Hublot Spirit of Big Bang


Hands-on: Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon Carbon Black and Blue Watch

While Jean-Claude Biver was still operating Hublot, the brand released an interesting new model in 2011, which was the result of various challenges. Jean-Claude Biver said that someone challenged him to make a Hublot version of Richard Mille, which is a more luxurious watch brand. Richard Mille (Richard Miller) and Jean Claude Beaver are not real competitors because most of their products compete at different prices. Likewise, these two brands have more in common than most other luxury watch brands, simply because Hublot and Richard Mille focus on more modern designs, and mutual respect for interactive and innovative marketing strategies and consumption.

I think back to 2011 when Jean-Claude Biver (Jean-Claude Biver) made his debut in Geneva, his name was Hublot Masterpiece . Hublot later opened up a new series of high-end watches in the Masterpiece series, including this wine barrel case model and other products. The model with this case design was later called Hublot MP-6. Later, the Big Bang case of this wine barrel was further clarified and named Hublot “Spirit Of Big Bang”-this is the same for all Hublot models. There is a case style with the name of this watch case today.

For many years, Hublot has been dealing with case size and has provided a variety of movement options in Spirit Of Big Bang, from various internal movements to Zenith El Primero chronograph movements (Zenith and Hublot are both part of the LVMH luxury group ). Today, I take a look at the modern Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang watch, which is as modern and luxurious as the original Hublot Masterpiece. Today’s hands-on operation on is the Hublot Spirit Of Bang Tourbillon Carbon 42mm Carbon Blue and Carbon Black. The reference number 645.QN.1117.RX is the spirit of the Big Bang tourbillon 42mm carbon black, and the reference standard is 645.QL.7117.RX. Both are limited to 100 pieces.

Hublot 601.NM.0173.LR Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Ceramic replica watch

The width of the wine barrel box is 42mm, which is actually quite large, I would say that this size is as big as I want. In other words, the maximum width of the Spirit Of Big Bang series is 45 mm, and the maximum width of the female model is 39 mm. The image in this article is of a Hublot watch on David Bredan’s wrist-not me, but in fact he and I share more or less the same wrist size (yes, we can exchange watches), So you can get a good understanding of how to wear the 42mm wide Spirit of Big Bang shell.

For the case material, Hublot mixed titanium and a special style of carbon fiber. The color of the carbon fiber is black and gray, and the color of the carbon fiber model is black and blue. One of the reasons why I spend a lot of time talking about the history of Richard Mille and the Spirit of Big Bang is that Hublot is once again offering carbon fiber as the case material to a higher level of luxury Brand tribute. In recent years, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) has been focusing on this field. By the way, the case is waterproof to 30 meters (so, please don’t swim with it).

Carbon is a peculiar luxury case material, but this material itself is not high-end. It is the special formula and processing process that can make the carbon more or less luxurious. This material is valued for its durability and relatively light weight. In the luxury sector, carbon is the most popular because it can achieve interesting and usually colorful organic surface textures. This is true for timepieces and overall fashion. My theory is that in the world of man-made materials and man-made computer designs that don’t always seem to be life-like, with perfect appearance, organic textures can help many of today’s products get closer to humans. In any case, in today’s fashion world, otherwise the organic textures and patterns on the surface of pragmatism are very hot things-I think there are good reasons for this.

a new Spirit Of Big Bang watch with a tourbillon movement inside. The last one I remember was the “Big Bang Moon Phase, Chronograph and Mecha-10” model. The return to the tourbillon movement, the appearance of the hollow dial and the mechanical device is another welcome to us to see more high-end mechanical luxury swiss watches released before 2012.