Corum Watch HERITAGE COIN Replica

This really does qualify as a historic creation – for CORUM and for watchmaking as a whole.

First dreamed up in 1964, the design is so singular that it has had a lasting impact on almost three consecutive generations of collectors – and U.S. presidents! George Bush Sr, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton have all worn the Coin, as have a number of leading figures in art and design, including renowned artist Andy Warhol.

First designed in 1964, these coin watches remain very much up-to-date – and continue to fuel the enthusiasm of our designers and collectors alike.

A coin watch or medal watch comprises a watch inserted into a coin or medal. A coin watch is typically made by slicing a coin into two disks, one thinner than the other; or by removing one face of a coin. A watch mechanism is then embedded into the thicker part, and the two faces joined by a concealed hinge and catch. When closed, the watch is hidden and the coin looks like any other.

Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy: Corum Heritage Coin Watch. Written by Caleb Anderson November 4, 2018. Corum isn’t a brand frequently in conversation when discussing modern, historically inspired watches. Yet since the brand’s 1955 founding by René Bannwart it has long been producing fashion-forward pieces, many series of which are still …
The Corum Heritage Collection is composed of watches that reflect the brand’s history and creativity. This collection includes the famous Coin watch, which watch was released in 1964. The watch has a $20 Double dial and became popular with prominent figures ( this article by Watchtime mentions that seven American presidents have reportedly owned a Coin watch).