HYT H1 and H2 watches – what makes them tick?

Hy h1 replica watches. This is an interesting watch, not what you see people often wear. Obviously, the fans we vote can appreciate it, and you can tell this watch different from most luxury watches. HYT is not a widely recognized brand, such as Rolex or a hundred years.

The HYT watch is very different from any other luxury watch. Although many other watch work and “check” the same way, the HYT watch “Check” is completely different. But we will enter this later.

In Basel, we have the opportunity to look at HYT and its watches. This starts our interest. At a glance, in the HYT copy watch, it is obvious that these are not your typical luxury watches. At a glance, the initial idea of ​​a person may be “um?”. And I think this may be HYT is working hard. This watch excited conspiracy and curiosity. It usually observes a hand to tell the hour, minute, often seconds. There is a silver sub-level in the middle of the HYT dial, manually shows a few minutes and smaller dials display seconds. But how do you for a few hours? This is where this watch has become interesting. Hours and minutes showed the edge of the dial edge around the edge of the dial, and the liquid propagated around the dial. You have heard that you think “I think the inside of the liquid can corrode the movement of the watch?”. This is why HYT’s technology and innovation are so amazing.

HYT is called “hydropower system”. Mechanical motion drives the cam at the top of the watch, then push it piston, activate the bellows, visible on the dial. The bellows are made of an electrodeposition alloy. As the bellows are activated, then the liquid pumps to the outside of the watch to display the correct time. replica watches china

But how is this work? Since they create a liquid that is a correct color, seven patents have been granted HYT, which is waterproof and will not change as vibration or temperature changes. The liquid pumps from the corrugated pipe pump at 6:00, once it completed its stroke outside the dial, it will be received by another belryer.

Other factors adding to this watches are its construction. The dial has a sapphire crystal, on top of 6 o’clock. In the middle, larger subtabs show a few minutes and smaller water wheels, such as sub-positions show seconds. In addition to minutes and seconds, there is a power reserve indicator for 3 o’clock. This watch is quite large, and the thickness is measured in diameter of 48.8 mm and 17.9 mm.

HYT H2 update, has many identical features. One of the most obvious differences is the bellows, which is in V-shaped, not directly up and down. Moreover, the dial of the H2 has a temperature indicator and the “H-N-R” crown position indicator. It is the same as H1 observation and functionality very similar to the size of H1.

This is a truly amazing, innovative brand. It provides things different from your typical luxury watches, which have been made in the same way for a long time.