Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Yacht-Master 42 226659 White Gold – Matt Black Cerachrom Bezel – Oysterflex Strap

With the appearance of the 2019 Basel world watch exhibition, Rolex Rolex also published new works of the year. Because the brand released 11 second trailer film on the official channel a few days ago, the film revealed the clues of Rolex’s key new style of the year, including the first half of the face plate and the line of the watch shell. As soon as the film was released, many watch fans became detectives, according to what they saw Put forward their own reasoning, many of them have always thought that the highlight of 2019 will be the yacht master, and now the answer has been confirmed, it is indeed the yacht, but what’s special about this new yacht sailing in 2019?

Rolex launched a new type of yacht master, focusing on the replacement of the new generation of 3235 movement, the case is increased to 42mm, and the material is made of White Karat Gold.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Yacht-Master 42 226659 White Gold – Matt Black Cerachrom Bezel – Oysterflex Strap

The new yacht master 42 is a black face plate with a black ceramic bezel with a foggy face. The time scale of the face plate is slightly enlarged. At the same time, the “yacht master” in the 6-point direction is also changed to white, which looks introverted and low-key as a whole.

In addition, the little loss of yacht master 42 lies in the ceramic bezel. This time, it still maintains the same black ceramic with the Eternal Rose Gold (37mm / 40mm). Many people expected that Rolex would be able to replace the ceramic bezel with a new color, and even change it to a new polished shape? As a result, those expectations fell short again. In the face plate part, Rolex is equipped with black face for 226659. Although the freshness is not very high, from another perspective, the color of this insurance is durable and easy to match. The details of the face plate may be related to the enlargement of the surface diameter. The timescale proportion of the watch looks larger, and the timescale and pointer painted with white luminous materials are clearer and easier to read under the background of the black surface. It’s worth noting that the “Yacht-Master” in the 6-point direction of the face plate is different from the 37mm and 40mm models, especially in blue or red. The 42mm new model instead returns to the same color as the white of the English version certified by the top Observatory below. Do you like this new change? This is probably a matter of opinion.

From the table name, we can see that the size of the new yacht has increased a little. There are two options for the previous yacht: 37mm and 40mm. This time, Rolex magnified it to 42mm, which is more and more close to the 44mm of the yacht Master II. Therefore, the rough sunshine on the hands is more obvious. However, this 226659 is a little disappointing. The previous yachts, whether they are 37mm or 40mm, have only half gold or precious metal versions. Therefore, in the speculation before this year’s watch exhibition, people are discussing whether there is a possibility of steel shell yachts? As a result, this expectation failed again. The case of 226659 is 18K white gold. In addition, the internal movement has also been updated, so it can be expected that the price will only be higher. This may make the new model people who are eager to try take a wait-and-see attitude for the time being.

The three points under the crown logo represent that the watch has a triple lock and triple water-proof system to ensure that the water-proof performance of the watch reaches 100 meters. The crown shoulder guard is integrated with the middle case to protect the crown from accidental impact.

In terms of movement, yacht master 42 as expected, the 3235 core of the new generation of Rolex was replaced. Since its debut in 2016, this core has gradually shown the momentum of its successor. In addition to its chromergy escapement system, the whole core has also obtained a number of patents to further enhance its performance. In terms of the winder box, Rolex has cut the thickness of the inner wall of the winder box by half, so it can accommodate longer winders. In other words, this makes the winder box The kinetic energy of the watch becomes longer (70 hours). In addition, the brand has adjusted the gear components to make the power transmission more efficient and wear-resistant. Because of the many advantages of 32 series core, other series began to introduce such high-quality efforts slowly. This time, the yacht Master Series implanted 3235 core for the first time, which will be an important milestone for the evolution of future series.

The 3235 movement carried by the new yacht is in line with the previous inference of the market. This new generation of movement represents the improved accuracy, power reserve, anti-seismic and anti-magnetic performance and practicability.

The new 226659 is equipped with the oysterflex rubber watch belt with Rolex characteristics. At present, the rubber watch belt is only applied to this series and Daytona series. However, since its introduction, the market has been surprised from the beginning to get used to and even fall in love with Rolex tape. It can be seen that its unique design does have a set. Because the tape contains titanium nickel alloy, its durability is more OK, and the oyster style safety buckle and glidelock extension system, etc. are the word-of-mouth designs that make the strap more stable and comfortable.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Yacht-Master 42 226659 White Gold - Matt Black Cerachrom Bezel - Oysterflex Strap

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Yacht-Master 116655 Everose Gold – Cerachom Bezel – Oysterflex Strap

Rolex 116655 oysterflex bracelet is equipped with a newly developed and patented oysterflex strap. The inner part of the strap is made of elastic titanium nickel alloy, equipped with a patented longitudinal buffer system, and the outer layer is covered with high-performance black rubber, which is quite good in both firmness and waterproof performance, making the wearer more comfortable and comfortable when engaging in outdoor activities.Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Yacht-Master 116655 Everose Gold – Cerachom Bezel – Oysterflex Strap

The dial has a large date display at the three o’clock position for easy identification.

The black dial is equipped with chromalght night light pointer and time scale, so that it can read the time clearly in the dark environment.

According to the high specification of Rolex, the 3135 core has passed the certification of c.0.s.c. Swiss Observatory and has reliable performance in precision and stability. It’s no wonder that once this model is launched, it is eagerly expected by fans of watch.

The combination of black and rose gold shows a meaningful temperament, elegant and noble. The polished three-dimensional figures on the rotating outer ring are clearly visible in the fog black mceachron ceramic circle, bringing a unique delicate texture!

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Yacht-Master 116655 Everose Gold - Cerachom Bezel - Oysterflex Strap