Chopard launched the new Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch

Chopard launched the new Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch with high frequency and limited edition

With sharp eyes like an eagle, he is determined to challenge the field of high-frequency watchmaking. Chopard (Chopard) launched the new Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch, combining the comfort of titanium and the extraordinary power of the chronometer’s chronometer, condensing precision performance, fashion style and sports charm in one. This 41 mm diameter watch is equipped with one of the most advanced movements in the Chopard workshop – the Chopard 01.12-C model. In fact, this movement is equipped with a high-frequency escapement series, with a frequency of up to 57,600 vibrations per hour (8 Hz), and is issued in limited quantities.

Since its launch in 2019, the Alpine Eagle series has performed exceptionally and achieved unprecedented success. Today, Chopard has added another member to this series-the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch. The new watch has a diameter of 41 mm and a thickness of only 9.75 mm. It is made of titanium, lightweight and durable, and equipped with an extraordinary movement. The movement has a frequency of up to 8 Hz, which is twice as fast as a standard automatic movement.

This performance is not a pure technical specification, but an indispensable function, because the high vibration frequency achieves the ultimate precision performance without sacrificing other characteristics. The Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch is lighter, has a 60-hour power reserve, and has been awarded the “Observatory” certification by the Swiss Official Chronometer Chronometer Certification (COSC).

Basic specifications

At a glance, the appearance of the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch and the Alpine Eagle series large model watch made of Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel is difficult to distinguish, but the two are actually completely different, even though the series is equipped with a 41 mm diameter watch. , Alpine Eagle has always used Chopard’s unique Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel to make watches, or use ethical gold, or even mix the two, while the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch model is made of all titanium become. If the Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel watch is bright, dazzling, durable, and particularly comfortable to the touch, then the titanium model feels lighter and darker, which is completely different from the former.

What remains unchanged is that the new watch implements the essential design elements of Alpine Eagle. The middle position of the bezel and case and the wide links of the bracelet are satin-finished. The central top cover of these links is polished, and the chamfers of the case and the grooves of the eight screws are also polished to match the arc of the bezel.

The dial of the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF watch is decorated with the “Eagle Iris” pattern, which pays tribute to the inspiration of this series-the sharp eyes of the eagle. However, the hue of the watch is different from other watches in the series, because it is hand-aged, so each watch also presents a unique hue. The dark gray Vals Grey presented by the watch is inspired by a village of the same name in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, famous for its houses with quartz tile roofs.

In addition, the minute chronograph is simplified, and only the bar-shaped hour markers and the 12 o’clock Roman numeral hour markers are retained. The watch is also engraved with two unique inscriptions. The word “8 Hz Chronometer” is displayed below Chopard’s name. There is a dynamic arrow-shaped logo on the bottom of the dial, which is the unique mark of Chopard‘s high frequency watch. The sapphire crystal glass case back is also engraved with the same mark, revealing that the movement has a frequency of 57,600 vibrations per hour.

Rare high frequency movement

High vibration frequency can greatly improve the accuracy of timekeeping, which is also the heart of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the co-president of Chopard. Although the watch will inevitably suffer from collisions during daily use, it will affect the regular swing of the balance wheel. According to statistics, if the swing speed of the balance wheel is faster, the impact of each collision on its average operating speed will be smaller. The high vibration frequency also means that the oscillating weight is running at a high speed, and it also means that the oscillating weight can quickly resume isochronous operation.

In 2012, Chopard became the first brand in the market to launch an entire watch series equipped with an Observatory-certified high-frequency movement. Adhering to the spirit of daring to make breakthroughs and innovation, Chopard developed the L.U.C 01.06-L movement for the L.U.C series and configured it on an experimental 100 L.U.C 8HF titanium timepiece. This model later became a collector’s model. Later, Chopard used this movement as a blueprint to create the LUC 01.09-L movement. Due to its very complex structure, it could only produce a few pieces, and it was only used for LUC 8HF Power Control black ceramic and titanium diamond-like carbon ( DLC) became the second limited model on the timepiece. Later, it was evolved into the 01.11-M movement, which was installed on the Superfast Power Control Porsche 919 HF watch model.

After the L.U.C high-end timepiece series and the sporty Superfast series were widely acclaimed for their precision performance, Chopard’s high-frequency calibre evolved again and was the first to be used in the Alpine Eagle series. This Chopard 01.12-C automatic winding movement is equipped with a central oscillating weight. It requires more technology and is more complex than manufacturing a movement equipped with a traditional escape wheel. Therefore, Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF is limited to only 250 pieces. Like the previous model, this movement is also certified by the Observatory.

Outstanding results and innovative materials

In order to fully utilize the performance of the 8 Hz vibration frequency movement, Chopard relies on the characteristics of monocrystalline silicon wafers. This material is lightweight and lubricated, and is used to make pallets, escape wheels and board pins. In other words, the strong friction of all parts is thus minimized. Therefore, the watch’s dependence on traditional lubricants is eliminated, thereby ensuring the operational life of the movement.

The lightness of the silicon wafer, its friction-reducing characteristics, and the fact that it is not too restricted in processing and production, allows Chopard to develop a high-frequency escapement that does not consume a lot of energy. Fake Luxury Quartz Watches

The Chopard 01.12-C movement can therefore provide a 60-hour power reserve. Such outstanding autonomous operation capabilities are usually not compatible with high vibration frequencies. The research and development work invested in the Chopard Watchmaking Workshop, coupled with a number of patents and technologies used, have allowed the coexistence of seemingly inconsistent goals such as chronograph, autonomous operation and reliable performance. In addition to adding a unique fashion sports style to the Alpine Eagle series, this high-frequency watch is among the many outstanding timepieces.

Alpine Eagle series: a new interpretation of the masterpiece

The Alpine Eagle series is a legacy of ingenuity that spans three generations of the Scheufele family. It is a reference to the first watch St. Moritz created by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele in the late 1970s. Modern interpretation. The Alpine Eagle series adopts a simple and atmospheric design, drawing inspiration from the magical power of nature. The round case with stylish side profile, the crown engraved with compass rose, the bezel decorated with eight index fixing screws, the textured dial with dark tones and fluorescent display, decorated with eagle feather second hand – The Alpine Eagle series highlights modern fashion charm and refined elegance.

Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF titanium watch

Grade 5 titanium
Total diameter: 41.00 mm
Thickness: 9.75 mm
Waterproof performance: 00 meters
Stainless steel screw-down crown with compass rose: 7 mm
Vertical satin bezel with polished chamfers
Vertical satin bezel with eight index fixing screws
Anti-glare sapphire crystal
Sapphire crystal glass transparent case back, decorated with “Cadence 8 HF” inscription
High-frequency self-winding mechanical movement Chopard 01.12-C
Number of parts: 210 pieces
Movement diameter: 28.80 mm
Movement thickness: 4.95 mm
Number of gems: 28
Vibration frequency: 57,600 times/hour (8 Hz)
Power reserve: 60 hours
Annular balance wheel-flat end curved hairspring
Patented high-frequency tuning device
Silicon plate pin, pallet fork and escape wheel
Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC)
Dial and hands:
The brass dial is embossed with a radial pattern inspired by the iris of the eagle, and is electroplated to give the Vals Grey dark gray
Rhodium-plated applied hour markers and numerals, coated with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1
Rhodium-plated rod-shaped hour and minute hands, coated with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1
Rhodium-plated arrow-shaped seconds hand with eagle feather-shaped counterweight
Function: central hour, minute and second display, date display at 4:30
Strap and buckle: Grade 5 titanium tapered bracelet, wide links with satin-finished edges and polished central links, grade 5 titanium triple folding clasp, stainless steel hands
Model: 298600-3005-Titanium model with Vals Grey dial