Patek Philippe entry watches recommended

Patek Philippe replica is recognized as the best watch brand in the world. Its insistence on quality, beauty and reliability has made it unique in the world’s high-end watch industry for more than 150 years. Now it is the only manufacturer in the world that uses exquisite handwork and can complete all watchmaking processes in the original factory. Patek Philippe is expensive. An entry-level watch can cost as much as six-figure renminbi. Even so, it can’t stop watch fans from loving it. The symbol of watch enthusiasts and nobility is to own a Patek Philippe watch.

Patek Philippe Calatrava series

In 1932, Patek Philippe launched the Calatrava series of men’s watches with rounded surfaces and elegant design. Today, the Calatrava series of men’s and women’s watches are still Patek Philippe’s most popular watches. With a round case and exquisite dial, the simple ref.5196G is one of Patek Philippe’s most representative styles. The ref.7119J, which is made of gold and matched with the Paris nail pattern bezel, is the best entry-level model for women’s watches.

Patek Philippe Gondolo series

Gondolo can be regarded as the most “passionate” series in the Patek Philippe family. The barrel-shaped design looks relatively high-profile. When Cartier launched the barrel-shaped Tonneau, it was only aimed at women. The Tonneau men’s watch, which was launched 7 years later, was only worn by fashionable men. It was Patek Philippe’s Gonodolo that really made the barrel-shaped Tonneau the mainstream choice for gentlemen. Recommend Gondolo’s new rose gold watch Ref.5098R, the guilloché engraved silver dial is unique and refined, and the black Breguet Arabic numerals have a vintage atmosphere; for women, you can consider Ref.4972G (Gondolo Serata), Serata” in Italian. The meaning is “night”, which shows the romantic atmosphere hidden in this watch.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut series

The Aquanaut watch series combines leisure and elegance. It is a modern design inspired by the iconic octagonal case of ocean-going ships’ portholes. Men’s models recommend the entry-level model Ref.5167. In addition, the series also has women’s watches. The Aquanaut Luce ladies series uses a stainless steel diamond-encrusted case, with a dial and strap of different colors, suitable for fashionable women with distinctive personality and elegant taste.

Patek Philippe Nautilus series

Nautilus is also a watch with an octagonal design. The new model retains the original design of the bezel, reinforced hinges and laterally extending ridges on the side of the watch body, and the original straight design becomes a slightly arched effect. Let the new style a little more elegant. Nautilus men’s watch recommends Ref.5711/1A, which is the most basic watch in this series. For women’s watches, consider the design of Ref. 7008/1A with diamonds to highlight the temperament.

Patek Philippe Twenty-4 series

Twenty-4 is a series designed for women. The new Ref. 4907/1J adopts a diamond-free bezel design. It is also the first gold style of Twenty-4® watch bezel without diamonds, which brings a refreshing feeling. The dial especially uses three colors that complement gold: “Luminous”, “Golden Autumn”, and the enduring “pure white”. Patek Philippe’s entry-level women’s gold watch is the best gift for ladies.

The dance of retrograde pointer and window dial: Ref.5159 and Ref.5160

The information to be displayed on the dial of a perpetual calendar watch is at least the date, week, month, average year, and leap year. There are roughly two mainstream ways to arrange the display, one is the pointer type, and the other is the window type. Regardless of the format, to be generous, elegant, concise and easy to read, will test the designer’s ability. For Patek Philippe, which emphasizes the “instant jump” in all perpetual calendar time displays, the window-like design consumes more power, and also represents another technological level to the top. In addition to the pointer 240 Q movement, Patek Philippe also has a window-type display of the 324 S QR automatic perpetual calendar movement, and a retrograde pointer date display, which is mounted on the Ref. 5159, 5160 and 5496 models.

5159J perpetual calendar watch, 18K gold case, diameter 38mm, hour, minute, second, perpetual calendar performance (flyback date hand, window-type day of the week, month and leap year display), moon phase display, 324 S QR automatic winding Movement, power storage for 45 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, 18K gold back cover, alligator leather strap.

The Ref. 5159 perpetual calendar watch launched in 2006 replaced the Ref. 5059 that was produced in 1998. Like the 5059, the 5159 is equipped with a special Calatrava round case called the Officer’s Watch. Its design is inspired by the pocket watches needed in ancient wars that must be both precise and sturdy, so these special styles called “officer watches” have many features that are completely different from other Calatrava: in addition to the sapphire crystal glass bottom, they also Comes with a flip-out metal back bottom, which is derived from the design of the protective surface of the previous military watches; in addition, the straight lugs with round ends are fixed with screws to fix the strap, which are deeply characteristic of military watches. .

5159P perpetual calendar cheap replica watches, platinum case, diameter 38mm, hour, minute, second, perpetual calendar performance (flyback date hand, window-type day of the week, month and leap year display), moon phase display, 324 S QR automatic winding machine Core, power storage for 45 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, platinum back cover, alligator leather strap.

Even standing side by side with any superb and complex performance watches of Patek Philippe, the figure of Ref.5159 still looks prominent and beautiful. It has the unique characteristics of all officers’ watches, and the dragon head guard bridge extended from the back guard of the watch makes the 5159 look unique. In addition to the eye-catching appearance, Ref.5159 is more brilliant inside. Its perpetual calendar display has two characteristics. One is the rare use of a central large seconds display on automatic perpetual calendar watches, and the second is that it is also equipped with Patek Philippe in 1986. The perpetual calendar invented at TIME shows the date of flyback retrograde. The week, month and leap year of Ref. 5159 are displayed on the dial in separate windows, and the Arabic numerals are arranged on the top of the moon phase dial. The retrograde date hand will slowly move backward as the day changes. On the last day of each month (30 or 31), the pointer will instantly bounce back to the first day. Such a special way of presentation not only makes the reading time clearer, but also adds a bit of dynamic and elegant characteristics.

The 324 S QR self-winding perpetual calendar movement is equipped with a retrograde hand date display and is mounted on the Ref. 5159, 5160 and 5496 models.