Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari

fight for the last percent

The elegant movement mechanism is recognizable at a glance. An obsession with excellence, precision, reliability and innovation. A common goal of uncompromising performance. In 2021, Ferrari and Richard Mille join forces to form a long-term partnership, driven by a shared quest for perfection. Richard Mille celebrates this budding relationship with the launch of an extraordinary ultra-flat timepiece, the RM UP-01 Ferrari.

Breaking the brand’s established style norms, but staying true to its identity and spirit, this model once again pushes the limits of what’s possible by taking on the ultra-flat challenge. At just 1.75mm thick, the RM UP-01 Ferrari represents a triumph of technical prowess and embodies a new approach to watch mechanics where technology is more than ever determining aesthetics. Models resulting from years of work, dozens of prototypes, and more than 6,000 hours of development and laboratory testing… Richard Mille was determined to preserve the traditional structure of assembling the movement inside the case, rather than doubling the caseback as a Bottom plate to ensure shock resistance in all conditions.

“For a project like this, it was necessary to put aside all the knowledge we have accumulated over many years of practice, as well as all conceivable watchmaking standards,” explains Julien Boillat, Technical Director of Richard Mille Cases. “This is exactly what we have done throughout our collaboration with the Abelico Labs. Removing the last few millimeters of depth is an extremely demanding and lengthy process.

The collaboration between Richard Mille cheap and Scuderia Ferrari, most evident in the choice of materials and execution of the watch, also gives the project precisely the competitive spirit that is essential in the most exhilarating adventures. The RM UP-01 Ferrari embodies Ferrari’s values, developing an elegant and recognizable movement mechanism. Their models make no concessions and often contradict current trends to create new aesthetic norms. The RM UP-01 Ferrari witnesses the best technical partnership these two iconic brands have to offer, combining their ideas, understandings, respective developments and shared values.

The challenge of tackling an ultra-flat watch precludes traditional movements with superimposed gears and hands. Therefore, Richard Mille chose to distribute the non-stackable components over a larger surface area by creating a perfect symbiotic relationship between the movement and the case, thus ensuring the necessary rigidity to each other. The RMUP-01 hand-wound movement with hour, minute and function selectors – capable of withstanding accelerations of over 5,000 grams – thus boasts a thickness of 1.18mm, a weight of 2.82g and a power reserve of 45 hours.

To ensure optimal function of the running gear train, the baseplate and hollow bridges are made of grade 5 titanium, ensuring perfect flatness without compromising strength. The patented extra-flat barrel is equipped with an extremely fine hairspring, and the structure of the escapement has been completely redesigned. To reduce depth, the small plates (protective pins) for the balance and darts—two components that prevent the anchor from slipping back during the free phase of the balance’s movement—were eliminated. The new, also patented, ultra-flat escapement replaces these “anti-reverse” elements with a slender fork with new horns. Likewise, the index is set aside to support a variable inertia balance made of titanium, whose six weights allow for fine-tuning the calibration adjustment mechanism. Delivering such a thin watch also required a rethinking of the winding mechanism and the elimination of the winding stem, which cannot be included in such a slim watch as it has a minimum diameter of 1.5mm. In its place are two crowns, one for function selection and the other for access to selected functions, both integrated in the case as movement wheels.

“Even in the field of extreme flatness, we were determined to make a watch that met the same validation requirements as all of our other models. In the pursuit of absolute flatness, we had to offer a watch that was far from a ‘concept watch’ A watch that meets the user’s daily life in any situation,” concludes Salvador Arbona, Technical Director of best swiss replica watches Movements. Richard Miller. As the material for the case – just 1.75mm thick and water-resistant to 10 meters – titanium was chosen for its combination of lightness and laboratory-tested resistance. Two sapphire crystals, one on the time indicator, the hands of which are fixed directly to the wheel, the other above the regulator (balance-spring assembly) to show the movement of the movement, also reduced to tenths of thickness Two millimeters, the diameter of which has been calculated to ensure their resistance during the testing phase. Each part has narrow tolerances and is extremely slender, requiring special attention and inspection at almost every stage of machining. Therefore, the decision to produce and machine the case within our movement department was naturally a logical step taken by the RM UP-01 Ferrari.

Just like the famous Italian car legend – built to Richard Mille standards thanks to its extremely light weight, tonneau shape, splined screws, skeletonized bridges and level of finishing – RM UP-01 150 in the Ferrari series This limited edition timepiece combines innovation with performance, strength and aesthetics.

A piece of super strength that meets every expectation of the brand and can be worn in any situation.