A. LANGE & SöHNE LANGEMATIK Permanent Clear Guide

In many brands of directory, GEMS has been ignored for decades, and many reasons have taken place. Sometimes it is because they are just outside their time, sometimes because they have brought such a powerful personality and transfer, and the time spent is in trouble. Here: Watches from A. Lange & Söhne: Langematik Permanent Calendar. A special exception value is also a beautiful exception.

A. LANGE & SöHNE was re-established in 1994, respecting its past, but never bind it. This is obvious when a person looks at the first series. The huge integration of traditional (SAXONIA) seeks modernity and distinction (LANGE 1) … Blümlein summarizes philosophy, as follows:

1994 A. Lange & Söhne watches and all upcoming models are tabular forms. Take a big date in “Arkade”, Lange 1 “and” Saxonia “. We don’t plan to celebrate traditional crafts or compete for the most complicated clocks. One of our goals is to make beautiful women and perfect processes. On the other hand, innovation and Differentiation design is an important parameter for us.

The Glashütte powerhouse led by Blümlein is held in exercise development with 100% freedom. Therefore, it is free to reflect what is not limited in the case where there is no limit to restrictions – in addition to the JLC-based 822 and the L901.0 of the gyro Poulemérite’s L902.0, this is Ruihua and Pami with the help of the excuse.

All preliminary movements are absolute. However, all also hand-to-weapons – perhaps just because A. Lange & Söhne does not have meaningful automatic winding exercise heritage. However, if you have not improved in the past, you have nothing. Therefore, in order to fully adapt to modernity, a. Lange & Söhne requires an automatic caliber, from a person’s genius and his free time (there are more idle work on the diameter L922.1 – SAX-0-Mat section).

By 2000, a. Lange & Söhne launched a gyro and chronograph; however, the brand lacks a calendar. Permanent calendar is accurate, this is one of the children must have a big complexity. Also, implementing a permanent calendar module in this stunning automatic movement is just logic. So the birth feathers are permanent.

Langematik is eternal
A. Lange & Söhne has always tried, most success, created different designs for established complications. For example, the original calculation tab – the big date layout of the data Rome with the data in 1999. Since the reborn, there has been a momentum, the second original explanation of the old complexity of a few centuries – the Eternal Calendar arrived in Langematik in 2001.

A. Lange & Söhe introduces LANGEMATIK permanent collection in platinum (310.025) and gold (310.021). The watch was measured at a size of 38.5 mm in diameter, and the thickness was 10.2 mm, and the exquisite touch started from the right, the case.

Quite rare reference 310.026
A. The case structure of LANGE & Söhne is a specific example of design differentiation. Constructing on three levels, alternating finish as polishing and brushing, appearing and feels a significant design. Another difference between BLÜMLEIN himself, its Swiss peers, lugs are gaps, and the mirror is completed on the base and screwed into the housing. They don’t flow through the case, but to form your own structure and elegantly towards the band. The sum of these small details form a character; even if a person is clear, a person’s role is one, letting you know that it is different. popular swiss watch brands

Eternal correction pusher for each Langematik. It is just through an incremental advancement, so you don’t need to worry about setting the calendar after the watch after the watch is left behind – a perfect user-friendly feature.

Therefore, the first LANGEMATIK eternal case uses a rectangular corrector pusher on 10 o’clock and three embedded pushers for each adjustment. However, after 2005-2006, due to the accidental activation of the owner, the corrector button from the protruding rectangle to the circular depression. Therefore, if you are in the Langematik’s permanent market, check the drive will make help.

Below, the references and production dates for Langematik Perpetual:

310.025 – Platinum case, rhodium dial
310.225 – Platium case, platinum bracelet
310.021 – Yellow gold case, champagné dial
310.221 – Yellow gold case, yellow gold bracelet
310.026 – White gold case, black dial
310.032 – Pink gold case, silver dial
310.232 – Pink gold case, pink gold bracelet
310.050 – Honey gold case, argenté dial

The famed Wellendorff produced the bracelets for a short period of time. In my opinion, Langematik Perpetual’s bracelets are some of the best in business.