Rolex opens a new card

Rolex Watch friends shared a new Rolex 116515ln, which is a brand new model. It is reported that this is the latest generation of insurance card that the brand starts to use in 2020.

Rolex originally used birth paper, which was replaced by a green gilt edged card around 2007. Around 2014, on the basis of the 2007 edition, the magnetic stripe was added and the information was improved, thus forming the current familiar style for watch fans.

The renewal of the insurance card.

First of all, it will be similar to the situation of the previous two generations, with the coexistence of new labor protection cards on the market.

Secondly, in the second year after the new insurance card came out in 2014, Rolex announced the extension of insurance for 5 years and launched 32 movements. What is the pre signal of the message when replacing the security card?

Some speculate that this means Rolex will release 32 water ghosts this year,

Some speculate that this means Rolex will extend the insurance again,

What is the answer?

I don’t know. Let’s see.