Domineering sportsmen who want “high recognition” may wish to take a look at this diving watch

In today’s era of “same and similar” craze, it’s not that simple to disdain to follow the public and want a highly recognizable sports watch. In order to ensure the durability of its shell and stable performance, sports watches will basically be designed around several common elements, so there are many “similar points” in each family. So, is there such a sports watch that is more distinctive in appearance while ensuring stable performance? Now, let’s take a look together: (Watch model: BR0392-D-R-BR/SCA)

Standard on the wrist for domineering men

When it comes to professional performance and highly recognizable appearance, Bell & Ross from France must not miss it. In terms of performance, Bell & Ross has been strictly produced in accordance with the requirements of the military since its birth; in terms of appearance, the tough lines and strong military style are unique in the bezel.

The watch that I bring to you today is the brand’s new dive watch launched this year-BR 03-92 DIVER RED BRONZE red limited edition watch. Compared with the version launched in previous years, the appearance of this year’s new work can be said to be even more ” “Charming and charming”, combined with the familiar tough guy style, both conspicuous and domineering.

The bronze case is processed by two processes of polishing and frosting. The diameter of the watch is 42 mm. Discount watches

One of the biggest features of this new work this year is that it is equipped with a composite metal case-CuSn8 bronze case. This alloy material is made of 92% copper and 8% tin. Among them, tin is more special. In the past, many diving helmets and many naval equipment were made of tin, which was extremely stable; and copper was incorporated into it. Because of the activeness of copper, bronze watch cases will form patina on the surface as the years go by, and based on the different wearing conditions of each wearer, its patina generation is different, so every bronze watch has It is unique, and many collectors also love it very much.

On the other side, the brand also set up a screw-in bronze crown with bronze shoulder guards on both sides of the crown to protect the crown from bumps while improving water resistance.

Take a closer look at the bezel. The base below the bezel is made of bronze, but the base is filled with anodized aluminum. Aluminum bezels are widely used in diving watches. Many famous watches use aluminum bezels, which are more durable. perfect copy watch

Another feature of this new work is its dial design. Under the angular square case, there is a round dial. The rounded square design magnifies the dial visually, making it clearer and easier to read. Bell & Ross also equipped this watch with a very “sassy” red dial, which contrasts with the bronze material and has a more retro atmosphere.

There are round red gold-plated hour markers on the red plate, and the 4 anti-cubic time points are specially shaped gold-plated hour markers. The hands are also gold-plated hollow design. The watch is embedded with Super-LumiNova® luminous in the hour markers and hands. Material to ensure the night vision function of the watch. The watch has a round date window at 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. The size is very small. The background of the window is also designed in the same color system, which ensures the harmonious layout of the dial and the design is very clever.

This watch is equipped with two straps, one of which is a brown calfskin strap similar to the overall retro style, decorated with white stitching, with a strong rustic texture; the other is a waterproof and durable rubber strap, two The strap can be replaced at will, which is very practical.

The bottom of the watch is a sealed design, with a stainless steel back cover, the bottom cover is engraved with the deep-sea diving helmet pattern, with the iconic features of Bell & Ross diving watch. The watch is equipped with a BR-CAL.302 automatic winding mechanical movement. This movement is polished based on the SW200. It travels more accurately and stably, with a vibration frequency of 4Hz, and can provide 38 hours of power reserve after full winding. The watch as a whole conforms to the ISO 6425 approved diving watch standard established by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, and its water resistance is up to 300 meters.

This brand new BR 03-92 DIVER RED BRONZE red limited edition watch is particularly outstanding in terms of color and material. Many watch friends are worried that its strong style is not good for dressing. But judging from the photos of the fans above, even formal suits are very versatile, and the strong design style adds more domineering masculine colors to the wearer.