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I am going to take you to see this navigation legend. Time retracted to the end of the 18th century, Europe is in the period of severe change, and the tabernacity is also experiencing transformation. This period can be said to be the age of BREGUET. We all know that in the history of Baozi, there are many inventions that have a major inventory of the system, such as a tarben wheel device, parachute shock absorbing device, which must be attributed to the “Father of Modern Clock and” Aberra Mr. ABRAHAM-LOUIS BREGUET.

BREGUET NO.3169 Nautical Astronomical Bell

In addition to the far-reaching invention, BREGUET and the ocean started from the 19th century, Breguet was also awarded the official honorary title of “French Royal Naval Remissive Method” by the French King Louis Eighth. From that moment, the success of the royal expedition reliably depends on reliable BREGUET navigation clocks to a certain extent. In the 21st century, BREGUET’s Marine Navigation series not only continued this ocean emotion, but also introduced the Baozi’s proud Tuoku and complex time-equation, and continuously developed the Temporary Technical Rounder with the Pioneer of Yong Yong. .

The watch of this watch has got this Marine Navigation Series 5887 Touring Time-equally Wild Watch of Breguet. (Watch model: 5887pt / y2 / 9WV)

Three complex functions: Tuomene + time equation + million calendar

This Marine Navigation Series 5887 Touring Wheel Time-equivalent Watch The most debut, the most powerful place, is simultaneous to apply three complex functions: Touring Wheel, Time Equation and Wange.

The gymnewheel unit was invented by Mr. Abraham – Louis Breguet, and received a ten-year patent right on June 26, 1801, from 1801 to this year, just the 220th anniversary of the birthday of Touri Wheel. BREGUET continues this great invention while injecting vitality for this device. The 581 movement of this watch is scaled, so that the designer intends to reduce the thickness of the gyro itself during the core design. In order to reduce the thickness, the first, the frame of the trip wheel is driven by the tooth outer ring to remove the space occupied by the original pinion under the frame; second, the children designed to detrition the traditional fixed wheel The ring is installed in the Touri Wheel window.

We will find that BREGUET’s ultra-thin gavene wheel is stronger, frame, balance, and escapement seem to be suspended in half, more charming.

Marine Navigation Series 5887 Tour Plane Time-equally Watch is equipped with “real-time display time equation”, more difficult, very rare on the market. Time-equation can show the average sun time (“Ping Sun”) and the gap between the real sun time (“true sun”). When Pingyang, that is, when civil is used, the local standard time indicated by the clock; the real sun is reflected in the sun’s real motion law.

On the Tyeling Wheel, we can see a special cam, a cam shape is like a bean, and a circle of frequencies a year to reflect the law of time difference between civil and sun.

In addition to the Touri Wheel and Time Equation mentioned above, this watch is also equipped with a practical foreigner, and the window between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock can be displayed, and the window between 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock. There is a number of monsters and leapies, and there are numbers 1-31 on the sectors between 9 o’clock in the scale ring to 3 o’clock, which can be used to display the date.

Nautical aesthetics

Since the launch of Marine Navigation in 1990, I have experienced an important aesthetic change, and Marine Navigation Series 5887 Touring Time Wattuk Time Watches, let us see the new interpretation of nautical aesthetics.

The surface of the housing decorated the classic coin, the lap integrated into the contemporary style, and the lines were more smooth.

In the middle of the ear, there is no empty design, in order to highlight the layers of the ear, carry the outside with polishing process, the inside is treated with a matte process, and the two form a distinct contrast.

The blue dial is decorated with a beautiful jealous flower wavy trim, as if tells us whisper, BREGUET and the ocean. The delicate pattern of the tuition ring is decorated as a circle of microwaves. fine watches

The rectangular identifier above each time the time is covered with a luminous coating, and a beautiful blue ray can be made in a dark environment, which is convenient for the wearer’s read time.

Turning to the table, we will be attracted by the manual engraving pattern on the table. On the back of the table, the French Navy Warship “Royal Louis”, the craft master is used as a boat, the wooden part, the ship cannon, the cable rigging, the sail, etc., as if this The battleship is already lifelike, in front of us.

The wind rose navigator pattern is engraved on the hair strip box, and the edge of the raw flaming is also decorated. Every detail is perfect, people can’t stop.

Marine Navigation Series 5887 Tour Plane Time Watch With We Remember Breguet That Legend History A, this watch, not only conveyed us, but also conveyed the history of brand legend.