Graham Chronograph Fighter Oversized Target Watch Review

Speaking of steel chronographs, we certainly have no shortage of choices of various brands and price points. If you start looking for areas that are more embellished (or refined-no matter how you want to mark them), this area will shrink a bit. Add the requirement of bold visual impact, and you cut the field again. Although it is certainly not the only option, Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target certainly meets these requirements, and the latest version of Graham Chronofighter adds a pretty good dial handling.

Let’s do the first thing first, and then sort out the obvious. Yes, the “Oversize” in the name of the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target is partly attributed to the 47 mm case it embodies and the large carbon fiber trigger added on the left side. For me, because 47 mm is their standard size, it is best to remove the “super large” part of the name. Although the case is definitely larger than what I usually consider wearing, it has an additional benefit.

This benefit is that I really didn’t notice it until I was writing this article on my wrist. Due to the large diameter, the watch can be slid out of the cuff so that you can read the time while still hiding the chronograph trigger. This does make the wrist look clean, because you can only see the smooth right side of the case. In addition, our review sample has a polished black finish on its ceramic bezel (or black chrome if you want), which makes things even more refined. In addition, it can prevent you from blinding yourself due to reflections from the bezel. Inside the bezel and under the sapphire crystal glass are the best parts of this new model.

That is of course a smoky and colored dial. Although I haven’t seen many (and usually limited to the cutouts on regular dials), I quickly became a fan of this treatment. Obviously, it does allow you to see the movement-although in this case, it is not a particularly exciting point of view. You may not realize that when using these translucent dials, it does give a feeling of printing (numbers, indexes, etc.) floating on the dial. In the case of our Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target loan, this makes things stand out in stark contrast, which makes reading the time a breeze-when you can see the movement from the side of the dial, this is not always so Easy to do.

This version uses green (there are two other options: blue on the white rubber strap and gray on the calfskin strap), and you also get a color conversion capability. Depending on the lighting situation-or your angle to the light-it can change from a darker green to a lighter olive color to match (more or less) the rubber strap that comes with it. It is worth noting that the end of the strap is firmly attached to the lugs, and there is no gap between the strap and the case. In other words, you have a bracelet with solid end links, the material of which is perfect for summer (read: no water problems). The texture you see on the strap is called Clous de Paris, and it appears on another part of the watch.

That place is the chronograph reset button, because it is black, although you can definitely feel it, but it looks a bit ugly. This pusher (and the trigger below) interacts with the G1747 automatic movement housed in the case. Although viewing the movement through the smoky dial is not that exciting, it is more interesting when viewing it through the exhibition back. You have several different finishes, including the conspicuous Geneva stripes on the rotor, and some blue screws for added touch. It is worth noting that although the 4Hz movement is not COSC certified, it has been adjusted in five positions, so you should expect accuracy. cheap mens watches

Again, in the daily wear of a watch like the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target, things such as adjustment accuracy are not the primary consideration-it is more like a problem of living with the watch. Although the 150g watch is larger than I usually think, it is still very comfortable. A large part of this is due to the strap and inclined lugs, as well as the fact that the trigger, crown and buttons are located on the left side of the case. This means that for our left-wrist wearers, the extra volume won’t penetrate deep into your wrist (for those who wear it on the right wrist, you will have a different experience). When wearing the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target, it did attract some attention, first because of its size, and secondly because of the carbon fiber trigger and smoked dial.

Finally, Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target is an interesting iteration of the series. There are now a variety of versions and colors, which means that if you are interested in this style of cheap watches, you can choose from within the brand.