The poetic complication, the moon phase, naturally found its place at 6 o’clock, harmoniously completing the Vanguard™ Lady series with mother-of-pearl dials launched this year.

With a self-winding mechanical movement, this mysterious and fascinating horological complication displays the different cycles of the moon we see in the sky on a delicate rainbow-colored dial.

The eternal beauty of mother-of-pearl makes this series a timeless timepiece, very feminine, dynamic and elegant. The iridescent colors of the dial make each watch unique and precious.

The hand-painted numerals complement the case perfectly and match the dial design perfectly. Finished by the fashionable lines on the side of the case, it complements the color of the strap and brings the most refined taste. The alligator leather strap emphasizes this harmony.

This precious timepiece will attract dreamy women who seek sophistication, charm and timelessness.

Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton

Franck Muller had a wonderful time.

There are many words that can be used to describe the complexity of Franck Muller, but “restraint” is definitely not one of them. From the whimsical Crazy Hours to the incredible Aeternitas Mega, Famulan’s timepieces are not for the faint-hearted.

One of its latest products comes from the brand’s revolutionary tourbillon series, which means you can already believe that it is visually and technically shocking. And, indeed, Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton is very worth seeing-it is a steroid tourbillon if you will.

The dial itself is composed of many components, and you will be a little lost, not knowing where and what to look at first. Therefore, the design team included a domed sapphire crystal at the six o’clock position (it is also on the back) as the magnifying glass underneath-the three-axis tourbillon, which Frank Muller copy made his debut in the Revolution. 3 Looking back on 2004 and the pride of the series joy.

You may ask, what is the difference between a three-axis tourbillon and an ordinary tourbillon? Well, in addition to being very beautiful, the former compensates for gravity in all positions, instead of a traditional tourbillon, it only corrects gravity when the watch is upright. So, basically, a super winner.

Of course, the use of a three-axis tourbillon also means that there are three carriages, and more power is needed to drive the gear train and activate the balance wheel. With this in mind, the movement has a 10-day power reserve, and you will see this indication at 12 o’clock.

Since the time required for the three carriages to make a round is different, retrograde displays are set at four o’clock and eight o’clock to indicate the carriage of eight minutes and 60 seconds respectively. One hour later, the third car made a round. men watches cheap

The Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton first appeared in the Vanguard case (the previous Revolution models were all installed in the Cintrée Curvex case), using black PVD ​​coated grade 2 titanium for ultra-light treatment. It is paired with a red Alcantara strap-a suede-like material that you will often find in car fixtures-and comes with a special box with an automatic opening system. Considering the dizzying price of S$770,486 for this watch, there is also a five-year tourbillon warranty that should reassure most wearers.

Although it may be out of reach for us mortals (well, very out of reach), the Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton is no ordinary luxury men watch. With superb technology, incredible craftsmanship and pure charm, this is a collector who prides himself (or herself) as a truly unique person.


46 mm x 55.9 mm x 13.7 mm Hand drawn wire Grade 2 titanium, black PVD ​​




Homemade hand-wound skeleton movement


Hand-stitched red Alcantara


Hours, minutes, three-axis tourbillon, power reserve at 12 o’clock, carriage progress indicator at four and eight o’clock

Power reserve

10 days

New design from old tradition – Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe has launched a new watch for its famous calendar series. Like the brands that like to innovate and are loyal to history, In-line Perpetual Calendar, Reference 5236, adopts a new patented single-line display, displaying the date, date and month on one line.

The brand-new perpetual calendar shows the family watchmaker’s continuous search for ways to break the boundaries of timepieces, and it has obtained three new patents. President Thierry Stern said:

“Even seemingly subtle changes are worthy of our most innovative ideas.”

The perpetual calendar is the main product of the brand. It was first launched in 1925 and is now housed in the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. Also on display is a 1972 pocket watch, equipped with a panoramic window and a calendar system “à l’américaine”.

Grand Complications automatic winding, Ref. 5236P

Compared with the traditional perpetual calendar display, designing the calendar display as a row requires a patented mechanism with 118 additional components. Patek Philippe engineers developed a calendar display consisting of four rotating discs; one for the day, two for the date, and one for the month. All four disks are perfectly embedded in the same plane.

This is achieved through the professional skills, dedication and patience of Patek Philippe’s famous craftsmen. They assemble and hand polish the components of the new Reference 5236-their timepieces are not only practical, they are also works of art. Be consistent with the brand’s tradition.

This highly complex technical challenge resulted in an online display of the date, date and month in a large single hole at 12 o’clock. The design engineer has developed a new self-winding movement 31-260 PS QL with an additional online display module, and has applied for three patents for it. This highly refined new movement is housed in an elegant platinum case and has a vertical satin blue dial with black gradient edges.

Patek Philippe has added an exquisite timepiece to its perpetual calendar series. New designs and patents further prove that Haute Horlogerie is still thriving in their studio.

We have a series of exquisite Patek Philippe watches, including perpetual calendars:

Perpetual calendar, reference. 5496P-015

Patek Philippe blue, Ref. 5726/1A-014

Patek Philippe Nautilus, Ref. 5712/1A

Ulysse Nardin Blast

Ulysse Nardin Blast

Ulysse Nardin Blast Pourstrike is a futile classic complication. The watch not only has a highly developed hour impactor complications, please redesign on the previous dial discs, but it is also a flying gyro. It can be seen in the dial, which will make Yerley Nardin have a stable rose gold for explosive jeans. The 45 mm case made of black DLC titanium with 5N 18kt rose gold was designed to maximize the acousticization of the minute repeater, resulting in a sharp resonant bell. The case of rose gold elements is equipped with alternating brush teeth and polish, and the satin brush is so rich, almost seems to have wood texture. Black DLC titanium has matte, praised rose gold and creates more modern aesthetics for the watch.

In the 30-meter water-resistant housing, it is the diameter on the internal flight track of the aerial tether hour, 621 power reserves. The automatic rotor is powered by the watch and the flight trees, but it is necessary to reload the power of the hour forward, you must manually block the swiss watches for men. I have to admit that I want the caliber to boast a minute repeater, but the hourly hidden hourly assault mechanism is still very complicated, it is paired with a flight of Tuplex, after all, has silicon hair, anchor and escapement. The pusher is turned on and off at the 8 ‘on the left side of the housing, and when the pusher on the same side is used to activate complications on the same side on the same side. 330 components include innovative competition amplification systems. The system has millimeters thick film 3/10, developed by Ulysse Nardin and French Audio Technology Company Devial ​​ET, its goal is to enlarge the sound from watch. Double X logo, the signature of the explosion line, and the rose gold team should actually ensure the safety of this sensitive competition film, according to Ulysse Nardin, “Once actions are taken, basically like high fidelity concerts like high-fidelity music. “Watch can be configured in three belts: crocodile, velvet and rubber.

Ulysse Nardin UFO
In this year Novelties, Ulysse Nardin copy has changed very well, introduces UFO: a table clock developed by Maison L’Epée, consists of 675 components. The future dispatcher clock is everything demonstrated behind the glass, and has an action that appreciates all 675 components. UFO is very complex, its manual wreathesent Un-902 caliber is three separate time zones and corresponding dials. Now you might think about why UFO’s bottom is not flat? Not a table clock? The answer is ULYSSE NARDIN, driven and inspired by the nautical theme, and has developed a blue hemispherical aluminum base with tungsten quality, making UFO to allow UFO to wave at sea.

ULYSSE NARDIN explained: “When it gently weighs 7.2kg, the UFO moves from its axis to an amplitude of 60 ° – 120 degrees – and engineers accurately calculate the center of gravity / quality / inertia ratio, this allows Ufo will not be too fast, not significantly affecting the balanced operation. The extra 49mm balance wheel is designed to have a 0.5 Hz race rate and a dead difference mechanism. This and six oven buckets help In the unbelievable power reserve of an unidentified flyer. Yes, you look like it. So don’t worry, you have to wear this mechanical art.