SWISS Jaquet Droz Watches

Paying tribute to tradition with the beauty of art, Jaquet Droz launches four limited-edition watches with the theme of the zodiac ox to celebrate the Chinese New Year

In the past three centuries, Jaquet Droz has always adhered to the inheritance of traditional culture in the process of continuous innovation. Among them, the profound relationship with China has also contributed to the formation of the brand value concept. As early as the eighteenth century, the Jaquet Droz family had an indissoluble bond with the Chinese court. The watch works exported by the Jaquet Droz family to China not only gained the love and praise of Emperor Qianlong and the royal family, but also made them interested in mechanical timepieces and automatic dolls. To this day, there are still many Jacques Droz automatic dolls and timepieces in the Palace Museum.

Today, nearly 250 years later, Jaquet Droz is honored to be able to create four limited edition watches at the remote headquarters of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, to pay tribute to the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Ox in 2021 and to continue this long-standing Sino-Swiss friendship.

According to legend, the Chinese zodiac was selected by the Jade Emperor in a river crossing competition. During this period, the ox-backed possum assisted him to cross the river, and the mouse took the first place with the help of the kind and diligent ox.

Since then, the cow has become a symbol of outstanding qualities such as perseverance and trustworthiness. It is this kind of value that has closely linked China and replica Jaquet Droz. Niu is often seen as a representative of fearlessness, perseverance and calmness. People of the cattle zodiac are also regarded as representatives of quietness, patience, honesty and diligence, and conducive to family harmony.

The ancients often associated the zodiac with the five elements. In 2021, the five elements are gold. Both bull and gold in traditional Chinese culture symbolize perseverance and go all-out toward the goal.

Jacques Droz firmly believes that gold is a metal material that complements the zodiac ox. Therefore, the brand launched three red gold watches and a white gold watch, supplemented by two very different art crafts. The first is the micro-painting process: the diameter of the two micro-painted cow watches are 35 mm and 41 mm. The image of a majestic and peaceful cow is outlined among the misty mountains and ridges, and at the same time it is hand-decorated with a peaceful and peaceful rural atmosphere. The classic designs of these two hour and minute small dial watches provide a broad creative space for the micro-painting process. This process is applied to both the 35 mm models with gem-set bezels and lugs, and the 41-mm models without gems. Both watches are equipped with an oscillating weight decorated with personalized red gold decorations, and the oscillating weight of the 41mm model is carved by hand.

The other two works use another craft that Jacques Droz cherished: relief craftsmanship. This handed down craftsmanship makes the bull on the dial ready to come out. On the deep and charming black onyx dial, a golden red plum tree stands proudly, and its petals are made of rubies. The dial picture depicts a scene of a cow pacing leisurely in front of a red plum tree. The red plum tree symbolizes the harmony between nature and humanity, heaven and earth; the ruby ​​symbolizes the values ​​represented by the cow-courage and victory. The handmade gold carvings also make this stunning and charming relief painting more lifelike on the dial of the hour and minute small dial watches replica. Both watches are 41 mm in diameter, one is made of red gold, the other is made of white gold and is equipped with a bezel and lugs inlaid with gemstones. Echoing the dial, there is also the oscillating weight with the shape of a cow head against the background of onyx, which is all hand-carved by the master craftsmen of the Jaquet Droz Art Workshop.

Each of these four hand-made timepieces is limited to 8 pieces. Jaquet Droz hopes to continue the long-standing friendship between China and Switzerland and to pass on the amazing skills forever.