Graham chronofighter Steel replica

Experience the world of Chronofighter in which most exciting adventures can happen. Developed for modern time’s men, the chronograph features an automatic movement and a clever combination of high-tech materials such as ceramic, carbon, fabric, that can be used in the most extreme conditions. In addition to the renowned GRAHAM lever, made of plain carbon, the Chronofighter is endowed with a calculated telemeter scale, enabling to measure distances thanks to the speed of sound (Celsius/km scale)
In other ways, the Chronofighter Nose Art Ltd. edition is similar to others: it has a 44mm case, the crown is at 9 o’clock, and it is crafted in polished stainless steel. Graham Chronofighter Grand Vintage Watch This was presented Graham chronofighter Steel replica
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The Graham Chronofighter Vintage Limited Stingray is the latest creation from the Swiss brand celebrating its 25th anniversary. The dial, inspired by the past, features eye-popping hues. Its design may be considered contentious but it is courageous, thought-provoking and will inevitably evoke different thoughts in different minds.
Specializing in the creation of aviation-inspired watches and in an attempt to capture the bygone glamour of the 1940s, Graham has incorporated pin-ups on the dial of its emblematic Chronofighter. Graham introduced its successful Nose Art concept at Baselworld 2017 with a series of four pin-ups: Sally, Anna, Lilly and Nina.
On the rear of the Graham Chronofighter Prodive Professional timepiece is an engraved caseback with a shark on it. Always fun to have a predator from the deep on your watch. Makes a seahorse feel wimpy by comparison. Inside the watch is a Graham G1750 automatic Swiss movement with 48 hours of power reserve.
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