its own, which caused a cold welcome and eventually caused them to disappear. At the time, most markets found this dial to be a bit fancy, and not as attractive as champagne or bold monophonic dials. But even though they say “what happens around” and they have “vignetting”, “smoke”, “ombré” or whatever name you choose, they will try to make a comeback in the current 2010 era.

Even more worrying is that the 36mm dial lacks the width to truly accommodate these dials. The distance between the center and the edge leaves little space until the initial color changes to black. In the past, these 36mm watches have been subject to strict scrutiny due to legibility issues, and “ombré” has not resolved these potential problems. It usually happens that the central pointer tends to reflect the black environment near the periphery of the dial, creating a “dark spot”, which reduces the overall clarity. It was a wise decision to reintroduce these “ombré” dials with wide canvas on the 40mm Day-Date, but Rolex chose to go this way, so let’s see how the market reacts.

So, to summarize, according to the metal alloy you choose, there can be different colors of the updated 2019 “Rolex Day-Date 36“. There are 3 options for 18k rose gold: rose with diamonds, brown gradient with diamonds and white mother-of-pearl with diamonds; 18k white gold has four options: silver, blue ombré with diamonds, and pink with diamonds Color opal and white mother-of-pearl set with diamonds; there are six choices of 18k gold: champagne, diamond-set champagne, diamond-set green ombré, diamond-set dark gray, turquoise and pearl-set mother of pearl.

In addition, all three metal alloy models can be paired with dials paved with diamonds and equipped with iridescent sapphire hour markers.

Among these options, the most striking are the two European versions made of stone. They are: 18k white gold pink opal dial

And 18k gold and turquoise dial. We especially want to select the “Rolex 36mm Daily Turquoise” (reference number: 128348RBR) currently in stock by EiT.