Franck Muller: bigger than life

Franck Muller embraces bold dimensions and adventurous spirit with its ever-growing Vanguard collection.

Franck Muller launched its Cintrée Curvex case in 1992 in the early days of the current mechanical watchmaking renaissance. Soon after, as the Cintrée Curvex became one of the most well-known watch cases in modern times, the obvious curves of tonneau-shaped cases can be found on wrists all over the world.

More than 20 years later, in 2013, Franck Muller launched the Vanguard series as the sports successor to the Cintrée Curvex legacy. Vanguard follows the curved outline of its predecessor, but it enlarges the original proportions of the 44 mm wide and nearly 54 mm high case. The bold design without apology perfectly calibrates the otherworldly personality.

Obvious difference

One of the most unconventional members of the Vanguard family also happens to be the latest model-the Vanguard Gravity Skeleton Tourbillon. Franck Muller, launched this year, makes full use of the extra space of the case to highlight the oversized tourbillon, turning the dial into a dynamic sculpture that cannot be ignored.

In the Gravity Skeleton, the avant-garde design of the tourbillon includes a balance wheel and hairspring that are not aligned with the center axis of the tourbillon frame. Instead, they are off-center, which makes the mechanism rotate every 60 seconds, and therefore has a unique elliptical orbit.

The engineering skills required to perfect this advanced design are impressive, but the minimalist approach further enhances the technological achievements. Using open space as a design element helps to focus attention on the inner beauty of the skeleton movement. Its bridges have been greatly reduced, leaving behind the thin metal arms that make up the hand-wound movement.

The bridge plate and titanium case of Gravity Skeleton Tourbillon are coated with black PVD ​​, so it has a hidden appearance. But what really energizes the design is the contrast between the dark elements and the colorful tourbillon frame and matching hands, which come in a variety of colors.

Understand all angles

Franck Muller continues to explore his fascination with the skeleton movement through another member of the Vanguard family: the 7-day power reserve skeleton watch. The company has previously released a 7-day power reserve in its Cintrée Curvex and round case. In these versions, the design draws inspiration from traditional watchmaking techniques, especially the organic and gorgeous appearance of the hollow plywood. However, in Vanguard, the design uses an industrial edge, juxtaposing the sharp angles and straight lines of the splint to guide the viewer’s eyes to the center of the watch. Round elements such as balance wheels and barrels are gathered near the center to soften the appearance. wholesale watches

The hand-wound movement of this watch is manufactured in-house and neatly tucked into the iconic Vanguard case. The case is available in five different materials: white gold, rose gold, stainless steel, carbon and titanium.

Perspective style

Franck Muller launched the Grande Date this year, ushering in another watch in the Vanguard series. The movement is not hollowed out, but because there is no dial, it is still very conspicuous. This exposes the parts of the automatic movement, which are decorated with the traditional Côtes de Genève pattern and have a beautiful appearance. As a bonus, the open design also highlights the numbered wheels that make up the nominal complications of the watch.

You can also see the internal operation of the chronograph. When you press the button on the side of the case to stop, start and reset the timer function, the internal operation becomes active. When it is running, the chronograph’s subdial at 3 o’clock counts the minutes, while the red-tip central hand is on the chronograph seconds hand.

Growing family

In addition to these professional timepieces, the Vanguard series also includes a series of men’s and women’s watches, including everything from basic chronograph models to tourbillons.

There is no doubt that there is nothing to be shy about in this version of Lady Vanguard Color Dreams. The sparkling rose gold case is set with rows of diamonds to set off the white dial, which is decorated with undulating guilloches. The raised and elongated Arabic numerals-the logo of the Vanguard series-present bright and cheerful rainbow colors, which Franck Muller calls Color Dreams. A perfect model for easy portability, the unique appearance is driven by a quartz movement, no winding is required, and it can run continuously for more than a year. The Lady Vanguard series uses a case made of stainless steel, white gold or rose gold.

The newest member of the Vanguard family is also one of its most well-known members. Because the wind rose design is integrated into each dial, the yacht series adopts a lively nautical style. Part of the inspiration for this navy pattern came from the Franco-Moulin Yacht, which was specially made by the Italian Ocean Group in 2015 for the watch company.

The Vanguard Yachting series contains a variety of chronograph complications, from the date and chronograph to the tourbillon. Because Franck Muller places great emphasis on diversity, each model is available in stainless steel, rose gold or white gold cases.

It is often said that destiny favors brave people. This can easily become the slogan of Vanguard, this is a watch series that is not afraid to use the power of individuality.