Richard Mille

Driving in town with McLaren and Richard Mille

There is only one way to truly appreciate the new Richard Mille RM 40-01, and that is the McLaren GT and 720S

The best way to get the feel of a watch is to wear it on your wrist and wear it. Unfortunately, unlike car dealers, watch boutiques will not let you test drive with your watch. You can walk around the boutique for a few minutes, but they won’t let you take it out! Fortunately, at WorldTempus, our job is to test some of the most exciting timepieces in the world for you. This is a job we love, especially when we have fun with them.

For the new Richard Mille RM 40-01, the brand not only allowed us to test the watch, but also gave us the keys to two McLaren supercars-GT and 720S-so we can feel that we have both watches at the same time. Feel the watch and the car!

RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren Speedtail
The RM 40-01 timepiece was developed at the same time as the McLaren Speedtail (the fastest McLaren road bike to date). Most watches are inspired by existing cars, McLaren Speedtail and RM 40-01 were developed at the same time.

The car is based on the teardrop shape, which is the most aerodynamic shape found in nature, allowing it to travel at 112 meters per second and a top speed of 250 mph/402 km/h.

McLaren Speedtail
After seeing the metal watch in the Richard Mille boutique in Geneva, we went to the InterContinental Hotel, where a Speedtail supercar was waiting in the sun. The way the light reflects from the lines of the car is a sight worth seeing. As for the interior, it is like a distant future in a science fiction movie.

Test drive
In order to better understand the McLaren brand, we obtained the keys to the McLaren GT and the road map of Annecy, France to understand the feeling of driving a supercar. The first thing that makes us cheer is the noise of the engine starting, and second is the sheer pleasure of accelerating, handling, and driving such a powerful thing. Not someone to show off, but I can’t deny that I also like the envy gaze of other drivers!

On the way back, we replaced the GT with a 720S, which was equally interesting even in the rain. Returning through the French/Swiss border, we were stopped by the customs officer on duty (bright orange and the British license plate did not help). Immediately someone asked me: “Madam, is this your car?” When I denied, the two officers looked at me like a criminal of the century! discount replica watch

But when I explained that I was a reporter testing this mean machine, their curiosity prevailed, and we had a long discussion about the advantages of this car! I warn them that we are actually 20 reporters returning from Annecy and they can expect more McLaren teams to pass. They thanked me and waved to us with a smile. I try not to turn off the engine, it looks like I drive a car like this for a living!

My colleague Jordy is more at ease, as you will see in his car review video next week.

Back at the InterContinental Hotel, we reluctantly handed over the keys and returned to the office-Jody was sitting on his motorcycle, I was sitting on the bus-both realized that we would have to work harder! quality replica watches