MB&F and BVLGARI collaborate to launch a limited edition Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra watch

Although BVLGARI is an accomplished watchmaker in the eyes of fans, it is also one of the world’s leading high-end jewelers. BVULGARI’s vibrant minimalist Roman style high-end jewelry has won admirers all over the world, including the avant-garde boutique watch brand MB&F. For the latest version of MB&F, these two industry giants have joined forces to create a truly spectacular gem-encrusted Legacy Machine FlyingT ladies flying tourbillon watch design. The MB&F x BVLGARI Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra limited edition watch adopts a flying saucer dome shape, a flying tourbillon movement and exquisite gem inlay craftsmanship. It is a brilliant display of the strength of timepieces and jewelry production.

The 39 mm case of MB&F x BVLGARI Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra is available in 18k white gold or 18k rose gold, which has evolved and stylized the dramatic bubble shape of the standard Legacy Machine FlyingT. Like many MB&F designs, this case filters the Art Deco and Atomic Age retro-futuristic look through luxurious modern lenses, and the clear inspiration here comes from the classic UFO design. The exaggerated dome sapphire crystal glass expands outwards both front and rear, with a total thickness of 20 mm, while the low-key case itself presents a bowl-shaped outline in the image, with a continuous slanted undercut and a short, nearly vertical downturn Lugs. This rounder and smaller case outline focuses the visual focus on BVLGARI’s gem setting work, especially the brilliant-cut diamond ring arranged on the narrow inclined bezel. The double crowns at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are also inlaid with diamonds, topped with green tsavorite and pink tourmaline. Naturally, Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra has no sports connotation, which makes its 30-meter waterproof rating understandable.

The hollow dial design of MB&F x BVLGARI Aluminium GMT Watch Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra does not create a symmetrical layout, but aims to show the gem setting capabilities of BVLGARI Aluminium GMT watches as prominently as possible. To this end, in addition to the signature engraved on the recessed portion extending from the edge of the dial from 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock, the base of the layered hollow dial is inlaid with a layer of brilliant-cut diamonds.

From here, MB&F used this gleaming base as a background, placing five oversized gems at 1 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock. For the rose gold style, MB&F and BVLGARI Aluminium GMT watches choose dark emerald green square-cut tsavorite, 0.39-carat pink round rubellite, 0.47-carat oval-cut cobalt blue tanzanite, and delicate lavender. Oval cabochon tourmaline hue, and the largest gem-pear-shaped cabochon-cut amethyst, weighing 0.7 carats.

The smooth, uncut appearance of the cabochon cut is characteristic of the jewelry department of BVLGARI Aluminium GMT Watch, and the execution here emphasizes the color and clarity of these gems in the initial image. The platinum model chose a cooler gemstone series, including square-cut and pear-shaped cabochon-cut green tsavorites, an oval-cut amethyst weighing 0.4 carats, and a bright blue round cut of 0.43 carats Tanzanite and a huge oval cabochon cut sky blue topaz weighing 0.71 carats. Both models place the chronograph function on the small dial at 7 o’clock, away from the rest of the dial at an angle of 50 degrees, and are driven by a unique bevel gear train.

MB&F adorns this eye-catching slanted subdial with full layers of brilliant-cut diamonds and playful blue snake-shaped hands. replica MB&F crowned these two models with a final large diamond, placed on top of the central flying tourbillon frame. Through the central hollow window you can see the main dial and the complex gear system above. This eye-catching escapement system is suspended on MB&F’s iconic arched balance bridge, providing a visual wonder that can be compared with each other in the image. This gem is comparable. Although this gem-centric asymmetric design method may not be suitable for all tastes, the pure craftsmanship demonstrated by the two variants cannot be ignored.

MB&F x BVLGARI Aluminium GMT Watch Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra is equipped with MB&F’s internal FlyingT automatic flying tourbillon movement. Compared with the complex layered forms and polished chamfers visible on the side of the dial, FlyingT’s back cover view is simpler, but equally eye-catching in the image. The entire sapphire display window is occupied by a gorgeous 18K 5N red gold winding rotor. The rotor is in the shape of the sun, and the light emitted is connected to the black DLC titanium alloy rotor. Although the movement uses a vertical arrangement and an unorthodox bevel gear system, FlyingT can still provide powerful performance, with a beat rate of 18,000 beats per hour to provide a powerful power reserve of 100 hours. To complete the appearance, MB&

The limited edition MB&F x BVLGARI aluminum GMT watch Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra has some of the boldest art offered by the two brands with its dynamic large gem setting method, super stylized form and eye-catching flying tourbillon movement. . http://www.chrono4usale.com