Audemars Piguet Royal Oak The Shore-Shill is a Short Glass

Limited edition watches often meet mixed feelings. There are too many, or you have failed to distinguish your watch with routine production brothers and sisters, and you will have a huge watch. Thinking it, focusing on the details, and in the kiss of a small batch chef. This example shows the Royal Oak ultra-thin THE HOUR LIMBER LIMITED version.

In order to properly appreciate this watch, you need to understand the legacy of royal oak and hour glass. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is a real icon in the watch world, and it doesn’t need most introductions – I will summarize. In the early 1970s, watching the Designer Gerald Genta challenging tasks. Audemars Piguet let him design a watch that returns an AP back to the map and helps save the brand from the urgent quartz crisis. The watch he designed is the famous Royal Oak. The ransom is “pay tribute”, and the watch is different than anything you see before. Its unique design and price label (at the time of gold at the same time) shocked the world. It can continue to help Salvage AP’s business and truly advanced modern luxury sports tables.

This watch combines legacy to the hour glass limited edition. Singapore retailers have a rich unique watch history, especially their customers. Karaia, Nomos, ulysse Nardin, Panerai and Uwrk are several names, and each glass is very limited, usually at 50 or less speed. fake AUDEMARS Piguet has a special partnership with the brand and has created four limited edition watches in the past decade: Royal Oak Departure Time Lava, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Extra-Ship, Royal Oak Concept 26223 Tourbillon chromograph, and AP Royal Oak Self-Pipe Time Code Table. Two of these models – ultra-thin and self-contained chronographs – are the first in their respective metals (gold and platinum).

Our watch here is the purest pile and pay tribute to a rich history. It was officially named “Royal Oak Ultra-thin Hour Glass”, this watch uses modern ultra-thin giant cases and its proportion of primitive Royal Oak. Measurement on a thickness of 39 mm and 8.1 mm in diameter – It is 1mm diluent – this is your closest thing in order to wear the original series. This example is that when it is released in 2015, it is the first and unique royal oak ultra-thin. This is also the first in the past 40 years. The AP produces this situation, the combination of materials, and places their logo on the original point of the 6 o’clock on the dial. The gold combined with rich green dial color combination is a payment of time glass. This topic has started from that time through two limited editions from Audemars Piguet. This is also a unique combination of this limited edition of the Royal Oak Character.

Although the dial and material immediately submits the observation, the back of the watch indicates its true specificity. Through sapphire cases, you can see the exquisite sports with custom rotors, inscribe “fifty-five” under the “glass logo”. The “limited edition” between the bolts in the ship is the only other indication, that is, this watch is not your ordinary golden royal oak. The thoughtful clues on the back are perfect. A watch with this presence does not need “I am special” dial.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is a known quantity at this point. When Justin Bieber and Millie Bobby Brown wear them, you know this is not a rare choice. In other words, this limited edition is separated by the time glass through respectable margin. For the obvious, unique color combination, and the location of the Olympics and the Hourglass History, this is a gauge of picking.